Jacob Dix Trial Ends In Mistrial

We have some surprising good news to report out of the People’s Republic of Cville.

Daily Progress:

In the first test of a Virginia law crafted to prohibit Ku Klux Klan cross-burnings, the jury failed to reach a verdict.

The seven-man, five-woman jury announced in Albemarle County court Thursday they were deadlocked over the fate of 29-year-old Jacob Dix of Clarksville, Ohio, charged with using fire to racially intimidate under Virginia’s so-called cross-burning statute. …

The jury foreman, whose identity has not been disclosed, said that after a day and a half of deliberations, the final tally was three votes for guilt; eight for acquittal and one undecided. …

The prosecutions against the men who participated in the night-before march were announced a little more than a year ago, the fulfillment of a campaign promise made by Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Hingeley. And while five men have pleaded guilty thus far, Dix’s attorney has blasted the prosecution as driven by politics.

There is no such thing as “law and order.”

In the hands of partisan liberal Democrats, the “law” has become a weapon to punish enemies and reward friends. The entire populist Right has been targeted from Charlottesville torch marchers like Jason Dix to Alex Jones who was sued into bankruptcy and forced to sell Infowars to Trump himself who has been charged with over 90 felonies and convicted on 34 felony charges. Yesterday, a judge ordered Steve Bannon to report to prison on July 1. Everyone around Trump has been prosecuted.

The Colin Cowherd quote above illustrates just how far our enemies have gone to criminalize rightwing populist politics since Charlottesville. While it is too early to tell, this news might be a hopeful sign that more Republican voters have been enlightened on this issue by Trump’s trials and convictions and have become more open to jury nullification. The Democrat Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Hingeley openly campaigned on his promise to wage lawfare against the Charlottesville torch marchers.


  1. These guys need to be free….. the accuse of “use fire to racially intimidate” is too stupid and ridiculous. The most important thing is that these guys they don’t feel guilty themselves for what they did in the torch march and Charlottesville.

  2. “the “law” has become a weapon to punish enemies and reward friends. ”

    Brought to us by the same tribe that crafted Soviet communism and maoist Marxism.

    The behavior is genetic, a combination of malevolent oppressive control and cunning deceit.

  3. “they’re all felons……”

    We’re all felons.
    If you look into the US Code, we’ve all committed felonies.
    Talking long distance and not personally identifying yourself every 10 minutes, a felony, etc.

    The US Code is such a swamp of irrational catchall laws .

  4. Rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies is what successful wielding of power is all about. The left and Democrats knows this. “Conservatives” and Republicans don’t, or at least pretend they don’t.

    • “The left and Democrats knows this”

      Bill Clinton said the same, “I help my friends and f… my enemies”.

    • The Republicans have a twisted notion of dealing fairly and justly with people who are unfair and unjust.

      It just doesn’t work.

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