Joe Biden: I’m In It To Win It

The 2024 presidential election is turning out to be nothing like 2020.

This is looking more like the 2008 election when John McCain lost Indiana and North Carolina.


  1. They are leaning toward removal via 25th amendment, then an open convention, since Camel is a worse candidate than Bidet.

    • Will Williams of the National Alliance speculated the same thing. Biden is mentally gone, and Kamala, as a narcissistic black woman, isn’t into unconditionally worshipping the Almighty Jew. (((They))) need someone subservient and agreeable, like Gerald Ford. The Democrat Party doesn’t offer that because anymore because their base is composed of nonwhites, who see Jews as White, and libtards, who are true believers in the cause of “Human Rights,” hence they are on the side of Palestine.

      The Jewish stars are aligning for Zion Don to return to the White House. When he does, I have three predictions:

      1. Illegal immigration is “reduced” from the Biden levels of 8 million per year to 2-3 million per year,* which is triple the amount let in per year in Trump’s first term, but is enough of a reduction for the Republicans to use as rhetorical bait.

      *I don’t care if its “per year” or “total.” Same difference.

      2. Some sort of regional war on behalf of Israel breaks out in the Middle East. Unknown to what extent this involves Russia and China. It likely involves Iran.

      3. White Nationalism and White Identity disappear from mainstream consciousness as the memory of Charlottesville fades into obscurity and as Right Wing politics evolves into its next post-Boomer colorblind phase.

      In regards to prediction 3, Walt Bismarck speculates this will look like some combo of Castiza Futurism and Barstool Conservatism, the later of which I broadly support. But, I think all of us who were involved with WN 1.0 and/or 2.0 should get used to swallowing the Black Pill on race. Its not happening. Explicit racial identity on the part of Whites is just not something our race wants to embrace, not even as a self-defense mechanism. Whites don’t have the stomach for repatriation, and when it comes to Nice Things, they refuse to acknowledge that our race is the goose that laid the golden egg. It doesn’t matter whether we appeal to them from a positive standpoint or a negative standpoint. Whites don’t want a racial identity. They want to be seen as “Just Normal,” and they want every other race to act like clones of themselves. “The world can be made just like us.”

      I’m not voting for Zion Don, and in the off chance Biden gets deep sixed and replaced with Gavin Newsome, I will show up in November and vote for the American Psycho. Gavin is the handsome, charismatic White Man that America needs and deserves. And personally, I want to see him go toe to toe with Donald Trump on the debate stage and put the entire MAGA cult in its place. Which he is capable of doing. Gavin could be Hitler’s Revenge: “You didn’t listen to me? You didn’t side with me? You thought Jews were innocent? Well watch this!”

      • > Biden is mentally gone, and Kamala, as a narcissistic black woman, isn’t into unconditionally worshipping the Almighty Jew.

        She’s mystery meat, part-kneegrow, part pajeet, part hwyte. Married to (((usual suspect))).

        > The Jewish stars are aligning for Zion Don to return to the White House. When he does, I have three predictions:

        Yes they are. Especially once the oligarch’s do the ‘Weekend at Joey’s’ trick. If they replace with Heels-Up it mean’s they’re on board with Kang Cyrus 2.0. If Greathair Gav is selected the clueless whites (who never learn) will be getting it good and hard indeed. The Empire falls regardless, the trajectory can’t really be altered now, so I’m thinking that the Satanists will pick Heels-Up and operate Zion-Don as their puppet.

        • I think the same.

          This has been a set up as always and as always most either fell for it again or are on the “lesser of two evils’ ideology.

          There’s no way the media turned on the potato like they did after allowing him to debate and showcase his mental (in)capacity in prime time.

          Waaay too much… And if they cheated before, they can cheat again. The winner of this election has been selected.

          Israel sees the writing on the wall with the democrats and needs time to get them on lockdown. 4 more years of Trump, Israel gets everything it wants and the dems unite and are placed back under control.

          I’ll not vote again. I voted for Zion Don in 2016 and sincerely believed we were on the cusp.I held my nose in 2020 and voted for the lesser of two evils. This time it’s clear to me what’s happening.

          Pressure valve is releasing some pressure, Israel is pulling strings, and things will slow down but continue to get worse. Or, a war is coming.

  2. Good Lord. Joey is a near-prefect reflection of Murika’s new national bird. I was going to compare him to the Ice-Zombie King in Game of Thrones but that’s really a poor analogy. (the Zombie-King was way too smart).

    The Wokepedia article on Murika’s national symbol has this explication on how the headless wonder was able to function:

    > Although most of his head was severed, most of his brain stem and one ear were left on his body. Since basic functions (breathing, heart rate, etc.) as well as most of a chicken’s reflex actions are controlled by the brain stem, Mike was able to remain quite healthy. This is a good example of central motor generators enabling basic homeostatic functions to be carried out in the absence of higher brain centres.

    There you have it. Joey might have a head but there’s only a mummified shriveled long-dead brain inside it. His head might as well be plastic – and for all we know it could be some animatronic contraption put together by Deep-State imagineers. This applies pretty much to all of congress as well, save maybe Massie. If definitely applies to Cocaine-Mitch and countless others who’ve been there for decades running. (Whatever happened to the idea of term limits?) The one thing lacking in old Mike which is in great abundance in Joey and the entire political establishment is their love of absolute corruption, plus total prostitution in service of pure evil. That being said, Sodom-on-Potomac doesn’t suffer from anything that couldn’t be remedied by about 20-30 megatons of instant urban renewal, just like that delivered by God to the original Sodom and Gomorrah (whose evil was probably a mere shadow of that found in Murika’s capital).

  3. Who is the best American president post-WW2 according to you, Brad? Your research published here imply Eisenhower?

  4. Considering the situation and seeing that picture of Biden, I’m reminded of the 1983 episode Case of the Stubborns from the Dark Side starring Eddie Bracken. An old man dies, but refuses to accept it and keeps coming back to dinner. He gradually starts rotting and decaying, and they can’t convince him to stay dead until he sneezes and his rotted nose falls off. It seems very apt, now; a rotting man for a rotting system.
    Or that episode of I, Claudius where a bitter Tiberius appoints Caligula to succeed him (“Rome deserves you,” he grins). When, senile and cranky, he seems to die, then comes back (much to Caligula’s annoyance), then really seems dead…until he wails wanting something to eat. Caligula sighs, rolls his eyes to his commanding officer, who strangles Tiberius to begin a new, happy reign of nutty horror.
    This is more fun than talking about the convention and Kamala.

  5. Let’s all pray that Joe Biden wins…. the Democratic nomination.

    I want to smash all of those D- SOB’s faces into the ground, come November. Maybe Trump isn’t looking for revenge, but I know MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WON’T BE SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING LESS….. and Trump trouncing Biden, is just the start of a Reconquista, as recent events have shown. Christ is King. The Kingdom is Now.

  6. They can’t change out those pre-printed Habla ballots this late?
    Jo Jo Brandon has to pass away to be replaced by the CPUSA (D) comrades as he has declared in three states.
    LOL! As this Satanic Sodomite Sewerpipe steaming fourth world turd gets the illegitimacy crisis it so richly deserves.
    Bathhouse Barry (The Messiah, the ONE!) laughs at the peoples champagne fountain with Val Jarr.
    Burn This MOFO Down.

  7. @ Exalted,
    The “historic” Cackler is married to Emhoff (skullcap) of BlackRock.
    Somewhere in CA a player(s) laughs as he got a weenie washer and didn’t have to sign up.

  8. Joe will win. If Democrats are 1 thing, it’s loyal. MAGA overplayed their hand with this “dementia” BS.

    They both have dementia.

    This has emboldened Dems like I’ve not seen since Obama 2012. Trump supporters are loyal, sure. But they’re 33% of the electorate.

    You’re setting people up for a huge letdown.

    • Yes, but it’s the independent voters that will swing the election.
      Plus, I think Joe is going to deteriorate a lot more in the next 4 months. We’ll see, but I think Trump will win by a landslide.

    • I don’t think they are nearly as omnipotent as you’re assuming.
      They are powerful, but not omnipotent.
      Trump will win with other factors contributing.

  9. Biden thinks Trump is a convicted felon (which was brought on Trump by his own crooked DOJ) even though Biden himself is a murderer for turning killers loose on American citizens through his open border policies and now upset Trump has immunity as if Biden doesn’t need immunity himself (Biden is not thinking very well).

    And if we don’t think these Communist Dems tried to steal the elections of 2016, 2020 now 2024 away from Trump then we deserve all these Dem backed invaders pouring in through borders to overrun, loot and destroy this godless woke nation… This log jam of competing trials these Dem lawfare experts have come up with against Trump during this election season have already done the damage they wanted except their attack on Trump has rallied Trump’s base and even non-Trump people who can see through all this election interference.

    State of Missouri is now suing State of New York with a hope other states will do this as well because of the election inference launched against Trump.

    This guy explains this:

    Bragg & New York SUED for ELECTION INTERFERENCE in U.S. Supreme Court

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Have you ever thought of a series of micro-secessions?

      Untying one’s emotions from American political theater is a great start. Being spun up about presidents is like Lot having strong opinions about the elections in Sodom. He should have been prepping for wilderness life instead.

      Additionally, there is much we can still legally do to untie ourselves from the culture, mindset, and fate of this country. Liquifying assets, getting comfortable with international monetary exchanges, and maybe getting our passports up to date. Learn tax loop-holes; preserve family wealth; get fluid and mobile…

      Simply turning off the television and doing screen-fasts is powerful. Getting one’s kids out of government-school is practically revolutionary.

      Most importantly of all – read our people’s literature. You can memorize facts about the Civil War all you’d like but if you don’t know Thomas Nelson Page, Walter Scott, Gilmore Simms, Donald Davidson, (and even Charles Dickens), you’re going to be spiritually severed from the past and easy to manipulate…

      Micro-secession is the way…

      • Thank you for some real outside the box thinking. Expand on your concept and how to make it happen. Very interesting.

      • No, I am a “heritage” guy. The neo-“Yankees” / neo-“abolitionists” / etc are still trying to destroy the South. Can’t let ’em.

  10. Trump said in 2015 that the Palestinians wanted peace and Israel did not. He wanted to bring troops home from the ME and in August 2020 he said the US was only in there for Israel not oil.
    Netanyahu congratulated Biden before votes were counted.

    All their efforts to taint Trump’s popularity have failed.

    But they have mocked Biden since 2020–especially when Obama is in the room. They have also, for months, floated the idea that Biden is too old.
    Seems to me their scheme is to make a big fuss about Biden–he will quit the race, and then the media will say “why doesn’t Trump do the same?”
    A weak election strategy but probably what they intend to try. “America doesn’t need old white men. It needs young diversity.”

    • That’s not a bad bet – and 100% consistent with the oligarch’s overall objectives. Unless Zion Don has agreed to all of their points, which seems likely given his previous performance.

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