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  1. I agree, Mr. Rome. Shows without you aren’t nearly as dandy.

    To clarify, I’m not anti-klan. I was only warning that many of them are deeply problematic.

  2. Why use the term “white nationalist”? Just create groups based on your ethnic identity. For European Americans on this website, that would probably mean Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, etc. Many groups such as Jews, Blacks, Mexicans all have organizations based on their ethnic identity. I don’t understand why the need to use the term “white nationalist”. Your enemies can use this term against you, saying it is a threatening term connected with violent secession. Please reconsider using that term.

  3. Phil,
    I’m not Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, or Sardinian. I’m a White American. That’s my nationality. That’s my identity. That’s my people. To scatter into dozens of anachronistic and irrelevant ethnic identity clubs would make us anachronistic and irrelevant. Don’t you find it a bit curious how eagerly the media supports St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t. I know that it’s a politically impotent distraction from the important work of coming together as a common people against our common enemies.

  4. Don’t you find it a bit curious how eagerly the media supports St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t.

    Neither do I. Ethnic pride for Irish, Italians, and other ethnics is encouraged. Ethnic pride for “WASPs” (i.e. Americans) is discouraged.

  5. Mr. Parrott,

    With a name like Parrott, you most likely are (French)Germanic. That is your ethnicity. The term “white” is what the British Americans started using to describe themselves, which is really incorrect. Most of those British people were people of Celtic or Germanic ethnicity, or a mixture of both. Those people should have had a specific ethnic term and based thier own government around that ethnic identity.

    The Celtic and Germanic peoples have a specific ethnic identity with a rich culture- including thier own native religions, legal system, literature, architecture, clothing, art, language and race. Their identity is full and rich. Many of of those British and Continental European-Americans have lost all of those ethnic components. So have many Europeans.

    It isn’t dozens of groups. Most people who would call themselves “white americans” right now are really either Celtic or Germanic(or a mix). There is an entire large and deep culture for those Celtic and Germanic americans, which the term “white american” doesn’t really identify.

  6. Sorry,
    The sentences in the second paragraph should be, “Their culture is full and rich.” Many of those British and Continental European-Americans have lost their awareness of their own culture. So have many Europeans.

  7. Phil, I generally agree with you, but all the European ethnicities are in the same boat at this point in time, so we should work together under the banner of ‘white nationalism’.

  8. Phil,

    With all due respect to my Norman forefathers, my culture isn’t Norman. I’m a White American from the Midwest. I’ve never been to Europe. The extended family that I’m in this to fight for are White Americans, not Normans. I’m not here to be a crypt-keeper of dead traditions that folks in Normandy themselves have long forgotten. I’m here to be a patriarch, to defend the homeland of my family, my community, and my nation.

    I know that our overlords strongly discourage thinking of ourselves as White Americans. The way I choose to deal with their attempt to suppress my ethnic identity is to topple them, not fall back on a more politically correct identity.

  9. Thoughts from listening.

    One thing to bear in mind if you ever get to membership type organisation is to get the money side settled in the most transparent and open way possible as soon as possible. It doesn’t seem important early on but the bad guys will use it as a wedge unless it’s done properly right from the beginning and you want to avoid situations of temptation because people are people.

    The “Left” just used those people as a stepping stone.

    I’ve no idea if it’s practical but the KKK organizing itself as a white charity and social organisation could work well. They wouldn’t need to say a word about white identity because the name says it all while the charity side completely undercuts hostile attacks.

  10. A few thoughts:

    1) I don’t see how the fact that volksfront had chairs is such a great accomplishment.
    2) American Renaissance and CCC do not need to ban alcohol from their events. The reason that volksfront does not allow alcohol is not an asset. To me it suggests that there have been lots of instnaces of alcohol related violence in the past.
    3) I don’t doubt that the KKK people were not nice, but is it also possible that the fact that you were the only people with a college education who showed interest part of the reason they were so welcoming?
    4) I really hope that lighting a cross is not the best thing that will ever happen in your life
    5) Why can’t working class whites do the same type of community/organizing under the banner of groups that do not have such baggage?

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