Secret Conference

The 2010 Amren Conference took place … well, sorta. In Jared’s words, it was not really a conference, but something thrown together at the last minute. It adjourned a few minutes ago. About 60 racialists gathered to discuss the attack on our constitutional rights in Britain, Canada, and the United States. There were five or six speakers in a small restaurant in an undisclosed location. No sign of Jeffrey Imm or antifa who were left in the dark.

Lots of people had already arrived in Washington, DC or decided to come anyway after the conference was cancelled. Known quantities were invited to attend the private gathering. This was necessary to eliminate spies and disruptors and salvage what remained of the weekend. There have been many fruitful discussions going on about the future of the Amren conferences.

Topics included:

1.) Should the Amren conferences be held in a more hospitable area? Cities like Richmond, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Birmingham were among the suggestions.

2.) Should the Amren conferences be held in private nature resorts? Many people hate the Beltway traffic and multicult diversity and would prefer a more natural location.

3.) Should the Amren conferences be private invitation only events? This would eliminate the Jeffrey Imm problem in one stroke.

4.) What steps should be taken to retaliate against antifa disruptors? Revenge was in the air.

5.) Should the 2010 Amren conference be rescheduled for later this summer? A lot of people were in favor of this idea.

The real conference is always the networking and camaraderie that goes on after hours behind the scenes. The speakers and the lectures are really just an excuse to gather in a central location, plot, conspire, and enjoy each others company. That has been going on since at least Wednesday when I arrived in town. I’ve made a number of new acquaintances.

Several people videotaped the pseudo-conference and snapped some photos. We plan to upload those to YouTube and OD Facebook. The videos will be linked here. I will be touring Washington, DC with Pip Pockets tomorrow and snapping photos of all the monuments and scenery. I want to check out the Holocaust Museum while I am in the area. Updates will be posted on OD Twitter.

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  1. What I find objectionable against this whole line of discussion is the cocksure attitude of the people who think it is obvious that Imm could not have pulled this off without a direct link to Carnivore and the highest echelons of the FeebGov.

    Here is an issue of default assumption: GJ’s defaults to “prove the ADL was involved”. But the ADL is always involved in such matters – that’s their raison deexistence.

    And who’s the only guy on the scene? Some former DHS employee named Imm. With demonstrated super-human tracking ability.

    For some reason, these supermen, without need of cash for food & rent, for organizational expenses, always appear on the Jewish side, never on the WN side.

  2. Here is my pragmatic philosophy in a nutshell: in the absence of compelling evidence choose the hypothesis that is most personally empowering.

    PS: Asserting that “the ADL is always involved in such matters” does not constitute compelling evidence.

  3. Here is my pragmatic philosophy in a nutshell: in the absence of compelling evidence choose the hypothesis that is most personally empowering.

    Translation: believe whatever you want, and grossly underestimate your opponent. In fact, don’t even bother identifying your opponent correctly.

  4. hcl
    They harried every little hotel by the hour, knew every hotel Duke moved to in practically realtime. To do this, is far beyond the capabilities of volunteer “anti-fa” – if such a group even exists independent of the ADL/SPLC etc.

    It’s not that hard. Either they have someone inside Duke’s organization or they have a few volunteers calling every hotel near the one that canceled asking if they can get the special conference room rate.

  5. I second Greg Johnson’s post 49. The reality of 2010 is the ability of small groups, even lone individuals, to disrupt complex systems. See John Robb’s website for more information.

  6. Greg Johnson

    Here is my pragmatic philosophy in a nutshell: in the absence of compelling evidence choose the hypothesis that is most personally empowering.

    Fair enough, but obviously “personally empowering” may have a lower truth value than other hypotheses.

    You are advancing the assumption that individuals and small groups cannot disrupt the system

    No, correlation does not equal causation. Just because the government said 911 was some big surprise and that towelheads did it, does not mean we accept that as the “default assumption.” The facts of 911 do not “prove” your supposed theory that [it is false that] “individuals and small groups cannot disrupt the system” – in theory, they most certainly can. That says absolutely nothing about 911. You can talk about the 19 Ragheads Conspiracy Theory if you want to, go ahead.

    “all-powerful FeebGov”

    They are not all-powerful, which is why many are suggesting Taylor sue, and politically push for prosecution, and follow all other avenues available. We need sympathetic lawyers, if we have any.

    “Sorry, that does not constitute proof”

    Neither does anything you posted.

    “Not only is your faith in the power of the state false, it is disempowering”

    I for one am not interested in believing some mythology that is not “disempowering” I prefer to be as realistic as possible. Persuasive surveillance should be assumed. AmRen got shut down due to the ADL, not some “liberal love” organization. Yes, the FBI pays people like Hal Turner to incite white people to violence and does their best to entrap pro-white activists.

    Elaborate conspiracy theories are not necessary, the known facts are enough to approximate a useful model. Taylor got his conference shut down due to the ADL. The WN movement has options on how to proceed. Hopefully they will sue and press charges and make as much noise, and get as much publicity, as possible.

    If you want an “empowering ideology” than promote the idea that the Saga of the 2010 AmRen Conference will be a major political issue going into the next elections.

    The Tea Party are a group of disaffected white people barely above a FOX News understanding of politics, but nevertheless, have good political and racial instincts. AmRen can’t get a conference room in DC. Who is going to influence the Tea Party? Who gets airtime of FOX News? Which Tea Party People get turned on to white issues?

    You want practical, there you go.

  7. John Robb is some bad-boy Delta Force operative, but he survived on taxpayer food and taxpayer weapons, with satellites overhead supplying him with intel, etc. From basic training to retirement. He’s too dumb to see this.

    The true guerrillas in Iraq get slaughtered at the historical ratio of 20:1. Probably worse now, with futuristic technology.

    The CIA-backed “lone wolf” crushes the true lone wolf.

    That’s how Jeffery “any antifa bum” Imm crushed Jared Taylor and his band of 300 White Nationalists – the finest WASP men in America.

  8. My point is, whereas it is possible that Imm could single-handedly do this, that he is a superman, it is unlikely.

    He has time to:
    1 – create a website for pointless trouble-making on 4 major international issues (this is assuming he’s a gentile)
    2 – network with various democracy parties for rallies (Imm’s not usually doing antifa activities, but rather work that happens to coincide with CIA international initiatives such as color revolutions)
    3 – has time to track down every hotel, talk to management repeatedly
    4 – has time/interest to do sidewalk rallies

    Imm is an intelligence operative. And I don’t think just ADL, but CIA (as judged by his international activities in color revolutions.)

  9. For those who do organizational work (and that includes myself) will understand the extreme cost in time & money of Imm’s activities. Organization is not easy.

    Even for political non-organizers, simply throwing a barbecue for an extended family gathering (all friendlies) can cost hundreds of dollars & days on organization.

    These rallies, etc, cost so much time & money even Jared Taylor does them only once every 2 years.

  10. As my parting comment on this thread, to those who preach the “lone wolf” asymmetry principle, the following challenge is posed:

    Go shut down the AIPAC annual gathering in Washington D.C.

    Yes, go, you Teutonic Knight of yore; go and single-handededly shatter the Jewish phalanx (after discovering their exploitable asymmetries, of course.) Try breaking this gathering, which is the organized expression of 1,000,000 American Jews.

    Or rather, don’t bother, because we all know what will happen. The “lone Imm” requires a strong organization behind him.

  11. What are the consequences of believing the feigned certitudes of HCL and the like?

    1. Awe at their insider tough-guy personas (for them, the main payoff, I am sure).

    2. Anger at the shadowy and essentially untouchable cabal of Jews pulling all the strings.

    3. Beyond that, practically speaking, . . . nothing. Inaction. Despair. Paralysis.

  12. Well, I suppose if someone really wanted to learn how this particular type of sabotage is done they could create another political persona and start getting involved in One People’s Project activities. You probably learn a lot.

    I think its a fairly small nucleus of folks doing most of the work here. They’re effective because they got a lot of sympathizers, but even more so because they’re taking on one of the most reviled groups of people in the world.

  13. Jews don’t have wealth and power; they have money and influence. To believe otherwise is to fall for the confidence scam at the heart of Jewish control of Western Civilization. They’re only wealthy as long as we, the hosts, tolerate their monetary tricks. They’re only powerful as long as we, the hosts, are cowed by their bribery and blackmail.

    I would say that the problem with conventional antisemites like hcl is that for every hcl who is principled enough to make a stand despite believing the Jews have virtually limitless wealth and power, there are at least a dozen self-serving cowards who play the game and enable the scam. Abe Foxman admits this in Defamation. All of these politicians fall for Foxman’s bluff and enforce the Jewish agenda themselves.

    Think of it as fractional reserve politics, with a similarly geometric return on investment.

    Investing in commodities and supplies is a great way that an individual can prepare for the inevitable implosion of the monetary pyramid scheme. Trade your money for wealth. Likewise, it’s wise to invest in political relationships, network with fellow patriots, and build a political power base on real people at the grassroots level. When the Jewish monetary and influence rackets implode, the Jeffrey Imms of the world will lose their paychecks and the Foxtards will lose their programming.

  14. Excellent post # 66 Wikitopian! “Fractional Reserve Politics.” I’m going to use that one.

    I network with people in my area, and I practice “Taqqiyah” regarding my politics. My goal is to network, network and network some more. I find that the entrepreneurial middle class are the most worthwhile people with whom to network, because they make things happen.

    As far as the politics of the local entrepreneurs, it’s definitely implicitly White. These people are not enthusiastic multiculters, they are multicult-avoiders. They have a weary understanding that they are not allowed to express this openly because “it would be bad for business.” That’s the extent of their support for the multicult. As the economy contracts, the “bad for business” thing will carry less weight with millions of White middle class entrepreneurs all across the country.

    It’s really that simple. The Jew levers (money and influence) are deleveraging as the economy contracts.

  15. Investing in commodities and supplies is a great way that an individual can prepare for the inevitable implosion of the monetary pyramid scheme.

    I won’t comment further on the Imm matter further.

    But let me comment on the “Road Warrior-style economic collapse” – it ain’t ever happening.

    Macroeconomies do not collapse in peacetime unless the central bank allows/engineers it. Currencies can depreciate on fundamentals by several percent a year, but economies do not implode (except when pre-positioned Big Jews want it to.) The Jew central bank can print as much as it needs to assuage any liquidity crisis.

    The only solution is to take back the State and the central bank.

    Otherwise, the jew will transform trees -> paper -> money -> “wealth” (i.e. land, stocks, commodities) ad infinitum. Which means the goys reduce to salary subsistence very quickly. This is the theoretically sound plan of the Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion.

    None of you should just sit back with guns, gold, food, and wait for things to implode. IT’S NEVER HAPPENING THAT WAY. Economies do not de-leverage collapse unless the central bank allows it.

  16. hcl,

    How do you assume that I’m advocating a millennial stockpiling strategy when I describe grassroots political activism in the same paragraph? Investing in independence and exchanging money for wealth is a sound idea, one which transcends any specific vision of how things are going to play out. Whether things carry on or spiral out of control, those who invest in genuine independence from this decadent system will reap dividends beyond mere monetary gain.

    One thing more retarded than insisting that doom is imminent is insisting the doom is impossible. You seem to be implying some sort of “end of history” devoid of cyclical depressions, political unrest, and military crisis. If Jewish financiers only have currency crises when they feel like it, they sure have felt like it quite often in recent history and in some very peculiar cases.

    One should be prepared for any number of contingencies, including peace and prosperity. I’m not talking about some silly Kevin Costner fantasy. I’m talking about what happened in Argentina. I’m talking about what happened in Weimar Germany. I’m talking about what happened in the United States in the lifetime of some of our elderly readers.

  17. I like your opinions, Wiki, they’re always so well expressed. But any serious depression/political unrest/military crisis, etc. will not in my opinion be like any the old folks have known in the USA. The reason being that the population is so different now. In the 1930s they were tough birds who could tough it out; the 21st century white person bawls like a baby if the electric power shuts off for 1/2 an hour or if Starbucks is out of their favorite flavor of black slop.

    Even white nationalists want their gatherings to be in a nice hotel in a beautiful, large, sophisticated city with gorgeous architecture, and of course lots of fine restaurants. Convenient and comfy all-round!

    Well, if you don’t want the rabid radical haters stopping your conferences, you are going to have to lower your standards aplenty, friends. How about booking a rickety, beersmelling old hall in some small town under false names, where your enemies will never find you, and bringing a bag lunch? We are talking about the end of our people and our civilization and some of you (not you, Wiki) are talking like you are really just looking for a nice vacation. The early Christians held their Eucharist in the catacombs (burial places) but for WN conferences we apparently need red wine & dessert.

  18. HCL is back, telling us that economies do not collapse in peacetime unless the Big Jews allow it. It all has to be engineered from the top, by the wire pullers, the people in the cabal who hold all the cards and pull all the strings.

    Do we ever have wars unless the Big Jews allow that?

    Translation for Wik: Do nothing. Trying to accumulate real wealth and grassroots political power is in vain. Everything that happens, is engineered from the top. The Big Jews will never let you win.

    The AR conference couldn’t have been shut down unless the Big Jews at the “highest levels” used their “total surveillance grid” and awesome “real time tracking” ability. Hell, they probably can read Jared Taylor’s mind by now.

    Translation, lest a few of us try to fight back, outfox the enemy, or even the playing field: Do nothing. Imm is just a front for ZOG itself. We are up against too big an enemy. It is hopeless.

    We are so lucky to have such a well-informed guy posting these truths in our little corner of the internet.

  19. Dr. Greg,
    I don’t know why he bothers responding. He should have figured out by now that this blog is one big Truman Show, with everybody but him being a ZOG operative, informant, or crypto-jew.

  20. I don’t know why he bothers responding. He should have figured out by now that this blog is one big Truman Show, with everybody but him being a ZOG operative, informant, or crypto-jew.

    R-M-L-M-F-A-O!!! 😀 😀 😀

  21. James wrote on Pragmatism:
    “Ideas become true just so far as they help us to get into satisfactory relations with other parts of our experience.”

    Pragmatism is an early 20th century philosophy, the gist being if it feels good it must be true.
    “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.”

    You see, it just not in one’s enlightened self interest to recognize jewish power for the monstrosity that it is. Better to blame a few kooks, White cranks, and accuse Whites of consenting to their own dispossession and demise! Now that ladies and gentlemen is just more “pragmatic.” Good luck boys. How has “pragmatism” worked out so far? Have fun…and I do mean that.

  22. Lena,

    The quote you reproduce from James does not mean “if it feels good it must be true.” It means that the criterion of an idea’s truth (correspondence with reality) coherence with the rest of our experience.

    Now, in the case of ideas or hypotheses that cannot be verified in a straightforward way, it is perfectly reasonable to choose those that are likely to produce the best consequences if you act upon them.

    In the case of HCL’s assertions, nobody on this list is in the position to know if they are true or false (he would not make assertions that are capable of easy falsification, or his game would be up), so on Jamesian grounds, it is reasonable to weigh the consequences of acting on different hypotheses.

    HCL’s line of argument boils down to asserting that all dissidence is futile, because we are fighting an enemy so powerful that nothing can happen unless the enemy allows it.

    My hypothesis is that our enemy can be fought using the means we have available now.

    If we accept HCL’s hypothesis, we will do nothing, and his hypothesis will become true.

    If you accept my hypothesis and act, it might work and it might not. But if it does work, we will advance the cause of our people’s survival.

    Which hypothesis is most likely to lead to the survival of our people? The one that counsels despair and inaction? Or the one that counsels action with whatever means are at our disposal?

  23. “Pragmatism” is a failed philosophy, and the way I described it is exactly what it is. Furthermore, it is an amoral philosophy. As the most famous pragmatist in all of history once said, “What is truth.” So we crucify HCL because it is “pragmatic”???

  24. Just for the record, my crucifixion of HCL was based on a sincere and well-considered rejection of his unsupported contention that Jewish power is as pervasive and invincible as he suggests.

  25. Greg Johnson
    HCL’s line of argument boils down to asserting that all dissidence is futile, because we are fighting an enemy so powerful that nothing can happen unless the enemy allows it.

    My hypothesis is that our enemy can be fought using the means we have available now.

    Jews have a lot of power, but not unlimited power. Their failure to push through amnesty is proof enough of that. There’s no question that the jews can be beaten, and beaten by white methods not by becoming a whiter shade of jew ourselves.

    Jews have many weak points, cowardice, poor health, obnoxiousness and ugliness (which make it difficult for them to gain control of the top public ranks of society), and physical laziness which makes them almost entirely dependent on their slaves or servants. These are not Roman patricians we’re fighting, men capable of leading troops into battle if necessary. They’re underground moles with atrophied eyes that live in constant fear that they’ll be found out.

    And how they hate and envy the bravery, happiness, and robust health of their white hosts.

    If you’re feeling demoralized it’s good to remember just how much better it is to be white.

  26. No. You stated that Whites pretty much have created their own dispossession by “consent” and that jewish power only rests in influence. This is a lie. White people were never given the opportunity to vote for their dispossession, it has taken place through tyranny, tyranny of taxes, the law, and fear of prison where the White man will be raped by niggers while the “guards” stand around. And no matter how “pragmatic” you want to be in less then twenty years time WE will be a minority with no voting influence what so ever. And then what? I suppose for a pragmatist it does not matter.

  27. “highest levels” used their “total surveillance grid” and awesome “real time tracking” ability.

    Yeah, those conspiracy theorists with their far-out theories of secret government agencies like NSA. What next, they will tell us that some helicopters are painted black!

    Illegal wiretapping was a *huge* issue under the Bush regime, did everyone forget? The ADL was caught in the 1990s illegally wiretapping, copying files, covert surveillance, etc. Did everyone forget?

    If you start from the incorrect premise that some hippie anarchists led by Jeffrey Imm got the conference canceled, then you will come to the wrong conclusion on how to fight it. This is a *political* fight. This is not a fight about hotels. You need to put political pressure on the opposition – meaning in this case, press charges, sue the hell out of everyone you can, publicize the attacks, and turn Taylor into a “cause.” Expose the collusion between law enforcement and the ADL.

    Moving the conference to some public park may be a temporary solution, but if it’s anything more than a strategic retreat, you’ve lost.

    You don’t win a fight by underestimating the enemy. No one is saying to give up, they are saying stop bringing a ping pong paddle to a tennis match.

  28. HCL’s line of argument boils down to asserting that all dissidence is futile, because we are fighting an enemy so powerful that nothing can happen unless the enemy allows it.

    My hypothesis is that our enemy can be fought using the means we have available now.

    If we accept HCL’s hypothesis, we will do nothing, and his hypothesis will become true.

    If you accept my hypothesis and act, it might work and it might not. But if it does work, we will advance the cause of our people’s survival.

    Self-serving nonsense. No one is saying Jews are all powerful, we’re saying learn their strengths and their weaknesses so you can fight more effectively. You’ll be in a better position to criticize when you actually win a battle for once, because so far what you’re doing isn’t working.

  29. And wasn’t Taylor or one of his associates put on some official “terrorist” or “extremist” list? Do you think that was just an oversight? Do you think that did not have practical implications? If you get put on some official government list, it’s for a reason.

    “Real time tracking” is trivial, even for a non-governmental outfit.

    I have personally been spied on by the ADL, and been personally confronted by an Israeli “student spy” – and believe me, I’ve never had anything even close to the public profile that someone like Taylor does. That was pre-911 and pre-terrorism. Believe me, no one was as surprised as I was that I was worth their time (I was a philo-semitic and pro-Israel as they came back then.) If they would bother with me, you can be assured they have a whole staff for Taylor and his group.

    The game is chess but some people still think it’s checkers.

  30. HCL is back, telling us that economies do not collapse in peacetime unless the Big Jews allow it. It all has to be engineered from the top, by the wire pullers, the people in the cabal who hold all the cards and pull all the strings.

    This reads as if it’s written by someone who has never read a copy of the Wall Street Journal, or has perhaps missed one of the major economic stories of the last two years, the current Federal Reserve policy of quantitative easing, not to mention PPIP.

    PPIP? Just another conspiracy theory run by a Big Jew named Bernake, obviously such things don’t exist.

  31. Kievsky, Jake Jacobsen/The Man, and Wikitopian never tire of telling us, despite the fact that we are more marginalized and despised than ever, that we are on the cusp of victory, “we are winning,” and the hostile elite’s grasp on power is very weak and tenuous, despite all evidence to the contrary. They are also convinced that a collapse which will sweep us to power is imminent, even though collapse predictions are a broken record and have never come true. Lastly, they get excited about implicit whiteness and dead-ends like the Tea Party movement, which is neoconned to the core and simply a retread of the failed conservative reactions of the last few decades.

  32. HCL is back, telling us that economies do not collapse in peacetime unless the Big Jews allow it. It all has to be engineered from the top…

    In reply to Wikitopian & GJ, more on what I’ll term the “Total Financial Collapse Road Warrior Aftermath Scenario.” In this popular & very attractive scenario, the system implodes and well-armed White Nationalists wake up to find Leviathan miraculously disappeared, and with their guns in hand recreate a new America after a few messy months.

    In the previous comment I’ve explained theoretically why the U.S. financial systems cannot spontaneously & totally collapse, because the central bank can always flood the system with liquidity.

    A system cannot do deleverage collapse if the central bank simply hands them tons of money (not saying this is the best only way.) At worst, the underlying mal-investments slow GNP by a few percentage points – that’s the worse-case scenario. Instead of growing at 3%, for instance, maybe instead at 1%. Or a mild recession at minus-1%.

    So the Total Collapse Road Warrior Scenario ain’t ever happening.

    But I do favor 150 million Whites stocked with guns, gold, and food because that’s the only leverage we have left at the moment – they can’t impose a total dictatorship, treat us like Iraqis or Palestinians so long this final firewall against tyranny exists (as the Founders intended.) The deterrent lies in the possession, and not use.

  33. MGLS,
    I didn’t offer any such rhetoric. I don’t support the millennial fantasy. I’m not offering up empty promises and optimistic bullshit. My position is obviously that we should try as hard as we can to win the tea party people over, but I NEVER said that victory was assured, or even likely.

    Though I suppose I would rather be lumped with the optimistic activists than with the brooding griefers if you want to slice it that way.

  34. The problem with pragmatism is that it gives a truth value. Since the truth value is reliant on subjective opinion it always degenerates into truth being what YOU want it to be.

    The difference between Vaihinger’s “As if” philosophy and pragmatism is that you can act upon a fiction to try and prove a hypothesis but you don’t take the fiction for true otherwise it become a simple dogmatism. And I am seeing dogmatism.

    Vaihinger’s “Preponderance of the Means over the Ends” has led you to move away from supporting a White Ethno-state into supporting those who want a multi-racial state. You may have originally seen that as a means to an end, but the means has become an end in itself, and energy which could have gone into the original ‘end’ is being siphoned off, while those who cling to the original end are driven off and called jews, informers, and government agents. I really fail to see how you can attack those who wish to remain true to the original ‘end’ with a clear conscience but I’m sure the pill of pragmatism helps. After all, if it feels good, do it.

  35. MGLS, hcl

    Your enemy defines you, whom do you choose to fight?

    Our vanguard here has decided that it’s Jeffrey Imm. And if that’s what they believe, they are right, Jeffrey Imm is their opponent and they should fear his army of death-threat phoning anarchists, obviously more powerful than they. Imm got their conference canceled, what a formidable opponent!

    Now multiple death threats against employees of Washington DC area hotels during a public campaign against a WN conference is just one of those things that happens in this age of heightened terrorist activity. Washington DC is a big place after all, with lots of hotels, so you can imagine how hard it must be for law enforcement in such a situation. I mean, imagine what futuristic technology it would take to track a phone call! That’s like, science fiction stuff.

    That bastard Jeffrey Imm! You won this time!

    Our secret plan against Jeffrey Imm? Hide out in the park holding picnics waiting for the inevitable economic collapse when all whites come over to our side, looking for scholarly leadership. Well, that, and we learn to hypnotize them with NLP and do yoga.

  36. OMG . I have the radio on. Michael Weiner AKA Savage in on air. He has Michelle Bachmann, on the Ceres of the Tea Part Scene.

    She is rhapsodizing about how wonderful the Israeli Army is, and how great and selfless rabbis are.

    I am still involved in 1 local TP group. I haven’t yet been booted out of this group. I was, however “yelled at” for excoriating Glenn BEK about the smear job he did on Medina, in TX.. Cause my local groups are really all about worshipping Glenn BEK. Not taxation or a tyrannical, out of control “Government” – but whatever Glenn wants.

    What Would Glenn Do?

    Now – CNN used to – allow me to repeat those last 2 words – *used to* broadcast the AmRen Conferences. Now, the confernces can’t get a venue.


    Things look great!

    P.S. – I’m not beng pessimistic. I’m a realist.
    Also – wealth and power = money and influence. Uh-huh. Yes is does!

  37. Hey Denise, why wouldn’t you love the Israeli Army? After all, 19 Ragheads did 911, and Israel fights Ragheads, so hooray for Israel!

    I think Kievsky’s right about the difference between wealth and power vs. money and influence, and I like their formulation of “fractional reserve politics.” The enemy relies on their staff, without them they cannot really do that much.

    The Onion always says it best: U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

  38. hcl
    In the previous comment I’ve explained theoretically why the U.S. financial systems cannot spontaneously & totally collapse, because the central bank can always flood the system with liquidity.

    Flooding the system with liquidity is working great in Zimbabwe.

    If history teaches us one thing it’s that anything can collapse.

  39. International finance-Jewry runs the Federal Reserve of the USA along with the Treasury, Wall Street, and of course many of the banks.

    With international finance-Jewry in total control of the money supply of the USA, there is little one can do to oppose them except hope that they will eventually die the “death of a thousand cuts.” How can normal people oppose the people who literally print all of the money and pass it out amongst themselves as they see fit while throwing the White masses a few insignificant crumbs here and there?

    In the near future, only a meltdown of the American monetary system will lead to the unseating of the Judeoplutocracy over the American macroeconomy. There is really no other way to oppose the people who control the monetary printing-presses except to undermine the confidence in the current (Jew corrupted) printing-presses and seek run new and more honest ones.

    The above-linked article in THE ONION hits the nail on the head. Modern money is a Jew-manufactured illusion all across The West. Modern money is a Jew-invented social construct. The primordial biological realities of blood and race matters infinitely more than the mere Jewish social construct of printed paper.

  40. 2010 AR Conference Held Against All Odds
    By Jared Taylor

    …I opened the conference with an account of the unprecedented lengths “anti-racists” went to shut down our meeting. A partial account is available here, but this does not include the pressure put on the Capitol Skyline hotel, the fourth and last hotel to cancel. We had heard that the Capitol Skyline stands firm in the face of people who try to push them around, and we explained in every detail the bullying and the death threats that had led the other hotels to cancel. They said they were happy to get the business. We drew up a contact on Tuesday, February 16—just three days before the conference was to begin—and put out the word that the conference was back on.

    Our opponents, mobilized after the pressure they had put on other hotels, struck quickly. They flooded the Capitol Skyline with hostile calls. Someone came onto the property and shoved lurid pamphlets under guest-room doors. A hotel official told us people were pressuring their suppliers to say they would take away their business if the hotel offered us a forum. He added that he had heard that a high-school class was going to come out to protest and leaflet the hotel. Zealots harassed the hotel’s owners, and threatened to march on the hotel during the conference. We have heard that there were death threats. …

    Sorry guys, ‘Imp the Wimp’ could not pull all this off.

    But these ‘guys’ certainly could… –

    Why the Jewish Defense Organization Launches a Successful Boycott of a Hotel for allowing a Neo-Nazi Convention

    JDO launched a boycott against a hotel located in Virginia for daring to rent for a neo-nazi convention. It is true that JDO has launched and is continuing this important boycott and the effect is more than just local but national on various hotels across the US that have been asked by assorted Neo-Nazi and KKK misfits to rent for Jew-Hating and racist hate fests of the future, will think a million times over if they hear or read that not only were have been angry demonstrations at other hotels that rented to this neo-nazi outfit in the past. This local run by a despicable sleaze for renting to the neo-nazis but the Jews and others angry as well brought that Hotel to its knees with the additional weapon of boycott, meaning getting all potential customers to cancel ever using that hotel in the future.First, no greater justice can be done to the owners and management of the hotel.

    JDO plans on financially wrecking the hotel if they rent to these neo-nazis! This means effort and letting everyone also know the owners the manager be called and demand the neo-nazi meeting be cancelled immedaitely! This campaign is specifically aimed at the hotel, and its “rent to the Nazis” manager who rented unknowingly and eagerly to a band of neo-nazis that has hosted Nazi KKK pig David Duke speak about the “evil Jews” at its conventions. The neo-nazi that runs this group is one Jared Taylor. When JDO launched its campaign 8 weeks ago thousands called, and cabled Welliver to cancel this upcoming neo-nazi convention. Well, he allowed the neo-nazis in anyway. The only conscience the hotel has are its pockets, and if we financially wreck the hotel through a serious boycott every hotel will remember what JDO did to Welliver and his once proud hotel punished and brought to financial ruin by reaching out and getting every possible customer to cancel any parties planned there.

    The neo-nazi American Renaissance is holding their 9th biennial conference at the ??? on February 19-21, 2010 We just got word that the hotel cancelled the Nazi scum convention. Stop calling them, they did not know who they were renting to. Any info on where Jarad Taylor and his speakers will hold their nazi meeting would be greatly appreciated now that this hotel has cancelled.

    *Looks like what they said and claimed what they would do unfolded word for word with what Jared Taylor said occurred — word for word.

  41. Real Choice for Change? | The Occidental Quarterly

    …One is that the billions of dollars spent on “Homeland Security” have been poured down a rat hole. If we can’t stop a bunch of creeps from the local Yeshiva from repeatedly calling in death threats to major hotels all around our capitol city, over a period of several weeks, then who are we kidding? …</em?

  42. The USA economic system does indeed seem to be melting. I think the liquidity (funnymunny) is relly helping this process along.

    I understand the distinctions between the concepts of “wealth and power vs. money and influence” – but in the end it all boils down to the same outcome.

    FYI – if the JDO is tkaing credit – why are people still denying that the culprit is Organized Jewry?

    Also – Taylor has, if not thrown Kevin MacDonald under the Kosher bus, for years, he certainly has kept him “off the bus”.

    Again – deferring to or cosying up to Die Juden always winds up with the same result.

  43. I’d venture that the true assassin isn’t the JDO. The JDO appears to be a relatively minor Jewish organization, trying to make a name for itself, and not a part of the Octopus.

    A professional org like the ADL would do the following:
    1) maintain maximum organizational stealth
    2) obscure the Jewish aspect, i.e., would not use a front organization with the word “Jewish” – especially in the Internet age
    3) would not boast in the manner JDO does

    They wouldn’t outsource to a sloppy organization like the JDO (and it wouldn’t surprise me if the ADL guys are now yelling at the JDO to shut the f up.)

  44. IIRC, the JDO attempted to shut down the 2008 Amren conference as well. And this Jewish ad hoc, “lone insurgent”, “group”, probably 3 or 4 casual friends & website like most WN “groups”, made a bungling joke of themselves, and Jewish orgs in general. But this time their big bro came in and piledrived Amren.

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