R.E.A.L. Revenge

Jared Taylor in HalifaxIt’s difficult to argue against using violence and intimidation at a time like this. Our opponents are threatening to walk into hotels and shoot people. We’ve attempted to peacefully gather and have been denied our right to assemble at every turn. Jeffrey Imm is the public face of a conspiracy to deny our freedom of assembly.

The contradictions here would be laughable if this were a laughing matter: The anti-fascists are running around in masks, making threats, and physically attacking people for having and defending their racial identity. The Civil Rights Movement has come full circle: What began with people demanding the right to equal access to a specific motel has ended with us being denied access to any hotel.

FascistI’m not going to pretend like this is good news. It’s definitely an escalation in tensions. After all, American Renaissance Conferences used to be picked up by CSPAN and now they’re incapable of securing any venue at all. Enemies who used to threaten to shame us with photographs and signs are now threatening to walk in and shoot hotel employees who fail to collude with them in suppressing us. I try to avoid excessively framing things in terms of historiographical forces and patterns: It is what it is. Let’s make the best of this situation.

Their threats of violence against us enable the government to silence us. Our threats of violence against them enable the government to silence us. It’s not fair. Some jackass with a telephone can provoke martial law, trigger the kidnapping of children by the hundreds, and excuse silencing political dissidents. That is, of course, if the regime wanted to do those things anyway. If I were to try to leverage the telephone in such a manner, I would make a point to enjoy my last private shower before doing so. Don’t waste any time wondering when these Jerky Boys will be brought to justice – they won’t be.

I’m not a pacifist. Violence has its place. But threatening violence or engaging in violence at this point in the game will only excuse yet another unbearable increase in persecution. It’s not like we have the political infrastructure or the public support at this time to instigate a revolution. It’s not like you’ll strike a strategic blow that will weaken the regime. You’ll merely instigate blowback on your comrades.

If you really want revenge, and I think you do, join those of us who are organizing and raising awareness at the grassroots level. Network with likeminded White Advocates. Regularly donate money to a group you trust. Work toward the financially and politically independent lifestyle that will enable you to fight back. We can lobby representatives, host monthly meetings, distribute materials, and change minds at the local level then work up from there.

The real revenge will require hard work, patience, focus, and discipline. Posting the private address of this or that stooge of the opposition endangers us greatly and would serve as a fine excuse for more aggressively persecuting us if somebody actually followed through with something. In today’s context, men who attempt to goad us into instigating violence are either feds or tards, and I’m too busy to bother sorting them.

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  1. Mr. Dithers,
    Posting names and addresses in this context is a legal gray area. You’re liable to get a stupid person in serious trouble. The slightest twist of phrase when posting somebody’s address is the difference between protected speech and political imprisonment – especially if somebody actually does something. The potential for making them squirm isn’t worth the risk you accept.

    I’m not talking about being “moral” or “taking the high ground” here. I’m talking about strategic sensibility. There’s nothing immoral about defending the homeland from alien oppression. There’s something immoral about goading stupid friendlies into endangering themselves and provoking disproportionate blowback. This is just not a context in which violence is smart.

    This whole “We can’t just keep talking on the Internet” thing is a false paradigm. There is a lot of very sharp stuff going on, like the A3P organizing. For some reason, men who evidently lack the courage to pass out a pamphlet in defense of their race talk as if they’re totally prepared to go for the virgins.

    We got busted back from organizing on a national level. So we roll back and decentralize a bit. Our opponents are highly concentrated. I can have White racialist meetings every month out here in the styx – right out in the open. I know this because I attend them. You win some battles and you lose some battles. But you don’t just take one loss as some excuse to lose your cool and stop thinking and acting strategically.

  2. If violence is out of the question, then you need to find some other way to make it cost them something as well….

    Right. Lawsuits. Damages.

  3. Talking on the Internet is fine…but we have enough now. There are some very sharp intellectually-minded wn’s making cogent arguments in which to undergird our future actions, as compared to 10 years ago. We need more Indians, and fewer men wanting to be chiefs.

  4. http://www.realcourage.org/2010/02/american-renaissance-conference-canceled-again/

    Absolutely infuriating: Deranged lunatic Jeffrey Imm says white nationalists are trying to deny him freedom of speech.

    Imm: “Some in the so-called ‘white nationalist’ community which includes the ‘hate groups’ American Renaissance, VDARE, Stormfront, Occidental Dissent, and others have opposed R.E.A.L.’s free speech to challenge ‘white nationalist’ ‘hate.’ We defend our right to free speech in rejecting hate, regardless of the threats against R.E.A.L.’s Jeffrey Imm.”

  5. ben tillman, you’re a lawyer right? What about those death threat phone calls to hotel staff? Do you think it’s likely any of those will be investigated? Also, who could Taylor and AmRen sue exactly?

    Win or lose, I think a lawsuit should be a minimum response.

  6. Wikitopian
    I do not argue against secession. I admire Covington’s work, but the actual bootstrapping hasn’t been demonstrated.

    The best chance for a white nationalist secession movement will come when other secession movements break out during a crisis of legitimacy brought about by the inevitable federal bankruptcy and the destruction of the currency. If the feds face secession on multiple fronts they won’t be able to focus their efforts on punishing us. They’ll be overwhelmed by the chaos. Under those circumstances even an implicitly white movement could quickly transform into an overt white nationalist movement. You know what they say, never let a crisis go to waste.

    Unlike today, when the enemy has an large surplus of mobile resources and manpower to use against us, during a multiple secession crisis they’ll be pinned down in their urban liberal strongholds and afraid to venture too far into white territory.

    I expect a large part of American jewry to panic and flee at the first signs of civil disorder. Not the neocons, who have a better grasp of what’s at stake than your average liberal jew, but they’ve always been a minority.

    Even the neocons might cut and run if American power has diminished far enough to render it useless to Israel’s expansionist plan. The more jews flee the more the anti-white agenda will crack up, with blacks and other incompetents taking over the leadership positions formerly held by ruthless jews.

    This scenario suggests several tactics.

    We should encourage all serious secessionist movements, whether they be conservative, left wing, libertarian or religious. Even losing parts of the United States to Mexican secessionists would be a worthwhile sacrifice if it weakened the federal government.

    We should support cuts in so-called defense spending. Anything that weakens the empire’s military will make secession easier.

    We should resist higher taxes. Again, this weakens the federal government.

    We should welcome huge deficits. The sooner the federal government goes bankrupt the better.

  7. In case anyone doubts my prediction of inevitable bankruptcy for the federal government just look at the projections made by the establishment. By 2020 the national debt will be $15 to $20 trillion. If they pay 5% interest on the debt that’s $750 billion at the low end and a cool $1 trillion at the high end. Bear in mind that the deficit projections for the coming year have more than doubled, so these estimates are probably optimistic. In a moderately bad case we’d have $20 trillion in debt with 10% interest rates, eating up $2 trillion a year just to service the debt. That doesn’t even take into account the retiring baby boomers and their insatiable need for Social Security and Medicare.

  8. Wiki,
    I agree with most of your comments and my posts were not a call to reckless behavior but we need to ponder what the future may bring. Some within WN spend more time vilifying VNN and other “revolutionary” types than they do smarmy leftists like Jeffrey Imm. The left lumps all of us together…. a fact which seems to be lost on most.

    I tend to believe the Amren fiasco is likely a harbinger of things to come so at some point we may have to rethink our tactics which includes becoming more (gasp) militant. Things are getting worse not better and many act as if the situation can never deteriorate further.

  9. OldRight

    … encourage all serious secessionist movements, whether they be conservative, left wing, libertarian or religious. losing parts of the [US] to Mexican secessionists would be … worthwhile … cuts in so-called defense spending … weakens the empire’s … resist higher taxes … welcome huge deficits.

    I generally concur with these proposals. At lot of it depends on how economically self sufficient and organized the white “heartland” is, and from what I understand parts will do fine and other parts not so fine.

    Much hinges on the military and domestic police forces. But the enemy has a very good countermeasure – another false flag attack that corrals the conserva-tards back into “fight the rag-heads” mode. If a large portion of the “heartland whites” were not sitting on their big fat asses in front of the idiot box watching FOX News, and so gullible, we wouldn’t be in these dire straits.

    I do think the economic collapse is going to be more of a factor than people realize. But in many ways they can fix that too – it’s not that expensive to placate the white herd with TV and fast food. My question is which is more likely – a significant mass of whites stop watching TV, or the TV is taken over by us. As far as I can tell that’s still an open question.

  10. Old Right,
    A lot of people are ignoring the impending bankruptcy of the US government while they seethe about the Amren cancellation. But I think the two are connected. It’s “cornered animal syndrome.”

  11. Kievsky, you seem to be falling into the “someday a big disaster will happen and WN will be swept into power by mechanisms unknown” fallacy. I appreciate your point about optimism, and that is important, especially for those engaged in politics(real politics, like publically campaigning for office, not talking about politics on the internet). But I’ve heard this “big collapse” theory a thousand times and it never actually happens. People said the same thing in the late 70’s during the Carter admin, and in the oil crisis, and during the late 60’s and when the blacks started rioting in the mid 60’s etc. Its an old right wing delusion.

    We need to accept that success will only happen after decades of hard work. It may progress in fits and starts, but there probably won’t be a sudden rise to power. If we look at European nationalist parties that have some electoral success, it takes a long time in most cases before even a town councilman is elected. Every step will be a war and there will be major setbacks. That’s what we are facing. There is no use talking about some future catastrophe that will somehow sweep us into power. That’s not a plan.


    “another false flag attack that corrals the conserva-tards back into “fight the rag-heads” mode. If a large portion of the “heartland whites” were not sitting on their big fat asses in front of the idiot box watching FOX News, and so gullible, we wouldn’t be in these dire straits.”

    Yeah, never underestimate the ability of the establishment to redirect whites when one these big disasters happen. 9-11 caused a big increase in Christian Zionism and neoconservativism among “real ‘murican” type whites, not the increase in racial consciousness that many, including William Pierce thought it would. Voices who are sympathetic to white interests have never been more absent from the conservative movement than they have become since 9-11.

    If some kind of extreme economic collapse happens, there is no reason to believe they can’t come up with a way to benefit from the situation and continue to marginalize us.

    By the way, I envision a future white America to be like what circa 1900 upper class scientifically minded racialist WASPs would have wanted, not some kind of redneck white trash trailer park environment of blimp sized imbeciles who think man and dinosaur walked the earth together. Patriotardism(ie deintellectualized civic nationalism) and Jesus are the probably the main reasons why America has no real organized far right like Europe does.

  12. Why are you giving R.E.A.L all the credit for stopping the AmRen?

    At minimum three agressive groups were involved:

    Maybe even more shadow groups who operate on behalf behind the scenes. Small organizations with disassociated lone wolves.

    The White Man is on the run, and in denial as he catches his breathe. But, no matter what the White Man does to defend his rights, it will be twisted by the government and the media.

    It will be interesting to see just where the breaking point really is.
    Sherwood Smith

  13. ATBOTL – Don’t blame Jesus; he checked out in 33 A.D. Blame it on the charlatans who claim to preach in the name of Jesus, like John Hagee, who recently raised $9 million for Israel.

    Anti-Christian bigotry is a major factor hindering the coalescence of the White movement.

  14. I have to agree with Anchorage Activist #67, ATBOTL I can think of any number of Christian groups fighting for White Christian identity in Europe, and several that aren’t, so to suggest that Christianity is the problem just seems facile to me.

    Without Christianity you would be praying to Mecca five times a day, so a little respect please.

    You also seem to suffer from Libertarian disease, this is a condition that causes otherwise sane people to make silly statements that drive their natural ideological comrades away until they are a movement of one.

    The urge to purge is the bane of the Pro-White movement. If it can’t be brought under control the Pro-White movement will continue to be about as successful as it has been to date.

  15. Political Correctness has left the ruling authorities well adapted to dealing with White men who seek to overthrow them.

    How did a small number of High IQ CIA Agents defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan?

    It wasn’t by fighting the Soviets directly…

  16. Political Correctness has left the ruling authorities all too well adapted to dealing with White men who seek to overthrow them.

    How did a small number of High IQ CIA Agents defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan?

    It wasn’t by fighting the Soviets directly…

  17. I think ATBOTL’s comment is excellent. We must get past the delusions about a “collapse” sweeping us to power. Additionally, cold water must be thrown on any optimism pro-whites have about the tea parties and conservative anti-Obama sentiment. The tea party movement is going nowhere. It is simply a repeat of the same failed conservative reactions of the last few decades, and it will be channeled into electing Republicans and promoting neoconservativism.

    I also share ATBOTL’s vision for the future:

    By the way, I envision a future white America to be like what circa 1900 upper class scientifically minded racialist WASPs would have wanted, not some kind of redneck white trash trailer park environment of blimp sized imbeciles who think man and dinosaur walked the earth together.

  18. The Tea Party movement is very promising. It has a lot of potential. It could very well go the way of the Reagan Revolution, but that’s what the struggle is all about. White Americans are angry and looking for answers. As for me, I’ll continue offering them our answers. I’ll continue trying to reach them by framing their issues and their problems in the timeless context of heritage, family, and destiny.

  19. Our heritage has been purposely erased from the minds of our kinsmen, white families everywhere are broken and at war within. All of this has been done while we fritter away the precious little time that we have left discussing first causes, big collapses, and rescue by Hegelian zeitgeist. Support your nearest secessionist.

  20. It’s a fact that modern evangelical Christianity is a subculture that is neutral to our racial interests at best and which draws from the segments of society that would be most receptive to our message. If it weren’t so widespread, many of the people who practice it in America would be more open to expressing their cultural conservatism in more constructive ways and less open to voting for people like Bush and other GOP charlatans. I’m not running for office. I have no need to lie about what I think of holy roller type religion(not all Christianity), of which I have personal experience.

    They don’t have much of this stuff in Europe and it benefits nationalists that the most right wing citizens are not getting weekly(or more) lectures on the brotherhood of man and appeals to send their money to cannibals in Papau New Guinea.

    I’m speaking about from the personal experience of having been raised in that subculture and seeing how it serves as an impediment to racial awareness among people who are otherwise very right wing, conservative and hard headed about things. Even more so, it can serve as impediment towards any form of action or honest speech by people who KNOW the reality of racial differences and white dispossession, but have been brainwashed to believe that racial conciousness is immoral.

  21. “Lawrence Auster and his Jewish sycophants at View from the Right are debating whether or not the rights of Jared Taylor and people who are not slavish philo-Semites matter. Auster says, ‘I don’t want to express any solidarity with Taylor.’ Auster also says Taylor’s ‘association with Nazis and serious anti-Semites makes me sick.'”


    Here’s my take on the deplorable way Auster has shown his true colors:


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