SBPDL: His Name Is Julian Wood

I don’t like to dwell on the daily toll of black-on-White crime.

1. First, there is nothing that I can add to the conversation that can surpass our coverage of it at the National Conservative website. SBPDL also covers the issue at length.

2. Second, it gets me angry and provokes visceral emotions in others. Experience has shown time and again that there are some people who lack the emotional maturity to handle the issue.

The death of Julian Wood, however, is one of those cases (Cannon Hinnant in North Carolina is another) that is so outrageous that I feel compelled to highlight it here.


Another “random act of violence” which we now is axiomatic for a moment where a black individual has murdered a white person, and the media doesn’t want to associate a racial angle to the killing. In this case, it’s the murder of a three-year old white male toddler, Julian Wood, by a black female who initiated the unprovoked knife attack at a Giant Eagle grocery store just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. This “random act of violence” occurred at 3 p.m. on Monday, June 3.

Were America the “racist” nation so many in power believe must be deconstructed and replaced with an aggressively anti-white system, the only story we’d be seeing in every major newspaper and on every newscast would be that of Julian Wood, a three-year old stabbed to death by a black female on a Monday afternoon in an obvious racial assault. ..

Occidental Dissent is listed as a “hate site.” 

Can you think of a death or a murder though with a more hateful perp than this one?

Derek Chauvin had his knee on the neck of George Floyd because he was high on drugs and resisting arrest. Bionca Ellis stabbed a three-year-old White toddler to death and the media is silent about it. The coverage of George Floyd provoked months of violent riots during the 2020 election.


  1. “Here’s the black woman who stabbed a 3 year old child to death because he was White”

    And whose media has a constant drumbeat about how evil WHITEY is ?
    Who is fueling this anger and hatred?

  2. “1. First, there is nothing that I can add to the conversation ”

    ……..Get the hell away from blacks ….. Scott Adams

  3. “Can you think of a death or a murder though with a more hateful perp than this one?”

    Several…. serial killers. most involve either blacks or queers.

  4. “Occidental Dissent is listed as a “hate site.”

    Yes, hated for revealing the truth.
    Liars, splc, always hate those reveal their lies.

    • Those “hate lists” are actually useful, they help you to find interesting websites since search engines are now a joke (and no it isn’t just Google). Yandex (and to a certain extent Mojeek) are the least censored search engines left, and they’re not even that good.

      • The SPLC “Hate Map” of the USA is how I found the local independent church that I joined after walking out of the Episcopal Church because of their LGBT etc obsession.

    • “Incels” wait? That is some official organized group? I thought it was just a new term for what we used to call “nerds.” Wasn’t that the whole theme of the movie Revenge of the Nerds? The horny dorky guys who couldn’t get sex?

  5. When James Byrd, a habitual criminal, was dragged to death in a drug deal gone bad, it was on the hourly news every hour for 3 years.

    How much attention will this case receive ?
    Who is controlling the narrative ?

  6. Another, but much more subtle point, is the subliminal influence that this sort of crime creates. When WHITE folks hear about a heinous crime like this against a child it creates anxiety and trepidation about having children. This and other manifold consequences of ‘integration’ are causing a serious reduction in WHITE reproduction, especially among the most intelligent, empathic and best in our race.

    Not only does this cause a reduction in the quantity of reproduction, but also in the quality as well.

  7. The War on White People continues. Most “conservative” news outlets are still too timid to call out Negro violence; it’s still referred to as “unruly youths”.
    The unlikely possibility of jail has definitely emboldened the chimps, especially the youngsters. Whites living with high Negro populations should be especially careful.
    VDARE and Jim Goad at Counter-Currents do a great of documenting black on White crime.

    • “Most “conservative” news outlets are still too timid to call out Negro violence”

      You’re too polite.
      I just call them cowards and hypocrites.

  8. As Jarred Taylor recently said, America is not our country anymore. He started AmRen in the 1990s because he thought it was possible to save America as a home for Whites but he now believes it’s no longer possible to save America. America belongs to the pos who did the stabbing. The Dems will make sure it gets it’s mail in ballot while in prison and that it gets out soon. And that reparations are paid to it.

    • Prior to the revolution and constitution, 1783, they were burned at the stake.
      Yes, in America !

  9. This is a definite case of an enormous black cauldron calling a little, mini fry pan black – as the Far Right once again serves its vital, essential purpose within the system (whether the mainstream media admits it or not, if the Far Right did not exist it would need to be invented) by focusing attention on a knife stabbing by a mentally-deficient African woman who is also lacking a normal moral conscience and self-control, while ignoring that at the same time nearly one thousand Palestinians were DELIBERATELY MASSACRED and about one thousand seriously wounded, and three out of the seven captives were killed, by the “beacon of freedom and justice,” the United States itself, using its Zionist colonial proxy forces. At least the Black woman carried her knife openly, while the Empire’s “heroic” hired serial murderers concealed their even deadlier weapons, and dressed in disguise as humanitarian aid workers, and rode in humanitarian aid vehicles from the direction of the U.S.’s new billion-dollar so-called “humanitarian aid” seashore pier, before opening fire on the crowds of unarmed women and children without warning, and calling in tons of aerial bombs and missiles to exterminate all living creatures. The difference of scale between these crimes is more than a thousand to one, and remember, the increasing racial diversity and prevalence of violent crime and all kinds of crime in the U.S.’s so-called “homeland” is directly linked to its outmoded, and evil, class and usury system.

    • Re: “an enormous black cauldron calling a little, mini fry pan black”:

      The biggest crimes by far are being committed by Those at the top, with impunity. The elite cabal can even order a mass murder of millions, with impunity. Crimes will proliferate in the lower-class level of this unjust, unequal systen, until the Elites engage a severe law-and-order crackdown on the crimes of the lower class (as in Costa Rica, recently) while Their Own crimes at the top continue with impunity.

    • I notice that you don’t mention that the “poor, victimized” Paleosimians started it by sneak attacking and killing 1300 Israelis. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

      • “I notice that you don’t mention”:

        OF COURSE I don’t repeat (“mention”) those bald-faced lies! The truth is that most of the “1300” Israelis who died were killed by the Israelis themselves, by their own “friendly fire,” and by applying the “Hannibal Directive,” using tanks, helicopter-launched missiles and other heavy weapons to destroy kibbutz buildings along with the Israeli kibbutzim sheltering inside them!

        The beheaded and oven-ed Israeli babies story and the raped Israeli women stories are also complete, utter, bald-faced lies, that have long since been debunked, even admitted to be wrong by some Israeli authorities and U.S. mainstream media such as the NYT that originally published them. Yet the debunked lies continue to be repeated by some unrepentant, shameless, bald-faced liars.

      • Besides, those stories of “Hsmas committed atrocities on October7th” are way beyond doubtful. They are utterly ridiculous, to any intelligent person who thinks about them for one minute – just as ridiculous as the old story about “the evil Iraqi forces of Saddam Husseind” who “threw Kuwaiti babies out of incubators on the floor to die.”

        Everyone who spreads those lies KNOWS that they are lies, yet the liars keep lying, and lying and lying.

    • And right on cue, here is Merthyr Rising attempting to twist a vicious anti-White murder into a rallying cry for “muh brown people”.

      • Astrid, let’s say that there are not just hundreds, but thousands, of “vicious, anti-White murders” being committed by Blacks in the “homeland” every year. Compare that figure with the annual death toll of the U.S.’s imperialism – all of the hot, cold, covert, psychological, biological, financial, proxy and hybrid wars that are being waged in many (actually in most) foreign countries – which is always at least ten times higher than the U.S.’s domestic Black on White murder rate. It is hypocritical to decry one murder while giving consent (at least tacit consent, by remaining silent about it) to the legal (but against international law and God’s law) mass murder of millions.

        Re: “muh brown people”:

        I am as White (Northwest European) as anyone can be, no “Talmudic,” fully ethnocentric, rooted in a national soil and having a strong “sense of place.” I always say that a TRUE ethnonationalist is one who has full respect for ALL nations, ALL peoples or ethnicities, not just for his own. Furthermore, a true ethno-nationalist treats all of his own people EQUALLY: not favoring “nobles” (an upper class) and discriminating “commons” (workers). The Right Wing, which claims to be “nationalist” is not really nationalist at all, because “without the peasants (or the workers) there is NO republic” (Pas de république sans paysans)!

      • Looking at official statistics, I see around 20,000 illegal murders per year in the U.S. homeland, plus almost 1,000 legal homicides committed by police and civilians. The FBI has some (rather incomplete) information about murders of Whites by Blacks, suggesting that the majority of homicides of Whites are NOT being committed by Blacks, but the majority of homicides of Blacks are committed by Blacks. One thing is certain: Western Elites are responsible for the majority of murders BY WAR in the world every year, but the “homeland” of the “nation” called America has so far remained secure, suffering very few deaths besides its hired “service” personnel who are “serving” abroad.

  10. > How much attention will this case receive ?
    > Who is controlling the narrative ?

    Do you even have to ask? The answer to both is ‘three guesses (first two don’t count)’. The Mighty Wurlitzer (gaslight media lie-machine) plays on. It will not stop until the empire dies. That’s why I keep on saying that priority one is to enable and facilitate the empire’s total collapse. All else is just more deck-chair feng-shui. The Titanic survivors could have told you how well that works.

  11. I think this problem is multifaceted.
    Are African Americans inherently less capable than whites?
    In all likelihood yes, altho some of it may be attributed to past and present racism, both white on black racism and black on white racism, woke ideology encouraging them to blame whites for all their problems instead of taking responsibility.
    Will this cause some of them to lash out, occasionally in horrific ways?

    However, I think neoliberalism is also to blame.
    Statistically I think blacks were doing significantly better back when America had a stronger safety net before Reagan dismantled it.
    Whites were doing better too.

    America would be better off it was more European in some ways imo, same with Canada and the rest of the Anglosphere.
    Europe has a stronger safety net and consequently the society is less volatile, less violent, altho they have their problems too of course, especially with all the illegal Muslims.

    • The problem with colored folks is genetic, not environmental. The U.S. Government has operated on the faulty premise that environment (“racism”, i.e. dislike of blacks, Mexicans etc.) has caused their criminal and other social pathologies, not genetics. This faulty premise is really an evil political agenda to destroy Whites through unleashing the vicious coloreds on Whites backed by State power in the name of “Civil Rights” (sic). The U.S. Government has shifted the blame from colored folks’ natural criminality onto White people who don’t want to associate with them because of their dangerous and degenerate tendencies. This is called common sense and “Liberty” i.e. being left alone, free from State coercion, something intolerable to the Left.

      This process started with Franz Boas at Columbia University with his teaching of cultural relativism passed on by to students like Margaret Mead (who lied in her dissertation; shades of MLK Jr.). The tidal wave of intellectual dishonesty became a deluge in the 1930’s when most of the Communists and perverts from der Frankfurt Schul fled Germany and landed in Columbia and other Universities. There they spread their intellectual poison of a warped ideology that everything is wrong with White, Christian civilisation and should be overthrown. This has influenced generations of gullible, conformist, naïve, elite university students down to the present day.

      Capturing the institutions of society, particularly universities was Antonio Gramsci’s strategy for successful Communist revolution written about in his Prison Diaries. Universities formed the young, gullible, conformist, naïve minds of ambitious students, future leaders of institutions at all levels of society. The strategy worked with the explosion of riots and the destruction of society in the 1960’s in the U.S. with the overthrow of societal standards and morality. Blacks and other coloreds were off the leash and used their freedom to burn down cities coast to coast while the “intellectual” class, invoking oppression, slavery and other excuses encouraged this while blaming innocent Whites for these crimes. Nothing has changed since then except things have gotten worse.

    • “Are African Americans inherently less capable than whites?
      America would be better off it was more European in some ways imo, same with Canada and the rest of the Anglosphere.
      Europe has a stronger safety net and consequently the society is less volatile, less violent, altho they have their problems too of course, especially with all the illegal Muslims.”

      Does any of these obser. matter ? What do we care if some other non-white race or Jew is more or less capable than whites?
      We need to protect ourselves by isolating ourselves FROM THEM !

      • “What do we care if some other non-white race or Jew is more or less capable than whites?”

        Because they are in our society, they pull our society down.
        They wreck what’s good.

  12. It only goes to show what we already know: Our Anti-White overlords hate us. There is no peaceful coexistence with Diversity.

    • “There is no peaceful coexistence with Diversity.”

      That’s the intention, to create such social chaos and turmoil that they can seize power, as they did in 1917 Russia.

  13. Prisons are well known for being unfriendly places for pedos and child killers. Let’s hope that will be the case, here.
    Is it a male or female? I can’t tell.

    • “Is it a male or female? I can’t tell.”

      both or neither. As long as IT DIES, no one cares

  14. America is an insane nation and not only insane but malevolent. It wants to kill its founding stock and replace it with non-whites. There is no voting our way out of this. Donald Trump merely postpones the inevitable. I am not advocating anything but crystal-clear awareness, AKA White Awakening. But truth in itself will not save us unless it is coupled with activism. So far Patriot Front seems to be the model to follow but far too many of our people say they cannot join groups because they are all controlled by Federal informants. As if Lenin or Hitler’s movement did not have any informants! I am sure there were Czarist informants in the Bolshevik Party.

    • “America is an insane nation and not only insane but malevolent.”

      I won’t agree to ‘America’, but rather the rats that have gnawed their way into our government are viciously malevolent and insanely sadistic.

    • “America is an insane nation and not only insane but malevolent”:

      America (the empire of the elites) is also “pusillanimous” – because it cowardly uses proxies, such as Ukrainians, to do its fighting for it at a very safe distance.

      Another adjective similar to “malevolent” that applies well to the rulers of “America” is “maleficent”:

  15. “judge Brian Hagan. He released Bionca Ellis without a hearing just 4 days before she stabbed a 3-year-old to d*ath. It was recommended she get a psych eval after she told cops she m*rder*d someone & had multiple warrants out for her arrest. Yet he decided to release her”

    From linder’s

  16. The child murdering Jews are the enemies of all mankind, and until this is the refrain of the common man, there is not much hope. Too many abortion lovers out there!

  17. Blacks are filth and a race of predators.I have lived amongst them the whole of my life and to trust them beyond a few polite words in public is taking your own life and discarding it.As a child an old man told me “you can have a Black working for you 30 years then one day when he thinks no one will find out he’ll smash your skull and take your money”,and I believed him.And still do.Only Satanic demons like the Jews would orchestrate putting these savages amongst us.They force them on us and then cover for their crimes against us all while blaming us for imaginary wrongs.As evil and ugly as the Blacks are the demon Jews still have them beat.Heaven will be so peaceful and beautiful and absent of those two groups.

    • “he’ll smash your skull and take your money”,”

      Very true. Hiring blacks is dangerous. I know of many instances Whites have hired blacks out of sympathetic consideration, only to have the blacks return rob and kill them. Often blacks will get a job just to case the residence or business.
      The rest of what you said is absolutely true.

    • I don’t disagree. The over-arching point nevertheless stands: Neither the black butchers nor their jew overseers would have been able to accomplish this horrific state we find ourselves in without the aid and assistance of countless whites – whether brainwashed into self-hate in schul or selling out for debased shekels from Schlomo. If we are to ever organize and form a real resistance, we’ll need to devise near foolproof methods to filter out these kind of whites. Younger white females in particular are major supporters of all this mayhem (despite often being the actual victims). This includes making people disappear, if necessary. Koba’s old adage applies here: With a person there’s always a problem. No person, no problem. Traitors and turncoats in our midst are the greatest enemy we face. The Kosher Nosetra enforces their omerta upon everyone in the tribe regardless of whether they are ‘made’ or not. We’ll be needing to do the same. Where in a one-sided genocidal war and damned well better learn a way to fight back. Otherwise it’s extinction.

  18. Just read today’s news on this case. The father “begged the judge to do whatever possible to keep this monster behind bars”. In the good days there would be a mob wherever this ape was being caged demanding it be turned over for proper disposal.
    This is a consequence of us accepting that these things be allowed to roam freely.

    • Why should she be alive ?

      Why should we, as taxpayers, pay for her food, clothing, utilities and medical for decades upon decades ?

  19. “Lawyers for Hunter Biden are considering a number of challenges to the guilty verdict, including one based on the Second Amendment.” Nyt

    Just too funny, the level of hypocrisy reaches epic levels.
    The very amendment that Biden sr. has tried to cripple, is now the sought after refuge for his depraved brat.

    United States of Hypocrites.

  20. Seriously dude, I know this is a side hustle for you, but how about updating the comments a bit sooner before the stories blow over?
    It’s like sending letters to the print media in 1980……you gotta wait an eternity to see them, and the reactions.
    Get on top of it before half of us give it up.

  21. I see the Supremes shot down Sessions’ bump stock ban. That was half of his sordid legacy, gone with the wind. The othet half stands, his traitorous “recusal”, which he did for no reason at all, except he was being a Zog team player. So he handed off the witch hunt to that Jew, and the rest is history. Trump hated him after that, for a good reason.

    • Trump was the one who decided on the bump-stock ban, you people sure love your con-man. I’m glad that Jeff Sessions had the intelligence not to put his head on the block for that scumbag when he realized the con that was being pulled on his constituents.

      I’m half persuaded Trump made Sessions Attorney General so the Jews could have someone more reliable holding his seat. Trump never intended to keep Sessions around. Funny to pawn off Trump’s bump stock ban on Sessions, though.

  22. It isn’t the fault of blacks that they’re in America. It’s the fault of whites.
    First,you ship blacks over as slaves.
    In the 1960’s, you open up the country to third world immigration.
    In the present day, you refuse to secure the border properly.
    You allow the Jews to determine your demographic destiny.
    You import cheap labour due to low birthrates.
    You allow in refugees who aren’t your problem, because their governments are mean, and you have to endure their sob stories and care about their human rights at the expense of your own, and that of your children.
    “You” means whites as a collective, not people reading this.
    But cheer up; the entire white world are going down the same road……at varying stages of it.
    Political parties pretending to be “Conservative” are more leftist than leftist parties from fifty years ago were.
    Honestly, the greatest enemy of whites……are whites.
    All of us are one person. We can’t do anything individually, only as a formidable collective.

  23. We will need to cull the herd to survive. 180 million whites in the US? At least 100 million of them need to be removed from the genome pool. Weaklings,low IQ stooges and stupid cucks need to go!

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