Abbeville Institute: Virginia First: The 1607 Project

This is excellent.

Among other places, I have written about this here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Far many too people on the Right believe in the neocon Proposition Nation myth which can be traced back to Lincoln and his hagiographers.


  1. Agreed. The American nation is real nation, not a prepositional nation, and idea that was actually first championed by across the country effectively only dirong and after JFK. Our nation is one with its own myth, and symbols, and above all, like all true nations, is a people united by common blood and religion (Anglo-Protestant), common culture (British colonial), common law (Anglo-Saxon), common language (English), and common history (American colonies onward). Everyone else is an adoptee to our country. Tragically, the adoptees and frankly interlopers have taken over and claim to tell us who we are as a nation.

    The most integral and assimilable of those adoptees are those post independence immigrants whose roots lay in common with the British colonial settlers namely England, Wales, Scotland, Highlands, Ireland, Ulster, French Huguenot, Netherland, North German, and too a lesser extent Scandinavians and South Germans. These were the original homelands of the colonists with the British (English, Scottish, and Irish) constituting 80% of the oroginal British American colonial population.

    It is true that first colony and its largest population and the one with most influence on American formation was the greater Virginian colony. That colony by Royal Charter from England, stretched from today’s South Carolina to Maine according to the original charter of the Virginia company. Its central homeland was present day Virginia. But there was a second chartered colonial company. Plymouth Company which stretched from present day Maryland and Deleware to Newfoundland. Its central homeland was present day New England.

    The founders of both companies were closely associated with the English queen Elizabeth, her court, her courtiers, and her adventurers as well as financiers and adventurers from London, the Western ports and the West country. They were primarily country gentlemen and townsmen either associated with the court or the West country or both.

    The Virginia company was originally successful by 1608. The Plymouth company failed by then and its colonists returned home or moved to Jamestown. However, the Puritans managed to take over the Plymouth colonial enterprise some 13 years later. They were closely associated with the predominantly low Anglican English Establishment and were primarily townsmen and merchants from Eastern England. Due to the necessity of law and policy, they required a new addendum to the charter which created the New England council and was limited to an area north of present day Virginia.

    The disputes over where this divisional line lay in the land went on for decades. What Abbeville fails to mention is why this was important. Because it delineated how profits in real estate, commodities, and trade would be distributed and how title in real property would pass. To whom these profits were distributed in England reveals the origin of the cultiral differences between the elite of the two companies’ colonies in America. One was more country gentry and Anglican and one more town and burgousie and Puritan. One was Southern. One was Northern.

    The dispute on the line in the map was finally settled by two men, jointly appointed by the companies to survey the line. What they marked noted the differences between the the Virginia Company and its subsequent ventures and that of Plymouth company. That line was the Mason-Dixon line, with Mr. Mason representing the Northern Plymouth Company and New England Council interests and Mr. Dixon representing
    the Virginia company interests. This was the origin of the difference between North and South, the infamous Mason-Dixon Line.

    In the propositional and shallow history propagated by our mostly alien and stupid elite, this past history let alone the nation itself is not just ignored its not understood. Over time the Virginia company’s interests, and later its heir, the Virginia Colony, had the larger geographic, economic, and demographic share of the country. But the New England share of the influence was strong and the Mason-Dixon line dispute became the cause for which their influence became predominant after the Civil War. Regardless, both were British, specifically WASP in origin.

    I disagree with some details on this Abbeville episode, but they are too deep to be said here. I agree with the essence of the episode regarding its clear British, especially English, and West country roots. Our country has grown, and adopted some new elements. But, at its core, are these colonial settlers, who merged into the larger British American project before seceding from the Empire. We Americans know who we are and recognize one another. The rest of you are just visiting. Note: its tragic guys like this didn’t stay in dominate in a certain part of the government. Now its full of rif raf and women. Some of whom I am sure are good people.

      • That would be a particularly frosty day in hell to be sure. Still, one must always admit that Satan’s spawn could not have accomplished this all by themselves. Many goyische hands were there to help them mount the Cathedra itself. It’s always the ones who want the mammon, fame or whatever temporary material gain more than salvation itself. Talk about inversion. They’ve elevated the literal spawn of Satan held up as the ultimate exemplars of morality for the entire planet. Some folks overseas aren’t buying it any more after seeing what’s happened in Gaza.

    • Oh—and doubtless, Americans of British stock were amply represented among those who presented that movie, The Good Shepherd, to the American public, Aryan Globalist Bro.

      Even when Hollywood pretends to be supportive of America’s British stock, it is undermining it. If, say, more than about one-tenth of one percent of America’s Brit-descendants were acute enough to recognize that, the Aryan wouldn’t be on the path to extinction.

      • Well, I think its a far larger percentage of that Native American nation that recognizes what is going on than what you say. Its just they don’t have a voice and the political game is highly rigged. There was a time when they had a clearer understanding of National awareness and self interest and a voice. That has been reduced slowly over time, especially since the 1960s. But the proximate cause of this development started much earlier and that is where we need to discuss the origins of our predicament.

        How we got here amd how that Native American Nation was unable to change the direction is a cause of much discussion. But not enough in today’s world which remains focused on silly tribal interests of Ellis Islanders, and commercial interests of vacuous PMC America. This episode by Abbeville is an example of how we restart the conversation. Certainly, you all know I say it was more than just “Duh, Jews.”

        All individuals, communities, ethnicities, nations, races, etc have agency, to varying degrees. So did the Native Americans e.g. the British Colonial Americans which started the country. Its our development which allowed later immigrants to sail safely down a river made by our sweat, blood, and tears. My family has passed down lore of massacres, explorations, feuds, wsrs, plantings, and settlements that stretch back to the Atlantic seaboard centuries before the Ellis Island immigrants even arrived. Given that as an example, how and why did the Native Americans become displaced from controlling their own country?

        Our peoples historical foibles and petty differences became the crux of much larger issues we all deal with to this day as a country. So, accept confidently, that amongst us, we have pretty much decided its the Yankee part of the family that is to blame for most of our present predicament. It was they who brought in the cheap labor of Judeo-Catholics during the first great wave, solely as a means of commercially overpowering their Southern cousins. Their greed was such they even sold out their own working and middle class Yankee communities.

        This Yankee ethnicity is mostly gone now except at the top of the country. Those are the ones that continue and have always been a problem. So to be fair, most Yankee working and middle class resisted those mistakes. But just like today, they were getting betrayed by their own betters. For all Bill the Butcher’s desire to stop the Catholic take over of New York City, who was being portrayed by a fellow Yankee Protestant, Tweed of Tammany Hall.

        The Civil War and the effect it had on obliterating the Southern half of the old ruling class, wounding its cousins up North, dividing the country, and creating a new ruling class of Robber Baron, made it difficult for the Republic to defend itself against foreign interests. Yes, the Civil War is really the origin for our current problems, it really made it easier for our enemies to restart their campaign to conquer the North American continent. My aim is to reawaken the Native American nation to their role in this and how its still possible to fight back.

        • The flourishing of the Aryan will not be a result of his “fighting back,” Aryan Globalist Bro. It will not be a matter of goals or values. It will be a matter of habits—of what one avoids. Resentment, defensiveness, lack of capacity for city life: those are what are conspicuous in that video you linked at the end of your post. Every one of those traits is self-defeating, something whose manifestation in speech is to be avoided. The snarl of the narrator can’t change that.

          From what I have seen here, across years, at Occidental Dissent, I would say those traits are essential aspects of the Southern character, so I don’t share your view that the Aryan’s hope lies in the South. If, across the nearly one-and-two-thirds of a century since the Civil War, Southerners had contributed even one-tenth of one percent to the development of the telecommunication, the electronics, the drones, the GPS etc. that enable you to gripe here about the Yankee and that enabled the creation and publication of that video, your view might be worth at least a moment’s consideration. It is worth nothing. No hope for the Aryan lies with the Southerner, who, as I’ve said more than once here, at Occidental Dissent, is not part of Western Civilization. Our excellent host, Mr. Wallace, knows that that is my view.

    • Hey, Aryan Globalist Bro:

      There’s no squabble like a family squabble. Who else but two sects of WASPS could be so hateful to each other?

      I remember reading a funny synopsis of Scandinavia by this witty woman who came from a “mixed marriage” between a Dane and a Norwegian. When I asked her wasn’t that a little bit like mixing Kraft with Hellmann’s, her response was that “we are very much alike but very different, too.” Sher further went on to say that both of her grandparents were relieved that neither child had married a Swede who both sides looked down on, but then the Finns were the snobbiest of the bunch.

      Correct me, if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the WBTS an echo effect or an extension of the English Civil War between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers? I always wondered how two such disparate groups could permanently unify rather than set up a temporary alliance against Great Britain and form their own countries.

  2. “Americanism”” is expanded Anglo-Saxonism. It is the spirit of England, transplanted to a soil of vast extent and diversity, and nourished for a time under pioneer conditions calculated to increase its democratic aspects without impairing its fundamental virtues. It is the spirit of truth, honour, justice, morality, moderation, individualism, conservative liberty, magnanimity, toleration, enterprise, industriousness, and progress—which is England—plus the element of equality and opportunity caused by pioneer settlement. It is the expression of the world’s highest race under the most favourable social, political, and geographical conditions. Those who endeavour to belittle the importance of our British ancestry, are invited to consider the other nations of this continent. All these are equally ““American”” in every particular, differing only in race-stock and heritage; yet of them all, none save British Canada will even bear comparison with us. We are great because we are a part of the great Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere; a section detached only after a century and a half of heavy colonisation and English rule, which gave to our land the ineradicable stamp of British civilisation.”
    – H. P. Lovecraft

  3. Watching the video, there is a lot (I mean, a LOT!) of Yankee animus from the script. The concept of ‘husbandman’ of the Earth, goes back to Eden. And there, we don’t see a lot of ‘hug a tree’ nonsense, but the command “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden TO TILL IT AND KEEP IT.” – Gen. 2:15

    This is EXACTLY what the New Englanders did. The justification for the unhealthy sugar-laden Southern diet (corn, corn syrup, corn meal, peanuts (with their multiple fungi) ‘sweet’ tea (utterly gagging!) lots of sauce-laced poor cuts of meat (BBQ) with more SUGAR, and all the rest, was contrasted with the image of Johnny Appleseed, crop management, establishment of nurseries, healthy eating (even EGW had some good to say!) etc. were concentrated in the North, while all the south gave us, was cancer-causing tobacco, and ‘greens’?!,-Robert%20Prince%20opens&text=Known%20as%20the%20Linnaean%20Nursery,between%20Europe%20and%20North%20America.

    Can we dismiss the 3/5ths as valid citizenry, as WELL as the ANTI-Yankee animus, at least until the WBTS, when we talk about each other? Having lived in both areas, I appreciate the gentility and graciousness of the South, but I sure like my mechanized availability of fresh fruit and veg at the Northern [Wegmans, Kroger] chain dept. store – even Wallyworld now has better ORGANIC produce! Just sayin’

    • Fr John, I understand your sentiments. I am not done with the video and am honestly fascinated with the history of all the original Founding settlers whether they were in New England or Virginia. I don’t see anything wrong with pointing out differences between the two though.

      In regards to Southern pride in this movement, I notice how 90% if not more of the proud Southerners in our movement have stayed put in the South. On the other hand, I notice a lot of Northerners in the movement move down here and either complain about the South ( the Zionism down here or the “ unhealthy food”) or they complain about our pride.

      I am not picking at you, but this is just a pattern I notice a lot in our circles that warrants an explanation.

      • I’ve always wondered that myself. We stay in the South and have pride in the South. Many northerners leave, come down here, then tend to complain. Not trying to start a North/South argument as there are plenty of copperheads up there that agree with our side, but I too have been curious about why they tend to leave more so than Southerners.

        • Rusty, this might sound harsh, but I really think white people in this country who aren’t Southerners , are jealous that we still have a cohesive culture down here and that most of us are descended from the Founders still. The North doesn’t really have that. They have a lot of diversity from waves of immigration.

          A lot of them move here and lecture us about being close minded to outsiders and how we need to be like the rest of the country. We don’t have to be like the rest of the country….we should have been allowed to break away the first time and have been occupied ever since. They are obviously jealous of what we have, so they want it taken away from us by moving here in droves and diluting us.

          I hate saying this, but I notice that attitude from Northerners in the movement too. They call any idea of a Southern ethnostate “ divisive “. It really disgusts me. They obviously move here because they like what we have here but they don’t think our people and culture should be preserved? It really doesn’t make sense.

          After a certain point, it really isn’t our problem that whites in other parts of the country can’t make their own homes nice. What is so bad about being a Scandinavian or a German from the Midwest? Be proud of it. Stay up there and maintain your home. Or what is so bad about being a Catholic from the Northeast? Stay there and relish in it and make your own home nice. Don’t move down here, change us, and then get upset when we don’t like it.

          • Well said Courtney. I couldn’t agree more. The South is the last bastion of a culture and heritage that this empire is so desperately trying to eradicate. The reason many of these northerners have these thoughts about us is 1) the yankee empire has indoctrinated the people of this “country” for generations and 2) it’s hard for other sections of this “country” to understand what we have down here and that our roots run deep. We pride ourselves on directly descending from brave men that fought against the tyranny and oppression we live in today. The empire knows that “we” still exist here in numbers that could one day spoil their plans, although to your point, we are being diluted by the passing day. I long for a free and independent Dixie and one day finishing what our ancestors started back in December 1860 here in the seat of secession.

          • Absolutely the South should have been allowed to go its own way. The North and South were quite obviously different nations with different founding stock. Lincoln killed the Republic, along with hundreds of thousands of good people, and was the first American Emperor, and Empires SUCK.

          • Rusty< WHAT SOUTHERN CULTURE? I don't consider C/W music, and faux performers from 'Rich men from Richmond' on up the ladder to some glitz and glitter pretty boy from Nashville, who spends $250. to learn that 'twang' he only uses when he's singing his 'country' songs, valid. NOR do I enjoy the raping of the environment by ATV idiots driving around the mountains in our area, as recreation. And let's not get into MONSTER TRUCK RALLIES. The South that Once was chronicled in movies like "Tender Mercies," "Sweet Home, Alabama" and "Forrest Gump" are ALL of them JEWISH FANTASIES.

            Your "old-time religion" white clapboard Church is dying; either because of some IDOLATROUS WORSHIP OF JEWISH SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY…, while on the other hand, you have some cultic ROCK CONCERT AMORAL Yap and Clap, that PRETENDS to be 'Xtianity.'- Truth is- IT'S NEITHER MUSIC, OR CHRISTIANITY!

            Sorry to be blunt, but sir- we ALL are having our CULTURE GENOCIDED, ONE TRANNY STORY HOUR AT A TIME. And We ALL need to stand together as WHITES, being overtly racially aware, as our first step.

          • As a Midwesterner, I wholeheartedly endorse the South going its own way.

            IMHO, the South is the equivalent of Poland post-USSR. It is far behind in every metric, sans obesity and love of sportsball to the rest of the West.

            For the record, no one I have ever met in the DR from north of the Mason-Dixon Line was jealous of supposed “Southern cohesion.” As a matter of fact, no one in the DR pays much attention to the South, except in regard to their philosemitism, and as janissaries of the Unified Sephardim and Ashkenazim (USA) war machine.

            Occasional OD commenter and Southerner James Owens whom I respect understands our divide to be one of temperament and cultural experiences both from Europe and North America.

        • Whether Northerners are moving to the South more than Southerners are moving to the North, I don’t know, Rusty; but if they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a simple explanation, air conditioning, invented—I shall be blunt—by a Northerner, an engineering graduate of one of the great Northern schools.

          See Carrier probably did as much for the South postbellum as that other Northerner, Eli Whitney, did for it antebellum. They are a tremendous people, the Brit-Northerners—or what’s left of them. The South has always been dependent on their genius.

          PS If, as you say, Northerners who’ve moved to the South tend to complain about the South, well, I’d say that’s bad manners on their part.

          • John Bonnacorsi, after reading your three posts here, I am curious about your overall stance. In your first post you said hardly any British Americans were doing enough to fight back and that if the Aryan race falls it will be our fault. Then in these next two posts it sounds like you admire the industriousness and inventiveness of British people in the North but look down on British people in the South. Do you have a low opinion of British Americans overall for being brainwashed but have an even lower opinion of Southerners as opposed to Northerners when examining British Americans overall in this country? I am curious. Just asking.

          • Well, I think you’ve understood me, Courtney, even if you had to wind your way through my three posts before what I was saying was clear to you. I guess, yes, I admire everything about Brit-Americans except their inability to master the politics of their self-perpetuation. Such a great people, allowing themselves to be destroyed.

            As to North and South, well, it always comes down to slavery. After a few minutes, I’m afraid, I lost interest in the Abbeville Institute video that Mr. Wallace has posted here. It seemed to me more of the same old diehard Confederate argumentation, whose subtext is always The South was Right—Slavery was No Big Deal. Well—I don’t think the South was right; and at this point in the history of Western Civilization, the view that the race-based slavery that was practiced there was unobjectionable does not prevail anywhere outside the South itself. Indeed, it is anathema everywhere outside the South. That is why a Southern Nationalist can’t be like a British Nationalist, a Polish Nationalist, an Irish Nationalist, or what have you.

            There will be no eliminating the divide over that subject. Recently, there was the video in which Jared Taylor talked about the good old days of reconciliation, when a figure like Teddy Roosevelt could laud the character of Robert E. Lee. Let us be serious: Was any Southerner in that period of supposed reconciliation lauding William Lloyd Garrison? There’s a statue of Garrison, I believe, in his hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Has any member of the League of the South placed a wreath there—in the spirit of reconciliation? I doubt it.

            So, on that one point, of North and South, I would modify the wording you’ve presented: I don’t have a low opinion of Southerners. They are part of that great breed, the British stock that, in America, initiated a whole new phase of history; but their peculiarities of character placed them—early on and, it seems, permanently—outside the Western world.

            That, I feel compelled to add, doesn’t mean I am without fondness for the Southerners who, here, at Occidental Dissent, are very decent to me and whose observations on many subjects I find very interesting.

      • Agreed. I cam here willingly for work, admittedly, but had no preconceived notions, as I wasn’t raised in the Protestant milieu, but was raised Catholic. Scots-Irish, to be frank. When the job ended, WE stayed. Wife and I like much of the ‘South,’ and find our Lake Woebegon former neighbors, cold, condescending, and crafty. (Sort of like NY Jews!- lol) So, coming here, I thought I would find my ‘countrymen,’ but I’m HIGHLAND Scot and SOUTHERN Irish, not Low-Country/Ulster S/I. Completely different, and frankly lazy, bumpkinish people.

        So, take your criticisms honestly, as I have taken mine. We both have to fight the Antichrists.

        • Agreed. We all must fight the antichrists and the Bible clearly and plainly tells us who they are. You initially began and continued to bash the South so I felt compelled to step in. Admittedly, I don’t like to get into these threads very much because it becomes a pissing contest on who can sound the most intellectual. I don’t get my rocks off on trying to sound smart in a message thread. We have a great culture, a strong culture, that is always under attack. Why is that Fr. John? I don’t see the New England culture under constant attack. It’s because they are afraid of us more so than any other region. Why? Because of our history of standing up and fighting against tyranny. End of the day, we all know who we are fighting and yes we must come together, but I’m not going to sit and listen to the South be bashed by a yankee who now of all things, chooses to live here while disparaging us and our land. I would never move for work. Have turned down multiple opportunities. We are different in that aspect. I am proud of my home, the South. Apparently northerners are not. We are not lazy, it’s called knowing how to relax. There are plenty of us awake here in the South and we are not all tied to the judeo Christian teachings. That generation is dying off. Don’t get me started on Catholicism. It is extremely flawed and that is being VERY polite.

          • @Rusty Wade,

            How many Anglo-jewish wars have your anti-Catholic kin fought and died in over the last 100+ years? How much Germanic and Italian blood do they have in their hands doing so?

            How many Europeans in USA have been murdered, raped, or maimed physically and/or mentally because Southern and jewish slavers brought Sub-Saharan African chattel slavery to this nation?

            I am an agnostic raise as an old timey Episcopalian, and I hope you understand that those “papists” that Southerners so despise had their churches undermined by the same jews, same as those that conspired with Cyrus Scofield to infect your Southern Protestantism with philosemitism and zionism.

    • “justification for the unhealthy …..Southern diet ”

      Keep in mind, the South was very poor after the civil war, for generations.

  4. Fr. John, Southerners up to 1860 ate better than the yankees. Our fathers ate meat daily. Many ate meat at every meal, four times a day. Most of the rest was fruits or veggies. The average Confederate soldier was 5’7″ tall and weighed 120 pounds.

    Of course in 1861 the yankees like a hoarde of heathen Amalakites came down and wrecked things. But we still ate better than yankees up till the 1950’s, when the scum yankee regime wrecked the South completely during the second Reconstruction.

    The SAD (Standard American Diet) is entirely a yankee abomination forced on us, beginning with Roosevelt.

    Your two “supermarkets”, one a Papist owned cesspool and the other a Jewish owned cesspool, are not a good way to go. Local sources are much better. In the North, non yankee sources like Amish or Mennonite farms are a good choice. Good meat and Raw Milk.

    We will secede from you soon, so it is almost over. The South will become an Empire of smallholders, every man sitting under his vine and his fig tree.

    • Rangewolf- And again. YOU NAME OUR COMMON OPPRESSOR, and don’t have a concrete plan for RECONQUISTA… while you think you are righteous, while disparaging ME- and the Christian Culture I am trying to uphold, INSTEAD of working TOGETHER TO CREATE OUR OWN INDIGENOUS WHITE CULTURE, formerly known NOT as ‘The South,’ but as Christendom.

      Do you really want to go there, WHILE REMAINING IN YOUR SMUG SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS? Sorry, that’s contrary to the Gospel which I was ordained to preach. And you WON’T be able to secede, without ALL WHITES JOINING TOGETHER, as Catholic Sam Francis put it so succinctly: “What we as Whites must do is reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as Whites.”- Sam Francis

      “Am I become your enemy because I tell you the Truth?”- St. Paul

      • Fr. John, you are repeating the same things I see other Northerners in the movement repeat that are hard for me to understand. You despise Southern culture but don’t want to let us break away and go our own way. And how does wanting to preserve Southern culture impede other whites in America from preserving their own cultures that they think are better than Southern culture? We can preserve our regional differences and still support each other as whites.

        I am not picking on you, but I see this attitude from Northerners in our movement and it doesn’t make any sense to me. Why are other white people in America so threatened by Southerners being proud and preserving their culture? Northerners within our movement should understand where we are coming from but they don’t. It makes little sense to me.

        And as a side note, the Southern culture you mentioned from the movies is still alive and well corresponding with the respective time periods depicted. ( Forrest Gump was accurate for 1950s to 1980s Alabama…… Sweet Home Alabama for present day Alabama …… Fried Green Tomatoes for 1920s to 1930s Alabama etc…..).

        • @ Courtney: I have chosen to reply to you since you are, I trust from the South and differences our can be explained amiably.
          I could not listen to the whole video provided . But assume the reiteration has only one thought.
          Words and language,the enemy or adversary first appropriates . The word idea here can be interpreted as idol. Ideology is an idolatry. The adversary ,a liar was here from the beginning. I suspect he was the spirit that, conceived the constitution, a written central law.
          My family at the time was from Virginia and the people did not want another central government. America they were lead to believe had certain freedoms from England, who were left to live or die under the principle of salutary neglect.They thrived in Virginia whether tobacco or peanuts ,molasses or Virginia ham. BUt this was culture.

          They presumed in the war a confederacy and after they were free from the British army were betrayed with a government the same as they had resisted.Until George Mason demanded an insurance policy with the specious name the Bill of Rights ssuggesting a counter revolution Virginia became the leading state and confident that the central power should remain small and temporary.
          Hegemony and arrogation of power subsequently would cause their resolve to secede.
          This ended the USA as a confederation.
          The idolatry is now clearly religious preference for old testament law and Virginia is today ruled by 7 counties and alien of all colour and creed It is an idol of plutocracy and materialism. Food and clothing and house are incomparable to its free founding generation.
          The south is more than Spanish moss and magnolia blossom. It is a Volk bound by the New Testament , that is yet to be restored. Get the feds out of Dixie.

  5. The “Proposition Nation” fraud really began with heavy immigration of The Usual Suspects after the Civil War. The juvenile Emma Lazarus poem (1881) on the Statue of Liberty was the retconning of the Statue of Liberty into the Statue of Immigration beginning the whole “Nation of Immigrants” bullshit. Poor Emma and her co-ethnics weren’t happy with their new home, even though it was the best place they had ever lived in, and proceeded to wreck it by destroying its moral and cultural foundations, a process nearly complete now.

    This was an academic fraud like Franz Boas’ “Cultural Relativism” (1899) meant to show that Christian moral codes were fundamentally another form of Western cultural imperialism. The primitives in Samoa, uncontaminated (so far) with western culture practiced ‘free love’ in their Eden, untainted by Christianity, and lived in harmony. This was according to Boas’ most famous pupil and acolyte, Margaret Mead, who actually lied in her writings (1928) about the people in Samoa. They had strict marital codes and lots of communal violence, which Margaret Mead claimed didn’t exist.

    The Franz Boas fraud in anthropology, fundamentally that nurture determines outcomes, nature (i.e. genetics) plays little if any part, came to dominate social policies in the U.S. This is fundamentally the idea that Man can be perfected: with the correct political/social programs managed, of course, by The Usual Suspects. Instead of The New Man of Socialism under Stalin’s boot we have destruction through diversity to bring about a perfected society, without Whites, of course.

    This is the impetus behind the anti-racism/anti-semitism projects aimed at Whites. Our social programming is faulty and must be corrected. White attitudes have everything to do with the (inherent) mis-behavior of both groups toward Whites and our civilization. Incompatible genetic make up, evidenced by the same destructive behavior over both time and place towards varied civilizations through the ages means nothing. What are you going to believe, your lying eyes or these fraudulent college professor types?

    • “proceeded to wreck it by destroying its moral and cultural foundations, ”

      They always do.

      “The Jews ruin the peasants”. Count Cassini…. Rus ambas to USA

    • ” Franz Boas fraud in anthropology, fundamentally that nurture determines outcomes, nature (i.e. genetics) plays little if any ”

      Genetic zoologist Dmitry Belyaev proved boas completely wrong.
      Behavior is genetic.

    • Yes, very true. It’s important that historical truth is presented to counter the vast ocean of lies generated by Satan’s spawn astride their Mighty Wurlitzer, the greatest and loudest lie-machine ever constructed. It’s a a baby-step but one that has to be taken in order for those under the thrall of the lie-machine to get de-programmed. Boas was a fraud as was his disciple Margaret Mead. Yet both are still praised by the Mighty Wurlitzer even now, along with Kinsey. The organ roars See that shit? It’s really GOLD! and the monkeys dance while the bankstas sweep up the gold.

  6. It’s right there in the 1790 naturalization act that Americans need to be White and of good character. But historical facts like these are ignored and lied about, like in the clips at the beginning of this video.

    The USA aka “Virginia” doesn’t exist anymore. Charlottesville and the Lee monument being painful reminders. Time to go scorched Earth on this utterly corrupt country and secede.

    • The Empire has to be weakened before anyone can escape the open-air gulag. Texas might have enough population with military experience to pull it off in the near term, if they actually have to stones to pull the trigger (figuratively and literally). Once they declared themselves independent, the first step would be to purge the state of all feds and fed-aligned groups by whatever means needed – e.g. suitcase or body bag. Once the first domino falls, others will soon follow.

      • If Texas did that, I think a core/column consisting of most of the other SE states, plus OK, MO, KS, NE, IA, and the northern central Western states could possibly follow.

  7. @Exalted Cyclops,

    Texas is only 42% or so White now. Although thankfully they are mostly British American, with the largest amount originating from the South, the fact remains there are substantial numbers of White ethnicities who aren’t aligned with Texas heritage. Throw in the numbers of British Americans who’ve been brainwashed, at best Texas is like 30% Native American Texas Patriot.

    If they tried to secede, all of the White ethnics and Lefties would revolt, join up with the Mexicans who are now almost as large as the Whites, join up with the Blacks, and the state would turn into one giant Alamo. The Texana might win, but with substantial death of women, children, and the old. I dont think woman like Lisa from the Alamo would be allowed to live, let alone leave. But, hell, maybe they could take everyone down with them. Dangerous gamble though. Not good odds.

    • Yep. The odds are indeed less than ideal. Even so, Texas is the only place where there is some serious consideration of the idea. Texas is kind of its own case historically as a fair number of those who fought the Mexican army of Santa Ana were Spanish colonials themselves who joined with the Anglos who migrated from Tennessee and other parts of the South. Texas counted Mexican descendants as “white” until 1930 or so. The odds go up once the empire is crippled, or better yet destroyed.

      • @Exalted Cyclops,

        Intermarriage between Tejanos and White Christian Texans has become so common that many pickup trucks in the Lone Star State have both Dale Earnhardt’s number 8, and Our Lady of Guadalupe decals on their rear windows or bumpers.

    • @ Cyclops , pessimistic , but I must agree. And not confined to Texas. People in the SOuth are obdurate and will not repent.

  8. “Intermarriage between Tejanos and White Christian Texans has become so common”

    This country is rapidly becoming another India, it’s devolving into a variegated sludge that will lead to an impoverished caste system.

    At this point and with the many mixings a caste system is inevitable.

  9. Hello, all. I think this 1608 Virginia Project makes a lot of sense. All I know is that, on neither side of my family, am I English, Anglo Saxon, or Protestant, but I know more about their history and practice more of their culture than I do either French or Polish Catholic.

    The latter side came here at the turn of the last century. The former started arriving after the Napoleonic Wars and one of the newer arrivals ended up being drafted on the Union side close to the end of the Civil War when the Confederates were hanging on by a thread because they were so poorly outfitted by then, they had to strip the Union dead because they were in rags.

    The reason I mention this is because my ancestor found himself on the wrong side after the smoke cleared, initially thought he had stumbled across another Union division until he saw their battle flag. He barely spoke any English, so they thought he was from Louisiana and he fought with them for several weeks until he could work his way back to the other side.

    But I digress, I do think that, if my family is anything to go by, a lot of White Catholics of Central, South, and East European stock are being gradually alienated by a Roman Catholic Church that is feeling increasingly foreign to them thanks to “Liberation Theology” and the number of Catholics entering the country who look and act nothing like them.

    More and more of them start by going to Non-Denominational Churches before they convert to other Protestant religions. Not to mention a lot of them eventually marry WASP Americans who exert a strong influence over their Catholic spouses who are already somewhat immersed in the WASP culture anyway.

    I also have to wonder if there will be a formal secession in the United States? Thanks to its increasingly hostile Anti-White agenda, our own American leadership is fostering the conditions for Whites to have a lot more “Southern” sympathies than they used to in the past.

    I remember reading a passage in Gone With The Wind where Margaret Mitchell mentioned Post WBTS Yankees who moved to the South and developed strong sympathies to the people there and ended up being more “Confederates” than the people who originally fought for The Glorious Cause.

    And though Northern propaganda about the North showing a united front against the South was and remains strong, there was a large “Copperhead” movement in the North that Lincoln and his cronies had to crush at the beginning of the conflict. Who knows how many of them lit out to the South after the war was over?

    So, with that analogy in mind, I already see where a lot of like-minded people born and raised outside the South have migrated there and, contrary to any fears and expectations, so far, they see to agree more strongly with the South.

    I am wondering if, thanks to the incompetence in The District of Corruption the United States has demonstrated whether or not we will see more of each state ignoring Washington and just doing its own thing?

    Especially when these Nitwits in Washington lose the petro-dollar as the World Currency and practically the whole damned world becomes part of BRICS (which I believe WILL happen)? They won’t be able to enforce squat if they can’t afford to pay their enforcers AND each state starts printing their own currency, etc.

    The leftists themselves opened that can of worms with their Sanctuary States, so there is no reason why those on the right cannot ignore Washington and gradually enforce their own laws about enforcing their borders, etc.

    • Clytemnestra,

      I am okay with small numbers of whites moving here who fully love the South better than where they came from. Unfortunately when people move here in large numbers, even if they agree with us, they still end up changing our region ( our accents etc…..).

      I feel the same about these Anglo Saxons saying they want to move to Russia. They will never fully be Russian even if they “ love Russia “. Small numbers can do it but not a mass exodus of people moving there.

      I feel the same way about large numbers of Northerners moving down here. I have been around a lot of them and quickly can tell they aren’t from here. And I have met very few unfortunately who love the South more than their home. Even a lot of the ones in our movement have to throw in snide comments about how “ we are too nice to blacks down here “ or “ we have too many fat people “ or we are too neocon”.

      But as I said before, ideology aside, only Southerners can keep the South fully Southern and then maybe very small numbers of outsiders who think like us and assimilate. During the Civil War it was different because the North was largely the same stock as us. Now it is vastly different from waves of immigration.

      If Northerners in the movement want to see the South preserved then they should respect these sentiments by people like myself. The few who truly love us and come down here shouldn’t be lecturing us about how we need to welcome more of their kin down here as well. This isn’t an attack against you but just from patterns I have seen over and over again.

      • Hey Courtney, me again.

        Wish I had seen your elegant and eloquent clarification before I posted my response. I don’t know if they still call it that, but I can see that you still have a DAMN YANKEES CLUB, only more obnoxious than ever, going on.

        You made an excellent point about the South being stand alone (before acquiring the DAMN YANKEES CLUB) in one race, one blood, one tongue, even the same accent … really like one big extended family.

        Even had TPTB had not changed the Immigration Laws to bring in more Non-Whites, the east coast with its White Catholic ethnics were already instituting the over-celebrated Melting Pot propaganda. So my mother’s people lived in the Polish section and only a couple of blocks away there was an Italian section. And another couple of blocks away, there was an Irish section. Both of my uncles married Irish women and four of six of my aunts married Italian men. One Aunt married a German and my mother married a man of French stock, but only because she met him where she worked in New York City.

        The upshot is that though we kept the recipes, none of us speak a word of Polish. My father’s side remained largely Franco-American, but I seriously doubt if many of them speak French anymore.

        There’s a unity to the South that can only come from a shared history and common culture … and yes, the whole Blood and Soil aspect that create hysterics among the Leftists.

        It wouldn’t be so bad for people like me if TPTB decided that the proposition nation no longer works for them nor do all the people who no longer thought of themselves as anything other than American. With my maternal grandparents and maternal aunts and uncles dead, I feel pretty rudderless as well as adrift without an anchor. Pretty much homeless.

        It’s like, if Europe did expel Non-Europeans and allow the European Diaspora to return, which country would I return “home” to? I imagine Southerners would have a home in England and could re-assimilate more easily, but which “Mother Land” would welcome me with not knowing a word of their language? It’s a conundrum, LOL.

        So I agree that yeah, I, at least, feel envious of Southerners as probably the last, authentic, original REAL historical American people and I totally respect that you don’t want that to change, because frankly, I don’t want that to happen either. It’s very disheartening to see the strip-malling and Disneyfication of areas all over the country.

        Thanks for sharing your perspectives with me so graciously.

  10. Hi, Courtney. My mother was from New Jersey and my father was from Ohio. When his business relocated our family to South Carolina, we heard a saying there that YANKEES come to the South to VISIT and DAMN YANKEES come to the South to STAY. There was even a DAMN YANKEES CLUB established there at the time, if I recall.

    Seriously, we ALL hate it when people invade your space and, to add insult to injury, want to rearrange the furniture, so to speak.

    On a half-serious note, we WOULD have been DAMN YANKEES, if we could. We fell in love with the South and its people with their beautiful accents. The more we explored the region and studied its history, having our eyes open to the Northern propaganda about TWBTS, the stronger the Southern sympathies we developed.

    In the proud Indo-Aryan tradition of extending hospitality, Southern Hospitality knows no equal. However, in taking advantage of the gracious of Southerners, people from inside and outside the South have forgotten that XENOS only extends to INVITED GUESTS, not INVADERS who deserve no special courtesies.

    I also believe that SOUTHERNERS need to stop being so thin-skinned when faced with (((MEDIA)) and (((HOLLYWEIRD))) propaganda against them. You have no reason to be defensive but very proud of your culture. I respectfully suggest adapting the “This is the way we do things here and we will not change a thing.” And if they persist, suggest that they might prefer to live somewhere else.

    The Southern way to shut the gripers down along the lines of my own when Non-Whites try to play the POC card. “I agree with you; White people are terrible. If I were you, I would move far, far away from us!” Crickets. Works every time.

    Northern Whites in the Rust Belt are too busy trying to survive to cop an attitude about the South and, I think, even as deluged as you are with Anti-Southern stereotyping, if you look at how Northern Whites are treated on shows based in the North like Law and Order, you would get the notion that all the poor Whites are stupid thugs and the rich Whites are arrogant and greedy, but they are all depraved criminal elements.

    So why do Northern refugees to the South freak out when they hear ethno-state. Maybe they think they will be expelled when they are exposed through their own Joisey accent? More likely, they think Civil War Part DUH and, like me, have no desire to draft Northern children to force Southerners to stay in the Union. If you think about it, the South has acquired a lot of bases, manufacturing and new infrastructure which makes it far more valuable than when it was an agrarian region that paid the country’s tariffs.

    I honestly think that establishing a de-facto Southern ethno-state would be easier than a de jure one and far easier than one might think. The leftists opened the door to that one with their sanctuary states and they are about to kick that sucker wide open after they finish destroying the petrodollar and the rest of the world, with their own strong ethno-national ties, join BRICS.

        • We need to cherish traditions and the people who originated them. I think a lot of the malevolence directed at Southerners is that they, in particular represent the original founding stock.

          I hate the hostility and the disrespect accorded the founding stock even from WNs. You’re like goldfish that don’t know they’re immersed in water. In our cases, many of us are immersed in a Judeo culture; thus the self-loathing and the hatred of the country’s founders.

          Newer is not better. Watching the brown invasion of our country, I have deeper sympathies for all the original Americans – the Know Nothings, they were called who desperately fought a losing battle to keep MY ancestors out. I am eternally grateful that they didn’t resort to violent expulsions.

          In any case, I would love to hear more about the backgrounds of the Southerners who frequent this board. My biggest regret is that Stonelifer (whose people came from Hatfield and McCoy Appalachia country) stopped visiting before he could go into more detail about his background.

          I can predict, pretty safely that, most Northern Anglo-Americans have probably, by now, married an ethnic White if not a spouse of a different color. J.D. Vance’s wife is a dot Indian.

          There are some remote enclaves filled with Whites like in Maine, but I suspect that’s because New Englanders are not nearly reknown as Southerners for their hospitality. They tend to be remote and wary until you prove to be a decent person and then and ONLY THEN do they warm up to you.

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