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The PayPal donate button is fixed.

I’ve added the new donate button to the left sidebar and the donate page in the header. I’m sure the button is working. We successfully sent a test donation through earlier.

Several people have contacted me through email about how the PayPal donate button doesn’t work. The problem has been resolved. If you want to send a contribution through to the main site, you should now be able to do so.

I would also like to add individual tip jars for the writers under their user profiles. I’m reasonably confident this can be done. Each author could register their own PayPal account and insert a tip jar under their user profile.

If you like what Gregory Hood, Matt Parrott, Kievsky or any other the other writers are saying, you could support them directly. It would provide an incentive for the writers to write longer and better articles.

I know some people would prefer to mail their contributions to a P.O. Box. I’m working on that. The only hold up is security concerns about relying on government employees at the Post Office. We’re considering using a routing service.

Why support Occidental Dissent?

Like any other website, we have expenses. I renewed the domain with a private registration service a week ago. That cost me about $30. A year of hosting costs about $90. There is also the opportunity cost of spending so much time promoting White Nationalism when we could be doing other things in the real world.

Jim Giles has a “cash flow statement” on his website. That’s a good idea. I plan to copy it here. It will probably be included in the Donate page.

So what could we do with actual resources?

1.) It would be easier to pay our bills at headquarters: rent, power, water, trash, food, cable/internet/phone.

2.) We could expand our operations in our region: more on the ground coverage of pro-White events in our region (Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina). There are travel costs (gas, hotels, food) associated with doing this.

3.) As noted above, a tip jar for each individual writer would encourage them to write better and longer articles.

4.) We could hire a webmaster to redesign the website.

5.) A moderator could be paid to police the comments and keep discussion civil and productive.

6.) We could create cells of White Nationalists around the country and arm them with the equipment to cover local events.

7.) We could expand our networking effort in our region. Here in Virginia, the immediate goal is to create a real world network of pro-Whites, which is the indispensable precursor of a grassroots political organization.

8.) We could support a “second cell,” a parallel OD collective (four WNs sharing a house and doing media and activism), which we plan to establish in Northern Virginia in the Fall.

9.) We could train White Nationalist activists in the mechanics of political technology.

10.) We could start doing more book and movie reviews that will reach a wider audience.

11.) We could hire someone to produce really good YouTube propaganda videos like the Haiti one featured here last month.

Regardless of what happens, I am sure we will find a way to do most of the above. The critical difference is the rate of our growth. With more resources, we can do more things, like expand and cover more events, produce more White Nationalist analysis and propaganda, faster than we would otherwise.

No one is under any pressure to contribute. Everyone should be free to determine their own level of involvement. The sheer amount of foot dragging it took to get the PayPal button up (+2 years) should be sufficient to prove we are not in this for the money.

If you want to support a worthy project, now you have the opportunity to do so.

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  1. I donated $100 through Paypal.

    Hunter let me know if you did or didn’t receive this donation.

    Also, how much does Paypal take as their cut?

  2. Very good.

    I recommend you do what Peter Brimelow does at

    He has fund drives and shuts down the web site until they reach certain fund raising goals.

    The WN movement of the 90s was bad at many things and fund raising was one thing WN were really bad at.

  3. I actually recommend fighting our way into the mainstream, at least to an extent. If we can creat separate sections (like online websites for signiicant newspapers and magazines), we could report mainstream stories and even some sports-related events. I know they are largely dominated by non-Whites, but it would be a decent way to connect to the official mainstream population and attract ratings via search engine results.

    I do this on my blog, even though I value racial preservation over who wins the NFL Super Bowl.

  4. “I recommend you do what Peter Brimelow does at”

    Yes, but don’t do it at Christmas Time!!!!!! It is hard to imagine a worse time to have your fundraising drive. But Brimelow also managed to do just that, too.

    That sort of horrible planning and deciding to hold conferences in Liberal and minority strongholds instead of more sane places is far too typical of our leadership.

  5. How about an option whereas you can donate an amount that is recurring (weekly, monthly, etc.), making smaller amounts into larger amounts over time (and less embarrassing to those of us that are stretched thin)?

  6. I hate when Peter Brimelow does that. I wouldn’t donate to someone who pulls those kind of stunts, out of a matter of principle. Peter Brimelow isn’t exactly short on money either.

    Joanne, you might have to go through PayPal to set that up. Otherwise Hunter might just have to rely on your memory. Another company I work for has that, I’ll look into the issue.

    Godan, we can’t figure out how to do that. If anyone is able to find out and tell us (we use wordpress software), we’ll set it up that way.

  7. No V-Dare-style plug-pulling should be considered.

    If people have the means to donate and wish to do so, that is excellent, but this is a holy struggle and not a money-making enterprise.

    “I shall remain faithful. Even if I should be deserted by all, I shall carry the flag. Staggering and alone, my smiling lips may stammer mad words; but the flag will only fall when I fall, and it shall serve as a fine shroud covering my corpse.” – Herr Wolf

  8. I’m not going to pull the plug on the site. I also find that annoying. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. I will be contacting each of you personally over the next few days.

  9. There are quite a few similarities between wooing ladies and wooing donors. Acting all desperate and getting pushy evokes a reactive response. While I’m supportive of VDare’s work and think donations are money well-invested, the fundraising stunts are akin to telling your date to “put out or get out”.

    Our movement doesn’t get any money because we haven’t formulated a credible and competent movement that inspires people to want to be stakeholders. We’re making a lot of progress here, and I don’t want to beat ourselves up. But we should definitely not be beating our supporters up for failing to cough up money.

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