American Taqiyah — James Traficant

I don’t know if Traficant knows the term and definition of Taqiyah, but this is a beautiful example of it, fast forward to 8 minutes in.

Traficant on Susteren — Taqiyah fighting

Question 1: What is the meaning of “Taqiyah”?
Answer: Its literal meaning is to safeguard; to defend; to fear; piety (because it saves one from the displeasure of Allah).

Al?Munjid says:

This gist of above is that the word taqiyahmeans to be on guard, to fear, to be pious.

The dictionary as?Surah says, (Taqiyah, tuqat = piety)

The point of Taqiyah is to not allow the enemy to define you; to be on guard and FIGHT over publicly-agreed-upon definitions. This is what Semitic Psychological Warfare is all about.

The Jews easily “stick it to us” because it doesn’t occur to us to fight over publicly agreed-upon-definitions. So they appoint themselves as the “arbiters of meaning.”

The teachings of Islam, being a Semitic warrior religion, are structured to fight over public definitions. The Sword and the Tongue. White man is all Sword and no Tongue. Watch the movie “The Stone Merchant” with the scenes with the militant imam rallying the jihadists. That’s Semitic Psychological Warfare.

For example, the re-occuring theme of “US soldiers flushing the Koran down the toilet” is very useful for stoking up jihadist rage. This is a fight over a public definition. Is a Koran something to be flushed, or not? The Jew says “all goyish definitions are open to our interpretation” but the Muslims fight them on this ground.

The Muslims know how to fight Jews. We do not . . . yet. But people are learning.

James Traficant needs to comb his hair, and he makes a lot of folksy commentary. But he has learned how to argue with Jews and the spokesmouths of Jews.


  1. As a subscriber to the American Free Press, I note that Carto is making a big effort to support Traficant’s attempted comeback in American politics. He has a regular column in the paper, and they are having some kind of conference in which he is the keynote speaker in a few weeks. I would think the new generation of white nationalists instead of reinventing the wheel every generation would do well to learn from and support Carto’s efforts, going on their fifth decade, to build an authentic white resistence here in America.

  2. James von Brunn wrote cogently and unfavorably about Willis Carto whom he worked for briefly. Others have had issues with him, too, but
    who else has had a hat in the game so long? I loved The Spotlight and now I subscribe to the Barnes Review, but The American Free Press doesn’t twirl my beanie. It’s geriatric with no pop culture coverage and too many quack cures and gold bug ads. Jim Traficant is jake, but his schtick is that he’s the little guy’s candidate so he plays the folksiness way up. His ridiculous rug is his trademark. Traficant and Jessie Ventura would make a great team for the smartypants A3p (No Picklesnoots Party). Is Jessie Ventura Jew wise? I don’t know.

  3. Willis Carto is a conditionally useful asset. As long as you agree with him, he is your biggest booster. But disagree with him one time, and he re-invents you as a heretic. Ask Don Wassall of the American Nationalist Union how that works. But his AFP is a good product, and The Barnes Review is state-of-the-art professionalism.

    Jesse Ventura Jew-wise??? Are you serious? Jesse the Buffoon was one of the biggest boosters of the Jewish Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman. Jesse Ventura is “Jesse-wise”; a shameless self-promoting huckster who’s for himself first, last, and foremost. When Jesse, who was a member of the so-called Reform Party, refused to support Reform Party Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan in 2000, he showed his true colors. And they weren’t red, white, and blue; they were green, green, and green. As in “money” green.

  4. I gave my sister a subscription to the AFP the Christmas before last. This year she asked me for something “stronger” so I got her a subscription to The Nationalist Times sight unseen. How do these two papers compare?
    My sister is way into the alternative foods and medicine woo-woo and even she mentioned the AFP’s sketchy ads. I thought WILLIS CARTO and the American Far Right by George Michael was a good read. Having read one of his other book about the Right I was expecting a smear job. The worst hatchet job ever was THE LIBERTY LOBBY AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT: Race, Conspiracy, and Culture by Frank Mintz. He must have been put up to it by WJC or ADL; picked up his check at the front desk and made aliyah, never to be seen or heard from again.

  5. Traficant, who is certainly no angel, is back, pissed off and firing back at Jewry for railroading him to jail, destroying his career, and gerrymandering away his home congressional district. Charging him with “corruption”, when they themselves have corrupted and hijacked the whole damned system! When he had the strong support of the working class in his Youngstown district, he was without fear or favor, but wouldn’t openly tackle the JQ. When, however, he became a very loose cannon and an irritating gadfly, and especially when he stood up for Demjanjuk, the inner party decided to eliminate him legally, and they did. Now that he has been personally victimized by Jewry and their minions, he is not hesitant to discuss Judeo-centric political realities, thank goodness.

  6. K,
    The Jewish infection of American has only one solution. It is the only solution that has worked for 2500 years in any civilization the Jews have attempted to infect. The must leave. They must be thrown out.

    There is no union, there is no common thought, there is no harmony, there is no common purpose the White West shares with the Jew. By their own admission, by their own websites, by their own public beliefs, they are at odds with the whole world. They believe they must rule all people. They believe they are superior to all. They believe they are ordained by God to dominate the world.
    No matter who you read, no matter what angle you view the Jewish question, no society has ever benefited from their infection by any measurement: Culture, Art, Religious, Science, Values, Banking, News, Education, Warfare, etc. They are destroyers of all things White and Western. They are destroyers of all things good.

    The Jew must destroy the West as the predominate religion of the White Western Man is Christianity. If Christianity is true, the Jew is a liar and a phony. If Christianity is true, the Jew is the enemy of God. If Christianity is true, the Jew is rejected and despised by the same God he professes to serve. Christianity must be destroyed as it is completely opposed to, and supersedes Judaism. Even the Atheist Jew burns with hatred towards Christianity for what he perceives as the theft of his ancient culture and religion.

    The Jewish infection must be treated as the Muslim infection; they both must be exterminated to remove any influence and continued infection to our way of life. How? War? Of course not, war should be the last way to solve conflict. We should use what has worked hundreds of time for over 2500 years. The Jew must be expelled. The Muslim must be expelled. They have no place in our society. The White Ruling Elite will then have the option: Will you rule the White West for the benefit of the White West? If not they must be overthrown and replaced also, with noble men who have the interest of the West at heart.

    Just as the body is a living organism that expels toxic and dangerous infections, so must the West do the same that we may be well again. Even if we must cut off a finger or two in the process.

    Best Regards,
    Sherwood Smith

  7. Google the title below to be lead to a PDF file written by Kevin Coogan. He wrote the excellent biography of Francis Parker Yockey, DREAMER OF THE DAY. It’s contains a quick history of the American extreme Right. Invalueable to A3P optimists.


  8. Rather than spend valuable time learning to perfect our skills in these ancient and arcane semitic debate techniques -Taqqiyah (Islamic) and Pilpul (Talmudic) we should just mock the fuck out of these throwback
    theocracies. If they’re such sophisticated and wiley intellectual adversaries our only hope to turn them into a Saturday Night Live skit. We can’t ask
    people to think because they have neither the desire or the time anymore to learn to disengage themselves from The Matrix. We can only hope to help liberate them with laughter.

  9. “I guess no one has any comments about Taqqiyah.”

    On Taqqiyah, we would do well to imitate the Muslims very closely when it comes to how they deal with Jews.

    The Jews in Islamic countries have always been too afraid of Muslims to subvert their societies and cultures.

    Also we should consider the advantages of imitating the Muslims practice of allowing limited Polygamy, as too many White Women go childless due to the limited supply of desirable men who aren’t already married.

  10. “Also we should consider the advantages of imitating the Muslims practice of allowing limited Polygamy, as too many White Women go childless due to the limited supply of desirable men who aren’t already married.”

    Unless you’re planning to fight a lot of wars, or occupy a lot of other lands far from home, polygamy is a social disaster. Leaves lots of men without women, or children, to care for or care about. american blacks, with their high death and incarceration rathes for black males, have been practicing de facto polygamy for years — where has it gotten them?

  11. Blacks have de facto Polygamy because they have problems. It isn’t that they have problems because they have de facto Polygamy.

    “Unless you’re planning to fight a lot of wars, or occupy a lot of other lands far from home, polygamy is a social disaster. Leaves lots of men without women, or children, to care for or care about.”

    I tend to think we are at a point where we could use more angry young white men.

    Look how much Muslim Races have benefitted from their angry young men. The chokehold of their great enemy of America is loosening thanks to the efforts of those very angry young men!

    I’m not saying there wouldn’t be very real disadvantages to bringing back Polygamy. But nonetheless it’s worthy of consideration given the desperate Demographic Straights we find ourselves in.

  12. Primogeniture has the same effect with much less inter-social aggression. Primogeniture also tends to strengthen sibling relationships which would be beneficial for spreading memetic content that is racialist/radically traditionalist/white nationalist in nature since the siblings tend to share political and religious bends.

  13. I don’t think Kievsky was talking about polygamy, guys.

    Taqiyya or Taqqiyah is about, among other things, concealment; hiding one’s beliefs so that one avoids detection and persecution. You might think that this tactic is cowardly or dishonest, but that’s old white man’s thinking, from when whites only lived amongst their own kind in their own nations, and it made sense to speak plainly.

    We aren’t living in that kind of world anymore and are moving towards a more “diverse”, globalist, or ecumene world with effectively no borders, and no way to overthrow the global rulers (for now). Under such a regime, conditions mirror those of early Islam (where Shia had to conceal themselves from Sunni persecution via concealment) and the Roman/Persian and Hellenistic periods that preceeded it: nation-states or city-states were no longer relevant; the ecumene as a whole was relevent.

    If one wants to preserve one’s tribe under these kinds of globalist conditions, one forms “sect nations” where religions (or things comparable to religions) define group identity, not states or nations. You carry your nation, state, and borders inside you. Peoples form in opposition to each other and in opposition to the rulers of the ecumeme through concealment and through indirect means of opposition, not through direct means (ie, wars, political parties, etc.).

    The future is going to look in some ways more like the 9th century caliphate or like Hellenism under Alexander’s successors; it is not at all going to look like 19th or 20th century nationalism and wars of ideology and party. That era is over, and we lost. The new era demands new and different virtues.

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