Visiting Maryland


I’ve just returned to Charlottesville from a road trip to Maryland where I got to know the CofCC DC area chapter. We ate some great BBQ and mashed potatoes. I drank a few beers and made some useful contacts in the movement.

The immediate objective is to get more White Nationalists in the DC area showing up at R.E.A.L. events. In the fall, we plan to create a “second cell” in Northern Virginia (three or four racialists sharing an apartment), probably in Falls Church or Alexandria. The Northern Virginia team will do essentially do what we do in Charlottesville (media and activism), but will be in a better position to cover events in the Washington area.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet with several of our people in the area. I went up there for personal reasons (spend time with a girl) and that ended up occupying most of my time. I’m a frequent visitor to Northern Virginia and there will be plenty of occasions to build a network in the region.

The most important thing we can do now is get people who are already White Nationalists in contact with each other. If could just get them meeting up in real life on a regular basis, that in itself would be a huge step forward.

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  1. ”spend time with a girl”

    I hope you have thoroughly vetted her. As the recent saga shows, there are doe eyed spies about.

  2. Those laws are fairly common in the northeast (MA, CT, PA, and NJ have similar laws).

    The DC CofCC chapter are pretty good people. The chapter is also surprisingly stable: the same group of people I met 2 years ago at the Ron Paul March was present at this BBQ, a couple of them having been involved for decades. This is a welcome contrast to most WN groups, which see people drift in and out every 6-18 months or so.

  3. “In other words, she’s a liberal. Watch out”

    Many of us, if not most of us, started out as liberals.

  4. It is true Maryland is a Northeastern state, geographically and climate-wise; and, now politically due to its relative affluence and very close proximity to Washington D.C.

    Hunter Wallace: Good luck with the Maryland girl! One of the most scenic & pleasant states to spend your time in, is Maryland. It is a very pretty state.

  5. “I’m going to convert her to White Nationalism.”
    My friends and I used to call this ‘Conversion by the Sword’.
    Once you withdraw your ‘influence’ (ahem), they tend to revert back to their former selves. jus’ sayin’.

  6. MD has shitty gun laws too. probably because it’s the largest suburb of DC. All of the politicians live in Potomac. If I remember correctly, we (my dad’s construction crew) rennovated Arnold Schwartzenegger’s old digs there.

  7. The networking aspect is positive but what purpose does it serve to follow Jeff Imm around? This is becoming a traveling circus with Imm and his three loyal (and only) followers being shadowed by a few white nationalists of HW and crew. You’ve made Jeff Imm out to be some superman of left wing anti-racism. He’s just a tiny turd in a large bowl.

    Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing but I just don’t think he’s worth the time anymore.

  8. Hunter,

    You shouldn’t be messing with girls unless they already are white nationalists. Who knows what came before you?

    Just kidding. I hope it’s a permanent conversion.

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