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I’m not normally a great fan of sitcoms, because they are usually totally asinine or liberal propaganda or (most often) both. However, some time ago I stumbled over one that is so awful that I just had to watch to see if I was actually getting it right. After having watched it for a bit and read up on what I didn’t know at Wikipedia, I am now ready to officially nominate it for “Worst Multicultural Cr*p of the Year”. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with my fellow OD readers.

I am talking about “Modern family” on ABC (of course). In a way, I’m sort of impressed that the creators (of whom one is named Levitan…) and script writers actually managed to squeeze in so much garbage in one single show. Instead of just flaunting one or two moral abhorritions, they go for gold!

(Regarding some of my points: note that I’m NOT bashing people for being divorced or having stepchildren – I’m guilty of both -, but in the case of Hollywood it is usually held up as admirable or “cool”. By elevating shortcomings into something good, the liberals and marxists want to destroy our frames of reference and thus our moral compass.)

Consequently, the “patriarch” (played by Ed O’Neill of Al Bundy-fame) is divorced (strike 1) and married to a Colombian immigrant (strike 2) who is the sexiest character in the show (strike 3). She already has a son (strike 4) who’s biological father is a jerk (strike 5) and is played by a mixed White/Peruvian Indian actor (strike 5). The son is way smarter and more sensitive than his White stepdad (strike 6).

His daughter is a domineering mother/wife (strike 7) who’s husband is a touchy-feely dad (strike 8) and somewhat of a nerd (strike 9). Her brother (Mr. O’Neills son) is gay (strike 10) and he and his “partner” have adopted a vietnamese girl (strike 11). Mr O’Neill is portrayed as insensitive for not being able to admit to his buddies that his son is gay (strike 12), but justifies it by implying that the guys are just dinosaurs – “look, I used to be like those guys. They wouldn’t understand” – (strike 13).

Just to make it more interesting, ABC has cast the three children of the domineering mother and the softy dad with actors with Jewish-sounding names and appearances…


  1. I had considered watching this show when I saw O’Neil was in this because I liked him as Al Bundy. But never did when I learned that there would be a pro-gay element. TV the last decade sucks. How many “Law and Orders” and “CSI’s” do they need? JAG was the only recent legal drama that I cared for. As for the most recent family sitcom that I like that would be “Step by Step” and that was cancelled in 1998. I didn’t even watch it when it was on. I started watching it because I watched “Dallas” when it started coming out on DVD (I was too young to watch it when it was on) and I liked Patrick Duffy as “Bobby Ewing.” So when I saw he was on this show that ABC Family airs in reruns in the morning I watched it and got hooked. I wish I had known it was on in the 90s: Staci Keanan, Angela Watson, and Christine Lakin could have gotten me through those years.

  2. I did a web search, hoping that “abhorrition” would return zero hits, but sadly it appears that several other English speakers believe that this is a word in English.

  3. My profound apologies. The correct word would be “abhorrence”. My only excuse is that English is not my first language, but I have been speaking and writing it for so long that I should know better.

  4. Thanks, Ben. :o)

    After consulting the venerable Mr. Webster (Third Collegiate Edition, 1961 – a treasure to own), I would like the record to show that the controversial word is officially changed to “abomination”. That is accurate on so many levels.

  5. Most television programming for the past 15 years has been pretty bad. There’s almost always propaganda attached to it and even shows that have mostly White characters have some kind of anti-Christian, anti-White, pro-homosexual, evil is good and good is evil message to it. I stopped watching the networks long ago and even much of the cable has become unpalatable. Watching reality shows with scripted drama in them about working in a kitchen or getting makeover are about as exciting as watching grass grow. I think there’s some kind of subliminal messages in the shows nowadays that are meant to make people feel bad or depressed. I bought some DVDs of old TV shows and played this one detective show that was on the air in the late 70s and early 80s. There’s a world of difference in the way I felt when I was watching this than modern TV. It made me feel good and I noticed something else. Contemporary television programming was making me stressed and I didn’t realize it until I watched vintage programming and it wasn’t there. Try it as an experiment if you don’t believe me.

  6. The only good live-action tv show is Supernatural…even their one politically-correct episode (featuring a racist pickup truck!) was funny!

  7. The only good live-action tv show is Supernatural

    I watched it for a while when it first came out, but stopped after the episode where the shorter brother’s GF was black. It also started getting silly and the quality suffered.

  8. LMFAO!! Yea you certainly got it right. I googled -Modern Family subliminal tolerance- and got this page. I normally don’t comment on anything I read on the internet but I had to in this case. Well Done! My thoughts exactly!

  9. So I watched 5 seasons of Modern Family – and it turns out the show is actually really funny! Seriously clever and well written – It must be tough work disliking so many things.

    ex. “Rodger says” “Most television programming for the past 15 years has been pretty bad”

    Well that’s to bad for you – the problem isn’t bad TV – Given that there is more variety in programming then ever before – I’m sure most americans could find shows that they enjoy. Have fun becoming the minority : )

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