Amren: Inside and Out

I spent a very productive day advancing the conspiracy in the DC metropolitan area. The details are better left unsaid. I’ve probably accomplished more here than I otherwise would had the conference taken place as scheduled. You don’t have to meet the speakers to find out what they are about. I came for the networking opportunities, comradarie, and the knowledge base.

Note: Some of you have emailed me. I’m still in the area. Yes, I would be interested in hosting a meet up. Email me back and suggest a location. I don’t know any of the local restaurants.

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  1. I really wanted to go to the American Renaissance conference, but unfortunately I simply didn’t have the money to spare.

  2. …I’ve probably accomplished more here than I otherwise would had the conference taken place as scheduled. …

    Indeed Hunter indeed!

    A lost conference is highly preferable to a scenario where so many more White Nationalists see just how much Zionist Jews really do hate everything and anything about them, and will go to any length to deny them their most basic Civil and Human Rights by hindering and attempting to prevent them from peacefully assembling and speaking.

    This is the cached version [hat tip Old Atlantic :-)] before the macho ‘never again’ ‘heroes’ pulled it down from their site –

    Why the Jewish Defense Organization Launches a Successful Boycott of a Hotel for allowing a Neo-Nazi Convention

    JDO launched a boycott against a hotel located in Virginia for daring to rent for a neo-nazi convention. It is true that JDO has launched and is continuing this important boycott and the effect is more than just local but national on various hotels across the US that have been asked by assorted Neo-Nazi and KKK misfits to rent for Jew-Hating and racist hate fests of the future, will think a million times over if they hear or read that not only were have been angry demonstrations at other hotels that rented to this neo-nazi outfit in the past. This local run by a despicable sleaze for renting to the neo-nazis but the Jews and others angry as well brought that Hotel to its knees with the additional weapon of boycott, meaning getting all potential customers to cancel ever using that hotel in the future.First, no greater justice can be done to the owners and management of the hotel.

    JDO plans on financially wrecking the hotel if they rent to these neo-nazis! This means effort and letting everyone also know the owners the manager be called and demand the neo-nazi meeting be cancelled immedaitely! This campaign is specifically aimed at the hotel, and its “rent to the Nazis” manager who rented unknowingly and eagerly to a band of neo-nazis that has hosted Nazi KKK pig David Duke speak about the “evil Jews” at its conventions. The neo-nazi that runs this group is one Jared Taylor. When JDO launched its campaign 8 weeks ago thousands called, and cabled Welliver to cancel this upcoming neo-nazi convention. Well, he allowed the neo-nazis in anyway. The only conscience the hotel has are its pockets, and if we financially wreck the hotel through a serious boycott every hotel will remember what JDO did to Welliver and his once proud hotel punished and brought to financial ruin by reaching out and getting every possible customer to cancel any parties planned there.

    The neo-nazi American Renaissance is holding their 9th biennial conference at the ??? on February 19-21, 2010 We just got word that the hotel cancelled the Nazi scum convention. Stop calling them, they did not know who they were renting to. Any info on where Jarad Taylor and his speakers will hold their nazi meeting would be greatly appreciated now that this hotel has cancelled. PRESS RELEASE

    Imagine that, Jared Taylor is, and is hosting, a “Nazi scum convention”! RM LMFAO 😀

    *I hope you personally bring this to his and anyone else’s attention there in DC at your personal meetings and get-togethers.

  3. Comment #3 above proves without a doubt that philosemitism doesn’t pay off as a political strategy.

    Jews want nothing less than wholesale white race-replacement. If you oppose race-replacement, then you are a neo-nazi.

  4. A lost conference is highly preferable to a scenario where so many more White Nationalists get an opportunity to see just how much Zionist Jews really do hate everything and anything about them, and will go to any length to deny them their most basic Civil and Human Rights by hindering and attempting to prevent them from peacefully assembling and speaking.

    In a word:


    The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary …

    The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. …

    Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.

    It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.

    Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

    The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.

    The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy.

    Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities. …

    ~ Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)

  5. All due respect to the ivory tower intellectual wing of the pro white movement; WN scholars, Race Realists, professors authors and public speakers extraordinaire. Your work over the last twenty years has blazed a trail. Sticking your own necks out saying things that no one else had the guts to say, you are to be applauded. Many of you took personal and economic hits for your honesty and integrity. You were courageous and accomplished great things. The writing is on the wall now however, it’s time to put that phase to bed (at least for now). The AR conference fiasco, the Attorney General E. Holders’ public statements that “Hate Crime statutes only apply against whites”, the Black Panther poll intimidation, the physical attacks against Tea Party participants, Kevin McDonald’s tenure assault, Acorn’s corruption of the polls, the list is long. The opposition is emboldened and given cart blanch by a sympathetic political party now in full power. Their methodology is “by any means necessary” or “the end justifies the means”. Their harassment, assaults, death threats will be swept under the rug and/or encouraged from a distance. The media will run cover for them as well. Perhaps this anti- white caustic climate will be beaten back by the next election but either way why should our side continue to provide a public face to our cause to make it easier to attack us? Tracking IPs, storing search engine data are being done already. The business world is only too happy to assist corrupt government law breakers for future paybacks. Software back-doors, bugging without warrants. Do you know that every MS office application that you use encodes documents with a identifier unique to your home PC? That happened many years ago. Not quite sure what old Bill had in mind when he coded that feature, they didn’t advertise it as an improvement or new feature did they? Same with your printers and digital cameras. All digital phones have been manufactured with an electronic back door to allow remote bugging since the 90s. Virtually everything done on all pro-white sites can be done without pictures of the members or authors or mention of location. There is no real need to write, author or comment without a pseudonym. Your vanity or bravado is out of place at this point in time and you disrespect your family by risking the thugs attacking your own. If you have to speak at all to political adversaries, use the mantras (Bugs). You can see what a honorable man speaking truthfully unselfishly has done for Jarred Taylor and Kevin McDonald. While it is there choice to continue to risk those repercussions I for one with not find satisfaction at the scum being able to continue their persecution of them and others like them.

    We need to build our strength in local affiliations of one or two friends in private associations. Two or three families that know two or three other families ad infinitumin a lose network of local trusted friends with no public exposure and no outreach or attempts to persuade others to join. Our opponents can come down just as hard on local associations and national ones. Do not mistake these must be friendships between one or two other pro-whites no more at one time! See “Whites helping Whites” on the C of CC site (networking section eastern dixie) and the next five or six posts. If there is any upside to the current dire straits that many whites face today it is that the bias of media is no longer even a question but a given. The NBA losing money is kinda funny too. The question of unequal enforcement of laws and race quotas are already in the mainstream of most American whites awareness. They either know and approve or know are one of us. The blatant attempts by rogue elements of our government to benefit non-whites and extract money from whites to do it is no longer hidden. As the black cop said to the white carying a sign about Obama, he can bust you for anything he wants to – “It ain’t America anymore”. C of CC has been on the forefront of bringing many of these things to light. The need for whites to look out for their own interests in now becoming evident. When Newsweek Magazine says a child being proud of being white is wrong in and of itself the common people’s threshold of understanding the propaganda is at its summit or will not ever be for some. When three year old babies are called racists if anyone will see the truth they should have seen it by now. The practice of giving an address, a surname and location, along with public forums to allow them to record licenses plates, take photos, misquote our statements to the press or follow us home to our family is insane. What has happened to Jarred Taylor and Kevin McDonald is not just or helpful. We don’t need martyrs we need leaders.

    Go back, mimic your ancestors and their strategies to survive in a hostile political and economic world. Teach your friends everything useful to your common survival to increase your wealth, security. Build local power bases. If you have a business, use white sub contractors not employees. Learn who controls things politically in your own town, city, neighborhood. Let the NBA rot and every business that takes money away from your own kind. Don’t go to movies with non-white lead actors or where plots depict the white race unfairly. If your church Pastor wants to send money to Haiti or Africa ask them to help local people first that have no jobs and not just people of color as they might say, whites better be getting some of that church charity too. If you can’t find a decent church without a liberal PC pastor, smile attend and worship but put a dollar bill each week in the collection dish. Spend the rest of your 10% on works for poor whites (including your own)in your own city. Do business with your political friends and magnify each other both intellectually, economically and watch each others back. Become insular. Think of “the family” without the rackets or law breaking. Don’t mark yourself with tattoos. No bumper stickers, no outward signs of your politics. Become proficient in the trades, learn the basics of Spanish (particularly slang and the basics of one European language) so our enemies can’t use those in crime against us or in business. Visit our political opponents websites and learn their techniques or plans against us. Frugality, caution with outsiders, being prepared for any contingency is what we need now. Our leaders need to focus their time now on what to do (legally) instead of convincing non-believers. Find birds of a feather you only need one or two and let them do the same. Don’t fight with your brothers in arms. Don’t met your friends other connections and visa-versa.

    To those who still think we need to be political active-How much longer do you think the data on which you base your rhetorical arguments will remain available and true? FBI crime statistics and intelligence data are used to persuade and educate. Remember the manipulation of the climate statistics? The history books have be ravaged before most of our children were even born. You are hanging on to a thread that could be snatched away any moment. The media stoped including positive race information on whites and excluding negative race information on minorities decades ago. Do you think they will give you those numbers to use against them for much longer? In what year do you think they will decide to fudge those numbers or give no data at all? I personally predict the census will be a fraud this time around to facilite stealing millions to redirect to political friends of the current party in power. You know kinda like the stimulus. Do you honestly think the populace will rise up and save white advocates because your first amendment rights were clearly violated? The injustice is out in the open now, if that effects a change for the better or the worse our future efforts and preparations are still the same. You can apply these principals if the Internet was shut down tomorrow; if public mentions of race became a hate felony these steps are still apropos. If your angry about what they did to AR know that the thing that shakes them up the most is when we are quiet, unaffectedand purposeful. Remember the 14 words, save 14% of your discretionary spending for your survival fund each month and the cowards that shut it down will have federal sympathy but we will have local control soon. Eventually that local control with include where they live. Only a fool or a man bent on suicide fights fair when those who wish to destroy him will not. If you are bent on being a martyr please spare me. Seing whites persecuted jailed, beaten, raped or killed doesn’t actually inspire me or cheer me up at this point in the game, it probably doesn’t most. An honorable man, the rule of law or the Constitution is not a concept our adversaries understands. But we can adapt to the circumstances – it’s just in our genes, but let us pick the time and places to defend ourselves, we’re good at it when we follow our true nature.

    Good Luck

  6. Reality Check, thanks for the hat tip and even more for reposting that link. As many people as possible should download it. JDO may fear legal action. Amren should think about that. Also, attendees themselves may have an individual or class action apart from Amren. Even if Amren does nothing, even one attendee can sue for damages. That can include punitive damages related to the entire damages to the conference and group not just to that one person’s direct damages. Consequential damages to the movement can also be sought. The organizations doing this get money for their actions. That can be sought as unjust enrichment. Its always good to try to think of qui tam damages, the government has to investigate those and if it brings the case, it bears in effect all the costs of litigation. There are also state qui tam actions.

  7. Also, aren’t there issues about interfering with a public gathering, facility, etc? Did these organizations state that it was their effort that got cancellations not the death threats? They took credit to their fundraisers for the cancellation? Therefore they have already given up the defense that it was the death threats that caused the cancellation?

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