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Kentucky First

January 7, 2011 Hunter Wallace 20

Kentucky The news broke this evening that the Kentucky Senate has approved an Arizona-style immigration law. The bill was rammed through the Republican controlled State […]

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Canvassing California

January 3, 2011 Hunter Wallace 83

California California presents some of the most challenging political terrain facing White Advocates anywhere in America. The Golden State has been overrun by SWPLs and […]

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Standing Firm

October 8, 2010 Hunter Wallace 135

San Francisco, CA Greg Johnson has written a new article at “Counter Currents” about “Explicit White Nationalism.”  He divides “Explicit White Nationalists” into two groups: […]

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Restoring Sanity

September 17, 2010 Hunter Wallace 49

District of Corruption Ever since Glenn Beck turned out hundreds of thousands of supporters at the “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall, the progressive […]

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The Jacksonian Club

September 3, 2010 Hunter Wallace 41

Red America I’ve followed with interest Albert Jackson’s creation of The Jacksonian Club. In recent weeks, I have taken a more practical turn myself. I […]

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July 12, 2010 Hunter Wallace 14

The PayPal donate button is fixed. I’ve added the new donate button to the left sidebar and the donate page in the header. I’m sure […]

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Stage Three

June 24, 2010 Hunter Wallace 63

It is time for White Nationalism to move to Stage Three: building institutions and networks in the real world. I submit that Stage One was […]