Joe Biden Signs Executive Order On Border Crisis

Immigration is the reason why I am back to being a tepid Trump supporter.

I didn’t vote for Trump in the 2020 election. I don’t expect much from a Trump second term.

In 2024, I am less concerned though about Trump’s chaos and failures than the damage that Joe Biden has done in office on the border. We can’t afford to let in another 15 million illegal aliens which is what will happen if Joe Biden is reelected. Biden has exceeded my worst expectations on this front. This is the most important reason why Trump is leading Biden in the polls in spite of everything.

It is not that swing voters love Trump. It is due more to the feeling that this cannot be allowed to continue. This executive order is also an election year stunt that is too little too late.


  1. That is not enough Joe. You gotta knife Bibi in the back. You can do it Joe. Remember you are Irish.

    The Jews are about to learn, something we have know about the Irish for a very very long time.

  2. America’s finished, may as well get it over with.
    Whoever hastens its destruction is best.
    Best to tear it off like a band aid.
    After America collapses and balkanizes into multiple pieces like the Soviet Union, each piece will finally be free to chart its own course.

    This is what America has become.
    At the height of its power, this is what it chose to be.
    Woke neoliberal imperialism, that’s what America represents.
    The America of Jefferson, Jackson and Grover Cleveland has been dead for ages, it ain’t coming back, it’s time to bury it and move on.

    • Things will carry on, I see no “collapse” coming same as the climate doomsday the global warming hacks on the left have been professing will never come either. Things are just going to slowly get more and more retarded in America and the quality of life will keep going downhill. More ratty apartments, fatherlessness, rap, and dinner at Burger King. That’s where we’re heading. The power in half the town went down last Friday. The local news media kept the reason hush for some reason, but the brothers at work are all gawking about it with their instachat or whatever inane, idiocracy type phone videos. Turns out some girl on drugs or something celebrating her high school graduation was going wild “twerking”. She ran up onto a gas pump at the Circle K, climbed up on a stop light, and then the cell phone video posted shows here climbing over the barb wire fence around an electrical sub station and “twerking” on top of a big, high voltage Frankenstein looking thing after which a big “pop” with light and smoke hit ending her stupidity and taking out power over half the town. Allegedly she’s in critical condition in the local hospital and for some reason this hasn’t been reported on the news either for privacy, or to avoid copycats. Frightening thing is she looked like a white girl in the video which only was from behind as she nearly broke her legs jumping down from the 6 foot barb wire fence to climb up on the transformer. Maybe she was a very light skin black, she had that Rhianna-Bozo the Clown color fake red hair and the brothers said how they were playing some lowlife female rapper song in the background inspiring this vulgar behavior. So this unfettered internet access for teens allowed this degenerate anti culture to warp the youths who run around unsupervised by any parental authority to create this Clockwork Orange type teen mayhem world. A far cry we’ve come from the civil world of the family dynamics in The Charlie Brown Christmas Special which is what I knew as a kid in the 70s. Generation Bastard is here now and it’s awful.

      • America is declining and will collapse, in all likelihood, and possibly balkanize.
        Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon.
        BRICS and de-dollarization is my evidence.
        As the rest of the world grows ever more wealthy and powerful, America will no longer be the world power, at best it’ll be a regional power and at worst no power at all.
        This means its standard of living will also decline as it’s built around imperialism, extortion and theft.
        Each political crime family will blame the other and each faction the other.

        America can’t become Brazil and expect to be the world’s super power.
        Its degeneration has consequences.
        Now once America starkly declines it may not necessarily balkanize, however, secession will at least be taken a more seriously than it is now, because economic growth helps hold the country together.
        Once that’s placed by stark economic degrowth there’ll be far less reason for people to cling to the status quo and stick together with demographics they dislike.

    • “each piece will finally be free to chart its own course.”

      That’s a wild assumption.
      ‘change’ and ‘improvement’ aren’t synonyms.

    • Plenty of idiots who don’t pay much attention, and have childishly short memories, vote. Genocide Joe is banking on reeling in many of these morons. The system is rotten, the country is rotting.

  3. > This executive order is also an election year stunt that is too little too late.

    Of course it is. So is draining the strategic petroleum reserve to keep gas prices down. The clowns pull this and many other bullshit antics to keep the tards from glimpsing the nose poking out from behind the curtain. The tards fall for it en masse too, over and over again. National IQ is down a full 10 points from the 1960s. Just wait until half of Africa floods the place. Shitpants won’t be stopping all the NGOs and their legions of ‘refugees’ from being flown in to reside in five-star hotels. Neither would Kang Cyrus. I still wonder if the bosses of the D-jerseys plan to replace shitpants with someone more appealing to stupefied white females – like Groovy Guv. Goodhair of Californistan, scion of the Pelosi crime famiglia.

    As I said before, the only thing than launches any real change in this massive shit-show is Xi, Putin and others (maybe Saudi) driving a stake through the heart of the petro-dollar. If that happens, the MOTU will no longer be able to foist most of the inflationary spiral onto the rest of the world. That’s when the whole shell-game of adding endless zeros to accounts will finally blow up.

    • I’m so sick of the narcissistic gerontocracy, they cling to their power like addicts and apparently they’re hellbent on getting us all killed with their dementia.

    • OT and pointless, I always really like your takes EC but Californiastan? As a native son here I take umbrage to that (not really). Every state has their problems, I’m technically the minority here now, can I exploit the government for benefits now?

    • “National IQ is down a full 10 points from the 1960s.”

      Lord, is that ever true.

      1960, California 92%+ WHITE.
      2024, California 33% WHITE and falling.

  4. When you are finally being given what you wish for, beware! If the “pink tide” of the election landslide in Mexico three days ago – in favour of the “pinkest” (unfortunately it is not RED!) Mexican political party, Obrador’s Moreno party is allowed to improve the lives of workers in Mexico, and popular demand for “pink” semi-leftism spreads from Mexico to other Central and South American countries, a measure of worker prosperity (relatively so, compared to the extreme austerity and inequality suffered by the workers under Monroe Doctrine U.S.-installed puppet regimes) will greatly reduce the number of workers wanting to cross into the U.S. “homeland,” and the wall or fence and the extra security forces might then be used to PREVENT YOU FROM ESCAPING your failing, dystopian “homeland.” But the Elites are already trying to crash the Peso since the election, and I am worried that the new President, a Talmudist of Spehadic and Lithuanian Ashkenazi lineage, may be a secret hyper-capitalist (like “socialist” Lenin Moreno, president of Ecuador turned out to be) and she might try to stop Mexico from supporting Palestine, Assange, Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.

    If the Monroe Doctrine of “your backyard” imperialism fails, and real worker prosperity comes to Mexico and other Latin American countries, the flow of Spanish-speaking migrants will reverse – flowing out of, instead of into, the imperial homeland, and the walls and border security forces may be used to prevent people from LEAVING.

    • “worker prosperity comes to Mexico and other Latin American countries”

      Do you live on a cloud ?

  5. On the topic of non-white illegal immigration crossing the US-Mexico border, as I predicted a few years ago, Mexico’s new president is the jewess former Mayor of Mexico City.

    What a cohencidence that we have two sephardic jews Sheinbaum and Mayorkas controlling said border.

    • “What a cohencidence that we have two sephardic jews ….”

      Almost seems like it’s coordinated.
      You know, like a conspiracy.

    • “Mexico’s new president is the jewess”:

      November, she is claimed to be a “secular” jewess, but I doubt that means she is not “Talmudic,” or even anti-Zionist. The Mexican people tried to speak in the “election,” but the resulting “pink tide” (not red!) is turning grey, and black, the more I look at it: “The electoral process in Mexico concluded with the vote on Sunday, June 2 to elect the President of the Republic, Chambers of Deputies and Senators, Governments of Mexico City and other entities, several local legislatures and municipal governments of several states. The electoral process was marked by government intervention in favor of his MORENA party, by the use of social programs, that is, the profit from extreme poverty, by the demagogy of the two big bourgeois blocs and their candidates Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez, by dirty campaigns, by the obscene waste of money, both that of the prerogatives of the INE, and of foreign origin (either from business groups or organized crime), by violence. The role of the Citizens’ Movement Party as a government scab was visible; It was also a notable element that, from a programmatic point of view, Sheinbaum and Gálvez were framed on the same platform, with minor and non-essential differences. Fundamentally, both ratified the commitment to carry out the management of capitalism. The results are clear: Claudia Sheinbaum was elected, who will have a qualified majority to undertake the set of legislative measures she deems necessary, since the PRI and the PAN will not have a correlation of forces to hinder them. The so-called Plan C, which among other measures seeks to place the National Guard under military control, will be implemented. From the start of the campaign, the businessmen dictated their priorities. Today, the satisfaction of the ruling class, of the power of the monopolies with this result, with the immediate congratulations of the bankers and employers’ chambers, is evident. The Obrador administration, which is coming to a formal end, achieved, after almost three decades of social instability and the intensification of the class struggle due to the shock policies of privatizations, a social peace that has been allowing a rapid phase of capitalist expansion that led Mexico to improve the position of its capitalist economy within the imperialist system. displacing Spain, Australia, South Korea, and getting closer to being one of the top 10 capitalist economies in the world; under Obrador the monopolies have doubled their profits, first by increasing the rate of extraction of surplus value, devaluing the labor force, and through the imposition of anti-people, anti-immigrant policies, and measures that had previously been rejected. Ratified the USMCA; despite presenting himself as anti-neoliberal and declaring the end of neoliberalism, he did not reverse any of the privatizations, and the monopolies that benefited from them in the 1990s were allies of the President during this six-year term”: Note that the “Mexican economy” is booming now, which might reduce the desire of many Mexicans to migrate to the U.S. “homeland.”

    • Just window dressing, the display will come down after Nov 5.

      After election day they’ll open the floodgates.
      Who knows, maybe 1+ million a month?

  6. “executive order is also an election year stunt that is too little too late.”

    …..too late……by about 50 years.

  7. I wonder how many of the wogs who have invaded over the last few years will be voting in November? Hint: As many as Dementia Joe’s peeps can sign up, and their relatives. Will there be another Covid thing breaking out in Sept. – Oct. this year to require mail-in fraudulent ballots? It looks like the U.S. Government is trying to gear up for “bird flu” as their latest pandemic scam but after the Covid fraud they aren’t getting much mileage out of their so-called “bird flu”.

  8. Hard to tell which ‘Biden’ this one is. One of the actors, obviously wearing a mask. How long can the Jews in the Mulatto House keep up this hoax? They will switch out ‘Biden’ at the convention.

  9. Off topic – but funny as hell !


  10. Only twice does a political figure ever do or say what you want them to…… during an election, and after they’ve left politics.
    In actual power, they’re never on your page.
    DON’T be fooled by them.

  11. It makes perfect sense, not just because of the election, that the U.S. would tighten up its “homeland” border security, a little bit, as it prepares for more direct involvement in its hot wars being waged around the world. Syria is being hit with U.S. bombs and missiles quite regularly now, reaching as far as Aleppo a few days ago, creating terror by killing Syrian civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. The U.S. uses its chief terrorist proxy, Israel, to deliver the U.S.’s bombs and missiles, following (obeying) the U.S.’s precise targeting directions. Also, the U.S.’s “radical Islamic” terrorist proxy ISIS has been restored and is being used again to help destroy Syria. There are indications of a U.S. versus Russia show-down looming in Syria, to distract attention from the U.S.’s wars in Gaza and Khazarkraine: “Israel has already amassed a large force in its northern region and has been working for the last few months to clear all minefields on the Golan front. In addition, Israel sent several threats to Syria after the outbreak of the war in Gaza going as far as vowing to overthrow the government in Damascus,” and “the US could support an invasion of Syria as it falls in line with its plan for a regime change in the country and could possibly distract Russia from its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.” This conflict would thrill many thousands of evangelical “Christian” heretics who believe that the book of Revelation predicts Russia “will come down from the north” through Syria “riding horses” (they say that horses means tanks) and fight against Israel on the Plain of Megiddo (Armageddon). So I am not surprised that the U.S. going into hot war mode is watching its borders more closely, for hostile infiltrators, but it will continue to admit millions of cheap workers for as along as the Elites want them, because immigrants still represent profits, and as one of the U.S. Presidents once said: “The business of America is business.”

  12. There are already more than enough 3rd worlders here now to carry out White Genocide. Flooding us with millions more of them was just an insurance policy, just in case. Anyone taken in by Biden’s stunt is living in la la land.

  13. The executive order will work because republicans killed the toughest immigration bill to ever hit the House floor.

    Because Trump told them to kill it & we will never hear the end of it before and after the 2024 election. Republicans are spineless cowards & both they & Trump are 100% responsible for this EO, which should have been unnecessary.

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