Can WN’s Use The Border Issue To Move The Overton Window?

It’s easy to forget at this late date how verboten the subject of illegal immigration was among average Americans even as recently as the late nineties.

In my opinion it took the Minutemen going to the border and drawing attention to the problem to create the possibility of a discussion and ultimately public activism. As an interesting data point there were between nine and twelve amnesties granted during the nineties, depending on how you count them, but post-Minutemen our traitorous elites have not been able to slip even one more through, though God knows not for a lack of effort.

So the question becomes could WN’s build on this same framework? The border is, in my opinion, where the heat of racial issues is sizzling the loudest. And no matter how much the Minutemen may have complained I can tell you from personal experience that many of its members were well aware of the racial component.

And there is some history here

In 1977, David Duke and a handful of his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan got tremendous media attention when they inaugurated their 'Klan Border Watch.'
In 1977, David Duke and a handful of his Knights of the Ku Klux Klan got tremendous media attention when they inaugurated their 'Klan Border Watch.'
Although Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist are seen as the fathers of the Minuteman movement, citizen vigilante border patrols are not a new concept. Simcox and Gilchrist are following in the footsteps of other anti-immigrant activists before them, and it is well-trodden ground.

Klansmen were on the Mexican border 28 years before the Minutemen co-opted the concept. And they were talking about the Hispanic immigration threat more than five decades before that.

In 1926, Klan Imperial Wizard H.W. Evans warned that “to the South of us thousands of Mexicans, many of them Communist, are waiting a chance to cross the Rio Grande and glut the labor marts of the Southwest.”

In an article that traces the history of the Klan in San Diego from the 1920s through the 1970s, The Journal of San Diego History describes an atmosphere of fear that persisted for decades. “Any Mexican worker who challenged authority or appeared suspicious of one thing or another would forfeit his life,” Mercedes Acasan Garcia, a maid during the 1920s, said in a 1979 interview. Garcia tearfully recalled lynchings, whippings and burnings of Hispanics. “Since they were ragged wetbacks, nobody cared who they were and nothing was done about it.”

With such a history of anti-immigrant violence, Klan boss David Duke and his California leader, Tom Metzger, had little trouble directing the energies of their followers to the Mexican border a half century later.

In 1977, after shoring up their ranks with Marines from nearby Camp Pendleton, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan kicked off its Klan Border Watch. Klansmen were supposed to drive the border from Texas to the Pacific Ocean in a caravan, instructed to report suspicious people to the Border Patrol. Media attention was huge, and cameras at times outnumbered Klansmen eight to one. The event wasn’t much more than a publicity stunt, although Metzger boasted of leading 500 volunteers from four states.

Metzger split with Duke in 1979, critical of what he saw as Duke’s showmanship and inveterate womanizing. But, in the spring of 1980, Metzger formed his own rogue Klan chapter and led a “security force” of around 40 Klansmen to John Landes Park in Oceanside, vowing to rid it of Mexicans. Metzger’s followers carried black shields emblazoned with “KKK” in white letters. They wielded bats, chains and nightsticks and wore hockey masks and helmets. Some brought attack dogs. Protesters met the Klansmen at the park and pelted them with rocks. Seven people were injured.

That same year, Metzger parlayed the attention he had gained, along with growing anti-immigrant sentiment, into a victory in the Democratic primary for his local congressional district. He got some 33,000 votes, although he lost the general election handily.

I think Tom metzger hits the nail on the head here…

Today, Metzger is dismissive of the staying power of the Minutemen. “They remind me of the big splash about the militias a few years ago,” he told the Intelligence Report. “When the Murrah Building in OKC went up they all disappeared. The Minutemen are similar and when the blood really flows on the border, most will be long gone. They go out of their way to claim not to be racist. They are hypocrites of the worst order. They go on and on that they want no racists among them. What a joke.”

And when is the last time you heard anything from the Minutemen? Gilchrist? Simcox? Is the border sealed? The problem solved, obviously not. Yet they are off the national stage for the usual reasons; the lack of a second act, internal squabbling and accusations of racism.

So could WN’s make use of the border issue for their own ends? I think this is possible but the looming question in my mind is who would be the face of this effort? If it were costumed clowns I think it would be sunk before it was even begun.

But if it were an organization like the Council of Conservative Citizens I think there is a real possibility that something like this could thrust the modern WN movement into the mainstream. The key as I see it will be for the movement to be perceived as manned by “regular folks” like the Tea Party is and the Minutemen were.

I may be dreaming a little here but I will remind you that as much as we mock the Minutemen today they were not completely feckless, they did move the ball some distance down the ideological field.

So what say you? Is this a possibility? Or will the usual infighting amongst WN’s render this a moot point before we even begin the discussion? And if it were up to you who would you like to see running this operation and what should the goals be?

UPDATE: well this is timely

“Six to seven bullets went through a west-facing wall this afternoon at City Hall.

The shots hit City Hall about 4:50 p.m., about the same time as a shooting in west Juárez near the Rio Grande.

El Paso police officials believe it appears the shots came from Juarez.

One bullet entered the ninth-floor office of Assistant City Manager Pat Adauto. There were no injuries.”


  1. >>>So could WN’s make use of the border issue for their own ends? I think this is possible but the looming question in my mind is who would be the face of this effort? If it were costumed clowns I think it would be sunk before it was even begun.<<<

    While the "costumed clowns" may be "sunk" in their specific goals (i.e. NS), I do find them helpful in shifting the Overton window. I co-ordintate programming for a small discussion group at University of Oregon, Pacifica Forum. I have found it very useful to join border/immigration demonstrations organized by National Socialist Movement, and then give a public report on the event when I return.

    It works very well for me. It stirs up a great deal of controversy on campus, and allows me to acclimatize my audience in such a way as to make my own views seem moderate. Even prior to my attendance at NSM rallies, my detractors were calling me a Nazi, so I figured I'd just start getting my money's worth. I've been happy with the results. The only thing that has suffered is my personal reputation among certain circles. But attendance at Pacifica jumped from an average of about 20 people to a peak of 300 immediately following my implementation of this strategy.

  2. It seems the shift that needs to take place is a shift from talking about illegal vs. legal immigration to a debate over whether whites have a right and an interest in protecting their majority status in the United States. And I don’t see how a professional extremists like Duke and neo-nazi or other extremist political sects can help make such a debate more likely. Mainstream people can’t talk about preserving white majority because it makes them sound like Nazis.

  3. “Even prior to my attendance at NSM rallies, my detractors were calling me a Nazi, so I figured I’d just start getting my money’s worth.”

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t you dress up in Traditional Scottish Clothing (kilt) and wear a Swaztika Arm-band at the same time???

    Anyhow the immigration issue is tailor made for White Nationalists.

    Always refer to Whites as settlers and the colored folks as the immigrants… then it becomes much easier to combat the ‘we are all immigrants’ non-sense.

  4. Crypto Aryan,

    Using your own logic, “Mainstream people can’t talk about preserving white majority because it makes them sound like Nazis.”, it becomes a truism that “mainstream people” need to get over it, or die. It’s just that simple.

    The question, for me, is how to help people get over it. Part of my answer is to dampen the dog-whistle of holocaustian conditioning by participating in historical revisionism. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to carry out this endeavor under the auspices of a state university.

    I take the responsibility very seriously. Its my way of working toward a world where Aryans won’t need to attach prefixes to their names.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t you dress up in Traditional Scottish Clothing (kilt) and wear a Swaztika Arm-band at the same time???


  6. “No.”

    Oh good, I find costumed antics to be counter-productive. (Never should have even considered to Jewish Media reports to be True anyway… what was I think?!?!)

    Thank you for your activism at Pacifica Forum! 🙂

  7. Tom Metzger was the tactical leader, as it was his ‘neck of the woods’, and inspired both ‘Border Watches’.

    DD is, and was, pure posture, however well intended he was/is.

    White Nationalists do not need issues…they fill a need because it is there; true men of courage and vision try and set things ‘aright, and make plenty of mistakes in the process.

    As we have evolved, it appears that the pendulum has swung the other way…thinking and action need to be balanced; this is axiomatic. TM did a great job balancing the two. He was not supported by the eggheads of the day, just like alot of the men today, will be given little shrift, at the expense of the Folk.

    In my opinion, many of you are on the right track, and the future looks good.

  8. Illegal immigration was a highly visible issue in the early to mid 90’s, especially in CA. It was during the late 90’s that immigration and racial issues in general receded from the public consciousness. A big part of that was the neocons purging immigration opponents from the conservative movement.

  9. I find the “costume” gambit perplexing. I think it can cut either way depending on how it’s employed. While I’ve never worn an armband, I often wear a kilt. In fact I’m wearing one now. I wear them so often that I don’t think of them as costumes at all. At the last NSM rally I attended, which was last month in Las Vegas, I marched in a kilt and carried the Confederate battle flag. I had not planned to carry the flag, I have never owned one, but when it was offered to me, I felt compelled to accept it. I just couldn’t shrink from what felt like a familial duty. Inasmuch as John Quincy Marr,, was shot dead by federal troops just outside of my hometown of Annandale Virginia, I’ve always felt a strong sense of kinship with him, and with the Confederacy.

    I feel a similar responsibility with respect to the swastika. Not far from my ancestral homeland of Marr, Scotland, there are some ancient cave dwellings. In at least one of them, there are swastikas inscribed on the walls which have been determined to be about 5,000 years old. That’s much older than the Marr tartan of which my clan kilt is made. I can’t, in good conscience, espouse the kilt and eschew the swastika. For me, it comes with the territory, and it comes with the responsibility of kinship.

    I do my best to avoid using these symbols and “costumes”, in a manner that might be construed as counter-productive, but for me, in the final analysis, it’s about identity, and showing respect for my ancestors. If I get into a situation where this makes me look like a clown, it’s a price I’ll have to pay. Clowns have descendants too.

  10. You lift the stigma of the word weapon “racist” off the backs of whites you will have more volunteers than you can handle.

    You don’t lift the stigma of the word weapon “racist” off the backs of the oppressed white masses you will personally be able to buy your volunteers all steak dinners.

  11. When talking to people, I try to make the point that there is no real difference between most legal immigrants and the illegal ones. First, they are the same sorts of people, culturally and economically. They still bankrupt our hospitals, destroy our schools, commit our crimes, and drive us from our neighborhoods.
    Second, they are all the same to our Rulers. When they refuse to enforce the law, they have declared them to be lawful immigrants, nullifying the law through inaction. And of course, their offspring are as legally as good as any White American whose ancestors first plowed the soil of Iowa or Tennessee. Even better, since those White descendants of sodbusters will be taxed to provide services for the newcomers.
    Many Whites already know these things intuitively, and will understand immediately once it’s put into clear English.

  12. TT says:

    In 1971 I led 50 men called the Crusaders in the first such demonstration on the border of this era. The Crusaders were attached to the New Christian Crusade church led by James K. Warner. That demonstration only attracted locale press. But in 1976 I was able to convince a reticent David Duke that the Illegal alien issue was extremely important so we create the Klan border watch complete with specially beefed up patrol cars and radios. That became a world wide story with at least 50 reporters from all over the world following us around. By this time their was no excuse by the American people not to know the threat. between that demonstration and 1980 Tom Metzger led a half dozen such demonstrations on the boarder even fighting off reds on the border beach.. Tom Metzger ran his Congressional campaign in 1980 almost completely on the Illegal Alien’s.

    After that Roger Hedgcock ex mayor of San Diego and new radio talk show host started a virtual repeat of what Tom Metzger and company had done several times before. Interestingly none of these acceptable people ever gave one sentence of credit to Tom Metzger for his work.Neither has the Minute Men or any others that followed. During that period it was Lewis Beam in Texas and Tom Metzger in California that carried the ball. Almost no White racial group outside the southwest gave it any attention at all. The historian HUMBOLT in the 1800’s was quoted as saying. “THE UNITED STATES WILL ABSORB MEXICO AND FALL.”

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