Renaissance Horizon: European Election Results

Two cheers for European nationalism!

A few years ago, I would have been more excited about this, but a buffet of disappointments – BREXIT, Meloni in Italy, Le Pen’s relationship with AfD, etc. – has chilled my interest in European nationalist parties. I now look at the European nationalist parties like MAGA in the United States. It is good and somewhat meaningful that they are gaining ground, but nothing to get too excited about. Nationalists like Nick Griffin have also been elected to the European parliament before.


  1. A very sensible reaction. The EUSSR is still a totalitarian contraption whose elections are every bit as meaningful as those in the old USSR, or Murika. The whole thing is run from the council (= Politboro). Meloni is totally bogus. Even Orban, supposedly a Hungarian nationalist, remains in both EUSSR and it’s enforcement-arm NATO. If the so-called nationalists are serious (very unlikely) they’ll do whatever they can to speed up the collapse both EUSSR and NATO. Send the Murikan nigga-legions packing.

    • “Cash-Strapped Ukraine Plans to Sell State Assets to Help Fund War Effort”. Nytimes

      And guess who’ll be there to buy everything at fire sale prices ?

      The goys bleed and die while the Jews make the gold.

      (By selling off these state assets, could it be a sign Zelensky is getting ready to run ? Economically, rape and run ?)

    • Orban is a very big philosemite and Israel lover, he just (apparently) really dislike Soros, so does Nethanyahu and many israeli right-wingers, it’s an internal tribe conflict that we are the pawns, I’ve heard Hungary began to promote “skilled” immigration, I hope this is not the case for their sake, but nothing surprise me anymore.

      “In September 1989, Orbán took up a research fellowship at Pembroke College, Oxford, funded by the Soros Foundation which had employed him part-time since April 1988.[47] He began work on the concept of civil society in European political thought under the guidance of Zbigniew Pe?czy?ski”

      Nobody will save us, politicians are actors, Central Bankers rule the World, and they’re Jewish.

    • I think this is an unfair comparison. The CPUSA was geared to national and economical strengthening. It wasn’t composed of wine moms and joos, but ideologes and career crafters. Affirmative action was for workers, not non-whites. Success was measured in an increase in living standards and economic production.

  2. Traduzione
    At first I did not want to go to vote because the European Parliament is a seat of bureaucrats who only care about money and who hold European nations hostage. It does not represent the cultural Europe of the European peoples but a collection of political aristocrats and bankers. In the end I still went to vote for the representatives of my state in the european parliament……

  3. I realize that there is a neg. connotation for some of your visitors to this site and the name Nicholas J. Fuentes, however, whatever maybe the particular beef some may view him, that doesn’t mean some of his insights don’t have value. To wit – this entree and the following should give some some pause:

    “ADELSON BUYS TRUMP??? Zionist Kingpin Pledges $100 Million For West Bank Annexation | America First Ep. 1340”

  4. First place in the EU elections went to the zionists, who narrowly outpolled the zionists, who took second place. Third place went to the zionists, and fourth place was taken by the zionists. Fifth place went to the zionists.

  5. You did not mention that George Galloway was elected to UK Parliament by a landslide in a special election before the system could stop him, and that Craig Murray is standing standing in Blackburn for the Workers Party of Britain and should win the seat if the system doesn’t stop him. Here is an excellent campaign speech by Murray who is apt to be jailed if he keeps this up: The WPB and the CPB have the good candidates in England and Wales. Alternative for Deutschland is a truly rotten fascist party. Wilders, LePen, Meloni, the same. No deliverance comes from the Right.

  6. Let me know when some meaningful action takes place. Until then, it’s all political theater.

  7. Leftist media in Australia……

    “FARRRR RIGHT parties have gained ground in European elections”.
    Everything is “far right” to these people.
    I have a feeling that down the track, not many far right things will happen, just slightly less far left things. Let’s see…

  8. Le Pen (Marine, not her father) is a complete cuck unfortunately, she fired everyone worth anything from the party (including her own father, you know one of the founders of the party and the party head for God knows how many decades). I don’t expect anything coming from her, if by some miracle she somehow becomes President one day she wouldn’t even want the job.

  9. Time is not a luxury we have. Too bad for the duped Ukrainians, but Putin needs to hurry and finish the war. Discredit NATO, the EU, and ZOGmerica.

  10. When “Far-Right” means being like Tommie Rabbison on muslim migration to Europe.

    AfD is already cucking to play nice in Brussels with Marine Le Pen’s philosemitc National Front. So sad to see.

  11. “A few years ago, I would have been more excited about this”:

    You may not be thrilled by the European swing to the far right, but Zionism is: “In Israel, they are very excited about the surge in power of the European radical right in yesterday’s European Parliament elections. I guess most of us remember Jews being associated with the left (he says “being associated with,” which is not the same thing as really being) However, as of today, they are now on the right (…) It is hard to envisage a goyim shift from side to side of the political map (…) it is difficult to imagine Corbyn popping out in the National Front, or alternatively, seeing Tommy Robinson becoming a keynote speaker at the SWP annual gathering, yet we often see people such as Dershowitz or Netanyahu bouncing from side to side, from Hillary to Trump to Biden and back to Trump. The great Israeli academic, Israel Shahak, delved into this symptom. The Talmud, he wrote, commands the Jews always to seek to bond with power”: However, the one “side” that the U.S.’s chief colony has never sought to bond with is real socialism, which is its absolute antithesis. The Hadash including even the Maki party have always been Zionists first, never fully socialist in practice or even in speech: never once have Maki leaders admitted that Israel is an apartheid settler-colonial operation of Washington (and London). Israel has always been effectively, and now increasingly openly Far Right, and these European Far Right “election” winners fully support it.

    • It’s wonderful that the nationalists in Europe have finally jettisoned their idiotic attachment to hunting “Duh, Jews.” It took us years to make that happen and convince the securuty services and Israelis to lay off. “Duh, Jew” myopia, more than anything else kept nationalists from becoming a solid force in politics for 70 years. But for that they would’ve earned a lot of support from rightwingers and moderates who were afraid of being associated with Jew hating and the Nazis.

      Likewise, its time to abandon the national socialist nonsense. Once that is done the last predicate for security services shenanigans and sobatages of the nationalists will have ended. At that point the Rothcschild’s British headquartered “Black Front” secret operation will be gutted. We can even start speculating on what will happen when all those files are released. Until then, we can only watch with hilarity as neo-nazis work for a Jewish run controlled opposition.

      It is not coincidence that the European right has seen such advances after they abandoned “Duh, Jew” hysteria. Our lobbying to do so has borne our promises as they not only grew in popularity, and not only stopped “Duh, Jew,” hunting, they actually swung support to Israel after Gaza, in contrast to the Left.

      Also not coincidentally, this movement by the right started to shatter the Judeo-Catholic and Judeo-Protestant leftwing secular fronts. Overt Christian identity by political parties has become popular among Europeans. Only amkng some American Dissident Rightists, who stupidly attached themselves to neo-isolationism, have their been incessant “Duh, Jew,” nonsense. Fortunately, as I predicted, the Gaza war has also helped fracture the SPLC and theat home opening a new domestic front for us. We are looking at the wholesale dismembering of the SPLC, as they symp toward Palestinians, while Nationalists symp toward the Israelis. Or, you can all just go back to your fishing holes and waste the opportunity for total victory.

      • “Nationalists symp toward the Israelis”:

        They surely do. You said it. We always knew they did.

        “It is not coincidence that the European right has seen such advances after they abandoned Duh, Jew”:

        So true! Everyone should recognize and think about that, and decide which side are you on and you can’t be on both sides.

  12. The nationalist governments of Europe should create a competing alternative to the European Union, which they can call the European Confederacy.

  13. OT sorta


    Medvedev urges to turn life in West into ‘permanent nightmare’ in response to sanctions
    “We should try every day to do as much damage as possible to those countries that have imposed these restrictions on our country and all our citizens,” the senior Russian official stressed

    MOSCOW, June 13. /TASS/. Russia should get biblical with its response to Western sanctions by turning life in the West into a “permanent nightmare” and inflicting maximum damage on unfriendly countries, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said.

    “We should try every day to do as much damage as possible to those countries that have imposed these restrictions on our country and all our citizens. Hit them where it hurts,” the official wrote on his Telegram channel. “Do damage everywhere, paralyze the operation of their companies and government agencies. Find vulnerabilities in their critical technologies and attack them mercilessly. Literally destroy their energy, industry, transportation, banking and social services,” he said.

    “Let’s turn their lives into an ongoing permanent nightmare,” Medvedev concluded, referencing the Old Testament principle of “an eye for an eye.”

    When the Yankee North put the “Anaconda Plan” (proposed by top Union General Winfield Scott) into effect against the South back during “Lincoln’s War to Deny the Southern States Their Independence” it didn’t have much of an effect at first. (Many new European immigrants were conscripted by the Yankee Empire to fight against the South.)

    (…Proposed by Union General-in-Chief Winfield Scott, the plan emphasized a Union blockade of the Southern ports and called for an advance down the Mississippi River to cut the South in two. Because the blockade would be rather passive, it was widely derided by a vociferous faction of Union generals who wanted a more vigorous prosecution of the war and likened it to the coils of an anaconda suffocating its victim. The snake image caught on, giving the proposal its popular name… Wikipedia: “Anaconda Plan”)

    But as the anaconda squeezes the life out of its prey it got worse and worse as blockade runners had fewer places to operate in as the Union forces captured ports and the South’s resources dwindled lower and lower. We didn’t have nukes back then to fight these Yankee aggressors off who committed war crimes that they have never been brought to justice for against Southern civilians. They whipped the South so bad it took decades to recover and the once richest area in the USA became the poorest and is still suffering from that war.

    But should the drunk on power Yankee Empire and Europe get arrogant enough to start trying to hurt Russia (and maybe China) and starve their people to death and runt the health of their soldiers/citizens to skeletons like the Yankee Empire did to the South, somebody is going to have some “fireworks” in their own backyards that they didn’t set off themselves and then they will become a wasteland for the next century or so with all the poverty they intended for their enemies.

    Get off the bear’s borders and quit poking him in the eye and stop this crazy proxy war that is used to make US/European/etc politicians rich through the production of weapons and ammo.

    Think about the Cuban missile crisis (1962) when the USSR got very close to our border. We tried to assassinate Castro (“Operation Mongoose”). We are so nice.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  14. AfD has some good people in it. That Hocke fellow for example seems like the real deal. It’s by far the most interesting of European parties.

  15. Guess what’s coming – courtesy of Mikey Johnson and his brokeback boys in the best little ho-house on the Potomac: All able-bodied males aged 18-26 will be registered with the Selective Service System to serve as meat for the War-Sow and her kosher-nosetra chums. Only three members of the Gay Old Pedobears voted against. If you’re white and between these ages it might be a good idea to start looking for a place to move out of country where they can’t reach you. The registration isn’t limited to citizens either and no doubt (as always) certain dual-citizens will magically discover all manner or exemptions, as will those over a certain income-level and with the proper connections. Uncle Schmuel Wants YOU honky!

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