Productive Weekend

In spite of Jeffrey Imm, it has been an incredibly productive weekend for OD. I’ve reconnected with old comrades, signed up several new writers, established new friendships, learned a few things, met important people within the movement, networked with sympathizers within the Beltway, established a good working relationship with other racialist groups based in Virginia, caught Red Jeffrey on camera making a fool out of himself, and met in person with four OD readers (Crypto-Aryan, Sebastian, Drew and Anna Sylvan). Pip Pockets went to CPAC. We have footage of that too. There is a lot more going on which I am not at liberty to share.

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  1. Hunter, man, you have to quit throwing out these teasers about plans that can’t be discussed…glad to know there is good work going on, but it keeps the rest of us on the edge of our seats wondering what it is …

  2. Uh oh! The hate watchers are going to have a hate orgasm over the “cross pollination” of Pip Pockets going to CPAC!

    I bet Pip Pockets influenced CPAC to vote for Ron Paul for the next Republican presidential candidate. You guys are like an Overton Window force field in Washington, DC. I can see the headlines: Ron Paul endorsed by Republicans under the influence of the Overton Window.

  3. “There is a lot more going on which I am not at liberty to share.” What! You mean it won’t be televised on FOX news?

  4. One side of the Left – the reformist – advocated working within the system and making changes within the context of liberal parliamentary democracy. Their tendency, even if they were communist, was to join the Democrats in the USA or the Labor Party in Australia and attempt to steer the ideology of those organisations towards communism.

    On the other hand, the more radical Left advocated extra-parliamentary ‘direct action’ – the most spectacular examples of which were urban guerilla terrorism.

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