Republicans Pledge Allegiance To Israel

House Republicans float impeaching Joe Biden for delaying military aid to Israel:

House Republicans introduce legislation to send college students who protest Israel to Gaza:

Greatest Hits:

I can’t remember the last time these people came up for air.

They have spent the last month or so focused on nothing but Israel and anti-Semitism.


  1. Here is some good news: Shenandoah, VA school board is voting to restore Confederate names to two schools that were stripped of their names during the recent insanity. May vote to restore them! Hearing going on right now.

    Small hope in an otherwise hopeless country. Congress sucks.

    Deo Vindice

    • They are all jews, a jew hates the innocent, a jew hates Christ. A jew worships money and power and has forsaken morality and God. …..and if you reject Christ and his teachings like you professor you are a jew.

    • Jews and Republican politicians are generally atheists. That’s why they have no morality. No Divine Order = No Morality. It’s simple stuff for people who aren’t hopped up on the dementia-addled blasphemer.

  2. The Donklephants and the Elephonkeys are competing to see which of them can stick their tongues further up Bibi Netanyahu’s kosher a**.

  3. Your US Senator was bought by the jews for the low sum of $102,550 USD according to AIPAC Tracker and OpenSecrets,org.

    Is that like 6 million USD in Alabama?

  4. All it would take to get a full blow civil war going is for these traitors in congress to allow jew groups to come in and kill the anti-semites without treat of any consequence from our government. There have already been congress people who have said the college protesters should be killed, Andy Ogles.

  5. I bet all those kikes in the photographs Genocide Joe and Genocide Johnson are holding lived, or are still living comfortable lives receiving extortion payments forced upon Germany to pay as “reparations” by the (((All-lied))) powers.

    Death to ZOG, and the big and little satans.

    • 100 years from now there will be commercials on TV showing old, desperately poor people living in dingy shacks, a single light bulb dimly lit hanging from the ceiling, a few scraps of food on the table; just misery. In will walk a chubby, cheerful woman with a box of 30 Lbs. of food and a quart of vodka. Written on the side of the box is the logo: “Fellowship of Christians and Jews”.

      “Won’t you help?” the chubby woman will ask plaintively. These are the last holocaust survivors in the world, still suffering but, you dumb bastards can do something about it. Send as much money as you can and send it now, time is short.

      People will put down their Scofield Bibles, pull out their credit cards and tap out a donation on their computers. The chubby woman needs the money because she has already picked out a new Mercedes, she wrecked her old one speeding to the airport to go on vacation. As P.T. Barnum is reputed to have said: “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

      • “Won’t you help?” the chubby jew lesbo woman will ask plaintively. These are the last holocaust survivors in the world, still (pretending) suffering but, you dumb bastards can do something about it. Send as much money as you can and send it now, time is short.

        you don’t need to wait 100 yrs.; they’re Plenty of DUMB BASTARDS RIGHT NOW – ready for the fleecing …

  6. All of this shows the raw power of the jwzish lobby .

    When did we ever see this heavy handed force used on BLM ANTIFA?
    NEVER !

    How can anyone fail to see the jwzish cryptocracy ?

  7. UPDATE: Shenandoah County VA school board voted to restore the names of Stonewall Jackson and Turner Ashby to the high school and elementary school. Hurrah for the Virginia’s.

    Deo Vindice

  8. “Oct. 7 to “provide community service in Gaza,” per bill text.”

    Send the dissenters to the gulag, they will be ground to dust.

    We are seeing the raw hate of the kosher tribe expressed through their lackeys.

  9. What a bunch of cucks for “our greatest ally.” Seeing these Southerners like Katie Britt spew this garbage is so frustrating. The empire, or more appropriately the masters they serve, truly has brainwashed most of our people with their propaganda.

  10. “They have spent the last month or so focused on nothing but Israel and anti-Semitism”:

    Of course they have, because Israel the U.sury S.ystem’s most important, chief colony, military base and crusader state located most strategically in the very center of the eastern half of the world, CANNOT be allowed to fail, or even lose face, and must be made to grow even larger and even more powerful, using every method and means available – and the U.sury S.ystem is sure it can do that, because only the U.S., the one exceptional “nation,” hosts the throne of the world-worshipped idol, the Almighty Dollar, the god Mammon, that its bills and coinage say “we trust in.” The capitalist-propaganda-deluded Mammon-worshipping vast majority of people in the world including these Republican lawmakers, and the Democrat lawmakers, believe that the Exceptional “nation” has UNLIMITED money to buy anything it wants, to make anything happen. Every new dollar of new spending they approve is more debt heaped on, more blood sucked from, all of the now mostly propaganda-deluded Mammon-worshipping workers of the world. This “rules-based” (rule of Money) state of affairs will continue until most of the workers of the world finally wake up and STOP worshipping and serving this idol/system/class that enslaves and kills them. One global general workers’ strike will collapse the U.S. global capitalist-imperialist house of cards – as it says in the book of Revelation (chapter 18, paraphrased): “Babylon the Great (“the great whore”) will (suddenly) fall! All nations have drunk her intoxicating wine, the kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich (…) In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned’ (…) Therefore IN ONE DAY her plagues will overtake her (…) She will be consumed by fire (…) When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her (…) The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn….”

    Today, the U.S./Israel is dropping WHITE PHOSPOHORUS on real holocaust genocide victims in Rafah, literally burning them alive. The atrocities and massacres will keep coming, because the Dollar says so.

    For another example of the power of money: It easily buys the support of the Modi regime that runs India (which is about to surpass China as the world’s most populous country) to IGNORE ITS OWN LAW to help the U.S./Israel genocide the Palestinians:

  11. Just in case anyone here is dumb enough to think there is any difference between the R-jersey clowns and the ones who wear D-jerseys. There are only 33 members of the congress of whores who are not paid for entirely. The other 502 can be counted on to monkey-dance whenever Hava nagila is played: whether byEx King Satanyahoo or a handless pianist in New Khazaria.

    • My republican congressman got his 30 pieces of silver, all of these people are scum. Border’s out of control, cut to israeli problems performance art. Border? What border?

  12. Just two things rule modern America, money, and Jews, and unfortunately these two things usually go together.
    Greed and Jewish supremacism are the two great evils of our time.

  13. “Ogles has introduced a bill that would send people convicted for unlawful activity on college campuses to Gaza for at least six months”

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishments inflicted. 8th amendment

    Seems our elected officials, sworn to uphold the Constitution, Don’t know what it is.

  14. When I worked for the Republicans in Virginia, they taught us that the voters had at most a 6 month memory. Anything older than 6 months, to the voters it is like it never happened.

    We are now within the 6 month window, so if they keep it up for much longer it might have some effect on the voting in November.

    The Redshield Party is playing to a different group, not the voters. They know the Jews control the elections. Dominion, fake ballots, control of the media, campaign money, and so on. If it is a close election somewhere, they can always “discover” a thumb drive with enough votes on it to flip the race.

    Many other ways they can steal elections, and do every cycle.

    Perhaps it will work for them. But if the Jews choose Redshield over Blue Lodge, America still loses. They all work for the Jews. Except Tom Massie.

    If I was Katie Britt, I would just kill myself.

  15. Republicans Pledge Allegiance To Israel; also known as “Truth in Advertising”.

    The Republicans are worthless. Always have been, too. They are like a dog on its hind legs, barking and jumping up and down trying to please its master to get a treat and avoid a beating. No insult is meant towards dogs by comparing them to Republican politicians.

    Not that the Democrats are better. It’s their turn now to get their nuts caught in a vise over their support of Our Greatest Ally and their support of Diversity, which hates Our Greatest Ally, at the same time. A pox on both their houses and the whole, hopelessly corrupt political system known as “Our Democracy”.

    • @12AX7,

      “Our Democracy ” is so kosher that politicians have to pay the rabbinical tax each time they uter or write it for public consumption.

    • You’re too polite. They’re the Treason Party, or more accurately, the “conservative” wing of the single party, which is the Treason Party.

  16. Katie Britt=biggest airhead ever.Susan Collins(to her right)=trembling retard.How does Maine keep electing Collins?She stammers and stutters and barely seems cognizant.Must be that Jew backing.Tom Cotton=zombie look found in former military dregs.Ted Cruz=fat spic,fake Christian,actual Jew worshiper.Burgess Owens=random old Sambo. Thank goodness I dumped the GOP,what a cast of freaks.Like many have said here the whole two party thing is a sham.Really even multiple parties would be the same because of massive Jew influence and manipulation.The GOP does nothing for Whites.What a bunch of losers without souls(Satan has them).

  17. The Yankee Empire is now being run by “Israeli-Nazis”… Politicians don’t do anything unless they are getting paid for it and it will increase their chances of being reelected.

    Personally, I hope none of them get reelected — all “6,000,000” of ’em.

    Why don’t you free the J6 people instead of worrying about Gaza, Ukraine or other anti-White diversions?

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  18. “US-Israel Relationship: Who’s Calling the Shots?” It is NOT a case of “tail wagging the dog.” Rania Khalek says it correctly: “The ‘Israel lobby’ is an extension of the U.S. military industrial complex that keeps elected officials in line” and “the struggle for justice in Palestine is actually a struggle against U.S. imperialism itself.” Her guest Richard Becker agrees that “Israel is a European implantation in the heart of the Arab world (…) to the benefit of imperialism.” I highly recommend this video:

    • To put it in Yiddish, Merthyr: U.S. imperialism needs Israel like it needs a hole in the head.

      If it weren’t for U.S. imperialism, that mindless thing would never even have seen an artifact like that microphone she’s using, to present her blather to the world. It would be interesting to know just how many microchips U.S. imperialism has arrayed between wherever she’s sitting and wherever you were sitting when, with a few clicks on a smartphone or on a computer keyboard, you relayed her nothingness to Occidental Dissent’s visitors.

      You have absolutely nothing to say.

      • “U.S. imperialism needs Israel like it needs a hole in the head”:

        The U.S. needs all of its colonies and proxies – including especially its most important colony in the centre of the Middle East – to control and exploit the world. If a colony or proxy disobeys, or performs poorly, it can be threatened, bribed or regime-changed back into line, but I think right now the very “bad cop” colony Israel is doing exactly what the “good cop” Washington really wants.

        “that mindless thing (…) present her blather to the world (…) her nothingness”:

        She has a good mind and common sense, and a very high IQ is not needed to understand how the class and usury system works. Common sense is needed, and honesty and uncommon courage to declare it to the world as she does.

        “how many microchips U.S. imperialism has arrayed between wherever she’s sitting and wherever you were sitting”:

        You are correct if you meant to imply that the U.sury S.ystem created the web for its security and advancement, and that any serious, effective dissension (like hers) communicated online is trespassing and subject to censorship and punishment. See for example: Julian Assange. What right did Julian Assange have to use the System’s microchips (internet) to communicate truth about the System to the people? But someday the System’s world wide web will belong to the people.

        • “… and uncommon courage to declare it to the world as she does.”

          It’s been a subject of world debate for a century, Merthyr.

      • Here is the “mindless thing” (as you call her) standing for truth on the Piers Morgan show: Her website has a good piece this week on the upcoming U.S.-hired mercenary invasion of Haiti. Grayzone is another good source, to become informed about U.S. imperialism, if you wish to be informed. It is never too late to change one’s mind (as I do) when new facts, new truth, come to light, so please don’t avoid new light. Cael diwrnod da

    • Excellent post Merthyre. Your conclusion is correct. While the Israelis have influence on US national security policy and the military industrial complex, it is mostly tied to existing US home grown policy.

      Most people here let alone across the country don’t understand how much of US policy is already backed in by pre existing law and administrative regulations. Much of Israel’s influence is just that policy working around the normal political constituency process in Congress thru lobbyists using Israel and other countries as cut outs and proxies. This is the American Empire in practice.

      My problem with it is the lack of direct American oversight by a factual ruling elite of actual American natives. Its been corrupted by the insertion of special interests owned by international finance centered on Wall Street and above all, a feckless political leadership whose members are little more than jellyfish using various forces to move slowly across the ocean of detritus that is the collapsing American empire.

  19. I STRONGHLY suggest u watch this ! – food for thought !

    “New “Smart” Border Wall Will Track Migrants – AND YOU! w/ Whitney Webb”

  20. I should have added that Rania’s interviewed guest is very heavy, too heavy, on the WW2 Holocaust narrative (which gets him a place on PBS) around the middle of the video, but the rest is highly accurate. Khalek’s website is always good. Another female independent journalist-podcaster I recommend is “DD” the Donbass Girl, “Donbass Devushka”: These women are so far ahead they leave right-wing critics of Israel in the dust.
    I noticed a mainstream news headline today that says CNN is finally recognizing Israeli crimes, but all it referred to is this “limited hangout” of a very few crimes: It would be less dishonest, less evil, for the system’s “news” media, its press-titute “journalism,” any Israeli crimes at all than to air a very few of them to imply that’s all of them. The only HONEST criticism of the U.S. genocide (using its colonial proxy) is to expose ALL the crimes.

    • She wants to keep Ireland capitalist, though. As James Connolly told the Irish long ago (paraphrased): your struggle to establish an “Irish republic” will be for nought, unless you fight the Bankers, because London (the Bankers of London) will continue to rule you through their Irish assistants. This Lauren Southern is as right-wing, reactionary, anti-Left, anti-socialist as they come. She is associated with Murdoch “news” media, the Libertarian Party, Molyneaux, Rebel News, etc.

      • Lauren Southern was the “It Girl” of the alt-right, especially among the incels and vocels that simped for her.

        “Southern” has let it slip that she has/has Danish jewish great grandparents that fled “the Nazis with nothing, the clothes on their backs.”

        “Southern ” also is now a single mother of a half pajeet child. He ex-husband was a glownigger for Canadian ZOG, iirc.

        What Merthyr calls “socialism” most of us would call communism. Communism is peak jewish imperialism a la Lron Trotsky/Bronstein wing of the (((bolsheviks))). “A revolution without borders.”

        • As usual, Papists running interference for other Papists. The dirty little secret is that once again, the Papists have created a deep infiltration agent to insert inside the Nationalist movements and gatekeep for their approved network. In this case its Lauren Southern.

          Lauren is a Papist. Her husband is some Eurasian Papist who works for the Feds in Canada and Australia. Like Trudeau (Papist), most agencies in Canada are dominated by other Papists. Her Papist secret agent “divorced” her, because of her “politovally toxic” influence on his career. Yeah, right. She is probably now being run by her husband as some insertion agent as she hangs out with Canadian Patriot redneck Protestants in British Columbia.

          November for some odd reason doesn’t want you all to know this background and discover yet another example of Papists taking over the movement. So, instead he talks about her non-existent supposed 1/8th Jewish ancestry while carefully ignoring her Papist Loyalties and Papist connections to Canada’s Papist run Deep State.

          November, is it more important to know Lauren Southern’s that she is a hard core Papist or is it more important to know that she is 1/8th Jew?

        • @November

          I don’t give a GOOD DAMN about Southern; I care ONLY about Ireland (and by extension Europe and ALL White countries).

      • (((Lauren Southern))) is on the side of the Banksteins. (((They))) always are. Even to the point of not whining when the same Banksteins toss them beneath a wave a goyische reaction to all of the usury, slavery and other evil they perpetrate. Only a tiny percentile have actually turned their back on the “organization”. There is a reason I use the term Kosher Nosetra. It’s really organized crime pretending to be a religion. The bosses don’t hesitate to kill anyone who breaks the omerta seriously enough.

        • Nope. Lauren Southern works for the Papistbanks. Catholic run banks, especially those with reserves in the Vatican bank are vastly larger than “Duh, Jews.” To this days large sums of gold bullion and other currency is moved thru Vatican controlled port and shipping at Port of Civitavecchia, for deposit across the globe.

          As to Omerta, thats an Italian Catholic term, most famously in modern times used by the Sicilian Mafia. It means both humility and quietness in public life, and also silence and secretiveness. Its closely related to street operations of Italian crime. But it predates the Italian Mafia and was used by Jesuits and other black organizations of the Catholic Church and its royal dynastic subjects.

          These type of oaths are very dark. They are done in solemnity and done in the presences of very serious people and called in the name of powerful divinities. The very thought of breaking them brings turmoil to the soul. It took the US feds generations to break and it wasn’t a Jew thing it was Papist thing, and very guido.

          Built upon Omerta is La Costa Nostra. Not Kosher Nostra which is a funny Fed word for Jews trying to be Italian. LCN is an Italian Mafia “thing,” arising in the formation of the judeo-catholic crime national syndicate of 1930’s America. This was a system made by Papist Italians to put an end to their internecine street wars, and be organized on behalf of major American corporations, politicians, and the Catholic community.
          Kosher Nostra doesn’t come close. Only their money and Israel gives them a seat anymore. Its the Papists who are the big dogs.

          • The Vatican was sold to the Rothschilds in the 19th century as they were in debt trying to maintain the bogus ‘Donation of Constantine’ in the wake of the Napoleon and the subsequent turmoil in Italy. Though some of the later popes in the 19th century tried to get out from under the usury, thanks to Jesuit perfidy the Red Shields retained control which is how the entire magisterium was infiltrated with sodomites and pedophiles starting in the 1920s (Jesuits being the epicenter) – the lavender mafia who took over entirely in 1958. You have zero idea of who controls the majority of assets in the Empire of Lies. There are a few gentiles who are allowed to play, but the tribe is calling the shots. The only way out of this is for the empire to be utterly destroyed which thankfully is under way.

            Before you respond with the usual “duh jews” bullshit, none of this could have happened were it not for treasonous white elites, including nearly all Protestant elites along with the Catholics, working hand in glove with the usury machine owned by jews who are identified by Christ himself as the Synagogue of Satan. Making an alliance with Satan never works in the end, so your moronic notions of working with the children of the devil for a seat at the table are stillborn. This should be evident to anyone with an even cursory knowledge of their history. Your either horrifically ignorant or as many have noted, a hasbara troll. Jew elites are the natural spawn of Satan which is why they only very rarely repent and convert. Gentile elites who have taken the ticket are likewise Satan’s spawn by adoption. You never see them repenting either as the omerta of the Kosher Nosetra is enforced ruthlessly.

        • @Exalted Cyclops,

          You are 100% correct about “the Jewish community” just being a synonym for global jewish organized crime.

          Whitney Webb connected and continues to connect the dots on jewish gangsterism, and its reach from WWI until the present day

          As we already know, jewish gangster Meyer Lansky’s goons were permitted by both NYPD and the FBI to brutally attack the American Bund attendees going to leaving Madison Square Garden.

          The most recent example of jewish gangsters allowed to pummel what they view as their enemy was the LAPD stand down at UCLA. LAPD watched for an hour while IDF and other jewish terrorist expats attacked students protesting the genocide in Gaza with bats, boards, pepper spray, and fireworks, before they arrested the UCLA students.

  21. Apart from the dwindling boomers no one gives a damn about Israel. The GOP is doomed and that’s not a bad thing.

  22. “I can’t remember the last time these people came up for air.”

    Lol. I’m sitting out of this election, both these parties and their scumbag israeli toadies make me sick.

  23. A very astute commenter on this site alledged the Colbert clone speaker of the House is a CIA plant and I believe it with that last shameful bit of house kabuki booing Marge, “she’s a chaos agent”, and all applauding while screwing their voters.

  24. It seems from these statements by the GOP, that according to Dissident Right standards, Joe Biden is more based than Republicans because “Duh, Jews.” Since, owning “Duh, Jews” are the only thing the Dissident Right thinks about here at OD, I am curious why they won’t vote for Joe Biden. Is it because he is a criminal? Is it because he is the political puppet of Irish Mobsters? Is it because he kept strong enough to his Catholicism and sexually abused his children? Is it because he hasn’t met a White hating imp, he didn’t think he could use for his political career? Is it because, he wants to let in a bazillion bomalian Papists?

    I say, to those questions what about “Duh, Jews?” If Joe Biden wouldn’t let in a bizzilion bomalions would Dissident Rightists then vote for him? What if he stopped recruiting White hating impi warriors would the Dissident Right vote for him? What if he stopped being a creature for Paddy mobsters too, would the Dissident Right vote for Demented Joe?

    These are important questions. Because it seems to me Joe Biden is on the cusp of a political coup, namely getting the Dissident Right to support him and the Democrats over owning “Duh, Jews.” Literally, in regards to Israel, Joe Biden is a Dissident Right White Knight. If the Biden Dems would just stop hating Whites so much, they could get the Dissident Right and win election after election.

    But if they did that, then he couldn’t own “Duh, Jews,” cuz Whiteness, and the whole purpose of the Left is to destroy Whites, including Israeli ones. But demented Joe has a solution. He has unilaterally declared that Jews are no longer White. They instead are to be called Middle East North African race (MENA), along with everyone else from the region. A brand new race through which all of the remaining “Caucasians” outside of Europe can flew from Whiteness.

    If that happened, Demented Joe could easily allow the Wogs to wipe out Israel just like the Hutus wiped out the Tutsis and no one cared. Being Jews, everyone would feel sorry for them, so Demented Joe would simply allow all 8,000,000 Israelis to immigrate to America thereby almost triping the number of Jews in America. They would of course seek revenge on all “Duh, Whites” who caused MENA Moslems to hate MENA Jews, and they would roll up the Dissident Right to the ovens.

    This is why owning and hating on “Duh, Jews,” above all else, is a dead end. It leads to people like Hunter and other Dissident Rightists being exterminated. But, it seems they can’t quite grasp the connection between Anti-Whiteness and Anti-Westernism and Anti-Israelism. Neither can they imagine destroying Israel brings more Jews to America nor, how making MENA as a race ensures White annihilation.

    • “owning and hating on ‘Duh, Jews’ (…) leads to people like Hunter and other Dissident Rightists being exterminated”:

      Are you suggesting that obeying the Jews, instead of “owning and hating” them, will SAVE the obedient from being exterminated (through immigration)? In other words: serve them and live, or oppose them and be exterminated?

      A.G.B., you really are in tune with the true SPIRIT of the usury class system, whereas the Dissident Rightists you describe, who can think of nothing else but owning and hating “Duh Jews,” are mostly out of sync with it.

      • Thank you Merthyre. It is true, I am in tune with the true spirit of what you call the “usury class system.” That is why when I propose solutions or questions that I say serve White Nationalists interests it should be paid attention too. It means they can be harmonized with the existed orchestra of players. Its about influencing, molding, and finally winning control of that orchestra, not taking your instrument home to some fishing hole and playing for the fire flies.

        • Re: “White Nationalists interests (…) can be harmonized with the existing orchestra of players. Its about influencing, molding, and finally winning control of that orchestra”:

          The existing “orchestra” (system) runs on unlimited money and the nearly-universal worship of Mammon. You White Nationalists, who are a very small, but ESSENTIAL (if the far right did not exist the system would need to invent it) part of the system would need to accumulate a lot more Mammon (wealth) than you already have, to hope to gain control of the orchestra, or system. The capitalist-imperialist orchestra creates a hard commercial noise that grates on my ears, not folkish at all. Why not take your instrument and join the good orchestra of the people that plays the real folk (people’s) music?

          God is greater than Mammon, and love is stronger than weapons of war, even stronger than the newest AI weapons:

      • No. Why do you always say any alliance of any type not made with Commies is a relationship of subordination? The fact is, every single rightwing nationalist party in Europe that has allied with conservatives in Israel has succeeded breaking down the leftist front. That happens for the simple reason that Israel is the missing link in the White Nationalist phalanx against the International left. As a commie, I understand why you will say and do whatever you can to ensure such an alliance doesn’t take place between American nationalists and their counter parts in Israel.

        • “Why do you always say any alliance of any type not made with Commies is a relationship of subordination?”:

          I DON’T recommend WNs to “ally” with socialists, only to BECOME socialists.

          “every single rightwing nationalist party in Europe that has allied with conservatives in Israel has succeeded breaking down the leftist front (…) Israel is the missing link in the White Nationalist phalanx against the International left”:

          You should say FAKE Leftist front, FAKE Left, not really socialist. Now let’s look at Netherlands, where Geert Wilders and his rightwing party are thoroughly allied with Israel, to see how that Populism is not good for the Dutch people.

          “As a commie, I understand why you will say and do whatever you can to ensure such an alliance doesn’t take place between American nationalists and their counter parts in Israel”:

          First of all, I recognize and I have stated (I agree with you) that WNs supporting Israel is a natural, logical “alliance.” It would be foolish to deny nature and logic, so I DON’T try to “ensure such an alliance doesn’t take place.” Even though many WNs are anti-Semitic, I don’t see ANY of them protesting against the genocide of Palestine, or otherwise actively opposing the U.S.’s chief colonial proxy. It is a case of “those who are not against it are for it.” Israel is doing to “brown, inferior” people exactly what WNs would do, and have done. Birds of a feather belong together. Both Israel and White Nationalism have never been communist.

    • AGB must be Laura Loomer’s brother or sister, because the only other biped to use “Duh joos” is Loomer, who ironically is an ally of AGB’s archenemy Nick Fuentes.

      • I’ve met Loomer many times during joint activities. She was warned about the the Gay Grand Inquisitor and is support for Hamas and Hezbollah, pedo promotion and troon cyber squad, and is Papist supremacism, she chose to ignore it. So, when he shortly thereafter issued a fatwa declaring Holy War on Jews and Israel just prior to October 07 invasion and continued his support for Hamas after their attack she got egg on her face. I dont think she is much a Fuentes fan anymore. If she is, she is a retard.

    • > Because it seems to me Joe Biden is on the cusp of a political coup, namely getting the Dissident Right to support him and the Democrats over owning “Duh, Jews.” Literally, in regards to Israel, Joe Biden is a Dissident Right White Knight. If the Biden Dems would just stop hating Whites so much, they could get the Dissident Right and win election after election.

      This is some of the more retarded argumentation I’ve seen from you, which is saying something in light of the extremely low bar one must apply. Veggie-in-Chief Joey Shitpants is at least as owned by the largely jewish cryptocracy as the worthless shitbags in the Gay Old Pedoburo are. All but 33 members of the congress of whores are owned lock, stock and barrel by AIPAC – which represents the foreign instrests who control 90% or more of the assets in Murika’s fabled “free” market.

      The only rational reason anyone who opposes the Empire of Lies (which you support, along with the Gay Old Pedoburo, the puppet Joey Shitpants and their owners) would vote for the decaying veggie would be that it represents a kind of worse is better vote; meaning that Shitpants and his bosses will destroy the empire faster and more completely than Cheetohead and his team will. In terms of actual politics, that’s only the only genuine question remaining. All else is mere kabuki theatre, smoke and mirrors, or sound and fury signifying nothing.

      • The point I made, and which you can’t address, is many of the Dissident Rightists here are basically making Democrat Leftist talking points. Probably because they are Democrat Leftists.

  25. So we should impeach Brandon when he betrays Israel not when he betrays the USA (open borders, etc., etc.) What’s really sad is that it seems most Boomer-tards can’t see how obviously wrong this picture is.

  26. Total prostitutes !

    Treat the boot licking $&@“ sucking GOP the same as Ludpung Lindsey Graham

    Treat them as homo street prostitutes

  27. Why do WNs, even while SOME of them claim to hate Israel, always support pro-Israel pro-Zionist politicians in every country (Trump, Zemmour, Bolsonaro, Milei, Zelensky, Orban, etc.) while supporting CIA coups against pro-Palestine politicians like Putin, Corbyn, Lula and Maduro?

    • Relatively few WNs support Zelensky and Zenmour. Trump, Bolsonaro, Milei and Orban are better at convincing the less aware that they support genuine nationalism (meaning the preservation of a given nation’s identity, culture and sovereignty). Orban is the most effective of the lot, even to the point that most WNs in the west completely overlook the fact that he’s failed to remove Hungary from the clutches of either the EU imperium or it’s NATO legions.

      There are also plenty of questions regarding the actual purpose of the other four, especially with respect to support of certain globalist agendas.

    • “Why do WNs, even while SOME of them claim to hate Israel, always support pro-Israel pro-Zionist politicians in every country (Trump, Zemmour, Bolsonaro, Milei, Zelensky, Orban, etc.) while supporting CIA coups against pro-Palestine politicians like Putin, Corbyn, Lula and Maduro?”

      This is a good question. It goes to a core problem with “White” Nationalists. The core problem is their lack of depth regarding foreign affairs.

      1. These are people who think NATO and Globalism should be abolished because we should have a White military confederation and a decentralized global state, a White Imperium to replace NATO and the UN. They apparentely don’t get NATO is already a White Collective Security Organization already and that a White Imperium would be inherently a centralized globalist state.

      2. These are people who think “White” Nationalism is good not realizing it can be bad if it supports imperialism against other White countries like Imperial Germany did in WWI and Hitler’s Nazis did in WWII and the Soviet Russians did in the Cold War. In America some if not most White Nationalists like Hitler and Nazi Germany and sometimes even says good things about the Soviets. But in Europe, modern White Nationalism was built upon defeating Imperial German, Nazi German, and Soviet Russian White Nationalist Imperialism.

      2. In Europe, White Nationalists are not imperialists against other White countries, except for Putin’s Russia where White Nationalism demands invading other nearby White countries. With European White Nationalists having a history of resisting White Nationalist Imperialism, that is why White Nationalists in Europe support overthrowing Putin and his other White Nationalist Imperialists allies like Maduro, Cuba, and Lula.

      3. European White Nationalists a long time ago made the decision to recognize Israel as a White dominated country and if not, at the very least, recognized it was a Nationalist country in a sea of Pan-Arabic Islamic Imperialists and should be supported on the principles of nationalist resistance and common enemy against Islam whether Arabic or Turkish or whatever.

      4. It was first the Italians and Eastern European White Nationalists and Netanyahu’s Luked who created a pathway for collaboration among White Nationalist parties throughout Europe and in Israel. It was not smooth as many Jewish Lefists agitated divisions between them, usually regarding the history of resistance against Nazi Germany or lack thereof on behalf of Jews. In this regard, White Nationalists, such as in Poland firmly stood their ground and made excellent rhetorical talking points which reduced the Lefts ability to use Holocaust arguments against Nationalism. It was they who won the first battles against the Holocaust cudgel, not anti-Israeli Dissident Rightists in America. Indeed, Netanyahu in turn made statements saying such arguments were birsmirching the heroism of Polosh White Nationalists who resisted Hitler. Today, almost all European White Nationalists are allied with conservative and moderate Israeli parties. That is paying dividends in that the historic obstacle of making White Nationalism palpable to a wider audience, was its association by the Left with Anti-semitism. In turn, its paying dividends to Netanyahu who has gained tremendous support in Europe for his country from Wgite Nationalist parties, while traditional parties under influence from Moslems are hesitating.

      Hunter and many other American “White” Nationalists are simply unaware of this because they larped as Pre WWII rightwing isolationists. In this they were given tremendous supoort by the Gay Grand Inquisitor’s formation of America First Committee. The name itself was an attempt to emulate the Nazi German symps of WWII era and Lindberg. This is blasphemy because Lindberg was a Protestant and his child were kidnapped by Papists who were trying to blackmail him on behalf of the Papist crime machine.

      Due to Hunter and others WN’s m rejection of foreign affairs, including rejection of everything that happened with America’s wars in the Middle Eadt, all of this history is known at only a superficial level by most folks in the WN movement. As a result, Hunter and others have been easily coopted into political cul de sacs like rejecting international alliances with European White Nationalists cuz Isolationism, refusing supporting Ukrainian nationalist resistance against Russian imperialism, or giving audiences to Global Papists like Nick Fuentes.

      In contrast, it is inherently logical to support NATO as a White collective defense organization, collaborate with European White Nationalists, support Ukrainian and Israeli nationalist resistance and help defeat enemies like Maduro and Putin. Until, Hunter decides the world outside of his fishing hole is important and that its stupid to support dedollarization and dismemberment of NATO, he and the Dissident Right inside the WN movement will continue to be the special brother in the family who we must take certain precautions with when we engage with new relationships with our European friends.

    • @Charlie,

      Ashkenazim Globalist Hasbara Troll must have reported that video to tribe for censorship. I am sure you already know how they are and have been the vanguard of deleting the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments because of a pile of shoes in a German labor camp.

      People on the DR should already know that Herr Hitler was right.

      • False. I actually was going to comment it was an effective link. According to sources close to Fuentes, he was advised to do a similar strategy by a redacted individual, namely linking in social media comment sections non descript or banner headed Anti-Hitler memes to recordings of Hitler sayings which paint a more politically acceptable image.

        So, I actually thought it was an interesting and educational link. I had no interest in taking it down. Unfortunately, it does appear the link was obviously discovered on OD comment sections. We all know this comment section is surveilled and even commented on by The Left. Its they who did it lad, not me. I dont have the time to wack-a-mole Nazi symping. Fuentes is enough. Ironically, as mentioned by the source, perhaps Charlie or you are Fuentes soldiers since you are following the earlier mentioned strategy. I dont care either way.

  28. Republisimps finally threaten to impeach biden, but not over the the open border immavasion. At the same time, COHEN is busily ratting out Trump at the latter’s show trial.

  29. Have these 80 year old nimrods had a new thought since Reagan left office? If they’re not starting a war themselves, they think the American taxpayers should finance one already in progress. They should be closing the southern border and stop letting Mexican drug smugglers run the show. Instead all the Republicans can think about is sucking up to Israel war criminals. When it looks like they might do something that needs done, they seem to mess it up.

    Ignoring the crap Israel has done to the Palestinians, and their constant abuse of refugees is appalling. How in the world can Christians defend this shit?

  30. +How in the world can Christians defend this shit?”

    Decades of experience has taught me that Christians have very selective morals, most apply to you, not them.

    • That surely goes with their selective reading of the Bible. They pick and choose whatever verses they feel are applicable, which is a fool’s game anyway, because the Bible is constantly self-contradictory.

  31. A more accurate headline would have been “Congress Pledges Allegiance To Israel”. All but 33 members are owned by AIPAC. As Rev. Dabney noted in 1870, “conservatives” serve only one purpose: to conserve the advances made by their team-mates on the “progressive” vanguard. Normies are literal retards. They fall for the false dichotomy at least as much as kneegrows do for Colt-45 Malt Liquor, because It works. Every time. All other discussion is rather pointless. The racket has been going on for at least 150 years (probably much longer) and most cannot bring themselves to face it.

    > Ignoring the crap Israel has done to the Palestinians, and their constant abuse of refugees is appalling. How in the world can Christians defend this shit?

    Because they’ve replaced any semblance of truth with lies. Scofield’s Talmud-Bible has much to do with it, but it’s only part of the problem. Nothing will change until the empire collapses. That might have its own serious downsides, so the most practical thing is to prepare for surviving the collapse. The system is not reformable.

  32. “Happy” Nakba Day. Today is the 76th anniversary of the “Nakba” genocide operation that was carried out by the Anglo-Zionist settler colonial forces (Israelis) in 1948. Western media can’t avoid mentioning it, so they will do another “limited hangout” of a tiny fraction of the atrocities that were committed.

  33. The recently elected (October) Leftist, anti-NATO, anti-war, pro-Russian prime minister of Slovakia has been shot.

    • I met Fico back at the turn of the century. A rather strange background, he was a former commie, who was probably a “loyal dissident.” After the fall of the Soviet Empire, he formed a leftwing oriented coalition of populists, nationalists, socialists, and former commies. A canny politician with loads of connections to the Eastern European underworld as most politicians of that era were. Fico, is probably the single longest severing national leader of the post-Societ bloc. He was a kind of “Huey Long” of Slovakia.

      Hunter would’ve liked him and probably gotten a chance to work with him if Hunter hadn’t been such an isolationist. I dont agree with many of Fico’s policies, but I respected his willingness to push against the Soviets, the post Cold War neo-liberal era, and the EU, and even NATO, the latter of which I definitely disagreed witb. For some reason I want to say he wasn’t a friend of a George Soros, but my memory is hazy on that issue. At any rate, don’t give up hope folks. Its the people you got to remember and for whom you need to stay involved, especially if this happens here like it did in Slovakia and Lousiana.

  34. Bad event in Slovakia. Been watching the videos for hours. Fast and slow, and three different angles.

    The conclusion is obvious. Fico’s bodyguards deliberately failed to protect him. In fact they opened a vector for the assassin.

    Loyal bodyguards are priceless. No coicidence that Putin’s heir apparent guarded him for nine years.

    • I was going to mention it looks like we are in an era similar to the fall of the Soviet Empire, when loads of politicians, dissidents, activists, agents started getting erased, then the Iranian President blew himself up. I am old enough to remember the many disappearances and assassinations from that era. Even more so than back then, there are loads and loads of Americans and Europeans with specialist combat experience. Fico and now the Iranian President are just one of many such ops.

      The world is catching on fire with assassinations, targeted killings, weaponized migrations, and serious multiple conflicts happening across the globe. Fronts have opened in North Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South China Sea, etc. It looks like all the people who wanted to end “Forever Wars,” just made them go into hyperdrive. Meanwhile, Hunter can’t be bothered. He finds war boring and would rather go fishing than think about spreading or securing the movement during a time of major change.

      Hunter, isn’t so interested in war and migration, but it is interested in him. His hometown is beginning to be hit with an influx of Mexicans. He can’t seem to make that connection with the fact that about 30 politicians in Mexican have been assassinated this season. Or the many African politicians that are assassinated and Nigerian church ladies in his area. Or the South Asian politicians whove gone under and the many spam calls he gets from Coolies wanted to socially engineer him. Man, now they are even taking out the Iranian leadership which means Hinter might get called up for the draft. 

      The American Empire and its opponents are in a grand covert battle the likes of which haven’t been seen since WWII or even the Napoleonic War. Unlike the larpers here, I happen to not be so keen of seeing the American Empire dissolve and multimillion of Sand Niggers, Sambos, Goat Niggers, Mestizos, Swamp Niggers, Coolies, etc swarm across the Western World or Hunter’s fishing hole. Hunter, apparentely can’t be bothered either way. But, he will soon when he gets drafted.

    • “Fico’s bodyguards deliberately failed to protect him. In fact they opened a vector for the assassin”:

      Fico was and still is on the Khazarkrainian “kill list” of pro-Russian people to be asassinated. Today there is a “new twist in the case of the attempted assassination of the Slovak prime minister – the shooter was not a ‘lone wolf.’ The investigation team announced by Slovakian Interior Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok has found signs of conspiracy in the crime, The Asia Times writes. It turned out that two hours after the assassination attempt, all information from social networks and correspondence was deleted from the criminal’s home computer. He was not able to do this himself: he was arrested on the spot. Investigators found that Juraj Tsintula’s wife had not touched the computer. Those following the investigation already have a number of questions that need to be answered. For example, the assassination attempt took place on Wednesday last week, but the judge only authorised the police to search Tsintula’s apartment on Friday. Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak gave no explanation at the time. No ambulance was found at the scene. The attack took place far from the capital and there were no hospitals nearby (…) The guards let Fico pass in front of them as the Prime Minister approached the cordon. This is also against the rules: the guards should have approached the cordon first. On the other side of the cordon, Slovak media reported, there were no guards to watch from behind or to blend in with the crowd. Experts estimate it took three to four seconds for the five shots to be fired. No one intervened during that time. It was only after Cintula fired all his shots that he was arrested”:

      I’m thinking now of the assassination of Olaf Palme, the socialistic Prime Minister of Sweden, in 1986.

  35. This is out of control. We are looking at levels of whoredom that shouldn’t be possible.

  36. So if you don’t pledge allegiance to Norway, does that mean you hate Norwegians?
    Why does one country have to pledge anything to another in order to be seen as not hateful to that country? Hmmmm…
    And in the top image, who is Biden holding a photo of? Victims of the Bolshevik revolution perhaps? Yeah nah….. didn’t think so!

  37. To enlarge on Exalted Cyclop’s 1870 definition of conservatism:
    “The use of conservatism is to prevent change until it becomes harmless.” -Lord Salisbury, British PM, 1880s.
    Speaking of change, where’s Hunter? Another vacation?

  38. How the jews, including Jared Kushner’s brother got negro NYC mayor Eric Adams and his blue swine to crush anti-genocide protests at Columbia University.

  39. Last night, the United States with its unmatched, psychopathic chutzpah, dared to use its U.S. Air Force, ATACMS missiles and the U.S. RQ4B Global Hawk air reconnaissance system to direct an attack on Russian navy ships in the port of Sevastopol on the coast of Crimea, sinking at least one of the ships and killing Russian sailors, as it tries again, even harder, to provoke a NUCLEAR Russian reaction to begin World War Three, to shift the blame to Russia for the impending catastrophic failure of the capitalist system – and the propaganda-believing, greed-driven (capitalist money-lust-corrupted) population of the U.S. “homeland” (note well that I don’t call it a population not a real people or nation) are PLEASED with imperialism because they have never experienced war and they enjoy the CRUMBS from the Elites’ rich feast of the spoils of imperialism that constantly trickle down to them, and they are thrilled with the notion that destroying many nations around the world makes “America” even “greater.” There is no grand conspiracy of the elites making this happen. It is just the nature and logic of the system, so it doesn’t matter which party or Presidential candidate you vote for to be supposedly “in charge” of the system. The system will proceed on course as long as hundreds of millions of fools and cowards give it their consent.

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