Freedom Action Conference

George Washington circles the wagons Valley Forge

I’ve spent the last few hours watching the live stream of the Freedom Action Conference in Pennsylvania. Tea Party supporters from across America have gathered in Valley Forge to “regroup and train for the fight ahead.”

The historical symbolism being invoked here is obvious. Valley Forge is where the tattered remnants of the Continental Army under the leadership of George Washington camped in the winter of 1777/1778 to rebuild their strength. It was an ordeal that separated the true patriots of the American Revolution from their fair weather friends.

Watching the live stream of the Freedom Action Conference, it is clear that the Tea Party sees itself as being in a similar dire predicament. They see themselves as the beleaguered remnants of a shattered American army that is losing a war for freedom. The enemy has captured the capitol and driven the “Real America” from the seat of power.

Times are hard.

Like the Continental Army at Valley Forge, the Tea Party is determined to weather the storm and strike a decisive blow for freedom. Once the threat to our independence is eliminated, “Real America” will be restored to its former exalted position in Washington.

The psychodrama on display here speaks volumes about the existential crisis of White America and the direction it is ultimately headed. If the Tea Party is the Continental Army, then Barack Obama is a tyrant like King George III, and the traitors (i.e., progressives, globalists, socialists) are the Red Coats who must be driven from their positions of power.

Watching this conference, I am left with the unmistakable impression that the Tea Party is starting to think of its historical situation in revolutionary terms. The term “Second American Revolution” is becoming popular in these circles. It was thrown out to the audience several times this afternoon to a chorus of applause.

What is the “Second American Revolution”?

It is a revolt of the Reds against the Blues, the “Country Class” against the “Political Class,” the “natural libertarians” against the “cognitive elite.” The Reds are dreaming of throwing off the heavy yoke of tyranny.

This is serious business. It is not idle talk.

The Reds have spent the afternoon defining the Blue enemy and describing in elaborate detail their preferred method of resistance:

It involves capturing control of state and local government, asserting state sovereignty, nullification of federal laws, empowering sheriffs to arrest federal officials, forcing state legislators to swear oaths of loyalty to the people, massive resistance, setting up state escrow accounts and refusing to hand over federal tax dollars.

The most popular method of resistance seems to be “building a wall” around the Second Amendment. It is necessary to protect the Second Amendment at all costs, not because a gun owner needs an AK-47 to shoot a deer or kill a turkey for Thanksgiving, but because the First Amendment might prove insufficient to defend “Real America” from the onslaught of globalist tyranny.

Undoubtedly, there will be readers of Occidental Dissent who after reading this article will point out in the comments that Reds vs. Blues isn’t exactly Whites vs. Jews, and that such a violent revolution, if it did ever did come, wouldn’t satisfy their refined tastes.

This sort of fantasist retardation has crippled the pro-White movement in America and left it utterly oblivious and unprepared to take advantage of impending tsunami of White anger that will be unleashed against the status quo.

If 95% of Jews are on the Blue side and 75% of Whites are on the Red side, and the Reds are pushed to the breaking point and carry out their threat of a “Second American Revolution” against the Blues, what does it matter if the Jew goes unnamed, but finds himself financially ruined and thrown out of power?

If such a crisis ever did come, it would so destabilize the status quo that the taboos against White racial consciousness would be shaken to their foundations. It would create the historical opportunity the pro-White movement needs to break into the mainstream.

Of course such a scenario cannot be guaranteed. However, I would argue that it would be far more likely to happen in the aforesaid conditions and that we should use every ounce of our influence to bring those conditions about as they would work to our advantage.

The actions described above are precisely the ones that led to the American Revolution. Before there was a Revolution, there were uppity Bostonians, throwing tea into Massachusetts Bay and provoking the Coercive Acts. Moderates were forced to choose sides. When that happens, people naturally tend to side with their own, as John Adams sided with Sam Adams.

In the Civil War, William Lowndes Yancey precipitated a Southern revolution by splitting the Democratic Party in 1860 over an abstraction about squatter sovereignty. This led directly to Lincoln’s election and the secession of South Carolina.

Alabama and Mississippi sided with South Carolina. Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas sided with Alabama and Mississippi. When Lincoln called for troops to suppress the Confederacy, the Upper South left the Union.

Moral of the story: in 1850, only a thwarted radical minority dreamed of a Southern Confederacy, but the logic of kinship of self-interest worked its magic in the right historical conditions.

If the Tea Party were to provoke a “Second American Revolution,” even an explicitly anti-racist one in rhetoric, Americans would invariably choose sides in such a polarized environment. Jews will side with Jews. Blacks will side with Blacks. Hispanics will side with Hispanics … against Whites who alone will comprise the other side.

That’s exactly what this country needs. It is also why I will be tuning in tomorrow!

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  1. Hunter, seriously, a race war??

    You do know it’s 2010!


    Turner Diaries= a really really bad book, I know, I read it, I own 2 copies of it for the hell of it …

    There will never be another civil war, revolutionary war or race war.

    For every angry racist there are hundreds of people who are very happy to be in a multicultural environment. This isn’t BS, these are facts as you well understand or there wouldn’t be so many attempts from certain political groups to fracture the strong growing bond between all peoples.

    The Obama election was one of the scariest events for many political consultants from both parties.

    It was why Hillary lost.

    Take “Mudcat” Saunders who was the Democrat political king maker of VA.

    He was able to get Mark Warner, Jim Webb and Tim Kaine elected. But times are changing, Mudcat’s playbook with his white populist theory is slipping through his fingers like grains of sand.

    The Commonwealth came out strong for Obama, the 1st district proved substantial constituents, this was not the way it was supposed to work.

    The next year it proved even more fail when the Obama voters ignored the white populist Deeds because he ignored them, and the queen of BET jumped feet first into the McDonnell camp.

    American is bonding, they are busting down the walls of separation and fear, reaching out and forming interracial bonds.

    All the attention whoring articles about affirmative action from Jim Webb are not going to change that.

    All these scantily attended conferences and tea parties are not going to change that.

    The demographic is mostly geriatric with just a smattering of young ones like yourself, while the majority of the guys their 20’s-30’s are not in agreement with you at all.

  2. “empowering sheriffs to arrest federal officials”

    Not a chance.

    Spock, yes, it’s 2010. That is such a throw-away slogan of progressives – “get with the times!” “You are old fashioned!” Progressives are Marxists, Marxism is 150 years old. You represent the past, not the future.

    The demographic is mostly geriatric with just a smattering of young ones like yourself, while the majority of the guys their 20?s-30?s are not in agreement with you at all.

    Youth are such a small voting block that when few extra show up to vote it seems like a big deal. If it wasn’t for the disaster that was Bush, conservative Whites staying home, the GOP establishment going for McCain, and the Jewish media boosting Obama over Clinton, Obama wouldn’t have had a chance.

    American is bonding, they are busting down the walls of separation and fear, reaching out and forming interracial bonds.

    This is risible. Your fantasy of White women procreating with blacks is just that – a fantasy. Aside from a small tiny faction, nearly universally defective/abused types, interracial breeding is still a fringe phenomenon, despite your best efforts.

    I freely admit that WNs are often delusional, but compared to Marxists/Progressives, they are downright sensible. One more false flag like 911 and the American electorate will go so reactionary you’ll be wishing for a centrist Clinton type.

    As the Jewish media continues its slide into insolvent irrelevance (Newsweek was just purchased for $1 by a Jewish billionaire who freely admitted it wouldn’t ever make money) your free ride is nearly over. Sure, there’s google, but their ADL partners can’t censor youtube fast enough.

    Despite the fantasy of anti-White/Judeo progressives like yourself, the future is bleak for blacks and browns. The future will be Whites vs. Asians. Whites and Asians have been selected so differently that even a fusion of them seems unlikely.

    Spock, you are truly witnessing the last gasp of the Marxists/progressives. Obama was such an overreach the backlash alone is going to terrify you. And I’m not even a conservative.

  3. Tea Party has nice rhetoric, but is fundementally a stagnant marsh of libertarians, neo-cons, and paleocons. One more cycle of betrayal of white, middle-class interests by Republicrats, though, and the marsh, in a context of accelerating economic collapse, will become a raging torrent. All this is perfect for us. Meanwhile Spock-Jew can practice what he preaches: marry a negress and breed orange children.

  4. Spock – white nationalism is, by definition and context, progressive and forward-thinking. Get with the times.

  5. i don’t think WNs should watter down what we stand for, ever. i am in the camp that worse is not better, but i would rather stand by my principals and let more people get to the WN level than have support a ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ electorate. if it’s duke vs. tancredo/paul/buchanan/newt, i’m pulling the lever for duke.

  6. If such a crisis ever did come, it would so destabilize the status quo that the taboos against White racial consciousness would be shaken to their foundations. It would create the historical opportunity the pro-White movement needs to break into the mainstream.

    Good post. Makes sense. I’ll check out this live feed out tommorrow.

  7. The important issue with the Tea Parties isn’t whether they are white nationalist enough right now but if they are moving in the right direction. The answer is a definate yes, a year and a half ago the Tea Party movement started as a dry protest movement concerned about too much government spending. Since then the Tea Party has moved on to strongly oppose Obama care and now is leading the fight against illegal immigration. The Tea Party movement is now a cultural/implicit pro-white movement our goal should be to make sure that the progress the white masses are making doesn’t stall but keeps getting more and more radical.

  8. It is not just hope (although, I do hope), but history that would indicate that something big is about to happen. Division is real and accelerating. With the current crop of politicians in place (and Federal Reserve fools), economic collapse seems all but assured. Whatever happens past that will likely be epic; and, by the way, totally unexpected by the ‘progressive’ multicultural believers.

  9. Is it relevant to point out that the Spock character was hugely popular among high functioning autistics?

  10. Spock is an anti-white and nothing more, he advocates for whites only to “assimilate” away into nothingness, genocide if he applied this to Africans, Asians or Jews. But if you want to debate abstract polemics with him continue on, and maybe in a few decades he will change his mind, oh what a victory that will be.

  11. The Tea Party is very dedicated to the principles of “equality”. They are the liberal in the classical sense. I doubt very much they would embrace white nationalism or racism. They go to great lengths to appear non-racist and mainstream.

    It’s fantasy to believe that these people are going to suddenly go around and start shooting AK47s. There aren’t enough crazies in the Tea Party to sustain anything like that, not to mention they’d be going up against much crazier and better armed Police, Guard, Military. And dissent from at least 98% of America.

    The best the Tea Party is going to muster is ending Affirmative Action, lessening the influence of ADL and NAACP. The “all-white America” is fantasy.

  12. The people putting this “Valley Forge” conference on are coonservative hucksters. Trying to make a buck off of the patriotards.

  13. The quality of the commentators heree do not remotely do justice to the passion, wit and intelligence of the authors. We desperately need a new space, free from these obsessives, who find nothing but fault in anything they personally haven’t thought or written.

  14. I agree with basically everything you have said HW! These are my thoughts as well. I suspect that those who sow defeatism on this board are simply enemy agent who hope for inaction. Otherwise, if they are just fatalists, they should do us a favor and not bother posting or wasting their time with politics at all. The economy is ruined. The elite class is married to unworkable systems. I am estatic! If they compromise with reality any and repair they economy, they empower the declining Red State Middle Classes. If not they CANNOT maintain the status que in the long term through propaganda without a strong economy. Maybe they could do it for so many decades with sheer violence but the Soviets did that and it didn’t work out too well for the elites. 🙂

  15. Earlmundo Pitts III says:
    August 13, 2010 at 4:45 pm
    The people putting this “Valley Forge” conference on are coonservative hucksters. Trying to make a buck off of the patriotards.

    I agree with this completely. Beck, Palin et al (neo-cons) are definitely milking the patriotardism.

  16. Talk is cheap. “White Nationalism” is a rhetorical stance on the internet. It doesn’t have a physical presence in the real world.

    Anyone can shout “nigger” on the internet. It is a safety valve that allows people to act out their fantasies while doing absolutely nothing to reverse our decline in the real world.

    The only reason things aren’t worse off than they are now is because other people have been fighting back in more moderate ways.

    Imagine where we would be today if everyone abandoned real world resistance in favor of role playing as “WaffenSS14” on the internet.

  17. The Tea Party is advocating a method of resistance (nullification, sheriffs arresting federal officials, refusing to turn over tax revenue to the feds) that can only end in polarization and physical confrontation with the federal government.

  18. @ Hunter

    They got your $29 bucks. LOL.

    I don’t believe in fleecing the patriotards the way the organized coonservative hucksters do. Hunter, they have been pushing the same old coonservative bullshit as long as I remember—and nothing has changed.

    Btw, how many rifle raffle tickets has Sheriff Mack sold? On the same rifle? LOL. What a poser.

  19. I’ve watched the conference and haven’t seen anyone argue that electing more Republicans to office is the solution to our problems. Instead, they have argued that the “globalists” control both parties, and that it is not a “right” vs. “left” issue, but one of a contemptuous, out of touch elite that doesn’t bother to listen to ordinary people anymore.

    It is the White Nationalist movement that hasn’t changed. It is still thousands of people bitching on the internet and doing nothing in the real world to change our circumstances. It is the same people arguing about the same subjects. It is the same people spending most of their time fighting with each other.

  20. “. . .definitely milking. . .” Definitely bilking, in the land of Bilk and Money.
    Benjamin Spock and Mr. Spock (Nimoy) are both jews.

  21. All it would take to bring the USA to its knees is a prolonged energy crisis, widespread gasoline shortages, a major oil shock, etc. Without a steady supply of energy the FEDs would be forced to institute a lockdown police-state to prevent general anarchy. This may happen when and if Israel/USA attacks Iran –

    The USA is very, very fragile right now, and I doubt the current situation will last another few years. The military, police, small businesspeople (local and regional), and many local/state government officials in the more right-leaning states are increasingly suspicious of the FEDs, which is a good sign. The problem though is that the FEDs control the entire energy supply of the USA, along with the monetary printing presses, and with that type of control they could likely crush all resistance in a matter of weeks. As long as the FEDs can keep the electricity on and gasoline in people’s tanks along with a steady stream of bread and circuses to distract the increasingly 2nd/3rd world American populace who are are becoming used to living in semi-degraded circumstances, the story of America is one similar to the Roman Empire — a long, slow, and steady decline.

    The biggest tragedy of all is that another White/Western high culture will have little chance of arising in the future here in North America considering the insane proliferation of non-Whites on the continent allowed to happen in the last few decades just to keep the economy growing at a decent pace.

  22. Earlmundo, ‘nothing has changed’ – this is laughable.

    Sure, the ‘patriotards’ are still framing much of their rhetoric in sanctioned, kosher language, but they are resisting and abandoning the establishment to an extent not seen in the past 40 years. You ‘tards don’t seem to be satisfied with anything other than calling for the heads of jews and niggers, bashing people over the head with an explicitly racial message when they are not at all primed to hear it.

    If not resisting and pushing confrontation with the federal government through more moderate means, then what? What uncompromising message would you spread (and how?) and what actions would you take to hasten the polarization of the nation the and steer things in our direction? Are you just a casual observer watching it all come down, or do you have anything to contribute?

  23. Good article.

    The greatest radicalizing force in the world is a hostile state. An opposition movement that is too moderate is ideal as long as their moderate proposals are still unacceptable to a hostile state because the state will do the radicalizing for you by attacking it.

    Which is exactly what has been happening with the Tea Party.

  24. “The Tea Party is advocating a method of resistance (nullification, sheriffs arresting federal officials, refusing to turn over tax revenue to the feds)…”

    Who has said those last two things?

  25. Again, when the Feds (and many states) are unable to pay people to push their anti-white agenda, which while happen sometime between now and 2017 (due to currently unfunded mandates and debt coming due) and given the polarization that has/is happened/occuring, then what results will likely be epic and totally unexpected by the fools who didn’t even grasp the economic depression coming. History tells us that poverty and extreme political action go together. Welcome to the new unhappy unmelting pot, and goodbye Hollywood happy diversityland. Whatever results may surprise me, but it will shock the fools that have convinced themselves that nothing will change in their happy multiculutral world of white subsidies and Cosby reruns. You can try to convince the unwashed, and especially yourselves, that action will not result from people that frequent such websites as this, but you aren’t really fooling anyone anymore, or at least not for much longer.

  26. Speaking as a Pennsylvanian, with direct experiences of local Tea Partiers – it’s a mixed bag. Most TP’ers are completely clueless on racial matters, as PA is a largely White, rural state. Most Blacks, and non-Whites, are concentrated in urban areas. PA is a state comprised of small towns, with close local ties. You know – where the White people live. These folks have had very, very ,very little direct experience with Non-Whites. They only know what TalmudVision tells ’em….”We are all alike underneath. Just darker on the outside”. etc. Most folks have NO idea of the actual reality of “diversity”. They accept the concept that you should gave every individual a fair chance, and “They are not all like that”.

    The TP’ers are largely unsophisticated, They are getting a taste of political strategerizing, but are on an extremely stepe learning curve. Some are higher up that curve than others. Please please please keep in mind, at all times, the fact that Jew York City is very close to Easter PA – where this event is – and The Zionist Murdoch Jews News is an enormous influence. May of the local TP groups are Houses of Glenn Beck Worship. He spends a lot of his on-air time telling them to read Alicia Rosenbaum, think about What Would Moses The Joo Icon Do (instead of, and opposed to, The Christ). amd this past week – don’t resist. Do NOT take up arms. Don’t resist. (Which is not a good idea, at this moment. Obtainnng arms and ammo would be prudent, however….) Then – blathers about this being a spiritual battle (true), and that his followers should just Pray To God. God will fight the battle for ya. (Not true. God helps those that HELP THEMSELVES).

    So his Zionist Masters are hard at work neutering any real opposition – physical force.

    A bloody battle is at hand, anyways. Real warfare will not be staved off. And it’s going to be uglier than anything any of us can imagine. Some the Tea Partiers will “get it” – but many will not. Some will become true Heroes, like Jefferson, and Franklin, and Vlad Tspes – and others will be Hamiltons, and Radus….

    Gates the treacherous and wholly-bought-and-paid-for-in-shekels Secretary of Defense wants to dissolve the Marines. Any idea why? Take a wild guess. Has to do with the racial composition of the Marines. Should he succeed, and the Marines do not literally fight back – then flee, or accept Noahide Rule, and extinction.

    The Battle is enjoined. There are MANY fronts. But it’s on. The Net is important – or else the Jews would not be so determined to shut it down? So don’t discount the Net. But it’s time to stop pointless arguments, and meandering, and pick a side.

    Stop infighting; *act*. In the real world. There is no longer any choice in this matter.

    God help us all.

  27. Outreach has been a failure for decades. With aliens at the controls we must rely on determination and solidarity. The idiots will have to come to us.

    Just one technical point, Hunter. Florida seceded before Alabama did.

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