David Brooks on Haiti

In The New York Times, David Brooks points out some obvious truths about the Haitian earthquake. A 7.0 earthquake struck the Bay Area in California in 1989. It only killed 63 people. The earthquake itself cannot explain the devastation in Haiti.

Brooks quickly dispels several liberal myths: foreign aid will work in Haiti, the country is poor because of the legacy of slavery and colonialism, the environment is holding Haiti back. Unfortunately, he goes on to say that Haiti suffers from “a complex web of progress-resistant cultural influences” which have retarded its development.

Like Steve Sailer, I don’t believe Brooks is dumb enough to actually believe this. Racial differences in intelligence are at the root of the problem, but Brooks cannot come out and say this in the mainstream without violating PC etiquette and losing his sinecure as prominent columnist in the Obamanation.

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  1. 43Wikitopian
    Chimps have smaller genitals. Whites have smaller genitals.

    First porn and now genitals. I wonder about some of you guys. But false allegations must be addressed.

    When compared to other primates, including large primates such as the gorilla, the male human genitalia are remarkably large. The human penis is both longer and thicker than that of any other primate both in absolute terms and in relative size to the rest of the body.


    The world’s largest penis belongs to a White man.

    But seriously, Jonah Falcon holds the world record. He’s the sort of chubby, beta White male that Roissy makes fun of.

    Research in rats has found that penis length is pre-determined by the action of hormones during a limited time frame early in fetal development. Exposure to hormones after this time can speed-up penis growth, but ultimately cannot increase the size reached in adulthood. The research has important implications for clinical management of children born with penile abnormalities. The results are published in the International Journal of Andrology.

    This most recent research demonstrates that maximal growth potential of the penis is pre-determined by androgen action during the MPW. Because the anogenital distance gives an insight into hormone exposure during foetal development it may be possible to use this measurement at birth to predict future reproductive problems or abnormal adult penis size.

    By blocking exposure to androgens during the MPW in rats, the team found that adult penis size was reduced and that exposure to the hormone later in life had no ‘repair’ effect.

  2. “Ignorant race-traitor Whites adopting Haitian orphans; refugee laws relaxed, etc:”

    When I heard about the Earthquake, I just knew they’d be a downside to it.

  3. Wikitopian: I read-I think from the Online Erectus Walks Amongst Us book-that Nigerians are estimated to be the human ethnic group most closely related to Chimpanzees. But, I don’t see this as problem, as this is genetic relatedness-not “inferiority.”

    You are correct that the Bushmen, Pygmies, Negritoes, and Australoids (Mainly Pacific Islanders, like Australia and Papau New Guinea, etc.) are anatomically less developed than Black Africans (and they are phenotypically less like us than Black Africans). And the former four are claimed to be genetically closer to us than we are to Blacks. We are more closely related to Chimps, but Orangutans are believed to be more anatomically developed (I believe according to the aforementioned online book).

    It’s not true that we are all at the same genetic distance from apes. But, also remember, I am NOT implying Black inferiority, either.

  4. Wikitopian: Your comment #38 was nasty sarcasm and an example of a strawman. I did not find any comments claiming the goal of all biological life is to be White European-much less from animals.

    Could we please just leave the anti-White guilt-tripping to our enemies?

  5. I don’t see how focusing on evolutionary and IQ science has any practical value for advancing the interests of Whites. So Whites have the highest IQs so what? I don’t see what implications that has for politics. Whites would still have a right to exist even if we had the lowest IQs.

    It’s powerful gateway material.

    I’d heard about the IQ stuff long before I ever took an interest in race. I always thought that racism was about appearance [and, when all is said and done, it still is] and intelligence differences just something that racists cooked up to discourage mixing. I simply couldn’t imagine that society could be based on equality unless equality was an established fact. And that’s the value of race-realism/IQ-realism (like Jared Taylor and his conferences): you can hate the racists (or fear the “Nazis”) until your head explodes but it doesn’t change the fact that modern liberal society is failing because it is based on lies and/or delusions about human reality.

    As for whites having a right to exist, not even the most militant anti-racists claim whites don’t have a “right to exist” — ie whites presently alive have a right to keep living. It’s the right to secure permanent racial existence that you’re claiming, and which anti-racists deny you. (“Anti-racist is code for anti-white is powerful propaganda, but you should be aware that, strictly speaking, it isn’t true.)

  6. I think that Wikipedian’s point is that all races have a right to exist. Negroes are adapted for a particular environment, which is sunny and hot. Their heavily pigmented skin protects against ultraviolet rays, their kinky hair, wide noses and elongated skulls help with dissipating heat, etc. They have mostly “red meat” muscle tissue, used for short term power activities such as sprinting, and is beneficial for hunting the game you find in Africa. On the opposite spectrum, Europeans’ white skin is great for absorbing vitamin D in an environment with little sunglight, our mostly “white meat” muscle tissue is ideal for long treks through the snow, and our larger brains are great for figuring out how to survive in a very harsh, ice age environment.

    In regard to the potential for creating civilization, remember that a large brain is very expensive in terms of calories required to maintain it. Your brain is only 10% of your body mass, but uses 25% of your metabolic energy. Thats an extremely costly piece of biological machinery. In addition, in a hot, tropical environment, you have major problems keeping it cool. Africans probably had no need for a larger brain in their environment, and those that had such werent as successful in reproducing and surviving.

    If Africans were not better suited to their environment, how is it that they were not displaced by some other invading race over the millenia? Of course, in our day and age, technology and learning have made intelligence the most important factor for success. Accordingly, Africans will inevitably create failed states when left to their own devices (at least they are failures according to our criteria, they sure look like hell to me, but perhaps for Africans they seem fine).

    Therefore, I think Wikipedian has a valid point. Africans do have a right to exist, although hopefully they would remain in Africa. Europeans have the same right in their own homelands, likewise for all races. Mixing the races helps nobody, and destroys the natural diversity of mankind.

    Harry Truman had an interesting quote that relates to this discussion. He said, “I think one man is just as good as another so long as he’s not a nigger or a Chinaman. Uncle Will says that the Lord made a White man from dust, a nigger from mud, then He threw up what was left and it came down a Chinaman. He does hate Chinese and Japs. So do I. It is race prejudice, I guess. But I am strongly of the opinion Negroes ought to be in Africa, Yellow men in Asia and White men in Europe and America.”

  7. Steve,

    I’ll cut the sarcasm, but it’s not “anti-white guilt tripping” to insist on what I believe to be good science and accurate analysis. I never said anything remotely anti-White.

  8. I’m wondering what you find so interesting about what Truman wrote, Andrew. He wrote it in 1911, at the age of 27, in a letter to his wife. Thirty seven years later he ordered the desegregation of the federal workforce and the military. JFK also had some kind things to say about Hitler when he was a student at Harvard.

    To me the interesting thing about what he said, given his later change of views, is that it shows how often people with racist views change those view not as a result of a revised view of blacks (did black behavior change much between 1911 and 1948?), but simply as a consequence of realizing that black people are here to stay. People prefer to live with their own kind, and this is legitimate. De-facto segregation EXISTS locally and regionally, and it will naturally continue to do so and perhaps expand. But only people with a lot of time on their hands seriously think that tens of millions of blacks and mulattos are going to leave places like Chicago and Detroit and Milwaukee for Africa or for some Haiti-like black homeland in the deep south. Wasn’t a realistic idea in 1865, isn’t realistic today. As Steve Sailer said some place, “we’re all in this together.”

  9. I agree with your point, Andrew. We evolved differently, specialized for different environments.

    To be honest, I actually hate how people say ALL non-White races should prefer White women. This is inaccurate and obviously against our interests. Black women are the ideal for Black men as they are a genetic match, and the best genes for Tropical Africa. And why it hurts us is obvious, when you see Tyrone flirting with an attractive White woman.

  10. @Crypto Aryan,
    “I’m wondering what you find so interesting about what Truman wrote, Andrew.” Its mostly interesting to me because it represents probably the view of the vast majority of Americans of that age, and for most of our history. Ethnocentrism is normal and natural for every race, and is closely related to distrusting other outgroups, also known as “prejudice”. East Asians feel this way toward Whites, and it is exceedingly healthy, because it keeps the races apart to some degree. Barrack Obama’s Kenyan grandfather had prejudicial comments about Stanley Ann Dunham; even the Kenyans probably believe their blood is superior to other groups. That sense of pride and prejudice is a good thing for them. As I write, some Japanese blogger is talking about the “Blue eyed Devils”, and probably other ethnic groups as well. I am not offended. The Japanese have a right to exist, with their own unique ethnicity and culture, and are naturally and healthily prejudiced against other races. Like Truman, I have the same prejudice about other races, although of course that makes me a racist bastard (I strive to be civil in word and deed though).

    As far as “blacks being here to stay”, you probably know very well that ethnic groups occupying the same land area will inevitably miscegenate and merge over time, as we saw in India and elsewhere. Blacks and Whites should obviously not be living together, it causes discord and disaster. Its unfortunate that Harry Truman was not farsighted enough to see that his Civil Rights activities would be so ruinous in the future.

    Others’ comments about you ring true though, Crypto. You dont really seem to have a lot of very useful things to say. Observing your comments, especially to Scrooby, I would guess that you find it humorous to try to insert multicultural happiness into discussions where possible, or if that isnt productive, then at least derail discussions with insults.

  11. GW Bush (and Ahmadinejad) are both a heck of a lot closer to apes than Obama….if in doubt- check the distance between the eyes (W and AN).

  12. It isn’t just intelligence; it is also libido preferences.

    When you live in the shadow of a glacier, you better have a plan for the future.

    In Africa, you can live moment-to-moment.

    Why do you think that whites have high rates of obsessive-compulsive behavior?

    Those that were obsessive survived the cold winters, those whites still carrying the African mind died out.

    A dumb saver can defeat a brilliant bohemian.

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