Far Left Wins French Elections

Checking in on the French election …

I confess that I don’t pay much attention to European nationalist parties these days. I don’t like Meloni, Boris Johnson, Farage, Le Pen, Geert Wilders, etc.

Just as I thought, nothing has really changed. Neoliberals, conservatives and leftists teamed up again in the second round to block the “far right.” National Rally has continued to gain ground in the French parliament without winning power. Marine Le Pen has lost yet again.

Note: Trump was elected president in 2016 because we don’t have a run off. Alaska is represented by a Democrat in Congress because it foolishly adopted ranked choice voting.

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    • Spoken as if it was deservedly a bad thing to happen to good people. In point of fact, while a slight disappointment, once Marron surrendered France to the Far Left simply to stick it to National Rally, NR couldn’t surmount the wall to gain majority support. This is what happens in rank choice voting systems or jungle type elections.

      Once Democratic Leftists reach a certain voting percentage the center Establishment almost always institutes rank choice or jungle voting electoral systems. It keeps far leftists out, but by nature permanently excludes the right from ever getting victory and makes permanent a centrist or center left system.

      California has it now as does Louisiana. The voter demographics of both states are indicative of how it can shape out differently. California almost always gets a center leftist while Louisiana almost always gets a center rightist. Of course, the center rightists have to be aggressive in this system to perpetuate their superiority but as usual with the GOP, it lacks such fighting spirit. But, at least it means Louisiana gets a centrist Democrat at worse.

      What this means is there will come a day in the near term, where the center will collapse and at that point the far left will be executed and NR will gain total victory. NR has increased its number of MPs every election cycle. Down ballot they are gaining more control at the local level. In fact, if they focus there, where the system is more friendly tk NR take over, they will dominate most of the local governments. At that point, if they are still unable to get majority control, they can force a constitutional crisis and take over.

      Sooner rather than later, NR will peel off enough centrists, enough Establishmentarians, enough working and middle class, that elections will turn their way. I predict this will occurr by 2029. In the meantime, France is going to be ungovernable by partisanely. Instead, Marron is going to be forced to rely on technocrats to government Presidentially, and above all via the military. The later is decidedly opposed to the left and much of the center. Evenrually Marron is going to be squeezed out and another election called leading to more seats by NR. Once France goes, we’ve got the globalists on the run.

      • The Great replacement is the answer to that ‘Incremental Victory’ strategy by the NR. By the time ‘Incremental Victory’ can be effective the French population will have been swamped by the Third World. Camp of the Saints wasn’t just a warning in 1973, it was also a blueprint, already in effect then to a limited degree. Instead of one great wave of wogs washing over the country it has been a continuous stream; sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing but never going backward.

        Without mass deportation of wogs, who have a high birth rate, (Mohammed is the single most common name for newborn boys in many European countries now) there is no hope. This is just a question of mathematics, not polemics. The Left knows this, that is why they will cut back on Third World migration from time time but mass deportation is the hill they will die on.

        This is how California was ruined, through constant migration from south of the border. California was a solidly Republican (for what that’s worth) state, electing Nixon, Reagan, Bob Dornan, recalling Democrat Gov. Gray-out Davis as late as 2003 and replacing him with the worthless (R.) Terminator in the most entertaining election in U.S. history. Post 1965 immigrants also settled massively in California along with people from the refugee racket.

        California’s fate is sealed now through slow, then rapid demographic change permanently placing the Democrats in power there just like NYC and other places. Only about a third of the state is White now and concentrated in rural, less wealthy areas of the state. Of course, the overwhelmingly Republican businessmen in the U.S. approve of massive numbers of wogs from all over the world migrating here to drive down White wages, businesses’ biggest single expense. They want their thirty pieces of silver.

        Demography is destiny, something the Democrats understand all too well. Republican oligarchs also favor unlimited immigration to drive down wages. Because of this the Republicans could elect all 535 members of Congress, the President, appoint all nine Supreme Court and lesser court justices, elect every single member of all 50 state legislatures, win all 50 governorships and still they would betray their voters by keeping the immigration floodgates open. They can’t help themselves any more than a dog can help himself from stealing food. No insult meant to dogs by comparing them to most Republican politicians, not Republican voters.

        • > Of course, the overwhelmingly Republican businessmen in the U.S. approve of massive numbers of wogs from all over the world migrating here to drive down White wages, businesses’ biggest single expense. They want their thirty pieces of silver.

          Again, here we have “conservative” whites supporting their own peoples’ extinction because they value they took the offered thirty pieces of credit (the banksteins don’t pay in silver any more). This is an absolutely massive blind spot of WNs. How much of this selling out is driven by the fact that these businesses they own are in debt up to their arses? The whole usury-racket has led to massive destruction and forces a choice between going out of business and selling out your people. Oh, and don’t forget that the civil rights laws abolished any freedom of association for whites only. Negroes, Jews, Mexicans, and others can hire only their own kind with no worries of Jew shysters suing them on behalf of blessed minorities due to ‘disparate impact’.

          Just as an aside, why haven’t the remaining whites in Califonistan, now clearly a minority, sued various enterprises for discrimination using the ususal suspects’ own laws against them? Again, whites play by Marquess of Queensbury rules while those hell-bent on exterminating them use jungle rules. How very white of them!

      • It probably wasn’t a Jew. It was probably some other rightwing competitor who called it in to cause trouble. For example, Nick Fuentes and his crew have done these dirty tricks many times. I know cuz it was done to my team. There are a bunch of bad apples in the movement who cause dissension, frame and stitch up other rightwingers, and grift off our legitimate grievences. It’s a serious problem.

        • Fuentes the Fed is one of the few things we agree upon. He’s as likely to pull this kind of stunt as the ADL is. You can’t rule either out.

      • Literally, its the same play book that was done against us by AF. It caused one of our team members to quite and go into hiding. This all happened when we were highly engaged in a battle with Anal Firsters over control of an organizarion.

        We have also talked to others totally unrelated to us who’ve been in trying to stop Nick seizing some club and suffering the same fate. Lucas may think its Jews but its most likely Fuentes and his team of troons who runs his cyber team.

  1. La France est morte. Tant pis pour toi, les Français. C’est vraiment ‘Le Camp des Saints.’
    Chantez votre Requiem, avant que la plupart de L’Europe gauche.

    Misericordie, Domine.

    • Oh, please. The Doomer boomer stuff on this site is worse than the stupid Nazis when the Soviets entered the gates of Berlin. Always reliving the moment the Reds entered Berlin. The Reds at Berlin 1945 live in your head rent free. Stop being beautiful lovers. Start being magnificent fighters!

    • google translate:
      France is dead. Too bad for you, the French. It truly is ‘The Camp of the Saints.’
      Sing your Requiem, before most of Europe left.

      Mercy, Domine.

  2. Well, with the election of a native-born UK Prime Minister, he and his jewess wife will be celebrating and observing shabbats at 10 Downing Street.

    In regard to the French election, those I correspond with in Europe inform me that all the nationalist parties are kosher cutouts of one another. They are fake opposition and gatekeepers of genuine nationalism.

    • “In regard to the French election, those I correspond with in Europe inform me that all the nationalist parties are kosher cutouts of one another. They are fake opposition and gatekeepers of genuine nationalism.”

      The people you correspond with were kicked out of working with the Nationalist parties in Europe because they were frauds, trolls, and fake. As typical with you Anal Firsters, you now claim to say they are fake and gay after they rejected your b.s. Seeth Anal Firster.

    • Depends.

      It is true that all European nationalist parties are Israeli fanatics. But considering our cucked electorate, pandering Jews and others is the only chance to get power and actually do something.

      Orban is Israel first and Hungary far behind. But he got IMF out of country, saved energy and industry, closed border and so on.

      This is nationalist curse that our electorate is so hyper sensitive that every minor incident or primitive defamation campaign or unwary word freaks half of our electorate away.

      So being gay kosher is the only way to do something. David Duke is honest man but who votes him and how much influence he has for example closing border ?

      • Jews are “agreement incapable”. They *never* keep up their end of any agreement unless there’s literally someone standing there with a shotgun to the back of their head. They will stab anyone who allies with them at the earliest opportunity. Being the spawn of Satan, one would have to be a fool to expect anything else. That doesn’t mean we have to go on a endless monomaniacal rant about them. One should actually avoid this because it just feeds their already inflated egos. That’s Duke’s problem in a nutshell.

        The devil-spawn are what they are. They’re hardwired for endless evil. Hell awaits their arrival one by one. The greater problem (by far and away) are white sellouts. They are also actually the weakest link in the chain of power. Destroy the sellouts and the jews will be massively weakened. They’re even worse than the jews as far as sheer wickedness.

      • @Juri,

        That isn’t Duke’s fault.

        I would still vote for Duke in a losing campaign over the lying con artist grifter name Trump. There is some dignity in the former.

    • November

      Can you show sone documentation that the new UK Labor Party Prime Minister has a Jewess wife ?

      The Js seem to be getting to the top or sleeping with the top in

      USA both parties

      • Jaye,

        They’ve done this throughout the ages. It is one of their principle paths to power and wealth. Most royal houses of Europe have been intermarried, you can see it in many of their faces. Many great fortunes have been taken over by this method, Heinz and Rockefeller for example.

      • Well if you hear it from your favorite fake hasbara troll, you should believe it. Yes, she is a Jewess. Victoria “Alexandra” is her name. Her father was Judeo-Polish. Her mother was English and it looks like she was a socialist and a Papist. Victoria’s father was an observant Jew and demanded her mother convert. Her mother agreed to convert, because being a Papist, she was also a whore, and liked her husband’s endowed manhood. Then out popped Victoria in a red diaper so she is properly a Red Judeo-Catholic.

        Keir Starmer, is an agnostic if not out and out atheist, a leftist and therefore a fake Englishman. He didn’t care what religion his children followed except they be leftists.
        Victoria had the children attend her leftwing synagogue.

        Their liberal synagogue is full of rainbows, posters of Nelson Mandela, and promotes troonism. It has very little Jewish iconography, and therefore is little different than a Unitarian church. Which makes her the closest thing a neo-Puritan has gotten to throne in over a century.

        I fully expect this power couple of leftists, mixed with Judeo-Catholicism and neo-Puritanism, will attempt implementing the Papacy’s centuries long objective of destroying the hated Britannic throne. Since MI-5 was turned not too long ago, I doubt Britain’s security services will see let alone stop Starmer’s Red Papist marchers burning down the monarchy.

        This is what becomes of backsliding appeasement oriented ruling classes who betray their traditions and oaths to God, their country, and their ancestors. At least the British put up over nearly 500 years of vicious assaults from Papists, Spics, Frogs, Germans, Fascists, and Commies before succumbing. But, then its not over till its over. We’ll see.

      • Jaye,
        Starmers wife is British on her maternal side and Polish Jewish on her paternal side.
        They’re raising their kids as Jews, despite the fact Starmers himself is an Atheist.

  3. “nothing has really changed. ”

    Nothing change in Germany, until the people were hungry and freezing.

    People don’t/won’t/can’t think ahead.

  4. “No Enemies on the Left” has been the Left’s rallying cry since 1789, a strategy that works. There is no “Far Right” of consequence in France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain etc. anyway. What the Lügenpresse refers to as “Far Right” in Europe would pass for Liberal Republicans in the U.S. ca. 1972. To refer to the “Far Right” in France means the same thing as when the Lügenpresse calls Trump or Republicans in general “Far Right”, it has no meaning, it’s nonsense.

    There is no “Far Right” or “Right Wing” political party of consequence in the U.S., only the miserable, traitorous Republican Party. The job of the Republican Party is to conserve the gains of the Left in the last election cycle and provide a release valve for those who oppose being dispossessed from their own country. The Republican Party would have to be invented by the Democrats to provide controlled opposition if it didn’t already exist.

    There is no reforming the political system in the U.S., which will not allow a true “Right Wing” party to emerge anyway. “Right Wing” in the U.S. context would mean overthrowing the (so called) “Civil Rights” (sic) revolution imposed mostly by judicial fiat in the 1950’s – 1960’s, mass deportation of wogs and ending U.S. involvement in foreign affairs: a quasi-isolationist policy. No political figure who matters including Orange King Cyrus is up for any of that anyway.

    Events are in the saddle this time however. GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire may meet its Waterloo by trying to fight a war for Our Greatest Ally and for Taiwan Asiatics at the same time. It doesn’t have the resources or money to fight one of those wars and will have to try to conscript White guys into its Imperial Legions, an unlikely prospect at best. Actually losing a war against China will be a political earthquake for the U.S. with unforeseen consequences for the corrupt, degenerate ruling class, none of them good either.

    • Excellent summary. Totally agree. That’s why the only thing to do now is to prepare for what’s coming. One thing we can do is to simply refuse to support the degenerate ruling class – who is a far more dangerous enemy than all Muslims, Russians or Chinese combined – in any way, shape or form. So, how can we get a large number of white people to understand these basic facets of reality?

      • Indeed Mr. Cyclops: how does one get the great, oblivious White masses to put down their 48 oz. Big Gulp sodas, their 2 Lb. bags of chips they got with their extra large Domino’s pizza, turn off the Negro Felon League and realize that the world they live in is coming to an end?

        Decades of TV, entertainment and now social media combined with Government programming through public schooling has basically left most of the public brain damaged, unable to think. Basic functions like self defense have gone by the boards as the worst possible thing now is racism, a made up vice. Whereas previous generations recognized the obvious dangers of different racial groups and took rational precautions to protect themselves and their descendants, that healthy, normal, necessary instinct is now dead in most Whites.

        The money going bad will cause GloboHomo Shopping Mall to come to a screeching halt and end the mighty gibs, money is what makes GloboHomo run. When the gibs stop and Shitavious, LaQueesha and Manuel are running amok and the Black Lives Matter sign on the lawn has lost its magical power to keep the diversity away Whites will awaken from their stupor. Before then Whites will not change, disaster has to strike them in the face.

        That the money will go bad is a mathematical certainty, no tree grows to the sky. The rate of Government spending has increased enormously over the last sixty years and since Aug. 1971 none of it is backed by even one Troy ounce, not even one grain of gold or silver, just more printed dollars. No politician will cut spending now anyway, that would just cause a different kind of economic and political crisis.

        If the U.S. Government suffers defeat over Taiwan or Our Greatest Ally attacks Iran cutting off oil an economic and political crisis will immediately follow. International confidence in the USD will probably go up at first then crash as its obvious GloboHomo is going into failure mode, it can’t do anything right. That will be the shock that wakes people up, realizing that GloboHomo has feet of clay.

  5. The clowns always unite to deny the “far-right” any say in anything. Destruction of European civilization must go on, you see. These orcs are now burning things again, which they do after losing and winning.
    France and its effete ways was not worth one drop of American or British blood either time, by the way.

  6. No surprise here. Between this, the 2022 midterms, and Trump’s inevitable defeat yet again in 2024, to say nothing of all that came before, it’s obvious that there is no political solution. Liberalism will have to burn itself out and whatever is left standing after will inherit the world. I am bearish on the white race surviving.

  7. Mah….. That’s how it works….. they call far-right any single individual that is not leftists in order to spread the fear. Liberals and conservatives run in the election not to promote ideas but in order to block other people or parties. In the specific case of French election, immigrants who are a lot of voters (Muslims especially) did a good job for the left. When we ask people to awake but the average individual living in the Western world is interested in working, watching sports or otherwise TV is drinking beer…… Not exactly the profile of someone who can make revolutions or change things.

  8. France has been lost for decades.
    Unchecked immigration, a ban on taking stats on demographics and a populace that is too leftist to hold the useless wastrels in power, to account.
    Every country should know what percentage of their population is what. It could be 70% native French………..or 49%!.
    I was there ten years ago. Every town and city was a sewer of turd world diversity.
    I can’t figure out why they just don’t care.
    Are they accelerationist or something?
    We claim to be a superior race. We’re certainly not superior at at preserving our race and standing up to the establishment like they do in other cultures.

      • Our disaster isn’t caused by Jews or even Papists. Its caused by cultural and spiritual rot and wreckage. That in turn is caused by consumerism and corporate capitalism of our Age of Materialism.

        The Age of Materialism in the West started as long ago as 1848. A point of departure both religiously, politically, and commercially that is significant. That is the year when it multiple countries of Europe and the US, it was no longer required by academies or social associations that credentialed scientists have a philosophy of divinity, when mass franchise was implemented to White males regardless of property and taxation, and when limited liability companies were made lawful and securities exchanges were centralized. This is when materialism and its bastard child consumerism was made the centrality of individual lives.

        Beginning in 1848 is when vision, intellect, and collectivism that comes with religious, civic and public life began receding. It took time for it to infiltrate all lives, but it became more and more prevalent from then on. It happened just as the material power of the West reached absolute superiority, so we still managed to expand outwardly even as we retreated inwardly.

        By now, all that power has been replaced with thug ball, beers, sex, and other physical diversions. Ask someone from the suburbs of Boston to go into a foreign country and help build up an American Christian colonial society and he’ll look at you like your mad. Ask a Moslem from Qatar to go to a Boston and set up a Umma of Moslems and he’ll ask “When.”

        • Yes, I basically agree. I’m not about to excuse Jews but at the end of the day – being the Spawn of Satan – why would any believing Christian expect them to behave any other way than the way they do? The root problem lies with whites who have turned their back upon Christ and chosen to worship false gods. So here we are …. Welcome to hell, here’s your accordion. Why would you place the date at 1848? Karl Marx’s poorly done book on economic theory?

          I would argue that the problem goes back further than that. The entire enlightenment project is a massive lie, which is only now becoming readily evident. One writer calls it “the equality ratchet”. Add to this the so-called ‘higher criticism’ of Biblical texts which started in the late 18th century. Another root problem is the reliance on fictional (called fractional) reserve banking – a racket which is like a Ponzi scheme writ large. It’s inventors and primary promoters were (((devil-spawn))) but as always, if nobody bought their bs we wouldn’t be here, would we?

    • Man i agree with you….indeed read what i wrote before your comment and you’ll find an answer on why in the western world we are incapable to preserve our race.
      I live near France and i’ve been there four times in my life. France is a beautiful country with a long history and heritage but as you said, leftists and immigration destroyed it as they’re doing with all western countries.
      P.S. Some days ago a “french” woman (muslim) said that if some people don’t like her wearing the veil they can also leave “her country” (France). So we are arrived at the point that if you disagree with non western cultures you have to leave your country because it’s not your anymore.

    • @Goose,

      I am sure that they are thrilled to been “liberated” by the Western (((all-lies))) from those “Nazis” in hindsight, eh?

      • The war ended 80 years ago. The WWII Western allies victory is as responsible for what is happening with Western decadence now as it for Chinese industrialization. The world didnt begin with Hitler killing himself in a bunker. Its like saying the Cold War was caused by the victory at Appomattox. The world and history is interrelated but it is far more complex than such purile moral judgements.

  9. OT:

    Russia rules out even tentative talks with US on arms control — senior diplomat

    Sergey Ryabkov noted that the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty expires soon

    MOSCOW, July 8. /TASS/. Russia refuses to engage with Washington on arms control in any way due to the US’ destructive stance, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in an interview with the International Affairs journal.

    “We do not have the foundation right now and we are not even close to shaping one in order to launch a tentative dialogue, not talks even, in this field. This is a result of Washington’s destructive policy course,” the senior diplomat stressed. He added that Moscow cannot hold dialogue on arms control with a country that officially wants to deliver a strategic defeat on Russia.

    He noted that the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) expires soon. Ryabkov pointed out that this agreement had been suspended but the Russian side is observing its central quantitative restrictions on warheads and carriers.

    “Probably, the Americans would like to begin talks about what’s next but, until they clearly show some change for the better in their policy, at the very least, demonstrate that this boundless and unabashed Russophobia has been set aside and is replaced with a slightly more sane approach and something more useful begins to happen in our relations, until this happens, there simply can be no dialogue on strategic stability,” the Russian deputy foreign minister concluded.

    Situation with strategic treaties

    On February 21, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to suspend Russia’s participation in New START without withdrawing from it. The president stressed that, before discussing resuming any work under the treaty, Moscow must understand for itself how New START would factor in the nuclear arsenals not only of the United States, but also those of other nuclear powers in NATO, such as the UK and France. On February 28, 2023, Putin signed a law suspending Russia’s participation in the New START Treaty.

    After the US withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 2019, Russia pledged that it would refrain from manufacturing and deploying such systems as long as the United States refuses to deploy them in any part of the world.

    Now, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it became known that not only the US is producing these missiles BUT HAS ALREADY DEPLOYED THEM IN EUROPE AND THE PHILIPPINES. Currently, Russia is working on response measures, not ruling out that it will also begin manufacturing and deploying the missiles.

    So the Yankee Empire would go bananas if Russia were to deploy nukes in Cuba, Caribbean, etc but somehow deploying US nukes in areas close to Russia is just fine. Remember the Yankee Empire is the only empire cruel enough to drop nukes on 2 civilian cities in a race to do this before WWII came to an end when they would lose the opportunity to see how they performed. (Like the words in one of Johnny Cash’s tunes — “But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die”) This myth about the super righteous USA doing this dastardly deed to end the war and save lives was just another Yankee lie along with devastating/ruining/etc the South to bring the war to end quicker. Russia knows about the WWII nukings from what I have read.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  10. ‘Far left’ isn’t necessarily bad, just depends on what sort of far left.
    If we’re talking about more help for workers, consumers, unions, small businesses, families, students, the sick and the elderly, that far left can be a good thing, but if we’re talking about more carbon taxes and medical mandates or ‘anti-racism’, ‘anti-sexism’ and xenophilia, that far left is bad.
    If we’re talking about the anti-war, anti-Zionist far left, that far left can be good, depending on what else they support.

    Because this French far left seems to views National Rally as a bunch of Nazis just for wanting to reduce immigration and tighten border security, I’m guessing they’re the crappy sort of far left.
    They will block everything National Rally wants to do that’s popular with most Frenchmen.
    Not that we can trust National Rally or any ‘national populist’ party to do what’s popular with their constituents, they often don’t anyhow.

    So yea, for me, there are nuances here, I am not simply rightwing or leftwing, I am for whatever I think will help Joe and Jane average as opposed to the special interests, and that’s pretty well the definition of a populist.

    Unfortunately that’s not how politics operates, instead we get these corrupt, and polarizing abstractions, leftwing/rightwing.
    If you want to move ‘left’, whatever that is, here, you gotta move left there too, and vice versa, if you want to move right here, you gotta move right there, but somehow it all ends up benefitting the ruling class at the expense of the little guy anyhow.
    Of course it’s n accident, it’s controlled opposition, demoligarchy.

    And so that’s where we are, politics as theatre, and I don’t expect it to change, except to get worse.
    I’ll be really surprised if it changes for the better, that’s what following politics for nearly two decades has taught me.

  11. What matters is who counts the votes. Last time they slipped in over a million bogus votes, all for Macron. It was enough. It could have been 2 million or even 5 million, if it were necessary.

    What matters is who counts the votes, and how.

  12. We should have started doing this seriously 25 years ago :

    Start building Orania style separatist /religious communities

    Stop trying to turn back the clock by sneaking in and winning sone fair national elections

    LDS Mormons once did this in Navou Illinois

  13. Nature cares not of how beautiful your women are,how advanced your technology,or your sublime art, transcendent music,or your blessed constitution.Nature knows only one indicator of superiority. That which superior is that which is survives. By nature’s standards White people are now an inferior race.

    • Can’t really argue with that point. The corollary statement is that the future belongs to those who show up for it. Every white country on earth has birth rates well below replacement. (So do some Asian countries, but that’s because they’ve swallowed the ‘liberal democracy’ lie). Even with the pro-natalist white subgroups like evangelical prots, LDS, etc. you have parents who work hard to homeschool, etc. but then send their kids to the universities – all of which are not only massive rackets engineered to enslave people in debt, but Church of Woke indoctrination mills. Even Hillsdale College, something like the last remaining one who refuses monies from Sodom-on-Potomac, has been infiltrated by the Church of Woke faithful. So a large percentile of the kids of small groups of whites who aren’t just inebriated wiggers on Uncle Schmuel’s plantation end up becoming Church of Woke monsters. The only segment of whites resistant to all this are some small Muslim populations, and that’s only because the Sanhedrin has left them alone for the time being.

    • >>>>> Nature knows only one indicator of superiority. That which superior is that which is survives.

      “Nature, that cruel queen of all wisdom”……AH

      WHITES have lost their tribal instinct, the instinct that preserves races.

      What to do ?

    • “A huge 3.5-ton adult female elephant protecting the young members of the herd was spooked and stomped a man and she was joined by the other two adult bulls who also attacked”

      It seems that nature instructs elephants with better survival instincts than WHITES.

  14. Many people romanticize the idea of picking up everything they have and moving to “the middle of nowhere” to escape the hellscape of modernity. As someone who lives in the middle of nowhere I can tell you with confidence that the illusion of escaping societal rot by relocating to a different place is just that: an illusion. The decay is present everywhere and no single location is immune to its effects.

    The stain of modernity is ubiquitous.

    The key to addressing this issue is to identify areas where restoration is still possible and actively engage in the process of rebuilding. By doing so, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come. To better understand this concept, consider the analogy of restoring an old car. You want to find a vehicle with minimal rust and wear, as excessive corrosion renders it unsalvageable. While some patina is to be expected, the goal is to find a car that can still be restored with effort and dedication. This is the same principle that applies to combating societal rot.

    The first step in addressing societal decay is to accept that there is no “perfect” location, free from the problems of modernity. No state and no nation are immune to the societal rot of liberalism, zionism, and globalization.

    The second step is to understand and accept that we may never live to see the fruits of our efforts to rebuild our civilization and that’s okay. We’re not doing this for ourselves, we’re doing it for our kin. It will be decades of work and toil, but it will be worth it.

    Better this daunting task be on our shoulders than on the shoulders of our children. In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves seeking instant gratification and immediate results. However, when it comes to rebuilding society, we must embrace the concept of the long game.

    The reality is that we are engaged in a protracted, multi-generational struggle for the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens. This war transcends the boundaries of political affiliation, extending into the realms of culture, spirituality, and even the very foundations of our society. It is a conflict that cannot be won within the confines of a single election cycle, as it demands far more than passive support from those who share our values.

    To truly achieve victory in this war, we must be willing to invest our time, energy, and resources into the cause. This means engaging in grassroots activism, fostering meaningful connections within our communities, and working tirelessly to educate others about the importance of preserving and promoting our shared values and exposing those who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

    We must be prepared to challenge the prevailing narratives that have been force-fed to us by a corrupt and untrustworthy media for our entire lives, and instead seek out alternative sources of information that align with our principles. Moreover, we must recognize that our efforts will not yield immediate results. The changes we seek will require decades, if not generations, of dedicated work to bring about. We must be patient, steadfast, and resolute in our pursuit of truth and justice, never wavering in the face of adversity or opposition.

    It is crucial that we cultivate a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst our fellow travelers. We must work together to build a parallel Christian society, one that is firmly grounded in the principles of our faith and dedicated to the preservation of our God-given rights and liberties. This will require us to break free from the shackles of the secular world, forsaking the corrupt institutions and organizations that have long sought to undermine our way of life.

    As we embark upon this great endeavor, we must never forget the sacrifices of those who have come before us. The legacy of our ancestors, who fought and bled to secure the blessings of liberty for future generations, serves as a constant reminder of the stakes at hand. We owe it to them, and to ourselves, to continue their struggle and ensure that the torch of freedom lit with the fire of our faith is passed on to our children and grandchildren.

    The path before us is long and arduous, fraught with challenges and obstacles that will test the very limits of our resolve. But if we remain steadfast in our convictions, if we are willing to invest the necessary time and effort, and if we are prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow believers, we can prevail in this multi-generational war for the soul of our nation. So let us gird ourselves with the armor of faith, take up the mantle of leadership, and march forth into the fray, secure in the knowledge that our cause is just and our mission divine.

    To God be the glory,

    • ” tell you with confidence that the illusion of escaping societal rot by relocating to a different place”

      Tell that to the millions of expats living in Asia.

    • FERIC ” WHITE PEOPLE are now an inferior race ” I disagree sir, I think our problem, our main problem, is our ” Spiritual contamination ” if we are to SURVIVE, this contamination issue, must be addressed …..

  15. I strongly recommend that all of us don’t give in to doom, gloom and despair and also (related) not overwhelm our normie friends, families, neighbors , alumni contacts with this extreme negativity that all is lost in France, England, Europe etc.

    IMO – it’s very similar to us losing pretty much all our American big cities to the worst BRA Dem mayors in the 1980s – Coleman Young in Detroit, (Homo ex Con) Harold Washington here in Chicago, Hatcher in Garry Indiana, Andrew Young and I forgot the worse Blacks that came after Andy in Atlanta, New Orleans “Chocolate City” and of course our Nation’s Capital Washington DC had Black crack cocaine addict Marion Barry.

    Yes, lots of French and English cities are suffering the same things now with bad Arabs, Muslims, Blacks with the support of the worst anti White Communists, Greens, homosexual extremists etc – Js seemed to be doing the same in Europe, UK what they’ve always done here.

    It’s guaranteed now that there will be White flight suburbs, towns, regions in France, England, Sweden etc – let’s promote good things, good people like David Duke in New Orleans White flight suburb Metairie LA.

    Everybody even remotely on our side – White identity, Alternative Right, Immigration patriots, JQ aware Whites, Westerners needs some base of operations.

    Closely following these bad outcome national elections in the UK, France was/is the Euro Cup soccer tournament – I’ve never seen less White European players on national teams before.

    Some good news at least today – Spain with ~ 50% White players just defeated a virtually all Black, Arab French national team. That would have really, really sucked for the French Black, Arab French National Team to win the Euro Soccer Cup to celebrate them taking over all of France and somehow this would be presented as a good thing for French National pride.

    Good job Spain.

    • “I strongly recommend that all of us don’t give in to doom, gloom and despair and also (related) not overwhelm our normie friends, families, neighbors , alumni contacts with this extreme negativity that all is lost in France, England, Europe etc.”

      this change your mind?
      Feds Declare WAR On UAW Over Gaza Ceasefire

    • While everyone is upset that NR didn’t get a majority, the fact is, the Left and Centrists combined to work against NR in a brilliant tactical move, successfully denying NR majority control. According to polls, where they combined to break the NR, the Centrists split their vote between Leftists and Rightwing. This means fully half centrist voters turned to the right. This is a good thing as its indicative that a half of  Establishment is supporting the rightwing.

      In contrast to the Centrists, where the Left combined against NR, they voted for Centrists 75% of the time! This is where NR lost the most of its winnable seats. This means, scores of seats are likely to pull rightwing in a future without Macron and his insidious pact with the Left. As things continue to collapae those constituencies will drift further into the right.

      At this point the Rigthwing parties have 143 NR seats, 46 LR seats, and 14 other Rightwing seats for a total of 185 seats in Parliament. The Leftwing parties have 182 for NFP, and 13 for other Leftwing parties for a total of 195 seats. This means that the country is roughly every split between rightwing and leftwing.

      The balance of the remainder are held by ethni-sectarian regional parties and Macron’s coalition of Establishment parties. It should be noted that most the ethno-sectarian regional parties are rightwing on immigration. The center probably has less support than it seems and is only viable by gaining support from the Left. When that evaporates, they have no choice but to join the Rightwing.

      At this point Macron as President hold the balance of power. He can administer without a government for some time, but will inevitably require a functioning Parliament. What that will look like is completely up to him. He could form some sort of grand center right coalition, including NR, and have an absolute majority. This would likely cause mass disruption in the street, but he’d have the democratic support to crush it. Or he could join up with the militant extremists on the Left. This would mean entrusting the government to known commie revolutionaries. He’d probably lose his head if he did that. Its up Macron whether he will have rabid revolutionary commie Melanchon or sensible Le Pen as his working partner. Sooner rather than later France will have a Rightwing nationalist government.

      • One thing the “commie” revolutionaries might do (assuming for the moment that they’re not just another Starmer type of “leftist”) that the so-called “right-wing” would not do would be to pull France out of NATO like De-Gaulle did way back in the 1960s. As 12AX7 noted in his response to your ‘local and regional’ point (which is not a bad one if you factor out the ongoing invasion of France), the Great Replacement reduces whatever possible effect such a strategy has. Even so, controlling some regions has its own importance over and above whatever effect it could have on a failing national structure. There’s not an easy way out of this for any genuine nationalist (those who would not remove their country from Globalist contraptions like the UN, EUSSR, IMF and NATO as soon as practically possible aren’t nationalists but infiltrators). Even if Le Pen managed to win the next time, the ongoing Great Replacement would render any meaningful change impossible as they replacements vote only one way. As in every single other white country, it’s the white sellouts to various hostile interests (Jews, Novus Ordo Papal-Satanists, et al) who are the biggest problem of all. This goes back to another topic which you actually did touch upon here:

        > Our disaster isn’t caused by Jews or even Papists. Its caused by cultural and spiritual rot and wreckage. That in turn is caused by consumerism and corporate capitalism of our Age of Materialism.

        The series of bad choices made in 1848 were the end result of the subversive process launched by the so-called “enlightenment” in which the west replaced Christ as King with a massive lie: “equality” – if you eat this fruit you will be like (equal to) God, knowing good from evil. This really got the ‘equality ratchet’ under way in a massive and consistent manner (though it was already in place on a smaller scale). The direct impetus for all this were the multiple revolutions which took place that year across Europe. As I said in my earlier response to your post, the root of the problem goes back further.

    • “I strongly recommend that all of us don’t give in to doom, gloom”

      I totally agree with that.

  16. “It’s guaranteed now that there will be White flight suburbs, towns, regions”


    “Expats are fleeing to Asia”

    Asia will become the ‘white flight’ suburb of the future.

    (There are already communities of Swedes, Russians , Germans and Swiss in Asia.)

  17. Get ready for the 2024 rig, retards. No, it was white women. No, it was college whites or some other bs. Delusion is a feature here.

  18. The current Biden just called the Secretary General of the United Nations a “wigger”. Many lols all around.

    The Rothschilds just called for ‘Biden’ to be replaced, via their house organ “The Economist” magazine. Now the Dems have no choice. They have received their orders publicly. They will never dare to disobey the Red Shield.

    All of you Hitler admirers need to realize that Hitler was a punk fyggot compared to Burkele. Burkele is the real deal. The current drama is the gangs still outside have threatened to go crazy, and kill random people all over El Salvador. Burkele’s response? He promises to completely cut off all food to the 100,000 gang members in his prisons if the killings start. And oh yeah, all the newly arrested gang members will get zero food. Nada. Nothing. They will starve to death.


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