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Auburn wins the national championship. Wes Byrum, the White kicker, scores the game winning field goal!

It was a night that no Auburn alumni will ever forget!

Note: The BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon was the most watched cable program ever.

27 million people watched Auburn win the national championship. I’m sure that includes the entire state of Alabama.

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  1. Congrats to the Auburn Tigers and to Hunter Wallace on this great BCA victory….

    I watched this victory here in Hyde Park Chicago – the home of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and the University of Chicago.

    The Univesity of Chicago was once part of the Big Ten Footballl conference – we had the first Heisman Trophy winner – Jay Berwanger

    “In November of 1935, Berwanger received a telegram from Manhattan’s Downtown Athletic Club, informing him that he had won a trophy for being the “most valuable football player east of the Mississippi,” as well as a trip for two to New York. “It wasn’t really a big deal when I got it,” Berwanger recalled in 1985. “No one at school said anything to me about winning it other than a few congratulations. I was more excited about the trip than the trophy because it was my first flight.” The prize was renamed the John W. Heisman Memorial Trophy, after the club’s athletic director, the following year.”

  2. Auburn? Who? What? Back in my salad days, there was a town in upper NY state, somewhere near Ithaca. That Auburn? Whatever…anyhow, I’m glad a white guy kicked the winning field goal. For those who care.

  3. I used to be, and still am to a certain degree, a big-time college football fan – and NFL fan. Since my racial awakening, it’s been relatively easy for me to shun NFL football, but harder for me to shun college football because of my ties with my alma mater.

    I watch Newton being worshiped by a legion of White idolaters and it just seems so unnatural to me. I wonder how many White fathers would offer their virgin White daughters to Newton for a pair of his sweaty socks, or, how many White females have disgraced themselves and shamed their fathers by giving their womanhood to this ‘hero’?

    I can’t continue to support and sponsor White subjugation and displacement by paying attention to football.

  4. Mighty says:
    January 11, 2011 at 11:12 am
    I used to be, and still am to a certain degree, a big-time college football fan – and NFL fan. Since my racial awakening, it’s been relatively easy for me to shun NFL football, but harder for me to shun college football because of my ties with my alma mater.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I highly recommend people in your situation make the transition from football to hockey – college hockey is excellent and > 95% White. A recent college hockey game between Michigan and Michigan state was played outdoors in front of a crowd of over 116,000 – the largest hockey crowd ever. For most in the crowd, the fun and excitement is the same as in college football – women like to go and be a part of the scene. I just watched the international under 20 junior hockey tournament held in Buffalo – outstanding! It might as well have been an international SS event. Canada was favored and large numbers of Canadians came across the border to cheer on their side – but it is such a White event that there is good sportsmanship for all sides.
    Canada was up 3-0 in the gold medal/final game and Russia came back to score

    5 goals!

    I’m 25% Russian and I recognize Russia now as the best, pro White country with a system/ruler that is tough on all the things we don’t like.

    I was very happy.

    And when you become part of a very White sports culture like hockey, you don’t have to be obsessed with racial thoughts, you’re just part of your/our people and our people don’t like to talk politics all the time or be obsessed with past wars etc – it’s just a great White place to be.

    Yeah – I encourage others here, especially in the US South to make the transition away from football to hockey. Hockey does well in the US South – Dallas, Phoenix and Nashville all have NHL teams.

  5. I went through a phase where I stopped liking football.

    Eventually, I realized that I liked football and sports, and that every other aspect of our society is integrated, so why single out football? The same people who attack college football write reviews of Jewish Hollywood movies.

    I would much rather watch a college football game than a Hollywood movie.

  6. As a Southerner, I have a hard time getting into hockey. I have been to a few hockey games, however, and I enjoy the fast, hard hitting action. The problem for me, as silly as it probably sounds, is that I have hard time seeing the puck because the game is so fast. I suppose people who grow up with hockey must be used to it.

  7. RE Lew,
    The thing they do on TV, to illuminate the puck somehow, making it appear to “glow”, is a potential real boon to the game.

  8. So a white guy kicks a field goal to win the game…But the black quarterback, black running backs, black receivers, black offensive line and just about the entire black defense dominated the game. Are there no white kids who play high school football in Alabama?

  9. Lew says:
    January 11, 2011 at 9:53 pm
    As a Southerner, I have a hard time getting into hockey. I have been to a few hockey games, however, and I enjoy the fast, hard hitting action. The problem for me, as silly as it probably sounds, is that I have hard time seeing the puck because the game is so fast. I suppose people who grow up with hockey must be used to it.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I understand your problem. The new HD plasma TVs are much better for following the puck. Still, you have to watch the motion of the players to get a feel for where the hockey puck is.

    Yeah, I understand hockey is a bit of an acquired sport, but I forced myself to acquire some hockey knowledge, hockey appreciation because the sport is so White, plus the players are young White men, not old White men golfers and the game features, strength, controlled violence, stuff White women would want to mate with the better lads.

  10. Wes Byrum, the kicker, won 5 games this year for Auburn. Lee Ziemba won the Jacob’s Trophy. Philip Lutzenkirchen, tight end, caught the game winning touchdown in the Iron Bowl. He also made a huge play in the Oregon game.

    Let’s forget either that Gus Malzahn, the offensive coordinator, is the brain behind the whole operation.

    You know, this reduction of every aspect of life to race is one of the major reasons why I started backing away from White Nationalism. It is a prescription for being constantly miserable and alienated.

    The only people who enjoy feeling like that all the time are ideologues. That’s one of the major reasons White Nationalism has never gone anywhere.

    Another reason is that there are plenty of White Nationalists who can’t admit that non-Whites are good at anything. Even sports.

    Nick Fairley is a walking stereotype of a nigger. For example, last night when he got called in that penalty for taunting LaMichael James when he was down, or in the Georgia game when he got into a fist fight and made the “suck it” motion to the Georgia fans in the stadium.

    So yeah, Fairley is a nigger, but that doesn’t mean he is not an outstanding defensive tackle, the best in the country. Yeah, Michael Dyer and Ontario McCalebb are fast, but no race realist to my knowledge has ever claimed that blacks can’t run.

    Stephen Hawking can’t walk. That doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the most brilliant physicists alive in the world today.

    White Nationalists only sound retarded when they argue that blacks aren’t good at anything. They also sound unsympathetic when they insist “true White Nationalists” can’t do anything in an integrated setting to have a good time.

    That leaves literally nothing to do in this country except sit around on the internet all day posting anonymous comments.

    I wonder what genius thought up that marketing strategy.

  11. As with LEW, I have never really cared all that much for hockey. Football was a popular sport here long before the game was integrated.

    Are the Scots supposed to give up golf now because Tiger Woods plays the game? What about the English? Should they give up cricket? Should the French give up soccer?

  12. Sports addiction is something that our people are going to have to get over. It makes us helpless when we should be directing this tribal energy in better ways. Sports is used as social engineering.

  13. For better or for worse, Hunter Wallace has a point:

    One of the best ways to connect with a large share of white men in the USA is to be able to “talk football”.

  14. “Sports is used as social engineering”. Jason.
    Agreed. If you like sports, play them. Or support your local high school team. Or Pop Warner football or Little League. Sports were segregated for a reason, and the reason still stands. If you think that Blacks are good enough humans to be treated as equals on a football field, why aren’t they good enough to screw your sister?

  15. Hail: It’s true that one way to connect with a lot of White men in this country is to talk football, but it’s a damned shame. Plenty of White males wear earrings too. I’ve been around sports fans all my life, and watching other men play is a poor substitute for manliness. Playing softball with woman is more masculine. Walking your dog is more masculine. Even chess players have more balls than the average sports fan.

  16. Sports were popular with the Greeks, even before the Romans. But to the Greeks, sports were something you participated in. Watching was for men too old to compete anymore. And Greek athletes were not professionals, they competed for honor, signified by a crown of laurel, just some twigs to wear around their heads. No doubt there were corruptions of the ideal, but at least they knew what corruption was.
    The Roman Empire gloried in its professional sports, but that’s nothing to model ourselves on. Free food and entertainment for the urban mob (“bread and circuses” is the usual phrase used by historians) was the Roman method of pacifying the rabble. The method still works, with the added modern perversion of deliberate mud-mixing.
    I don’t condemn sports. I was once a decent distance runner. I used to enjoy playing softball (too slow for baseball) and still go to an occasional game if I’m invited. I condemn spectatorship, the worship of these steroid-amplified freaks of nature, the hours devoted by flabby wannabes to the doings of sports “heroes”. Most fans have never played football or baseball, outside of a P.E. class. They’re like ugly girls reading glamour and movie magazines all evening.
    And I would condemn idle watching even if there were not a single non-White involved. The racial aspect only makes it worse.
    I have no argument with using sports as a means to raise racial awareness, if your prospects are so inclined, but keep in mind that fans are generally watchers, not doers.

  17. The racialist CasteFootball.us is a site many think is very useful in this way. Its organizer (Don Wassal) is on James Edwards’ radio show often.

    He is a sterling example of the tendency Hunter mentioned towards downplaying the abilities of other races — blacks dominate sports like basketball not because they might be endowed with certain natural advantages but (solely) because of anti-white discrimination. Sure. (How pathetic it is to listen to him fawning over Manu Ginobili, who, though he is a useful player, is clearly in third place on that squad.)

    I’ve been around sports fans all my life, and watching other men play is a poor substitute for manliness.

    That may be so but who says people watching sport only do so in some attempt to “be masculine”? Maybe they just enjoy watching high-level performance of a skill they themselves have some familiarity with or are otherwise impressed by; or they enjoy being part of a certain kind of social scene (the game-day rituals, the rivalries etc) .

    You’re correct, Hunter. “Bwahaha, you enjoy watching niggers in tights run around? Bwahahaa.” Totally unsympathetic (and thus counterproductive).

  18. Discard,

    You don’t see a problem with condemning fun activities that millions of White people enjoy?

    Why stop there? Why not condemn all integrated facilities like gyms, bars, and restaurants? Why not condemn drinking, listening to music, and watching movies too? Even Hitler didn’t get rid of the Olympics.

    What exactly is the attraction of being a White Nationalist supposed to be then? Is it fun to sit around all day feeling alienated from society, sorry for yourself, and angry at the modern world?

    The fact is, when you define White Nationalism in such a way, you have narrowed your audience down to less than 1 percent of the population, and have effectively written off any chance of it ever going anywhere.

    This animosity toward sports is up there with great ideas like you can’t enjoy Japanese or Mexican food if you are White. Your White taste buds are expected to detect the bad taste of Non-White food.

    My personal favorite though is the White Nationalists who feel compelled to prove that Europeans built the Amerindian civilizations in the New World. If memory serves, that one is in March of the Titans somewhere.

  19. Silver: Contests of strength and speed are not primarily masculine? On what planet?
    Naturally, some men like to watch sports out of an interest in seeing a high level of proficiency displayed, but they are very much the minority. My brother, once an athlete and very informed about baseball and football, prefers AAA baseball because the quality of play is nearly as good as the major leagues, and the people in the stadium are so much more knowledgeable and interested in the game. They have tailgate parties too, and the discussion among the fans is far above the usual sports chatter, like “That was AWESOME” and “He SUCKS”. Most fans have the unmistakable sound of adolescent boys jabbering about cars or music or something else they know nothing about, but think they ought to in order to be cool.

  20. My personal favorite though is the White Nationalists who feel compelled to prove that Europeans built the Amerindian civilizations in the New World.

    I believe they found some arrowhead in New Mexico that is long and pointy just like an arrowhead from Spain, therefore these quacks jump to the conclusion that it is “fact that whites settled America first and were ‘genocided’ by the Indians.” A very, very extreme conclusion to draw from one chunk of rock. There is no evidence for this at all, Kenewick man is not a European but looks like the Asiatic aboriginals of Japan. Occam’s Razor would suggest the simplest solution is some Indian sat down and stumbled upon the same, unremarkable way of carving a pointy rock as someone in Spain. It’s not rocket science.

  21. HW: Whether or not millions of White people enjoy an activity has no bearing on its value. Millions of White people like to get drunk. Millions of White people like adultery. Millions of White people like to steal. None of these fun activities are good things. If we did not condemn popular activities, we would have to applaud the elections of BHO, Bush II, and Clinton, along with TV shows like Modern Family and that new one about doctors in the jungle.
    I do not condemn sports. I do not condemn watching sports. I condemn spectatorship, the substitution of idly watching anybody do anything rather than doing things ourselves. Is couch potatohood any less objectionable just because the potato has ESPN on the tube? Is star worship OK if the object of worship is on a football team instead of a movie screen? How is the person whose hobby is watching sports any different from the dumb kid plugged into their ipod, informed on music gossip, and considering a new hairstyle like the drummer for Butt Quest has?
    Aside from the ill effects on the society of having hordes of slobs in size XXXX T-shirts bearing the logos of sports corporations, Jason’s comment was accurate: “Sports are used as social engineering”. Recall the punishment given to that relief pitcher (John Rocker?) who said that he hated riding the New York subway because it was full of freaks and foreigners, people with purple hair and queers with AIDS. He was forced to go see a psychologist for speaking his thoughts, thoughts that most of us would agree with. Or how Marge Schott was forced to give up her team (Cincinnati Reds?) for speaking of her “million dollar Niggers”? Professional sports enforces the multi-cult’s standards, and so is an enemy to us. Whites need to wean themselves from the poison.

  22. Discard,

    There is nothing wrong with drinking, enjoying movies, or watching sports. It is a really bad idea to take White Nationalism into such territory. We need to make White Nationalism look fun and attractive to ordinary people.

    Right now it is portrayed in the media as a bizarre cult for kooks and alienated hatemongers. Unfortunately, some White Nationalist websites try to reinforce that negative image.

    The last thing we need to is to engage in violence. We already know how much that damages our public image. Following close behind is all these White Nationalist pet causes (like measuring skulls and ridiculing religion and misogyny) that unnecessarily set us at odds with our target audience.

    Personally, I like the modern world. I enjoy watching football games. I like my iPod. I play a little football myself, more this year than ever before, but prefer endurance running, weightlifting, and hunting.

    Granted, there are some football fans who are obese couch potatoes, but there are many more who are not. College football is not the cause of obesity in America. You can’t blame obesity on watching a football game or two on Saturday.

    I’ve watched more football this season than last season. Yet I lost 60 pounds last year and now have an athletic build. My problem was never watching football. It was spending too much time tapping away on this keyboard and sitting idly in a computer chair.

    Sports like football and baseball were popular in America long before integration. Those sports were once segregated.

    They are not the cause of our racial decline. The integration of college football and Southern college campuses met fierce resistance in the South (it took the national guard to integrate Alabama and Ole Miss).

    Football stadiums are just one example of an institution in our society that has been corrupted. They are no different than any other institution.

    If anything is true, the universities led the charge. Jews were taking over Northern universities as early as the 1910s and 1920s. Are universities therefore the problem?

  23. HW:
    I didn’t claim that college football is the cause of obesity in America.
    Nor did I say that sports are the cause of racial decline.
    I don’t claim that drinking is bad. (Drunkenness is bad.)
    I don’t object to movies, unless the content is bad. (It generally is.)
    I did not advocate violence.
    I have an ipod myself. I don’t know how it works, yet.
    I am much too old and worn out to play football, but I like to walk. 3.4 mph average.

    My view is that spectator sports are part of a larger decline. America has become a fat, lazy country, that doesn’t seem to care much for thinking. And it is too willing to be entertained rather than entertaining itself. People pay to be entertained just like they pay people to care for their children and their parents, like they pay others to clean their houses and mow their lawns. Americans pay for fast food instead of cooking for themselves, and pay for simple repairs instead of fixing things themselves. However adept and autonomous any individual reading this might be, the average American is much less capable and independent than back in the ’50s.
    White Nationalism cannot offer more fun and easy living than the multi-cult can, any more than the GOP can outbid the Democrats for the Dark vote. We offer survival, freedom, and dignity. No, we don’t bang people over the head with sermons on personal responsibility and the like, but we do try to appeal to people who already have the necessary values. We will never sustain a First World White nation with watchers instead of doers. Go ahead and use your football knowledge to bring Whites around to racial consciousness, if watching sports is where they’re at. Hopefully they’ll put down the remote and take up something more active.

  24. A few odds and ends: Gus Malzhan is a football genius who was treated shabbily when he was at Arkansas by a certain coach who is now coach for the Ole Miss Rebels, or is it the Black Bears now?

    I rooted for Auburn but the whole thing with Cam Newton and his father was rather shady. especially since he promised the Auburn athletic director he would not attend the game to see his son play, and yet after the game there he was making a full of of Auburn University, in my opinion by hugging his son publicly on national TV.

    How many of those top star black athletes do you think have black girlfriends? Need we ask? I may not have all the answers, but I know collegiate athletics is corrupt to the core and I wish the NCAA would start busting some programs via the sudden death penalty.

    Personally I am a Razorback fan but the whole Oho State thing, whereby five players on probation still got to play, stunk to high heaven. I have always admired Lou Holtz and I can promise you a lot of that would never have happened on a team coached by Holtz. So I have mixed feelings. I like to watch college football but realizes with some elements of society it borders on Negrophilia.

  25. Phil: The first and most effective corrective for college sports would be to limit them to actual students. And require them to maintain at least 3.0 GPA in academic subjects. Playing sports on the college’s fields is a privilege. If they aren’t keeping their grades above the minimum, they need more time to study. This would more to de-negrify college sports than the repeal of the 13th Amendment.

  26. My personal favorite though is the White Nationalists who feel compelled to prove that Europeans built the Amerindian civilizations in the New World. If memory serves, that one is in March of the Titans somewhere.

    There is some evidence to believe that at least the elites of those lands were white. For example, Francisco Pizarro’s cousin wrote contemporaneous accounts of the conquest of the Incan Empire, and in them he described the Incan elite as “whiter than the Spanish.” I’m more inclined to believe the account of someone who was actually there than someone sniping on the internet. It is possible that there were some whites who made it to the Americas a long time before the Spanish. But my guess is that given your attitude you are not willing to investigate the situation with an open mind.

    Judging from modern Amerindians – low IQ, high prevalence of alcohol – they don’t seem the sort who would build civilization and they never did progress past the Stone Age, and yet we are supposed to believe that they built all that grandeur themselves. That claim seems ridiculous to me.

  27. RE Kasimir Petrenko

    The Aztec myths about “bearded gods from the east” is another. No pre-Columbian people in the Western Hemisphere had beards, so how could they even have known about beards, other than from contact with Europeans?

  28. Discard,

    Some White Nationalists blame the entire modern world for the decline of Whites in North America. The corresponding reaction in the mainstream is that these people are kooky and weird so why bother with them.

    A few centuries ago, the vast majority of White people were illiterate. The only book most families owned was the Bible. Whites amused themselves with all sorts of activities that correspond to modern sports from horse races to county fairs to playing cards to coon hunting.

    Society was less sophisticated. Ordinary people were less educated. The economy was less advanced. Yet ordinary people still managed to entertain themselves. That has always been a constant in human history.

    It is a romantic myth that premodern Europeans were sturdy, wholesome peasants living virtuous lives of independence in the rhythms of nature. That was not the case.

    The household was a site of production simply because of the inferior state of technology. Whites were substinence farmers because of inferior transportation networks and inferior technology.

    Ordinary people today are better educated. They have better technology. They have far more money. The inevitable result of this is that they have more leisure time.

    There is no connection between spectator sports and the decline of racialism. The rise of spectator sports like boxing, football, and baseball in America corresponded with a hardening of racial attitudes in the Jim Crow era.

    The larger point you are making is that Whites are declining because they are less industrious and less independent than they were in the past.

    I don’t agree with this either.

    Whites didn’t start thinking of themselves in racial terms until well into modern times. In fact, it was the development of the market economy (including markets in Europe for commodities like tobacco and sugar) that drove the colonization of the New World.

    It was economic incentives that put Whites in close contact with non-Whites like blacks and Indians for the first time in an alien setting. That is what led to the rise of White racial consciousness.

    If you are searching for factors that really played a role in White racial decline, look no further than the catastrophic effect of the Second World War, which in a matter of six years completely reversed the hardening of racial attitudes we see going on well into the 1930s.

  29. Aside from making a fetish out of violence, the worst thing that White Nationalists can do is hitch their cause to a laundry list of pet causes.

    Everything from attacking religion and patriotism to measuring skulls and authoritarian genetic engineering to rejecting the modern world and calling for the collapse of the economy.

    The message should always be: life for Whites will be better in a White ethnostate. The economy will be better. There will be less crime. There will be better schools. There will be less poverty. There will be more meaningful politics. There will be less lewdness and vulgarity in our culture.

  30. I also agree with the concept of the Ethno-State. I actually think its a historical pattern that is inevitable and in that , and only that, is our salvation. The Western Roman empire fell in 476 AD and eventually, after much chaos and bloodshed, modern Europe was born with the rise of Ethno-States, many of which had been former Roman provinces. The state arose around a common language, religion, or ethnic base. The same thing happened to the Ottoman empire, which became the nations of the Middle East and North Africa. We just saw the CCCP fall apart. Americans are incredibly naive to think it will not happen to us, or somehow we will be the only solitary empire in the world that avoided that fate, or that the good ole U.S.of A will endure forever!
    Take heart in the fact that the greatest, and most influential events of the 20th Century caught the experts by surprise. I refer to the fall of the Berlin wall and the unification of Germany, the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union, and the sudden appearance of the AIDS virus, not to mention 911. History is full of the unexpected and unpredictable, it never goes like the expert pretend, and in that is our salvation!

  31. HW: I agree that the image of the virtuous European peasant, or the virtuous American homesteader, is exaggerated. Even if one doubts the Bible’s claim that we’re all sinners, any reading of 19th Century literature, sanitized though it is, ought convince anybody of that. However, when I wrote of people in the past being more capable and independent, I was thinking of a time I knew personally, not through reading.
    In the 1950s, when I was a boy, my father, my uncles, and the men I saw in the neighborhood were, in fact, more capable and independent than most of the people I see today. They maintained their own houses and cars. They understood the technology of their time and they could summon the initiative to at least try to fix it. House wiring and plumbing haven’t changed, and while electronic ignition is a mystery, cars still need their oil changed and the filters replaced. The average American White man today has less mechanical skill than my mother. As for independence, who today outside of a bunker dweller, would scrawl I DON’T WORK FOR THE GODDAMN GOVERNMENT across an intrusive Federal questionnaire?
    It is true that far fewer Whites today do any kind of skilled (useful) labor today, but do they really know anything about the technology they use? If the computer fails, what do they do? “Sorry, the computer is down” means the end of the work day. The average middle class person today is a clerk, secretary, or bookkeeper. They are paid to keep their files in order, by following the prescribed procedures. It may not be their fault that they do that instead of productive work, making and building and fixing, but that still leaves them helpless and dependent, on Chinese engineers and Mexican labor. The export of American manufacturing, a “hobby horse” of a couple commenters here, has also meant the export of American character.

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