Axios: Supreme Court Rules Donald Trump Has Immunity For “Official Acts”

I’m happy for him.

  • Joe Biden choked on the national stage. The mainstream media has turned on him. The donor class has revolted. Half of Democratic voters want Biden to quit the race
  • Gretchen Whitmer reportedly said in private that Joe Biden is cooked in Michigan after the debate which, if true, would be the whole ball game
  • Various polls have been released over the last two weeks which show Virginia, Minnesota, New Jersey and New Hampshire are now in play. Ann Selzer has Trump up nearly 20 points in Iowa. This result strongly suggests that Trump is ahead in Wisconsin
  • Before the debate, Nate Silver was only giving Joe Biden around a 35% chance to sweep the Rust Belt swing states and eke out a narrow victory in the Electoral College
  • Now, Your Favorite President has basically won the presidential immunity case, which means it is highly unlikely that Jack Smith’s case will go to trial before the election.

Everything is breaking Trump’s way.


“The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that presidents have immunity for “official acts,” but punted to the trial court the question of whether former President Trump’s alleged conduct in his Jan. 6 case was protected.

Why it matters: The 6-3 decision, though not a sweeping victory for Trump, all but guarantees that his Jan. 6 case won’t go to trial before this year’s presidential election. …”

New York Times:

“Donald J. Trump began an effort on Monday to throw out his recent criminal conviction in Manhattan and postpone his upcoming sentencing, citing a new Supreme Court ruling that granted him broad immunity from prosecution for official actions he took as president, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

In a letter to the judge overseeing the case, Mr. Trump’s lawyers sought permission to file a motion to set aside the verdict, doing so just hours after the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling involving one of Mr. Trump’s other criminal cases. The letter will not be public until Tuesday at the earliest, after which prosecutors will have a chance to respond.

The move from Mr. Trump’s lawyers came 10 days before the judge was set to sentence the former president for his crimes in Manhattan, where a jury convicted him on 34 felony counts related to his cover-up of a sex scandal in the run-up to the 2016 election. Mr. Trump’s lawyers asked the judge, Juan M. Merchan, to postpone the July 11 sentencing while the judge weighs whether the Supreme Court ruling affects the conviction. …

It will be much more shocking now if Trump’s luck runs out before the convention and he is incarcerated on July 11 over his conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial.

Note: Even if Trump ends up going to prison like Steve Bannon, I don’t see it helping Joe Biden.

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  1. > It will be much more shocking now if Trump’s luck runs out before the convention and he is incarcerated over his conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush money trial.

    Honestly, if they lock him up, his support will only grow. While I will likely never cast a vote for the clown, part of me wants to cheer him on just because … he’s soooo hated by all the right people. Not only that, but locking him up for hiding payments to some gold-digging whore – especially the very folks for whom Bill Clinton’s endless whoring was a ‘mark of good character’ – is just so totally Banana Republic. Talk about losing the mandate of heaven. Hell this clown show doesn’t even have the mandate of Phineas Taylor Barnum’s corpse, much less heaven.

  2. News outlets around the world showed the Trump – Biden TV confrontation…….. Biden looked dumbfounded, didn’t even know where he was…..

  3. ” Everything is breaking TRUMP’s way ” Good ! What goes around, comes around, the democrat’s have played a very, very, NASTY game, now they are getting their own medicine, they deserve it, I really hope the justice department, brings charges on former president biden’s deep state handlers and his family for ELDER ABUSE …..

    • >>>>> democrat’s have played a very, very, NASTY game,

      Is that ever true.
      Going back to LBJ vote rigging in Texas.
      Heavily corrupt.
      (LBJ installed ‘civil rights’ to give democrats a lock on their vote and all of us suffer in consequence.)

      Neither party even comes close to benefitting our people.

      • > Neither party even comes close to benefitting our people.

        Let’s phrase it a different (and more blunt) way: Both divisions of the uniparty want us dead. Does that make it plain enough? Trump wants us dead after he’s got enough of our money in his pockets to pay his loans from the (((usual suspects))). Biden and his gang want us dead now. How about not agreeing to the terms of the game at all?

  4. The dems now have the Republican they most wanted, the weakest opponent imaginable. Now they have to settle on who it will be that replaces “Joe Biden”.
    One of the Governors probably. Looking up for the dems.

  5. With polls going his way and the necessity of appealing to populism or dog whistling to nationalism has lost its cachet for angering the ruling class, we will see real Trump. Will it be Bush 2.0, Jeb! Redux, or post 2016 Trump Part Deux or will it be pre 2016 Trump all the way to the White House?

    He’s been actively consorting with N@ggers and promoting their hip hop crime music while telling White people to support their heritage by voting for him. This is just Lady Maga b.s. updated. I am suspecting Javanka is once again working inside the Trump campaign now that it realizes Trump will win again.

    If you Dissident Rightsts were part of the GOP apparatus, you could voice your discontent and scare the crap out of his campaign. So, get involved in the party and make your voice heard and help us maneuver these New Yorker trash around Trump back to Dead Horse bay landfill and incinerator where they belong.

    • So, you still believe the system is not totally rigged. You have an amazingly poor grasp of recent history. In 1994 there was a reaction which resulted in the Gay Old Pedoburo having control of the Congress for the first time in decades. There is literally nothing to show for it save rigging the tax system in favor of billionaires (all of whom are our enemies).

      Despite this total failure (you even described your own efforts to close the open borders in this periood), the ever-clueless whites lined up behind the Coke-head namesake son of CIA-bloodsucker in 2000, who was probably in on the 9/11 false-flag. Note how all the folks who were asleep at the switch when this went down all got promotions? El Shrubberai was there in the smoldering ruins in Manhattan solemnly intoning that “Islam … is a religion of peace”, a lie so totally outrageous that even Muslims had to be laughing.

      Note for those who never evolved beyond public-schul misedumacation – Muslims divide the world into two sections: 1) The Dar al-Islam (submitted world) and 2) The Dar al-Harb (the world at war with them). Islam is a warrior-religion and has been so since Mohammed. Even though none of the alleged hijackers were from Iraq or Afghanistan, the fearless Caudillo of Crawford started wars against both.

      So we have another eight years of open-borders, even though those who were the attackers according to gaslight media narrative broadcast 24 x 7 x 365 were all immigrants. One would think, just from a simple acceptance of the regime’s official account, that shutting down the borders would be a first step. Not in Murika though. Old Jorge said the best way Murikans could respond was to shop till they drop – unless they want to join the legions to promote gay sex at gunpoint in the Dar-al-Islam so as to teach those hadjis a lesson over in the poppyfields of Pashtoonistan. (You just can’t make this shit up it’s so blindingly stupid).

      Again the Gay Old Pedoburo was in charge. Again they performed just as Rev. Dabney predicted all the way back in 1870. Instead of closing the border to invaders, parasites and criminals, we got more tax giveaways for corporations (already going woke), more affirmative-action, the overthrow of state laws outlawing gay marriage, more “conservative” blackrobes to keep the Hegelian mambo going. I do give you points AGB for working very hard in the era to close the borders. I spent time trying to do the same in that era as well.

      So next comes D’Won Mocha Messiah, Hussein. Now that the noted Islamic theologian Imam al-Duhbya is retired to his Madrassah in Crawford, we get a mulatto with an actual Muslim background as “President”, who is promptly give tne Nobel Peace Prize after ascending the Coprolite Throne in Sodom-on-Potomac for ‘presidin’ while black’ – by the very Nordics who WNs worship as demi-gods (absolute worst cucks on the planet). The Chicago Jebus proceeds to rev up the wars (Trashcanistan, Jewkraine, Syria) and goes far in wrecking what’s left of the country, with full assistance from Repukes in congress. The Tea Party arises and is promptly subverted. Gay Old Pedos take congress again, and again do nothing apart from cement the gains made by Hussein and his pizza club.

      Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result with each try is a clinical definition of insanity. No sale. I’m done with this kind of bs. We need to think outside the little box our enemies have put our brains in. The Gay Old Pedos need to be destroyed with fire. It might be too late, but trying to get Constitution party people into state houses and elsewhere seems to be the only action at the moment aside from planning to survive the hell that’s on the way. The Empire of Lies has to die along with the GOP. Both are totally beyond reform. Their course is set and has been unchanged since their formation.

  6. I feel the Supreme Court did more or less the right thing, Trump’s experiences with these ‘Woke’ DAs is the worst type of partisan politics possible, they needed to stop it. On the other hand, I don’t feel Presidents should get to do anything and then say ‘they were protecting the country’.

  7. So I’m censored in this case because I said the black was the strictest constitutionalist, what is it Alito? lol. My whole point is the Supreme court is lame, gay, and shitpants ignores them with zero consequences. Checks and balances, right.

  8. This so called judiciary can’t even uphold the first amendment, especially when jews are called names. But degenaracy like porn goes unchecked, cause thats derrrrr…… free expression. You can use the American flag to wipe your ass but wipe your ass with the fag cult flag and it’s a HATE crime. Even when they paint pavement with fag cult flag and they find a skid mark, it’s on a ****** road for Christ’s sake and they still declare it a hate crime and the driver needs to be tracked down. Gang violence goes unchecked cause it’s like racist or some **** now prosecute actual criminals, they probably got people in our government now like the toilet that is Mexico.

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