Love is a wonderful thing

What is love? No, I am not an aspiring philosopher or poet. It’s rather that I have seen lately how we all – all of mankind presumably – are called upon to “Choose Love, not Hate”. This has made me think about what love really is. Love, of course, can be a lot of things. As any classical student knows, the terms of ancient Greece are often used to describe different types of love. I believe that these categories best describe what is so hard to define.

There is Agape, a general word for non-erotic love and the word that is still used in modern Greek.

There is also Eros, which refers to a sensual and/or sexual type of love, the type you have for you spouse or lover. Lust is related to that feeling.

There is Philia, the brotherly love that one feels for ones friends and family and also for community, country or race.

Storge is the natural, biological love for ones offspring.

Xenia is the love – and related honor-bound responsibility – of a host for visitor or guest.

All of these categories are very helpful, both intellectually and emotionally, but they are also rather one-dimensional. There is a second dimension that I think is also very important. That is how pure and self-less your love is.

True Love is self-less and giving. You love someone so much that you just want to give and make him or her better and happier and stronger. The very act of giving and seeing the result of giving, makes you happy. One of the ultimate acts of self-less love is to give up pursuing someone, because you know that they’d be happier with someone else. If you really love your spouse of your children, you’d give up a kidney or a lung and you know that – if there is no other way out – you’d lay down your life for them. That is self-less love.

Then there is that other kind of love. The False Love from the dark side. The kind of love that compulsive, obsessive, demanding and suffocating. The kind of love that demands and and takes and sucks dry, but never gives. The kind of love that is domineering and controlling and fulfills a perverse need in the dark pits of a sick mind. The type of love that demands that you’ll agree, bend, cower and submit or you’ll be punished for daring to oppose. The type of love that uses, abuses and destroys.

The type of love that an abusive husband shows his wife when he beats her with a belt, in a spot where is won’t show. The type of love that Josef Fritzl showed his daughter when he raped her over 3,000 times and made her pregnant seven times. The type of love that a pedophile shows when he molests a child. The type of love that the old-style schoolmaster shows when he flogs the pupils until they cannot sit down. The type of love that the Marxists show when the persecute those who dare oppose their sick doings. The type of love the multicultural supremacists show when they incite to riot, sabotage and murder. The type of love that the domestic terrorists show when they – through malice, libel and lies – effectively deny a whole ethnic group their constitutional rights.

Personally, I have plenty of Agape in my heart and plenty of Eros for my wife. I have Storge for my children, my precious offspring and Philia for my extended family and my embattled people. I have Xenia for the guests and strangers, as long as they respond in kind. Of course, I don’t love everyone I meet with a flaming passion. I live in an area with high crime and where Whites are a minority: I may not like everyone I meet, but I treat them with respect and expect the same in return.

However, for those who abuse the beauty of love and use it as a cover for their sickness, I have no love. I have sorrow and pity and I will defend myself and those I truly love against the warped and dark “love” peddled by Socialists, Marxists and multicultural supremacists to my dying breath.

When these warped minds ask us to “choose Love”, they mean love on their terms and it’s always “or else…”. That is not True Love, it is False Love and it is meant to devour us.


  1. Like sociopaths, Imm and other Leftists/Marxists mimic and feign human emotions to manipulate people and achieve ulterior goals, but do not truly feel them.

  2. One of my favourite Jost Turner essays focuses on this subject:

    LOVE – An Eternal Law of Nature

    by Jost Turner

    We all know, of course, that love is natural among one’s own
    immediate family. But it is less understood that love is just as
    natural among one’s extended family, the tribe, which is mankind’s
    natural, ecological, environment. The natural instinct of love had to
    be quite highly developed within the earliest pre-historic tribes.

    It had to be because love is an absolute necessity for our natural
    higher idealism: subordinating individual interests to the welfare of
    the tribe. Without true idealism, no tribe could have survived for
    very long, and without the survival of the tribe, it is unlikely that
    the earth would now be adorned with any human beings.

    Once we understand that love is an important and necessary
    natural instinct, we can see the truth in the old adage:
    love makes the world go ’round.

    Unfortunately, an emotional appeal of love is often used as
    a cover for sinister designs. The christian churches have always
    hidden their intolerance and justified their murder and torture
    with the banner of love. Our new state religion, “secular
    humanism”, which is really little more than christianity without
    the superstition, is following suit in the best traditions of the
    church. The cry for universal love of all mankind is used to
    justify the wholesale disenfranchisement and genetic suicide of an
    entire race – the entire White Race.

    Of course, the slightest bit of awareness beyond our race’s
    all-pervasive state of self-indulgence would suffice to see the
    pretension of it all. This doctrine of universal love comes
    complete with an appalling set of double standards which completely
    disregard even the most necessary welfare of the White Race. Can
    we imagine any White mother who would starve and abuse her own
    children while giving love and sustenance to the children of others
    – others who constantly pay back her kindness with contempt and
    abuse? Such an unnatural situation is just what is demanded by all
    of the deluded whites who are crying so loudly for love,
    brotherhood, and human rights.

    But let us not make the mistake of dismissing the “wisdom with
    the wise.” Love in its natural state is the most powerful of
    weapons, and it is the only thing which can get us out of this
    tailspin into racial oblivion. This we can understand when we see
    the importance and necessity of love in bringing about history’s
    greatest miracle: National Socialist Germany.

    The virtually overnight economic and social success of
    National Socialist Germany came about because it was just what the
    National Socialist leaders said it was: a revolution in thought.

    The personality, leadership, and sheer genius of Adolf Hitler
    inspired the German Folk away from their selfishness and
    materialism. He inspired them to their natural higher idealism:
    putting the welfare of the Folk before their personal desires. This
    higher idealism was the revolution in thought that created the
    economic and social miracle of National Socialist Germany. But in
    order to inspire his Folk to their natural higher idealism, Adolf
    Hitler had to bring out their heart’s natural love: the love that
    flows naturally from parents to children, to family, to Folk!

    Adolf Hitler was literally an evangelist of love. His words,
    his actions, his entire existence is testimony to his selfless love
    of his Folk. Anyone who takes the time to honestly examine Adolf
    Hitler’s speeches and writings can readily see the great love he
    had for his Folk. His actions proved his words. Everything that he
    did was done for the benefit of the Folk. The welfare and higher
    evolution of the Folk is the only reason for the existence of
    National Socialism. Every aspect of National Socialism, no matter
    how small or insignificant, is for the present and future benefit
    of the Folk. Every decision was based on the answer to one
    question: Is it good for the Folk?

    But Adolf Hitler didn’t preach a pretentious universal love
    of all mankind. Adolf Hitler didn’t parrot that safe, socially-
    acceptable line which serves the sinister goals of International
    Finance and World Jewry. No, Adolf Hitler dared to expound the love
    which is natural among those of common heritage, common values, and
    common blood. Adolf Hitler uniquely understood that the awakening
    of this natural love is what brings about that higher idealism
    which melts away the delusion of selfishness and materialism. He
    knew that without the opiates of selfishness and materialism, the
    great power and sinister plans of International Finance and World
    Jewry would simply evaporate.

    Here we should note that in a condition of natural, tribal
    love of our own Folk, we can begin to understand the significance
    of a genuine universal love of all mankind. From this natural
    condition, we can feel an honest love for other Folk: in their own
    natural environment; with their own values; working toward their
    own higher evolution, in their own way and in their own time.
    That is the true brotherhood of man!

    With the flowering of our heart’s natural love, we can clearly
    see the enemy. We can see that our enemy is not the Negro. It is
    not the Asian or Latin. Our enemy is not International Finance,
    or World Jewry. They are all just symptoms of a deadly disease
    of selfishness.

    The all-pervasive control of International finance and World
    Jewry is only made possible by our race’ complete lack of its
    natural idealism. The present situation of massive non-white
    immigration is only made possible because of our race’s
    selfishness. We have created the situation ourselves.
    Plutocrats, international Jews, and non-whites are only doing what
    we are allowing them to do. As such, we have no right to hate
    them. Hating them is a complete waste of our race’s dwindling
    time. We need to put our energy into restoring our heart’s natural
    love! Only our natural love will cure our deadly disease.. Love
    will inspire us all to the very essence of National Socialism: true
    higher idealism. No idealistic Folk could ever remain deluded by
    the forces of greed and materialism!

    True love is contagious. The love exuded by Adolf Hitler
    naturally infected his Folk, awakening their natural love and their
    higher idealism, bringing about the miracle of National Socialist
    Germany. A true National Socialist can be measured by the very
    image of Adolf Hitler: by idealism and love of Folk. Love is
    something which cannot be faked. No amount of philosophical
    understanding can be substituted for it. No official
    organization, or any casual association with the surviving notables
    of National Socialist Germany, can create the heart’s natural love.
    The love in a true National Socialist is readily felt. It is
    contagious, and it will attract the true Folk. Where love is, the
    Folk is: and where the Folk is, Hitler is!

    Adolf Hitler showed us the way to survival and to higher
    evolution – spiritual and physical. He gave us National Socialism,
    which is modern-day Aryan tribalism, a way of life in harmony with
    the eternal laws of nature. Let us follow the example of our great
    Aryan Preceptor and win the great struggle for preservation of the
    natural order, not by fruitless hatred of real or imagined enemies
    whom we ourselves have empowered, but by the first tenet of
    National Socialism: the flowering of our heart’s natural love!

  3. “Choose Love, Not Hate” is just an attempt to prime everyone to accept “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws.

  4. When these warped minds ask us to “choose Love”, they mean love on their terms and it’s always “or else…”. That is not True Love, it is False Love and it is meant to devour us.

    Their “love” is the type of “love” that is dispensed in the Ministry of Love in Orwell’s 1984.

  5. And speaking of traditional definitions, there are two different words for enemy in Latin. Hostis is an enemy of the nation/state and inimicus is a personal enemy. Jesus told his followers to love and forgive their inimicos. I’ve been meaning to look up the relevant passages in Greek to see the particular words used there.

  6. Without truth, there is no love, because without truth you can define love anyway you please. Someone we know practices slander and hypocrisy and calls it love. Stop hating truth, Imp. Leave you malice and manipulation behind and join the company of honorable men. Honesty wins.

  7. Robert,

    Why quote Jost Turner approvingly?

    Hitler combined love for Germans with complete indifference toward Slavs and hatred toward Jews. This twisted combination was directly responsible for millions of murders and tens of millions of war deaths – the greatest catastrophe in the history of the white race.

    The two main ideas of Mein Kampf were:
    1. German Nationalists must forget the 1914 boundaries. Then, Germany must build her strength and forge alliances to enable her to invade Eastern Europe and conquer new territory which would provide sufficient farmland to feed Germany in the event of a blockade.
    2. Ethnic Jews must be permanently removed from all positions of power within Germany, at ANY cost.

    With regards to the first goal, what “living space” was geographically contiguous with Germany? Directly to the east of Germany were many of the most densely populated areas of Europe. Did he plan to plant German colonists in the primeval forests of Prague and the wide open fields of Warsaw and Cracow? These areas would only provide “living space” after the genocide of the Czech and Polish nations. In pusuit of this goal, he annexed the Czech core of Bohemia centered on Prague, even though this betrayal of promises made at Munich was certain to make the leaders of Britain and France permanently lose all faith in his word. He then invaded Poland, although he knew for certain that this would automatically involve Germany in war with Britain and France. Latter he was the agressor in attacking the Soviet Union, again widening the war.

    When the war turned decisively against Germany, Hitler attempted to use his temporary window of power to prevent future ethnic Jewish power in Germany by making sure there would be no ethnic Jews in the future. This was the motive behind his murderous attempt at violent genocide.

    It is natural to have more love for one’s own family than for strangers, and more love for one’s own ethnic group than for foreigners. WW2 and the Holocaust were the bloody results of love reserved EXCLUSIVELY for one’s own ethnicity.

    I turn away in UTTER DISGUST from Hitler worship.

  8. Oh dear. It’d near suppertime. I do hope the lads will not become overly exuberant, and begin hurling the rolls through the air…

  9. Trolls United – turn away, and keep going. And it’s not disgust – it’s envy.

    Hitler was a brilliant visionary. He was reacting to the EVIL that Judea wrought, in Russia, and the West.

    He should have entered Russia as a liberator. That was a critical mistake. And the Holocaust occurred in Russia. Jews murderd MILLIONS of Russians.

  10. Denise,

    I condemn Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Zinoviev, Dzerzhinsky, Kamenev, Livitnikov, Helphand, Sverdlov, Kaganovitch, Rosa Luxembourg, and Bela Kun for they same reason I condemn Hitler: They have blood on their hands.

  11. WU asks:

    “Robert, why quote Jost Turner approvingly?”

    Although I disagree with Jost Turner on a number of issues (including the modern application of exoteric NS), I believe he was one of the finest writers on the contemporary racialist scene and his words resonate deeply with me.

    I do not wish to discuss Hitler with you publicly. In my experience, such debates (and I’ve engaged in many of them on this subject) invariably spiral into a counterproductive sideshow. If you want to know my thoughts on NS, listen to my old interviews with VNN or the appearances I made on Bill White’s show, in which we discussed NS theory at some length. I made quite a few posts about NS on VNNF over the years, which you can find under the username TowardWewelsburg. If you feel compelled to discuss this with me and you’re willing to be civil and stick to the facts, contact me privately.

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