Spokane Bomb


I was watching the rerun of the Rachel Maddow Show when a “breaking news” item appeared that some dumbass in Washington State attempted to blow up a MLK day parade in Spokane:

I wonder who the FBI is looking at right now.

Maybe these guys?

Note: The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is offering a $20,000 dollar reward “for information about this case.”

I would like to reiterate that this website condemns the use of violence in the strongest possible terms.

Update: Rachel Maddow used her Twitter account to tweet to all her 1,729,395 followers the link to HAC’s website.

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  1. Rachel Maddow had another segment on her show about “white supremacists” in the Pacific Northwest and “domestic terrorism” tonight. They are eagerly awaiting the FBI lab results for they can pin the Spokane bomb on a “white supremacist” group.

    Maddow noted that Aryan Nations pulled out of the Northwest after Butler died. She claims there has been an “uptick” in white supremacist activity in the region over the last two years.

    I wonder who she is referring to.

  2. Jimmy,

    It is clear from listening to HAC’s podcasts that he doesn’t see himself as a writer of fantasy fiction. He continues to assert that he is the only White Nationalist “who has a plan.” His “plan” is an IRA-style terrorist campaign in the Pacific Northwest.

    As I said above, Hollywood producers have never urged their fans to move to Los Angeles so they can be within driving distance. HAC talks out of both sides of his mouth because he wants to inspire violent illegal actions with his writing without having to personally go to prison on account of them.

    He doesn’t seem to care that violence is guaranteed to turn the public against White Nationalists. Whoever planted that bomb has already succeeded in doing that in Spokane. If their goal was to increase support for the federal government in the region, they have accomplished their mission.

  3. Finally, we can’t do anything about White genocide by turning the public against us and making the federal government look good. That is the worst possible thing we can do.

  4. Hunter Wallace:

    “It is clear from listening to HAC’s podcasts that he doesn’t see himself as a writer of fantasy fiction.”

    For me, and the people I collaborate with to build White Nationalism in the Pacific Northwest, the important question is not how Harold see’s himself, but how WE see him and how we can use his work to further our goals of building a larger and stronger White Nationalist community.

    Why would I waste time and effort criticizing him, when I can just as easily benefit from his efforts?

    Frankly, I could say the same thing about you. I don’t normally frequent your website, but when you’re publicizing the NW Migration, I’d be a fool not to participate. Obviously your getting mileage out of it too, and I don’t blame you in the least.

  5. I think it all comes down to legitimacy. If violence erupts between two groups the public will tend to sympathize with the group that has the most legitimacy, and WNs have very little, if any. It’s difficult to build legitimacy with the public when you’re alienated and don’t even look at yourself as legitimate. If Whites had a national community structure with professional and successful community leaders that excluded nonwhites it would go a long way toward establishing the movement itself as legitimate. A serious problem with WNs now is that we implicitly come across as reactive, and therefore illegitimate. I think we need successful people who fearlessly speak the truth at all times, do not react to or address the MSM or anti-whites except with occasional casual mockery, and who build pro-white communities. If that can be accomplished, to the point where the participants no longer see themselves as on the defense, or as culturally irrelevent/illegitimate, other people will be attracted to regardless of what the message is. In my perception it’s not the message of the WN movement that people have such a problem with. They look at us and see how we see ourselves and don’t want to be a part of it.

    With maybe 20 or 30 dedicated people with a focus on problem solving, hard work, and longterm solutions, I earnestly believe that forming a cohesive and virtuous pro-white community is possible. An essential early-stage accomplishment could be establishing a brick and mortar media or propaganda center. Using the latest technology to create and disseminate pro-white messages that give no ground to the exterminators.

  6. Hey Hunter,

    Check out Vdare.com today.

    New Montana resident rev. Chuch Baldwin is publishing wild conspiracy theories regarding the Arizona shooting, suggesting that the shooting was really an assasination against the judge Roll – who Rev. Baldwin tells us was a good Constitutionalist, so the rest of the killings of the Arizona Congressman was apparently some super secret cover up.

    Here’s the Rev. Baldwin’s Vdare.com commentary:


    “So, was Loughner a lunatic? No doubt, there are some crazy people out there. Or was it something else?… The European Union (EU) Times posted a report on January 9, 2011, that calls the shooting an “assassination.” And according to the report, the target was not Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, but rather Federal Judge John Roll. (Roll died in the Tucson attack.)”

    Jack Ryan comments.

    Hunter – you’ve done a good job of exposing the dead end, activist path of loner, drop out WN Vangaurd types – who simply can’t communicate with mainstream White Americans.

    You should also be very aware/careful of the unique White American kook, conspiracy mongers who spread wild paranoia that some all powerful, secret, non racial conspiracy controls everything in America and in the world, including all Jewish organizations, world Communism, Hitler and National Socialist Germany, the Queen of England, the Vatican and now the LDS Mormon Church and this all powerful conspiracy can only be countered by a small group of old White men meeting in rural diners selling their newsletters and planning 3rd party campaigns for President of the United States or now Governor of Montana.

    This is another reason Whites usually lose to Mexicans in LA, Blacks in Detroit, Zimbabwe, South Africa because Whites are the only people crazy enough to waste their lives obsessing about supposed all power conspiracies that supposedly control everything.

    Rev. Baldwin comes off as a complete idiot here – another Bo Gritz.

  7. Jack,

    The only thing that interests me is whether or not Chuck Baldwin would be an improvement over Brian Schweitzer’s Democratic successor in Montana.

    I’m fairly certain that Baldwin, whatever other wacky views he subscribes to, would be a huge improvement on immigration.

  8. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 21, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    The only thing that interests me is whether or not Chuck Baldwin would be an improvement over Brian Schweitzer’s Democratic successor in Montana.

    I’m fairly certain that Baldwin, whatever other wacky views he subscribes to, would be a huge improvement on immigration.

    Jack Ryan replies.

    Hunter – yo doing very well, have a good feel for what works, what doesn’t work – you relate well to regular (sane) White Americans in the South. You understand the racial realities and the Jewish question and sad problems where Vanguard WN just can’t do most of anything right.

    But, I must warn you about another sub group of White Americans who are always with us, always out there, never going away – a real $*%&# pain in the a**.

    These are the American Constitutionalist patriot, conspiracy mongers Judeo X’tian idiots that insist on running for President of the United States on some “Constitution Party” ticket. They never, ever win even 1%.

    Now one of these < 1% Constitutionalist Presidential candidate has moved from Florida to Montana – he's only been there a few weeks – but he's already put the word out that he's running for Governor of Montana. And while he's doing this, he's writing idiotic, nonsense articles speculating about conspiracy mongering explanations for the Arizona shooting – he's just making most everything up, he has no facts to back up his crazy theories that this typical crazy, loner pot head shooter Jared was really part of some sinister all powerful conspiracy to target the few remaining Constitutionalist judges….. blah, blah, blah.

    This Rev. Baldwin seems to be just another example of a middle aged, old White American man who refuses to get a real job and puts himself up as a hero/savior for White Americans who go for such stuff.

    I sincerely hope that O.D. doesn't become a place for such frauds, idiots to sell their books, market their scams to nice, old, White retirees.

  9. Hey, Jack, there are some of us that don’t believe in conspiracy theories but the facts of conspiracies. I tend to agree that Judge Roll may have been the target. The fact that his death gets little to no airtime has me thinking hard. Only a fool dismisses things he doesn’t fully understand. I’m not sure if it is a case of not giving enough credit to your fellow humans, or giving them too much.

    I highly recommend Joel Skousen’s narrative on conspiracies.

  10. Joanne Dee says:
    January 22, 2011 at 3:33 am
    Hey, Jack, there are some of us that don’t believe in conspiracy theories but the facts of conspiracies. I tend to agree that Judge Roll may have been the target. The fact that his death gets little to no airtime has me thinking hard. Only a fool dismisses things he doesn’t fully understand. I’m not sure if it is a case of not giving enough credit to your fellow humans, or giving them too much.

    I highly recommend Joel Skousen’s narrative on conspiracies.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    It just looks bad when American fringe “patriots” like Rev. Baldwin start speculating on crimes when they have no evidence to back up their speculations except for their own narrow political view that since they are strict “Constitutionalists” world events are all centered on other strict “Constitutionalists” and supposedly sinister evil people are conspiring everywhere to subvert the Constitution.

    This Rev. Baldwin is doing the same thing the cursed MSM – mainstream liberal media does. The MSM hates Conservatives, hates right wing Whites, White Nationalists, Republicans etc. So as soon as there was the shooting of the Arizona Congresswoman – the whole MSM immediately screams that “evil right wing Whites are responsible”. As the truth about the loner, mental case shooter comes out and it is shown he has no relations to conservative, right wing or White nationalist groups or ideas, the MSM starts making up wild conspiracy theories and blames Conservatives for some how creating a “climate of hate” something like man made global warming, climate change.

    So, I am just stating the rather pathetic truth that this Rev. Baldwin is just running off his mouth making up some wild conspiracy theory that the shooting was directed at a Constitutionalist judge and was an “anti Constitutionalist” assassination. Rev. Baldwin has no facts to back up this C.T. – these types never do. But facts never stop them from peddling their nonsense, promoting their campaigns to run for President of the United States on the Constitution Party to “SAVE AMERICA” and these types never win even 1% of the vote – but this doesn’t slow them down – as they assure everyone that only less than 1% of Americans


    Please don’t anyone waste your lives doing these things. Only support political candidates that are competitive to challenge to win something – a county clerk’s race, mayoral race, state Senate, US Congress etc. When you go for campaigns and win less than 1% you look like an idiot, a krank, kook, societal misfit – or a plane old fashioned mental case. And then lots of regular White folks will try to take away your gun rights.

    The American patriot, drop out, conspiracy mongering cult is a very unhealthy place to be – almost as bad as the worse Vanguard WN cults.

    Whites need to get back in to mainstream White society and live in positive, successful ways – and deal with facts, not conspiracy theory speculations.

  11. How can you watch the political process and not believe it’s rigged? If it’s rigged, there’s a conspiracy, correct? Administration after Administraton doing the same thing from different political spectrums.

    Just like the problems of denial that plague many white Americans when it comes to race, too many folks dismiss things despite evidence or glaring disparities of the government/mainstream line. What is a conspiracy? A secret agenda between two or more people. The minute the word is mentioned, people scurry to the opposite side of the room. Just like the word racist. I don’t think Baldwin is off on this. Clearly, acceptance is more appeaing than marginalization. It’s a fatal flaw.

    Give me a good reason as to why Judge Roll is barely mentioned? A federal judge is killed yet a Congressional survivor gets ALL the airtime. Something’s off and that is evidence of something not quite right to me.

    Like I said, listen to Joel Skousen’s narrative on how “conspiracies” work and then let me know if you don’t believe they CAN’T exist. That is all I ask. I would love to hear someone else’s take on some very compelling information. Skousen is a political scientist. The very thing that keeps whites in the dark, keeps everyone in the dark.

  12. Joanne Dee says:
    January 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    How can you watch the political process and not believe it’s rigged? If it’s rigged, there’s a conspiracy, correct? Administration after Administration doing the same thing from different political spectrums.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    1st – O.D. is not blog to spread wild conspiracy theories. That’s in Hunter’s comment guidelines. There are other places on the Net for endless C.T. speculations – lots of Sci Fi stuff about laser beams from outer space.

    And no Joanne, not everything in American politics, in America is “rigged” controlled by all powerful secret conspirators.

    Some secret conspiracy of anti Constitutionalists didn’t deny victory to Rev. Baldwin in his campaign to be elected President of the United States. Baldwin really did receive less than 1% of the popular vote, just as Ron Paul won less than 2% of the GOP presidential delegates.

    Those airplanes really crashed in to the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 mostly because America’s lax immigration policies allowed hateful murderous Arab Muslim extremists to come in to our Country on unsupervised student visas and attend #$*% flight school in Florida. Non of these horrors happen in Japan because the Japanese are mostly sane, intelligent Nationalist people that pursue, sane, responsible pro Japanese immigration and national defense policies.

    The Japanese are safe to live in safe Japanese cities, send their children to Japanese schools free of Mexican and Black gang members, rapists, HIV+ and TB infected NWS because the Japanese do what the sane readers of O.D. want to do for America.

    The Japanese don’t waste their time obsessing about anti American Constitutionalist conspiracies because the Japanese don’t even live under the American Constitution. The Japanese have a mass media wrong by the Japanese and most influential Japanese are aware of the Jewish problem in America and will never allow the Jews to have much or any control of the Japanese media.

    My point with Rev. Baldwin’s article speculating about some conspiracy to assassinate Judge Roll is that Baldwin is simply running off his mouth and making wild speculations – without any facts to back them up.

    We need to promote intelligent, honest news and information and not spread gossip, completely unsubstantiated rumors.

    Lots of folks including Hunter have said positive things about this Rev. Baldwin – but this looks bad, typical American C.T./patriot nonsense.

    Is Rev. Baldwin running for President of the United States again?
    Is Baldwin running for Governor of Montana after only living in the state a few weeks?
    Is Baldwin going to enter the NBA slam dunk competition and if he doesn’t do well there will he and his supporters blame a secret conspiracy of anti Constitutionalists?

  13. Joanne Dee says:
    January 22, 2011 at 6:09 pm
    I won’t comment any further on this. It’s a waste of time.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Very well said.

    Spending any time with conspiracy mongering kranks, kooks, nut cases, loners, societal misfits, old White men who avoid real jobs to run for President of the United States on obscure 3rd party tickets, who consistently get run out of towns as snake oil salesmen, only to reappear in states like Montana an announce their intention to run and win a campaign for Governor of Montana before they’ve unpacked the moving van, well yes, you are correct….

    It’s a waste of time.

  14. I agree with Jack 100% on this and am embarassed to admit I wasted my vote on that kook in the last presidential election instead of at least taking a small step to try to keep Barak Hussein Obama out of the White House. At a minimum we wouldn’t have Sodomyer and the Kagan monstrosity befouling the court. I drank the internet right kook aid and didn’t even bother to read much about this Baldwin taking their word he was just like Tancredo. When his strange articles appeared on Vdare I knew he was a kook. Now this nonsense about Laughner being part of a conspiracy to kill the judge makes ZERO sense. The facts are in, he’s a lone nut. This theory makes as much sense as the nonsense that pops up over at whitecivilrights.com (I read their yellow journalism because it is often hilarious and laughter is good) about how Hinkley “must have been under CIA mind control” because his dad happened to write a check for Bush Sr.’s presidential campaign just like millions of other Americans who contribute to political campaigns. I really love to read articles from publications like the Skeptic and Skeptical Enquirer that debunk all this conspiracy, paranormal, UFO, X-file way of thinking. It is very good for one’s sanity to be skeptical of bizarre claims that require a preposterous amount of coincidences to occur. Seriously, how the hell could anyone believe Laughner was either set up or working for the Trilateral Commission or whatever? Baldwin showing up in Montana and announcing he wants to be their leader is the same as the crap everyone criticized Hillary Clinton for doing in New York.

  15. The FBI seems to know who was responsible:


    “Federal investigators indicated Friday they’d made progress in identifying whoever left a bomb in Spokane on Monday along the planned route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day march.

    “We’ve obtained quite a bit of clarity” as to the identity of those believed to be responsible, said Frank Harrill, special agent in charge of the Spokane office of the FBI. “But we still have a lot of work ahead of us.”

  16. I really love to read articles from publications like the Skeptic and Skeptical Enquirer that debunk all this conspiracy, paranormal, UFO, X-file way of thinking.

    Sounds like the standard fare at Counter-Currents. “Hitler and the Occult” is on the History Channel right now.

  17. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 22, 2011 at 10:00 pm
    I don’t think Chuck Baldwin is nearly as crazy as Harold Covington.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I didn’t say that Rev. Chuck Baldwin was “crazy” – just that he is publishing wild conspiracy theory articles on Vdare.com that have no basis in facts..

    All evidence indicates that the Arizona shooter Jared Loughner really was/is “crazy” – most all of his classmates described him as “crazy”, mentally ill and a danger to them. Loughner was rejected from enlistment in the US army for mental health “issues”. He was documented to have a person to person confrontation with Rep. Loughner at a public forum where he asked what was considered to be a rather “crazy” question and the Congresswoman blew him off as a nut.

    Where Rev. Chuck Baldwin comes up with some theory that Jared Loughner was part of some organized conspiracy to assassinate Constitutionalist judges is anybody’s guess.

    Hunter – you are at least 15 years younger than I am, so you have been spared years of exposer with conspiracy monger kranks and kooks who have always been around American Conservative politics since the 1960s – Spotlight Magazine types where everything is supposedly a conspiracy – it used to be to have all of America enslaved by THE RUSSIANS or the secret conspiratorial elite that controlled both THE RUSSIANS/USSR and America and the Jews and….


    Soon folks are freaking out more and more and we go down the road to obsessions with beings from another planet.

    There is simply no reason to go down this road at all.

    We want to support sane, successful White Americans who can be competitive and actually win things – elections, sports contests, or just success in mainstream life.

    The Arizona shooting was a terrible tragedy, but it isn’t that hard to understand what happened. It was similar to the Son of Sam murders where the killer – David Berkowitz claimed his dog was speaking to him and commanding him to kill.

    Berkowitz was crazy – a nut job. Crazy people, nut jobs should be put in mental institutions and treated/helped and not allowed to roam the streets carrying guns. These killings have little or nothing to do with politics – as Jared Loughner didn’t not appear to have any clearly defined political program.

    So the best thing for Rev. Chuck Baldwin is to not make any comments on the case. People here don’t have to hate Chuck Baldwin, but they should encourage him and people like him not to go running off their mouths, making wild accusations not based on any facts. And yeah, when you run for some type of political offense, you need to win more than 1% – it looks really bad when you are getting very close to 0% support – makes it look like your a loner, loser, krank, nut case – someone who shouldn’t be carrying guns or talking too much about the impending end of the world that sort of stuff.

    I encourage others to contact the editors of Vdare.com to complain about this terrible Chuck Baldwin conspiracy mongering article.

  18. This is the first time that I have made a public comment on the ” attack video” above that the Northwest Front group put out. I have complained to HAC about this video from the first time I saw it, as have several other members of the Kalispell PLE group. Our arguement was that we are trying to attract families and businesses to the Pacific Northwest and showing a video of IRA types shooting people is not good PR. Also we all made the point that showing videos of activities that we are NOT capable is stupid, only slightly less stupid than showing the video if we WERE capable of pulling off that sort of ” attack”. Other than being some pissed off old white guy’s wet dream, what POSSIBLE positive effect could it have? I sent this question to him via email as well as facebook with no response. Others in our group also wrote to him, independant of my knowledge and complained to me that he told them to ” read my books”. At that point I removed myself from that facdbook page and patted myself on the back for not having ever agreed to be part of the “Northwest Front” but my own group Pioneer Little Europe. This whole situation upset me, and once again made me realize that the best thing for our group in Kalispell would be to stay seperate from any of the NW Front fantasy. Darn it, I am so tired of idiots who are playing games with our future and living out fantasy scenerios while they remain disconnected from real life and real people.
    While I am just as adament about the idea of NW migration for racially concious Whites, I at the same time agree and take heed to the points that Hunter has made about the need for popular support. Terrorism of the local population and scare tactics are not the answer, community activism, political education and healthy group activities are. And that is what we will continue to do. We live in the real world and we are not distanced from reality here in Kalispell.

  19. Well said, April.

    (1) The NVA attack video (a fantasist statement if there ever was one) accomplishes nothing but making White Nationalists look like a threat to the communities in which they are settling. Fortunately, hardly anyone outside of White Nationalist circles knows about it, but that could change if HAC continues to put it up on YouTube.

    (2) If every White Nationalist in America moved to the Pacific Northwest, you would have a community about the size of a small town in Alabama. Without local support, there isn’t going to be any Northwest secession, much less a victory over the federal government.

    (3) We know for a fact that White people in the Pacific Northwest – like White people who live everywhere in America – are adverse to violence. The only thing the use of violence accomplishes is polarizing Whites against White Nationalists and making the federal government look more sympathetic.

    Even though the Tea Party had nothing to do with the Arizona shooting, Obama has got a boost from it in the latest polls.

    (4) What is even more dumbfounding is that HAC continues to romanticize violence while simultaneously denying that he advocates violence. He proposes a means to solving a problem (i.e., an IRA-style terrorist campaign) and then turns around and takes that means off the table.

    (5) HAC rejects working within the system and claims to reject the use of violence. His preferred means for securing a White ethnostate turn out to be no means at all. His violent rhetoric is just an albatross for others to carry.

    (6) I hope you and others in the Pacific Northwest know that you are one unhinged lunatic acting out HAC’s fantasies away from being the target of a witch hunt in your communities, not to mention a visit from the FBI.

    (7) HAC’s website has already been featured on the Rachel Maddow Show. He is delighted at the negative publicity he is receiving. They are delighted by the possibility of being able to link “white supremacists” and “hateful rhetoric” to “domestic terrorism.”

    (8) The FBI seems to already know who is responsible for the Spokane bomb. I would keep a close eye on the news.

  20. The solution in the Pacific Northwest is the same solution that holds true everywhere: polarizing Whites against non-Whites, polarizing Whites against the federal government, narrowing the gap between White Nationalists and White America.

    I have managed to find some real value in these “vanguard” groups. If you consider their advice and then do the exact opposite of everything they suggest, you have a great compass for advancing White Nationalism.

    – Instead of being an alienated fanatic, you should come across as a sympathetic moderate.

    – Instead of rejecting the system, you should work within the system.

    – Instead of withdrawing from society, you should reach out to your peers.

    – Instead of fantasizing about being a terrorist on the internet, you should try to be a model citizen in your community.

    – Instead of isolating yourself with an ideological label, you should be non-ideological and use the full spectrum of your identities to convert people to our views.

    – Instead of skewering conservatives, you should pose as a conservative to lead conservatives (50 percent of White Americans) in a more racial direction.

    – Instead of damning America, you should position yourself as a “real American.”

    – Instead of attacking Christians, you should defend Christians against their enemies and win their respect.

    – Instead of insulting ordinary people as “lemmings,” you should find common ground with them on issues like immigration and multiculturalism.

    – Instead of starting where you are at today, you should start where ordinary people in your community find themselves on the political spectrum.

    – Instead of idolizing transformative revolutionary change, you should push the envelope and focus on incremental progress.

    – Instead of focusing on ends, you should focus on beginnings and means.

    I could go on.

    It will suffice to say that people like HAC deliberately isolate themselves. They can’t win enough people over to White Nationalism to secure a White ethnostate. They are going about this in entirely the wrong way.

    We can learn a lot from their mistakes.

  21. If I were one of these professional anti-racist outfits I’d be sure that LOTS of anonymous money orders wound up in someone like this Covington character’s mailbox so he keeps doing their job for them. If he is not an out and out agent he is very probably an unwitting dupe being funded to do work that is counterproductive to the agenda he claims to represent. Same as if Nixon hated hippies and wanted to make them look bad he would make sure the Manson Family was funneled funding to stay together and cause mayhem that could then be used for a crackdown on hippies in general.

  22. April,

    I am very honored to have you make a post here on O.D.

    I am one of your greatest (sane) fans. I don’t know if you remember, but I was the only positive caller on your radio appearance with Alan Colmes re: your White match making service and I made the video “stop telling lies” about the Gaede Family done to the music of the Go Gos. It was a small hit on YouTube before the Go Gos lawyers made YouTube pull the video.


    I 100% support your position regarding the Montana PLE and the NorthWest Front attack videos.

    I have supported Mr. Covington’s writing/work here on O.D. and in many other places. I still think Mr. Covington is a great writer and a very good radio host and I understand all the “issues” he and others had in our dysfunctional “movement”.

    My view is that Mr. Covington is desperately trying to promote his books, radio show and small group trying for whatever publicity he can generate, including shock publicity with IRA style videos, bogus links to MLK bomb hoaxes. I understand his position, but this isn’t something you or your great family need to be associated with.

    My suggestion is that you make it clear that you and the Montana PLE have no formal/official link to Mr. Covington or the NorthWest Front (if such a group exists and has more than 10 members). Take the stance that Mr. Covington is a writer of fantasy fiction books and they are not to be taken as real life programs. People are free to read Mr. Covington’s books, just as they are free to read fiction about Dracula, vampires, science fiction etc.

    And my own feeling is that Mr. Covington now wants to get arrested, persecuted and put in prison so he will be housed and fed and he can put it on his resume that the corrupt Fed/ZOG government is making HAC the #1 political prisoners in the USA.

    Thanks April for stopping by.

    We love you!


  23. It won’t be long now until we find out who is responsible.

    In the 1990s, a group called the “Phineas Priesthood” exploded pipe bombs in Spokane as part of their terrorist strategy to create a White ethnostate in the region. It didn’t work back then. It is not working today.

    My guess is that an alienated vanguardist is behind the Spokane bomb. Targeting an MLK parade fits the profile. Whether it is a Christian Identity lone wolf or someone affiliated with HAC remains unclear. Whoever it is though probably comes from the same ideological background.

    Whenever the FBI names their suspects, which is likely to be soon, I predict the talking heads in the media will spend a lot of time denouncing “white supremacists” and the Northwest Migration.

    The only thing that will likely come out of this story is a more hostile environment for White Nationalists living in the region. Progressives will also use it further their “climate of hate” narrative.

  24. The only thing that will likely come out of this story is a more hostile environment for White Nationalists living in the region. Progressives will also use it further their “climate of hate” narrative.

    That’s true, though not surprising.

    What is somewhat surprising is that a terrorist would pick such an idiotic target.

    When Muslims engage in anti-American terrorism, they at least are careful to actually attack their enemy where it hurts.

    Atta and company simultaneously did damage to the airline industry, big business, the Pentagon, and the economy as a whole.

    Hassan attacked the US Army, a central linchpin of American governmental power.


  25. There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image; make it flutter. We can change the focus of your commentary. Sit quietly and we will control all that you see and talk about. We control the Outer Limits. We are the vanguardists.

  26. My guess would be that for people without children, it is easy to fall into a pattern of fantasy think. It is easy to get excited about violent ideas since they have nothing to protect other than their own butts. But when a person is a parent, they tend to think things through for the long term, at least I believe most parents do.

    This latest video started out okay, then it turns into another violent fantasy. Kind of reminds me of that nasty band Vaginal Jesus. At the time it came out I made a comment/complaint that anyone who would like that CD is not the type of person I want around me or my kids. I have the same thoughts on these videos. Anyone this ignorant to basic propaganda is not the kind of person that I want to have around me or in my town.

  27. That’s going to mess up Harold’s nice rectangular Northwest Front logo if you won’t be Covington’s friend anymore, April. He doesn’t have any other friends in western Montana, does he?

  28. Just kidding. I don’t need to know if or where Covington has any friends. He’ already has this mantra that I am “one of Cass Sunstein’s cognitive dissonance operatives.”

  29. Ms Gaede,

    I certainly agree that violent videos should not be shown to children, but we live in a time when adults are continuously bombarded by violent and sexual media. That’s because it works. It’s the quickest way to attract attention.

    Every man knows that he is not going to gain access to the sexy model in a new car advertisement by buying that car. Nevertheless, he will still be attracted to that car because of the unconscious association made between it and sex. The same holds true of violence. Every adult viewer should be capable of distinguishing fantasy from reality. That’s what being an adult is all about.

    Harold’s videos are nothing more than emotive advertisements for his books and for the Northwest Migration. It would be better if people were more susceptible to logic, but they are in fact controlled by their emotions, and when they are rightfully angered by their displacement, the most powerful access to those emotions is through violent imagery.

    Its just the way things are. If we sit around and allow these techniques to be used only by our enemies, we will continue down the path of extinction. We’ve got to fight back.

    I wish it hadn’t come to this, but I’m afraid it has. I’m confident in the judgement and vigilance of white parents in determining what type visual entertainment is appropriate for their children.

  30. It’s prudent to fear the rifle,
    ?but not your name to stifle
    in nom de guerre
    and write in fear
    of neighbors getting an eyeful.

    If it’s neighbors you fear
    one thing is quite clear.
    You need a town,
    with others around,
    who hold you opinions dear.

  31. Why do you fear old HAC,
    and all his videos attack?
    Is it because
    your thinking does
    in essential logic lack?

  32. “Harold’s videos are nothing more than emotive advertisements for his books and for the Northwest Migration. It would be better if people were more susceptible to logic, but they are in fact controlled by their emotions, and when they are rightfully angered by their displacement, the most powerful access to those emotions is through violent imagery.”

    If HAC was nothing but an author, that excuse would fly. But he is not just an author because he continues to identify himself with White Nationalists and those of us who are really working for the NW Imperative.

    If you cannot see why tying violent videos to those of us who are really trying to make the NW migration succeed is bad, then I guess you are just not very smart, and you too are living in a fantasy land. HAC has been unwilling and unable at this point to successfully explain or debate why these videos might be a good idea though he has been questioned by multiple sources.

    Again, anyone who only migrates to the NW because of some stupid video of dudes blowing shit up and shooting guns is NOT the type of person that I want to come to Kalispell. The goals of NW migration will take a decade if not decades to complete, these guys who want to play games like the ones they play on their computer will be long gone when we succeed. I will be an old lady and most of these morons will be dead or in jail when the NW Imperative succeeds.

    I am just a mom with a high school education, but I refuse to follow ANYONE unless I feel they are my superior, intellectually, morally and most importantly logically. I am still waiting for that superior to come lead and until then I am doing my own thing.

  33. Revolutionary Fantasies

    I honor April Gaede for her success in DOING a very positive WN American life. The Northwest Imperative is happening because of women like Mrs. Gaede and thousands and thousands of regular White folks who are not talking wild, violent, terrorist fantasies but simply living their lives right and moving to better places.

    I think this subject can be settled OK if people present Mr. Covington as a writer of fantasy books and his supporters should promote his books, his radio show and try to get Mr. Covington not to present himself as doing any type of real world politics, organizing.

    I would like to repost an article that first appeared on O.D. about a year ago – the author – Jost Turner was a great man, a Viet Nam War veteran who moved to the mountains of Northern California, home schooled his children and tried to start a WN folk community.

    Revolutionary Fantasies

    By Jost Turner

    “We all know that the White racial movement is adorned with a dismally
    large number of kooks, screwballs, sociopaths, and government
    informers. But it is less known that there are a growing number who
    live in a fantasy world of revolution and guerrilla warfare. An
    alarming number of White racial publications are either overtly or
    covertly advocating revolution or guerrilla war against the
    government as the only solution left for survival of the White race.

    Recently, some racial writers have supported this position by
    proclaiming that the Weaver tragedy proved conclusively that the
    government was now out to exterminate all White racialists, leaving
    us with the clear connotation that our only recourse is to arm
    ourselves and prepare for violence, warfare and revolution. This,
    too, is fantasy. First of all, if any of these writers really
    believed that the government was out to exterminate them, they would
    hardly be making an easy target of themselves by publishing
    newsletters or appearing on talk-shows!

    Even a little reflection would suffice to realize that if the
    government wanted to get rid of White racialist leaders or otherwise,
    they would hardly have to resort to using assault troops. All of us
    would simply disappear, and, as the reaction to the Davidian tragedy
    clearly demonstrated, the public could care less. The fact is, of
    course, that the government likes having White racialists around,
    especially the more outrageous variety. Most of the White racial
    newsletters, demonstrations, and talk-show appearances generously
    affirm the government’s image of White racialists as hate-filled,
    violence-prone gun nuts, with a simple-minded racial philosophy.
    Sometimes we have to wonder if these Klansmen, neo-Nazis, or “White
    Power” advocates aren’t working directly from a Hollywood script!

    Enough of fantasy, let’s get real! In this country, the possibility
    of any sort of White revolutions in the foreseeable future is
    infinitesimal. One only has to count the number of racialists in any
    given area to determine that people of our persuasion are few and far
    between. One only has to look at the paltry budgets of White racial
    organizations to determine that supporters are just as few and far
    between. One only has to look at the large number of organizations
    into which the few racialists are divided to realize just how
    unorganized and impotent we are. Let’s face it, we are an extremely
    tiny minority of the population, statistically, financially, and
    organizationally insignificant. We constitute neither a threat to the
    government nor any possibility of revolution.

    These advocates of revolution and guerrilla war would do well to
    throw away their copies of The Turner Diaries. The Turner Diaries is
    NOT by any stretch of the imagination a “blueprint for revolution”,
    nor is it even a suitable handbook for such. It, too, is strictly
    fantasy. If you want to learn to play the violin, you seek a teacher
    who is the best violinist you can find. So it is with anything one
    wants to learn. In the case of revolution and warfare, one should
    seek the advice of those who have been successful in such activities.
    Both Che Guevara and Mao Tse Tung are successful revolutionary
    leaders, have been in combat, and their books on the subject are
    probably the best.

    From the aforementioned authors, one will learn that the most
    critical factor for revolution (and the one virtually never
    considered by our newsletter warriors), is SUPPORT. Necessary for any
    revolution is a support base among the population — a folk-base, if
    you will. The Viet Cong were highly successful in Vietnam primarily
    because they had the support of a large segment of the people. This
    folk-base provided them with supply, shelter, intelligence, and
    medical assistance. Hence, the revolution was bound to be a success
    in spite of the overwhelming firepower of the American armed forces.
    In contrast, the vast majority of Whites in this country have no
    sympathy for our cause. Most would turn us in, convict us, and
    execute us faster than any other race. We have no folk-base
    whatsoever and there is none visible in the foreseeable future!

    In 1923 Germany was ripe for revolution. Adolf Hitler had 55,000
    registered supporters, professional military officers (even
    Generals), the active support of hundreds of armed, trained, combat
    veterans, and public support, the like of which we could not even

    On November 8, 1923, he attempted an armed revolution and failed.
    Think about it. If he failed in such an opportune situation, then why
    should we consider armed revolution in a country not ripe for it –
    with no public support, no trained veterans, no leaders, no military
    officers, and no organization with more than a hundred or so
    registered supporters? Even though in later years Adolf Hitler’s
    support grew and the threat of Marxist take-over increased, he never
    again considered armed revolution. Instead, he carefully built a
    solid, Folk-based movement which ultimately could not be denied
    power! Adolf Hitler was solution-oriented.

    Finally, I must point out that, so far as I can determine, not one of
    the writers, philosophers, or would-be leaders who advocate
    revolution or guerrilla warfare have the background or training
    necessary to even take part in such an activity, let alone organize
    or lead it!

    As a veteran of two combat tours in Vietnam, I can safely say that I
    have a pretty good idea of what is necessary to wage guerrilla
    warfare — not only in individual training, but in supply, logistics,
    intelligence and a number of other necessities never thought of by
    most newsletter tacticians. I have painfully experienced the physical
    and psychological rigors of guerrilla warfare in blistering, insect-
    ridden, jungled mountains. I have personally killed other human
    beings at close enough range to see the look in their eyes as they
    left this world. I have myself “looked death in the face” on more
    than one occasion, and managed to survive some impossible situations.
    Nevertheless, I would never consider myself qualified to lead a
    revolution, or for that matter, even a small guerrilla force. I might
    add here, that I would not relish the thought of going back into
    combat, nor encouraging others to do so.

    Beware of people who wave around a copy of The Turner Diaries and
    preach armed revolution! If in doubt, ask them what armed revolution
    they’ve taken part in, or what war they’ve served in, or what
    training they have had, or even what book they have read, written by
    a successful revolutionary, and on which they have based their
    proposed armed revolution!? Beware of those who live in a fantasy
    world. They can bring nothing but destruction on themselves, their
    followers, and the racial movement itself.

    The call for revolution and violence is a natural consequence
    of “problem-orientation”. White racial organizations invariably dwell
    on and whine about the blatant double standards, degeneracy, race-
    mixing, etc. Speakers and newsletters state and restate these
    depressing problems, and call for demonstrations and marches which,
    again, only state and restate the problems. This problem-orientation
    is extremely unhealthy, and can cause serious mental disorders (and
    fantasy worlds!) More and more White racialists are identifying
    themselves with persecution — just like the neurotics who identify
    themselves with exterminations and Holocaust memorials! Ultimately,
    the accumulated frustration of long-term dwelling on these problems
    culminates in a desperate cry for revolution and violence, and
    creates the appropriate fantasy world to support it.

    We desperately need to become “solution oriented”, that is,
    dispassionately determining just what we can do, and using our Aryan
    will to do it successfully. It is a sad day when Aryans can do no
    better than tried and disproven marches and demonstrations,
    anachronistic robes and uniforms, ridiculous “White Power” stickers
    adorned with childish racial slurs, and the irresponsible call to
    arms and revolution by fantasizers who have no such abilities

    Adolf Hitler was solution-oriented. He built his political movement
    on the foundation of a viable Folk-movement which he fostered and
    nurtured. He began in his own neighborhood, converting his own
    neighbors, and only when he had a large support base there did he
    expand his political efforts nationally. We should be giving thought
    to his tried and proven methods instead of listening to losers whine
    about a fantasy revolution.

    Keep in mind that there is absolutely no support for armed revolution
    in this country at this time. Without public support, all violence is
    counterproductive. This is not a theory, it is a cold, hard fact!

    For those who realize that to change the world, you must first change

  34. In addition to the original post, this thread has 147 comments on it.

    Rachel Maddow used her Twitter account to tweet to all her 1,729,395 followers the link to HAC’s website.

    Who, among his nationalist critics, is generating even a tenth of that kind of publicity?

  35. Jimmy Marr says:
    January 24, 2011 at 8:29 pm
    In addition to the original post, this thread has 147 comments on it.

    Rachel Maddow used her Twitter account to tweet to all her 1,729,395 followers the link to HAC’s website.

    Who, among his nationalist critics, is generating even a tenth of that kind of publicity?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    The criticism here is that this Rachel Maddow publicity is the “wrong” type of publicity. Mr. Covington could also get lots of publicity by dressing up in a Klan/Nazi costume and going on trash TV shows like the Jerry Springer show and shouting that he hates Niggers and wants to gas all remaining Jews because he HATES liberals, hates gays, women, and torture and drawn little puppies – all confirming the worst Hollywood stereotypes of evil White RACISTS.

    The kind of White people who will check out the NorthWest Front will be folks looking for this hateful, violent fantasy world.

  36. Jack,
    If you’ve seen Harold Covington on the Jerry Springer Show wearing a Nazi uniform, please post a link, so I can check it out.

    With regard to the culture forming influence of violent art, if you think it is ineffective, how do you explain the transformation of White youth into whiggers except through the medium of hip-hop and violent rap art forms?

    Are those the kids you think we shouldn’t try to attract? Are we better off sending them into the ranks of our enemies with our holier-than-thou attitudes?

  37. Jimmy Marr says:
    January 24, 2011 at 10:09 pm
    If you’ve seen Harold Covington on the Jerry Springer Show wearing a Nazi uniform, please post a link, so I can check it out.

    With regard to the culture forming influence of violent art, if you think it is ineffective, how do you explain the transformation of White youth into wiggers except through the medium of hip-hop and violent rap art forms?

    Are those the kids you think we shouldn’t try to attract? Are we better off sending them into the ranks of our enemies with our holier-than-thou attitudes?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    OK, if you are honest that you are trying to attract “wiggers” , people who are mostly interested in violent video games, violent videos – be honest and say that’s the NorthWest Front’s target market. And once you have attracted large numbers of these types of people, do you have some plan to do something constructive with these wiggers? Do you have work camps, military discipline programs or do you just entice them to move out to the Pacific NorthWest under the idea that there is a White revolutionary army in existence, like the one in Covington’s fantasy books?

    Covington usually presents good advice on his radio shows and tells his listeners to avoid dysfunctional violent Whites and avoid counter productive – “going postal” violent acts.

    These IRA videos, the excitement about being slandered by this lesbian Jewess Maddow – it just seems that Mr. Covington is desperate for publicity, any kind of publicity.

  38. Jack Rayan says:

    OK, if you are honest that you are trying to attract “wiggers”…

    Jimmy replies:
    First off we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about Harold Covington, and my perspective on his work, which can pretty well be summarized by the Wikipedia entry for Succès de scandale: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succès_de_scandale

    I realize that this is a risky proposition, and the results are unpredictable. I am not personally involved in the production of any violent art, but I refuse to condemn it because I think it is better than boring people to death.

    Certainly, you understand that such a program could not attract “wiggers”, but would actually displace them by providing a vehicle for the channelling of healthy, natural, and inevitably violent instincts of our youth in a Pro-White direction.

    Last but not least, websites like this one could not survive without a vanguardist elite
    to criticize. It’s their raison d’etre.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want see this site die an unviolent death, and that’s exactly what would happen if the vanguardist movement disappeared.

    On the subject of military style uniforms, which Harold consistently rants against, I am personally much more embarrassed when our comrades display their flabby bodies in dime-store couture. I’ve seen Harold’s photo from the seventies, where he is wearing an imitation Nazi uniform. I object far more to the flabbiness of physique than to the uniform itself. It’s an insult to the millions of noble Germans who perished defending the nationalist ideals that White Americans are only beginning to dimly understand 70 years after accepting our thirty pieces of silver for the extermination of the European racial vanguard.

  39. Covington has been on TV wearing a brown shirt but it was in the 1970s when he was with Frank Collin.

    Jimmy Marr, or Harold, whichever you want to be called —

    You may think that all publicity is good publicity, since you are only trying to sell novels, but for the rest of us, this kind of publicity is not good. If the general public is convinced that WNs are dangerous, it becomes much easier for the government to get away with trampling the rights of these “dangerous” people.

    Despite having some talent as a writer, Harold Covington’s net contribution to this cause is very much in the negative.

  40. “Covington has been on TV wearing a brown shirt…”

    “Jimmy Marr, or Harold, whichever you want to be called —”

    Oh God no, Hadding. Heaven forbid! I would never wear a brown shirt. That would be racist, and would probably make things more difficult for the real movers and shakers around here.

    Is green OK? Or is too Irish?

  41. Well, “Jimmy Marr,” with your feigned obtuseness you make it necessary for me to demonstrate. Here is fatass Covington from some 1970s television footage, standing at the front of Frank Collin’s desk.

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