Nikki Haley Endorses Trump

As with Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis, the shot here is that even if he manages to win the 2024 election, Donald Trump will be a lame duck by 2026 and ineligible to run for a third term. MAGA voters will be up for grabs because Trump will not be on the ballot in 2028. There is no realistic path to the Republican presidential nomination without winning over at least some of them.

The problem for Nikki Haley and her donors is that the base of the Republican Party continues to change. There isn’t going to be a Reaganite restoration in 2028. There will be fewer Reaganites still voting in 2028 because even fewer people will remember Ronald Reagan and the Cold War. The political horizon only moves forward in time. The current trajectory of the Republican Party is only going to intensify because younger voters will be older and will be replaced by even younger voters.

If Trump wins in 2024, he will further solidify his stamp on the identity of the party, and by 2028 we will be twelve years deep into the Trump era. An entire generation will have came of age on the Right which will have no memory of what conservative politics was like before Trump. Only the oldest voters will be Reaganites and they will be fading away like Rockefeller Republicans.


  1. Nimrata Haley should go back to India and Make India Great Again, that is where she belongs. And take that Vivek wog and his friend Sunak from the UK with her, too. They don’t belong in Western countries.

    They take jobs and university positions from Whites which is the purpose of them being here, The Great Replacement. Of course, The Great Replacement is just a myth, except when the NYT and their friends are celebrating it.

    • Mister Modi and other Indian nationalists do not let them back. For the West, there is a big problem that all other world using West as a dumping ground for their problematic population.

      2% of the nation population are liberals, the rest of the world knows it and tries to push their Devil infected population out of the country. For example, India does not need color revolution and 1917 Russia style disaster so they push their shitlibs out with all possible means.

  2. “Israel is conducting its war of self-defense more humanely than any army in history.”

    Can gaslighting get any more extreme ?

    • Exactly.When I read what she said I thought no normal person speaks that way.Only someone so hollow and compromised would think that statement effective.Self-defense?Humanely?Even nations that have actually been attacked never use that odd manner of speaking.I have noticed a pattern of odd speaking on the news programs and other tv shows,then I see White females quickly using the same exact terms such as”they are no words”gone missing”and the obsessive use of the word literally even though in almost every case it is misused.Truly a form of messing with our minds.The logical(us)are repelled while the imbeciles adopt it without missing a beat.Nimrata should be back in the Punjab with all the other low intelligence untouchables and lepers.The IQ of India mirrors that of sub-Saharan Africa.75 I believe.Good comment.

      • “.I have noticed a pattern of odd speaking”

        That happens, when it’s transcribed from Yiddish.

  3. Nikki has a black son-in law. And anyone who doesn’t know about Lady Lindsey…Both slavish neocons from The Palmetto State. Word on the street is that Trump just might pick Tim Scott, a black gamecock (SC) as his VP running mate. What is wrong with South Carolina?

    • I’m in SC and I ask the same question.The process is so rigged that its beyond belief.Jewish media/money.The politicians here just passed into law another Jew protection scheme.They really are corrupt and Jew controlled.The law uses the Jew approved standard for what they consider anti-Jewish.Yet they protect Whites in no way.And they have a GOP super-majority in the House/Senate.So useless.You can read the law Gov McMaster signed this week and try to figure out how they’ll use it.I thought America had freedom of speech but now we have Jewish approved speech.

    • They have forgotten that they led the cause in the late war between the states. And they have now succumbed to the black menace. That’s what’s wrong with South Carolina.

    • @TW,

      I hope Zion Don selects Kristi Noem the airhead and puppy murdering Governor of South Dakota as his VP running mate just so I can despise him even more.

    • Reaganites, Thatcherites, all the same. The “Cold” (also hot) War never ended, and it is accelerating now, and Ronald Reagan was a typically BAD (but good for the elites) U.S. figurehead. Please remove those foggy, reality-distorting propaganda eyeglasses, and see the world as it really is.

      True news about the Cold War today: The U.S. just tried to pull off another coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo to install a pro-business, anti-Russia, anti-China regime, but it seems to have failed, but the system will never stop trying.

  4. There’s absolutely no difference between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump except branding/marketing and you’re a sucker if you think there is.
    Trump is a neocon through and through, all republicans are basically, that’s why you should vote for the constitution party or some other fringe conservative party if you decide to vote.

    • Agree. When Trump isn’t standing with Israel, he’s in the South Bronx “wooing” the minority vote. Trump is fine with endless immigration, as long as it’s “legal” and never a word about the evil of forced integration. Ukraine good guys, Russia bad guys. Haley will be the perfect choice for his running mate.

      It’s amazing how so many Whites treat this guy as some kind of savior.

    • “There’s absolutely no difference”:

      No difference except that Nimrata Randhawa is extra-ethnic, if “Americans” are a White ethnicity. Nimrata’s foreign-ness would run contrary to the natural force of the natural ethnocentrism of ordinary people in a REAL country. If “America” is nothing more than a conglomeration of all races and ethnicities and millions of completely mixed and blended, alienated individuals, then the issue of Nimrata’s Indian ethnicity versus Trump’s apparently northwestern European descent makes no difference at all to most voters. Southern (Palmetto State) voters prove that. But voting makes no difference. You can’t change the system by voting, and you certainly can’t vote your way out oof it. But if you are pleased with your beta class privileged, less-worse-off place in the system, then keep voting in its “elections” and you are giving your consent to the coming world war:

      “I am following everyday a wide spectrum of Israeli right wing media outlets. I do it for a few reasons: 1. They are consistent 2. They are the rulers of the Jewish cosmos hence more relevant. 3. They aren’t shy about their plans for the region and rest of the world. Today I listened to an extensive interview with an IDF ex intelligence officer. His position was clear. We are, he said, aiming towards a world war. Israel, therefore, shouldn’t stop itself from implementing some of the most radical measures because its actions will be measured retroactively in the context of the brutal world conflict to come”:

  5. The less of Hailey the better. it’s said she’s angling for VP, but I seriously doubt would choose her, and if he did, I’d really have doubts voting for him. I remember in 2020 after the election, Brian Kilmeade simply ignored any accusations of election fraud and immediately wiped out Trump. About three days after the results, he was on the air: “We have to think about the next election and get ready for it. here’s the winning ticket in 2024: Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott. That’s the ticket! That’s the team! Hailey-Scott. 2024! Landslide!”
    What a birdbrain.
    I think Indians are quietly positioning themselves to grab as much power as they can, and do to our local political system what they’ve done to the motel industry. Some plot? No, just that they see an opening, and go for it.

    • Whites compete and try to “one up” each other, while these alien groups seem to mostly pull in the same direction. Which one do you think is the winning strategy? I am for my people, but the current version of them is proving to be very far removed from “superior”.

  6. When I speak to Normie Republicans, country club republicans, college educated Republicans, they all pine away for Bob Dole, John McCain, the Bush family. They fantasize about a Mitt Romney Joe Mansion ticket. With friends that that who needs enemies. There are a hell of a lot of these idiots.

  7. In every white country, you can vote a leader out, but you can’t vote a system out.
    It’s the system that needs changing.
    The two parties agree on core issues that aren’t negotiable; immigration, foreign policy, foreign aid, industrial policy, etc.
    When was the last time a leader of any white country did something that made you think, goodness, they’ve really gone in to bat for us this time! It never happens.
    Leaders are in power only because someone had to be the winner. But it doesn’t mean they were wanted, and it doesn’t mean they give a crap about you.
    Democracy is a farce.

    • It certainly is a farce when you have a controlled, propaganda media, and an increasingly dumbed-down voting populace.

  8. “Nikki Haley bends her high heel and kisses the ring”. That sums it up nicely. “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you”.

  9. Dixie (Southern) politician Nimrata “Haley” is in the mainstream news headlines again today.

    She went to Israel on Memorial Day, to “tour the scene of Hamas’ 7th of October atrocities” (to amplify the atrocity HOAX!) and she wrote “FNISH THEM!” on some of the U.S.-supplied ordinance to be lobbed against the indigenous people. She is getting her reward (from the system) in this life, but God’s judgment will follow.

  10. Some women are more cruel, murderous and bloody honest than any men.

    Nimrata publicly converted to “evangelical” to gain more votes from Palmetto State Southerners.

    Warmongering evangelical “Christian” Mike Pompeo, who teaches Sunday school when he is at home in Kansas, preached a warmongering sermon full of lies recently.

    • “bloody honest”:

      I thought I wrote bloody dishonest, what I meant. I should re-read my comments before posting.

  11. Get that cheerleader outfit on and shake it for a few shekels baby.
    You’re in the big leagues now sweetie.
    It is doomed the steaming fourth world turd Kwanstain and that is a good thing.
    Burning it all down with hellfire and brimstone is the way.

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