AFPAC IV Cancelled In Detroit

Nick Fuentes & Co. made lemonade out of lemons in Detroit.

AFPAC was abruptly cancelled by its venue. The VIP event was cancelled. Sneako got punched in the face by a black security guard. He has since flown back home to Miami with a chipped tooth.

I have a lot of friends who attended and spoke at this event. I look forward to hearing their reports on how it unfolded. I am not going to shit on AFPAC this year. I don’t think there is really much daylight between what Fuentes said here and my ambivalent position on Trump and the 2024 election.

Note: Happy Father’s Day, everyone.


  1. Reality politics dictates that we will eventually have to build our own headquarters (like V Dare has done) because there will come a time in which public venues will not rent to us!

    • “there will come a time in which public venues will not rent to us”:

      The days of free speech in Hyde Park are also disappearing. Even public OUTDOOR spaces of any kind are not available in many areas. The common “agora” or central marketplace free for all no longer exists in most areas, having been replaced by privatized markets – privately-owned buildings, pathways and open spaces that are off-limits to free speech unless there is a contractual agreement and you pay for it, and their private insurers (of liability insurance) need to be kept informed.

      Some private property owners might not allow free speech even if you would pay them high rent, and if you buy or build your own private venue, so that you can speak, how many outsiders that you want to reach will come there to hear you speak? You will need to run it as a business with plenty of parking space, comforts, and advertising, to afford the pay the high cost of having to create your private venue because free or very low-cost public space for free speech has disappeared under the crushing weight of late-stage capitalism. Side note: I don’t know where this fits in on O.D. but I think it’s important to know that the U.S.’s weaponized, designer virus is continuing to mutate and re-infect millions of people in the U.S. “homeland” and that eventually almost everyone will experience and become debilitated, permanently injured, by Long Covid: The U.S. is a very sick “nation” (vaccine boosters every six months won’t help) and is responsible for debilitating the world. The disease was spreading in the U.S. in the summer of 2019 (proven by the viral RNA in blood bank and city sewage samples) at least six months before it ever appeared in China. It was identified by very vigilant Chinese doctors (always watching for the return of SARS) in Wuhan just a few months after it may have been introduced by infected members of the U.S. team (some of whom were so ill they had to leave the games) at the international military games in Wuhan, October 2019. You can try to ignore the U.S. bioweapon. But it won’t ignore you, especially you who live in the belly of the class and usury beast (system) that doesn’t care for your health and general well-being at all. It manages you, as human resources, to make the rich even richer.

      • “The disease was spreading in the U.S. in the summer of 2019 (proven by the viral RNA in blood bank and city sewage samples) at least six months before it ever appeared in China. It was identified by very vigilant Chinese doctors (always watching for the return of SARS) in Wuhan just a few months after it may have been introduced by infected members of the U.S. team (some of whom were so ill they had to leave the games) at the international military games in Wuhan, October 2019. You can try to ignore the U.S. bioweapon. ”

        one thing about u is u always have alot of verbiage but no proof

        • The presence of the viral RNA of SARS-CoV-2 in blood bank and city sewage samples collected in the U.S. (and also Spain and Italy) in the summer and fall of 2019 is proven FACT, not mere “verbiage” like the U.S.’s anti-China “Wu-Flu” propaganda narrative. It is also a proven fact that, as the virus which has a high rate of mutation continues to re-infect millions of people who had it before, the chance of developing chronic, Long Covid with extended or permanent debilitation continues to increase.

      • Methyr’s comment is extremely important. People, and some who appear to be Hasbaras, have said that covid was fake, that wearing mask is fake. Well it’s not. What we saw was the exact same effects as a weaponized virus, as reported by a viral weapons researcher. Weaponized virus can start out very lethal, but they break down to a less lethal strain very fast because of their artificiality, (this could change). This is exactly what we saw. I have a paramedic friend who caught covid from a patient, and he almost died. This was early in the covid attack, actually corona, they changed the name to confuse you. Lots of people died from this before the vax.

        If these psychopaths tried to murder everyone once, they will do so again. They, so far, have got away with it and are such maniacs that will push and push until they are stopped.

        I suggest you not be brainwashed into believing that mask do nothing, They are not perfect but do work. The way mask are made is the same process that super clean room semiconductor filters are made. Though far less effective because of the extra thickness in the clean rooms. But they do work.

        I know the mass media can not be trusted but if they report a big outbreak of some sort of killer disease don’t automatically dismiss it as fearmongering. If it turns out to be true, then stay inside and wear mask if you go out. 3M makes mask that keep out vapors for painting, welding, etc. These should be far better than the cheap mask and worth the money. You can always use them when using any sort of paint, cleaning supplies, etc. that give off VOC’s and save your lungs.

        This also means you should have some level of food and water stockpiled ahead of time so you do not have to go out often.

  2. Not much daylight between Fuentes and yourself on Trump? All over a potential war Iran has deserved to get from us since 1979? Why are so many Dissident Rightists Sand Nigger lovers?

      • Its looking like Vance will be the VP pick. I think a guy who grew up like he did at least wont overlook White America when it comes to federal aid. They will be Israel first, and pass more antisemitism legislation, but hopefully they will take action on the border, and do some deportations too.

      • SPeaking of Biden, he’s going down fast.
        Freezing at Juneteenth celebration, freezing at his fundraiser, going rigid with that senile smile. Has to be led by the hand.
        What’s next, roll him out on a hand truck?

        What are the odds he even makes it to Nov 5 ?

        Vote Democrat, vote for the zombie:)

    • They deserve a war from us because we overthrew their legitimate government, installed a hated dictator, and then had a revolution because of all this? Oh, I know by “us” you mean jews and jew-lickers. Fukkin hasbarat.

  3. Seriously, the clown shit show that is the Dissident Right Party (DRP) continues to provide innumerable moments to satirize. The Detroit nigger super man jumping and knocking out a piece of Sneako’s tooth was a punch heard round the world. Most of these celebrities in the DRP are assholes who’ve said things to get their faces punched in but never did. Its hilarious a Detroit Black man did it, since too many White people are too pussy to do it.

    Speaking of Black men, one of the Gay Grand Inquisitor’s schticks for triangulation on Turning Point, was dog whistling he was White Nationalists but then cynically and counter intuitively using non-Whites and non-cisgenders. He’s flirted with gay leaning incels, tried to front good looking ones as his show shine boys, and used a team of trannies for cyberops and humint ops. All the while attempting to infiltrate the GOP and sabotage it and Turning Point.

    Indeed, this event in Detroit was done at the same time as Turning Point Action had a national conference which featured Trump. Fuentes was a biopsy hoping to use it as a set up for media attention. When the media was ignored Nick, and remaomined focused on Trump and Turning Point Action, the Gay Grand Inquisitor strode inside in a bid to get unearned media attention like the silly sorority girl he is.

    In a clearly desperate attempt to keep himself relevant, the Gay Grand Inquisitor is now blatently putting Black men in charge. The new Great Black Hope of Nick, showed up atop a parapet, his overcoat flapping behind him like a cape, then strode above Nick’s gay followers looking up at him in Detroit. Momentarily, not sure if he wasn’t going to golden shower all of them at that moment, instead he earned their undying girly subservience when he shouted Christ is King. Applause.

    The hypocrisy and cynicism of Nick Fuentes movement and his moments, are obvious to all except a sizable section of Cafe to Leche American ethnics who have various disorders common to their Millenial generation (1985-2010). Watching a bunch of sexually abused Catholic White ethnics and Mexicans looking up to their new Black Lord is a fitting encapsulation of their enstupidation.

    In turn, Nick is either so stupid himself or so obviously a psyco-operation, that he even eagerly autographed a sexy picture of him held by an obvious Jewish woman and her 12 year old “girl” who was obviously just a pretty boy meant to seduce the notorious pedophile who demands age if consent be reduced to Mexican levels. Watching a big nosed, mole ridden, hair chinned, White haired, short and squatty boomer Jew grandma present herself and an aspiring troon as followers just to get his autograph and him sucking it up as the media lights flashed, was too funny. Jerusalem, get to work now!

    This is the fourth event of Nick’s we’ve destroyed. He managed to sidestep our neutralizing attempt last year only to be successfully filmed by one of our infitrators in front of a pathetically weak and small crowd as he spoke behind a graphic that looked like a swirling pee bowl. The biggest news out of it was Ethan Ralph subsequently tearing apart Nick’s operation for the remainder of the year. Likewise Nick’s attempts to speak at events in Arizona and Texas were likewise cancelled or neutralized. Nick’s last year has only succeeded in exposing his Gay Papist Mafia network to us and facilitating their purging from the GOP. We told him we’d stop his AFPAC IV event and we did it. Why? Because he phucked with the wrong guy. Nick will continue to dissipate. But, his events will provide a wealth of humorous moments like this recent failure. God bless Black Detroit Superman.

    • Spoken like a true antifa. Don’t you just hate it when people exercise their first amendment right to peacefully assemble? Iron sharpens iron, or is it the Hegelian dialectic? Imperfect people getting together to trade ideas, giving social queues, figuring out which ideas are good and which are bad – but you would rather that they stay home, isolated, playing video games and masturbating to anime.

      I don’t know all the details of what these groypers have been up to, but getting together because it helps weed out those who can only be keyboard warriors, like we have here.

      • They are fake and gay. Their online marketing efforts originally worked to bring attention. But, Nick sucked up all the oxygen for his own self aggrandizement, which included falsely taking credit for almost all the original groyper efforts. His collection of the actual content creators and researchers and organizing them under recommendation of older more experienced hands was a good start. Its originally helped  expand our messaging. We didn’t believe or support some of the messaging, but we aren’t ideological purists so it was all good.

        But Nick proved he was a bad actor as many of the original groyper thinkers, promoters, researchers, and organizers started leaving under traumatized conditions. Over time, the same stories of trauma and fear continued to leak out. This twisted activity continued to the point where the entire groyper movement either was eliminated if they didn’t join Nick’s organization, or joined up to became Nick’s subordinates. It subsequently descended into this ridiculous clown show that only brings infamy and disgrace to the movement.

        Worse, it became apparent that Nick had at his disposal what were obvious antifa activists. They conducted hateful and abusive tactics against Nick’s allies and supporters who wouldn’t bow down to his authority. These operators were perverts, trannies, known lefties, and informers. Worse, he proved to sabotage every single grass root initiative launched in alliance with him.

        Nick at this point is a proven saboteur of the Right. He’s destroyed international alliances and organizations, honey potted followers for kompromat, and forced even his most loyal followers in his inner circle to leave except those who are insane. In turn, the content has fallen and after more than several years of Sturm N Drang has literally, LITERALLY, not done anything of permanence, nor evolved into a larger national organization. AFPAC, remains Nick’s child playroom of leftwing comedic horror.

        Its Nick who is Antifa.

        This event in Detroit was planned by Nick years ago. One of our team members was close enough to Nick to personally discuss the event back then with him. Nick’s plan was to lie about the event and sell more tickets than the event could handle and take money as donation to America First PAC. He was advised against this and advised to use a different strategy.

        When this event occurred, and knowing the backstory, as well as Nick’s past fraudulent event activity, all it took to find out if he was doing it again was to find out the contract details. Thanks to a source in his network, we obtained the contract. A simple phone call exposing the contract as fraudulently obtained was enough to get it cancelled.

        Thats not canceling free speech, its canceling a fraud and criminal saboteur within the movement. We won’t stop until the his whole operation is rolled up and his handlers are eliminated. The later will make even bigger news. We are simply apprehensive about how demoralizing it might prove so we might not expose it. But, regardless, him, his handlers, the command he works under will be terminated. The situation is best understood here. The order has been given. The boats are long up the river.

    • So…Aryan Globalist Bro, who do u represent to destroy Nick’s event ? I mean I’m not a
      Nicka Phile, however he does have many good pts.

  4. My criticisms are simple here; why would Nick Fuentes & Co. have a confab in Detroit of all places – it’s in enemy territory. That said I do believe they have a breach of contract with the venue provider – but I do smell Jewish pressure behind all this (who else ?).

      • And both conferences were in Detroit because Michigan is a crucial swing state in this election.

        Michigan is where the “Abandon Biden” movement started, and it is also where the “Uncommitted” vote in the Democratic primary happened first and got the largest percentage of the vote.

        Our goal should be to pressure Trump to embrace an America First foreign policy, and Michigan will be key to this effort.

  5. ” uncommitted to voting for Trump until Trump makes the commitment that he will not go to war with Iran”

    Who the hell would want the endorsement of some twerp that wants America to be a Catholic monarchy ?

    • @United States of AIPAC.

      “Who the hell would want the endorsement of some twerp that wants America to be a Catholic monarchy?”

      Nick Fuentes literally wants to establish a Catholic monarchy and a Catholic Inquisition. So your question is outstanding.

      Having to ask this question because so many White identitarians have fallen for Nick’s Papist Pide Piper movement is why I’ve soured on so much of the White Identity movement. Indeed, long ago I started questioning directly Jared Taylor, on his incessant rhetoric about White American identity given the long history of Americans fighting against the Ethnic White Catholic filth that ruined the North East. Unlike Jared, I saw a vulnerability with White Identitarianism being hijacked by Papist insterests.

      Nick Fuentes, literally is attempting to do this to the White Identity movement in furtherance of his objective of establishing a Catholic dictatorship complete with an Inquisition. He has not only stated it publicly in both his conventions and cosy shows, but according to multiple sources has told them individually that is what he wants. He even wants to lower age of consent to Latino Catholic levels along with istituting other Latino Catholic cultural folkways. Its also why Nick has been apprehensive about moving into the majority Protestant South and is continually working with his Papist masters to insert and preplace friendly personages in the Republican South in preparation for Nick’s tour in the region heralding Catholic take over of the South.

      Of course the little Papist faggot is lowering the volume on this fanaticism as he hopes credulous Southerners like Hunter, will greet the Protestant burning Jesuit fanatic with open arms. So far, Southern Republicans who are less White identitarian than people like Hunter, have mostly gate kept Nick from out of the South. Thank heavens! We’ve also been battling his agents and fellow travellers and stopping his initiatives like the recent ones in Texas and Arizona. So, he is having a hard time of it.

      Still, one has to wonder what kind of White Southerner would willingly ignore Nick’s desire to establish an unAmerican religion across the country simply because he is popular amongst gay leaning White ethnic incels? Answer: Basically people who have been so demoralized and brain damaged defending White interests, they’d willingly follow “Baby Hitler” just to own “Duh Jews” or “Duh Dems” even if it meant being burned at the stake as Protestant heretics.

      Jared Taylor (Protestant Virginian) and David Duke (Protestant Louisianan) appear to be such folk having declared collaboration with the little faggot. David Duke declared so publicly on Friday, but he has drunk his poison for so long he was done long ago. I have hope this recent clown show in Detroit AFPAC IV (Which I am glad to say we helped destroy) will wake Uncle Jared the phuck up.

      • Aryan Globalist Bro, the rise of Catholic arrogance in right wing circles is getting out of hand. This country has historically been mostly Protestant. If Catholics are trying to takeover America, it isn’t going to get very far as a movement. This is the wrong country for that.

        This Southern Baptist story about women preachers that has been in the news was terribly reported just to purposely create division. An overwhelming nearly two thirds of votes at the SB Convention voted to ban women from becoming pastors. But it narrowly missed the 70% mark needed to be written in the Constitution. This was largely because measures are already in place to ban women preachers anyways. Yet the headlines keep repeating that “ Southern Baptists now accept women preachers” and that isn’t the case at all. As a result, I see all these Catholics online shaking their fingers at Baptists.

        Sure, certain Protestant denominations in America have allowed things that aren’t Biblical and have gotten liberal, but there are also plenty of liberal Catholic Churches in America that have broken away from the official Roman Catholic Church. Also, white Protestants are usually less likely than white Catholics to vote for Democrats. When you observe white Evangelicals in particular, the margin is even larger.

        I really don’t like getting into these types of battles, but the arrogance from Catholics on the Right is pushing me in this direction. Also, if you look at the parts of the country with the highest church attendance, they tend to be Protestant areas.

  6. Dissident Right should focus on two important issues in addition to the other issues already discussed.

    1.) Nick Fuentes is right; no war with Iran needs to be repeated to make the public aware of this huge danger.

    2.) No conscription, draft, national service etc. Just as Trump, Biden, GWB II, Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, John Bolton and the rest of the war mongers avoided service in Vietnam so too should everyone else avoid conscription.

    The public needs these two things to be repeated constantly to make people aware of them. Only the ruling class wants war and conscription, the public wants neither. Unfortunately, a promise from either Dementia Joe or Trump would be worthless anyway but especially so since neither one will run for reelection after this dog and pony show ends Nov. 5th.

  7. Why vote for anyone…They’re all either Zionists, crypto-Jews or a corruption of The Synagogue of Satan…Believe nothing about government, not even another nations…They’re all one…

  8. 500 America First patriots marched a 2 mile circuit through Detroit, then held an outdoor rally across the street from TPUSA right after Trump’s speech.

    The message was simple and has broad appeal: America First, Christ is King, and, as a logical corollary, Free Palestine.

    Everyone was well dressed and, for the most part, well behaved.

    The reaction from the local residents, TPUSA attendees and police was positive.

    The America First leadership team did a good job reacting to a crisis and, as Hunter says, turning lemons into lemonade.

    Lessons learned:
    Always bring signs. You never know when a conference could get cancelled and turn into a march or rally instead. One man was wearing a Free Palestine t-shirt and carrying a copy of “The Israel Lobby”. Otherwise there were no visual cues to help onlookers understand the message.
    Send your people to attend crucial TPUSA speeches. 2000 Groypers cheering every time a mainstream speaker says anything based, but crickets every time they say “Israel is our greatest ally”, sets the mood for the entire movement.

  9. “JUST IN: White House Holds Press Briefing As Biden Considers Protections For Undocumented Immigrants”

    (The Niggerazation of America continues apace)

    • Why is the navy on the other side of the world ?
      Why aren’t they guarding our coasts and interdicting the drugs that are ruining young people’s lives ?

      Put them to work in customs!

      I’m sick of Uncle Samberg being the global bully.

  10. “Biden readying to block deportations for migrants who have lived in US 10+ years”
    (this a MUCH WATCH VIDEO, my opinion)

    • A darker point to this mass importation of pseudo slaves.

      The will take entry level jobs at super low wages forcing young WHITES to join the military in order to get medical care and training.

      Not even mentioning how they drive down wages and increase living costs.

      Try finding affordable housing in an area with jobs.

  11. Meanwhile …
    “Automatic Registration For The Draft -For Women Too! (don’t worry Jews will be exempt)”

    • They’ve been slaughtering and ruining the lives of our very best generation after generation.

      I don’t think anyone can measure the terrible dysgenics of these generational cullings. Not even counting those ruined by disruption.

    • Thanks for posting this. All part of the NDAA, passed with much help from the Gay Old Pedoburo led by Mikey Johnson. They’re prepping to draft a bunch of cannon-fodder. Hopefully young whites will refuse en masse. Better to do time in a federal gulag. The empire must be destroyed, along with all who support it. Even an Islamic state (which is no picnic) is preferable to Globo-Pedo.

  12. Since the Gay Grand Inquisitor is almost certainly working for the usual suspects, I’m a tad surprised that his Detroilet event was cancelled. Señorita Fuentes was amongst the crowd that strolled through the biggest little ho-house in Clown-World on 1-6-21 but miraculously remains free as a bird.

    While Ash-can Nazi Globalist Bro and I do agree mostly about the above clown, I see he goes on with his retardery about starting a war halfway around the world as the old USA continues to be openly invaded. Perhaps sending today’s woke military to be destroyed would be what it takes to awaken the stupefied whites in this God-forsaken excuse of a country, but I rather doubt it would have that effect. It would bring the Empire of Lies closer to its fully-deserved destruction though so we might even kind of agree there – albeit for entirely different reasons.

    I’ll be quite amused to see if the congress of 535-plus gathered whores give Kang Satanyahoo even more applause on July 24 than during his previous visits. It will be amusing, that’s for sure. Perhaps Kang Cyrus and Prince Jared will be there – assuming Cyrus isn’t cooling his heels in his pal Jeffrey Epstein’s old cell…. As for the retarded ventriloquist dummy Joey Shitpants, expect Guv. ‘Greathair’ Newscum to be substituted by the overlords. Even some of the Dhimmicrat faithful retards are starting to notice he’s out to lunch now.

    • “Señorita Fuentes …… miraculously remains free as a bird.”

      That sorry little Judas goat.

      • “Señorita Fuentes …… miraculously remains free as a bird.” Lol. That’s a whole nother can of worms with interesting threads. If douchebags like this are to be the leaders I would say anarchy is much more preferable.

    • “I’ll be quite amused to see if the congress of 535-plus gathered whores give Kang Satanyahoo even more applause on July 24 than during his previous visits” My 94 year old grandmother even notices that one of kings of hell, netandyahoo, receives more applause than any of our own puppets in chief.

  13. “Nick Fuentes & Co. made lemonade out of lemons in Detroit.” Did he? I’ve never of this shit and I don’t care. He really doesen’t come off as a con artist like Candace Owens, or the patriotism is not risky now, Tucker Carlson?

  14. The nigger wearing a cape at least wasn’t saying “we wuz kangz.” He’s cheered for the same reason a crowd cheers for a precocious child or a court jester.

    As for the Catholic question – Julius Evola was right, like Francis Schaefer, – the Renaissance and Reformation started the downfall of Christendom. Don’t like the church? Just join a new one. One Catholic church and no other options meant excommunication was a big deal, now it is meaningless.

      • Gay Capped Nigger Cape man isn’t a kid. He is a fully grown man, if I recall, in his early 30s. He flies around doing little events, being the cool Black token for Nick. Like most Nick’s “captains” I am not sure he is a heterosexual.

        He was in Arizona a few months back ginning up some disruption by groypers on a gay black dude. So he might not be gay. I dont know.

        But I do know he was in Texas. He was back east somewhere too. He is in alot places just like the paid demonstrator he is.

        The difference between him and the usual paid demonstrator? He’s larping at being Nick’s Candace Owen but saying things like “I fucking love Hitler!”

        Really? This is Nick’s claim to fame after eight years of pushing the America First movement, complete with a PAC, he’s still just saying edgy things and virture signaling minor demonstrations.

        After all these years, and all the money, and all the content creators, and all the advice, Nick still doesn’t have a real national organization. He’s reduced to play acting.

        Nick destroyed a number of content creators, gave the America First a bad name, made the American Nationalist name a joke to Europeans, and annihilated an entire college republican movement.

        According to sources in Virginia and Arizona he was the brains behind sabotaging the first public invite event for Jared Taylor in a decade. The sabotage failed though.

        Despite this, Jared was convinced by him and James Kirkpatric to attend Detroit and waste his time and be embarrassed. Good job James!

        A real Black America First guy is here. Articulate. Informed. A veteran. An organizer. But, he’s too real and not a faggot so, the powers that are behind this fake conservative nationalist stuff will likely ignore him. Compared to him, the Gay Caped Nigger Man seems pretty lame.

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