Violence and Vanguardists

Is violence really the answer?

The Vanguard

Last week, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House of Representatives – including “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” – and then flew home to Arizona to meet with her constituents.

On Saturday, a deranged kook and conspiracy theorist named Jared Loughner blew her brains out in the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store, took the lives of a nine year old child and five other people, while shooting more than a dozen others before he was subdued.

Before he emptied his first magazine, this 22 year old drug addict and college dropout had already succeeded in dropping the equivalent of a thermonuclear bomb on the national political discussion.

The Republican House was poised to repeal Obamacare. The Arizona state legislature was gearing up for an assault on birthright citizenship. More than a dozen state legislatures across the country were about to enact Arizona-style immigration laws.

Now we get to spend next week and probably the rest of this month debating the martyrdom of a low key, moderate Blue Dog Democrat and whether or not Arizona has been transformed into “a mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

Talk about knocking the wind out of our sails.

Portrait of a Killer

Within two hours, Jared Lee Loughner became the most famous man in America.

The first clues about his motives began to trickle out on the internet. Internet sleuths on Twitter were hot on his social media trail and were leading the discussion going on in the mainstream media.

A consensus had developed before the evening political talk shows on cable television that Jared Loughner was an alienated pothead and heavy metal fan, a marginalized loner and introverted outcast who wore all black clothes and was probably suffering from the onset of some type of severe mental illness, most likely schizophrenia.

His political leanings are gradually coming into focus: left-libertarian, conspiracy theorist, anti-religion, anti-flag, pro-abortion. A picture is emerging of a bookish, alienated nerd (likely a homosexual) dabbling in Ayn Rand, Karl Marx, and Adolf Hitler.

We know his type well in the White Nationalist movement.

This is someone who is cut from the same cloth of school shooters like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Columbine or more recently Seung Hui Cho who shot up Virginia Tech back in 2007.

These attention seeking wretches of suburban anomie have been self detonating across America for more than ten years now. This has nothing to do with the Tea Party or Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

It just so happens the target this time was a Democratic congresswoman instead of his classmates at Pima College in Tuscon. Jared Loughner was expelled from school before he could go postal in poetry class.

This guy is most definitely not the second coming of James von Brunn or John Hinckley, Jr. The clumsy attempt to link Jared Taylor with Jared Loughner will certainly fail.

We are going to dodge the bullet this time.

Next Time

I say this time because next time something like this happens we are unlikely to be so fortunate.

This grotesque act of violence, which has repulsed every sane and morally sound person in America, resonates with many of the mentally disturbed, hyper alienated fantasists that infest the White Nationalist movement.

No one here would have been in the least bit surprised if Jared Loughner turned out to be “Whites Forward” or a VNN Forum contributor like Rick Holland.

The news of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona inspired waves of adulatory celebration on that website:

“Republicans and Democrats are basically the same shite and a good jew is a dead one.”

“Let’s give a toast to the shooter.”

“One kike slut slaughtered, millions more to go.”

“Eh, I’m lost. Whatever the case – jew down, fedjudge mexi-lover dead. Not bad for a day’s total.”

“Was this subhuman kike whore slaughtered or not?

If IT lives, I hope IT is in absolute agony and indescribable pain for the rest of IT’s life!”

A month ago, I drew attention to the fetishization of violence in vanguardist circles, especially acts of revolutionary violence like the assassination of elected officials.

Why Vanguardists Can’t Win

I said at the time:

As explained above, fantasism and escapism are the bread and butter of vanguardists, who have largely given up on reality based methods in light of their own extreme level of alienation from society.

Most of the fantasist schemes (i.e., the Northwest Republic) involve successful acts of criminal violence. The Order is one example of a group that took this sort of talk seriously.

Unfortunately, violence tends to have exactly the opposite effect.

White people in the Pacific Northwest were glad to be rid of The Order. They responded negatively to Oklahoma City and threw their support behind the federal government. The only people who saw James von Brunn as a martyr were other alienated vanguardists.”

Nagging Little Voices

In Nagging Little Voices, I drew attention to the fact that Democratic strategists like Mark Penn were already saying after the midterm elections that Barack Obama needed “an Oklahoma City moment” to reconnect with White voters in the Heartland.

I said at the time:

“If they followed HAC’s advice, the liberal, moderate, and conservative majority would unanimously react to vanguardist terrorism in the same way that Americans reacted to the Oklahoma City bombing.”

Unsurprisingly, Jared Loughner’s attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has inspired unanimous condemnation and repeated attempts by the media to pin the shooting on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

No one wants to be associated with a toxic mass murderer who settles his political grievances with a gun.


We learned from Columbine that publicizing gruesome shooting sprees like this will likely inspire copycat attempts among similarly alienated fanatics.

Undoubtedly, there are alienated vanguardists out there right now like James von Brunn contemplating what it would be like to self detonate and go out in a blaze of glory like Jared Loughner or Timothy McVeigh. They have probably read The Turner Diaries, Hunter, and The Northwest Quartet.

Even though Jared Loughner has no clear ties to White Nationalism, the media is already trying smear Jared Taylor and American Renaissance through guilt by association:

It is only a matter of time before the next James von Brunn or Timothy McVeigh makes national headlines. Bill Clinton rode the backlash against the Oklahoma City bombing to a second term in office.

Violence and Vanguardists

The Giffords shooting has been a great clarifier in the “mainstreamer” vs. “vanguardist” debate. It really goes straight to the heart of the matter. This debate is playing out again all across the White Nationalist world.

Mainstreamers believe in working within the system. Vanguardists believe in revolutionary violence to overthrow the system.

Mainstreamers incline toward republican government. Vanguardists usually favor establishing some kind of racial dictatorship or aristocracy.

Mainstreamers are disillusioned with the status quo. Vanguardists are radically alienated from society.

A “mainstreamer” might be upset about racial double standards and changing demographics, but that doesn’t mean he is going to pick up a gun and start murdering his political opponents. He usually balances his pro-White ideals with a healthy dose of Christian morality, American ethnicity, and republican political theory.

Essentially, “mainstreamers” like Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, and the CofCC are Americans who happen to be pro-White. They see themselves as carrying on the American racial and political tradition which stretches back to Jefferson and the Founding Fathers.

We want to conserve that tradition and start building upon it again.

Vanguardists are people who grow so alienated that they undergo a type of ethnogenesis. They jettison everything but their abstract commitment to the racial ideal of a White ethnostate.

Some of these people claim to want a White Republic. Under closer examination, they are really not so hot about the “Republic” part of that equation. They are not adverse to resorting to violence to achieve their objectives.

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, which clearly shows that violence is counterproductive to our cause, many of these people insist that violence is the only way to advance our views in the public sphere.

I can’t predict when it will happen, but someday White Nationalists will reap the whirlwind of the morbid vanguardist fascination with violence. I was greatly relieved to find out that today was not to be that occasion.

Final Thoughts

For once, liberals may have a point about toning down the rhetoric, albeit for the wrong reasons.

We have nothing to gain and much to lose from staining our good name with the blood of our political enemies. I pray every day that Barack Obama lives to be an old man. If Martin Luther King had not been assassinated by James Earl Ray, he too would have eventually been discredited.

Instead, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy were glorified as martyrs in the liberal pantheon. Their path to sainthood was a source of much misery for us in the decades that followed. LBJ exploited the Kennedy assassination to push through the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Ted Kennedy road the coattails of his famous brothers into the U.S. Senate.

The Left is already in the process of creating a “Saint Gabby” to use as ammunition against the Tea Party and “rightwing extremism” in general. This is someone who was reelected by a mere 4,000 votes two months ago. The redistricting process in Arizona would have created a ripe pickup opportunity in that district in 2012.

This is worth breaking my New Years’ Resolution.

Please, no more body bags in our name. If you absolutely must self detonate, do so on behalf of some other cause, not ours. We can’t afford to be associated with you.

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  1. Armor: You’re right, violence does not necessarily make people recoil in horror. It’s how the violence is presented to people that makes them flinch. Should the MSM start presenting burned Iraqi children, done in by American air strikes, you’ll have your recoil. Are you old enough to recall that famous magazine photo showing a 12 year old Vietnamese girl with her clothes burned off by napalm, running toward the camera? “Collateral damage” just didn’t seem a good enough reason to burn up little girls.
    So just how will this pro-White bombing campaign play with the American public? See how the press weeps over the most sympathetic victim, a 9 year old White girl? If you want to get violent, look at the most successful White avenger, in terms of earning public sympathy: Bernard Goetz. He shot four Black thugs with an unlicensed pistol on a New York subway, and everybody outside of liberal maniacs loved it. He was White, the thugs were Black, and he was defending himself. And if he hadn’t put an extra bullet into one of the downed bastards, he would have walked. No jury would have convicted him.

  2. Discard: Bernard Goetz. He shot four Black thugs with an unlicensed pistol on a New York subway, and everybody outside of liberal maniacs loved it. He was White, the thugs were Black, and he was defending himself. And if he hadn’t put an extra bullet into one of the downed bastards, he would have walked. No jury would have convicted him.

    I recall this incident and remember sympathizing with Goetz as a kid, as I was being harassed at the time in school by Blacks. Although Goetz avoided significant jail time, a Black and Hispanic jury later awarded his Black assailants millions in a civil trial. Goetz’s assailants were represented by that Jew lawyer William Kunstler who played the race card, of course,

  3. “I think the IRA in Ireland, and the ETA in Spain, have achieved a lot, even though what they did was morally questionable.”

    Both of those are examples of armed wings of political organisations with c15% electoral support. I’d say 15% is about the bare minimum a separatist party would need before an armed wing is viable if there’s no jungle as the mass of non-combatant supporters act as the jungle. Anyone who talks about IRA or ETA type violence without understanding this aspect needs to do more thinking.

    “What’s strange is how some of us are able to agonize over the death of a few chosen people, while not losing any sleep over the deaths of a few hundred thousand people in Iraq.”

    It’s not strange at all. It’s a perfect example of how people accept violence as justified if the accepted moral authority says it is justified. You need to become the accepted moral authority of your constituency first and we aren’t. Using violence before that point is stupid and counter-productive.

  4. Extremism isn’t effective, if so why doesn’t the media show us shocking imagery of “Blue Oyster Bar” type gays having public sex instead of presenting homosexuals as monogamous couples whose main desire in life is to adopt children.

    The thing I love is that Jonah Goldberg completely bought it, or at least thinks his readers will be stupid enough to completely buy it.

    Doesn’t seem that long ago that the “gay left wanted to smash the bourgeois prisons of monogamy, capitalistic enterprise, and patriotic values and bask in the warm sun of bohemian ‘free love,'” writes Jonah Goldberg. Now homosexuals want to get married and serve in the military. Like a lot of once-subversive cultural movements, it’s not so subversive anymore, mainly because adherents have realized that “bourgeois values—monogamy, hard work, etc.—are the best guarantors of success and happiness,” writes Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times.

    He thinks gay marriage is inevitable, and “finds it cruel and absurd to tell gays that living the free-love lifestyle is abominable while at the same time telling them that their committed relationships are illegitimate too.”

    It’s one thing to be uncouciously influenced by the media’s agenda, I think everyone has been to varying degrees.

    What’s unbelievable is that someone could be so explicit in parroting the media’s whack-outed fantasy world.

    Note they are afraid of Jared Taylor who seems normal, but love to show discovery channel documentaries about shaven headed vanguardists living in the hills.

    Yeah, they know what they’re doing with those documentaries.

  5. The anti-white media wants to present Loughner as a typical white person. They would like to use him to discredit everything that is white and conservative. But according to this blog, the mainstream media has emerged as the biggest loser, and liberal journalists are coming away from this incident even more discredited than they were before.

    Maybe the Jewish media are too aggressive for their own good, and not as smart as they think they are. I don’t think they really know what they are doing. In accordance with my previous comments, I think it may in fact be a good thing if some white lemmings are (wrongly!) led to believe that their fellow white lemmings are ready to create mayhem in the streets, due to “white discontent”. Even though white people will disapprove of that kind of violence, it will contribute to make them more aware of the race crisis.

  6. Wandrin: Violence is entirely pointless and counter-productive except as part of the armed wing of a *mass* political organisation. Unless you have a convenient jungle to hide in you need to create the mass political organisation first for the very simple reason that the armed wing *cannot* survive without a friendly population to hide in.

    Eric Robert Rudolph was able to elude the FBI for years by hiding out in an area where he must have had friendly sympathizers — people who pretty much didn’t care that he bombed an abortion clinic and a gay disco. After years hiding out in the woods, Rudolph was clean shaven when he was finally caught. Although I am not suggesting that Rudolph is the model to follow, his experience does show that local friendlies can help someone evade the authorities for an extended period of time.

  7. @Lew

    I’m not debating this nonsense any more. It’s very simple. If a group can’t win an election they can’t win an insurgency. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is either an idiot or an agent provocateur.

  8. Bernhard Goetz is the son of a Jewish mother, a fact that I would ordinarily expect to influence the media and courtroom handling of the case, though I don’t remember the details of this one. Everything would be a lot clearer if a distinction was made between the various groupings referred to as “White,” depending on circumstances.

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