Spokane Bomb


I was watching the rerun of the Rachel Maddow Show when a “breaking news” item appeared that some dumbass in Washington State attempted to blow up a MLK day parade in Spokane:

I wonder who the FBI is looking at right now.

Maybe these guys?

Note: The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is offering a $20,000 dollar reward “for information about this case.”

I would like to reiterate that this website condemns the use of violence in the strongest possible terms.

Update: Rachel Maddow used her Twitter account to tweet to all her 1,729,395 followers the link to HAC’s website.

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  1. NW Front does not have “members”, but if they did, I would easily be considered as such. In other words, what you’re about to read is not speculation, its facts that I know about from first-hand experience.

    Neither HAC, nor anyone associated with NF, ever advocates breaking the law. HAC’s novels are NOVELS. Everyone associated with NF knows this. It is the dominant theme of our association. Our existence depends on it. The purpose of NF, at this point in time, is to encourage the re-location of racially awakened European Americans to the Pacific Northwest, and to prepare them for self-government in anticipation of the possibility, at some future time, that there could be a naturally occurring breakdown in law and order.

    The surest way to get banished from association with other NFers would be to let them suspect you were involved in, or even thinking about doing anything illegal.

    Those are the facts.

  2. This post isn’t very important, good or bad.

    Hunter has gone mainstream – and that’s fine. Our side is having excellent success in mainstream politics right now.

    There are others, including those working for a NorthWest migration, future break-up of the USA and that’s just something outside the scope of O.D. in its current form.

    Folks need to move on.

    I’m not sure what the best focus for O.D. should be in its new “mainstream” mode. I would encourage Hunter to focus on very local, Alabama politics, sports, culture.

    And this doesn’t entail speculation about bombs, false flag bombs in Seattle.

    Wishing all on our side the very best whether you are mainstream or vanguard, Southern by the Grace of God, Northern Yankee (terrible women here) or working and dreaming of great things in the Pacific Northwest.

    14 Words

  3. @NightOwl
    “On the other hand, the vanguard immediately assumes “the Mossad” did this.”


    The last time a white backlash was growing it was defused by the oklahoma bombing. It should be obvious the other side are trying to recreate the oklahoma effect through taking any incident that comes up and spinning it to support their narrative of simmering right-wing violence.

    You can’t win playing defense. Counter-attack should be the order of the day especially given there is a money quote from a high-ranking Democrat that fits perfectly.

  4. “The SPLC or some media group is going to use this to link back to the right. You’ve manufactured a link where none existed.”

    Or just make sure the comments point out that Democrats have been going on TV and hinting to Obama’s supporters that what would really help Obama would be another Oklahoma city.

  5. Even if someone pulled this stunt to gain sympathy for the left, I doubt the actor would be the Mossad. The Mossad is more interested in the agenda of Israel, not Rachael Maddow’s agenda and I doubt they go around blowing up MLK parades. If they were to go through the efforts of pulling an elaborate operation here, it would be to influence American Foreign Policy.

  6. Jackson,

    Why would Jihadists single out some obscure MLK parade in the Pacific Northwest for attack?

    The choice of target makes it seem like a domestic thing. Either an extremist White Nationalist, an unhinged escaped mental patient, or someone trying to make White Nationalists and/or Right Wingers look bad.

  7. Even if someone pulled this stunt to gain sympathy for the left, I doubt the actor would be the Mossad. The Mossad is more interested in the agenda of Israel, not Rachael Maddow’s agenda and I doubt they go around blowing up MLK parades. If they were to go through the efforts of pulling an elaborate operation here, it would be to influence American Foreign Policy.

    100% correct.

  8. There once was a man named Harold.
    Up and down the roads he barrelled.
    His car was a wreck,
    but what the heck,
    ’cause he knew his race was imperilled.

  9. I wonder how many White moderates would really care about an untoward event at a MLK event? How many Whites are cynical enough to suspect a plant?

  10. This is absolutely a false flag. The agenda is clear. They couldn’t use Loughner to get Taylor so they drummed this thing up to get HAC. How convenient.

  11. “I doubt the actor would be the Mossad”

    Ditto. If it was a false flag it’s much more likely to be a slightly saner version of Loughner trying to help out Obama.

    “How many Whites are cynical enough to suspect a plant?”

    100% would be the ideal.

  12. Anyone intelligent enough to figure out what is going on in the world is intelligent enough to know that this kind of thing is an absolute losing proposition. Or anyone intelligent enough to make that bomb, for that matter. It’s ridiculous. The only group this really serves is the anti-white crowd. It’s shear stupidity. Let’s give our people some credit. And let’s not forget – the British fed huge sums of money to the IRA.

  13. Yeah, some retired white guy with mad specops skills can’t figure out a better strategy than this? COME ON!

  14. It was probably someone protesting MLK’s message of race-blindness and equal opportunity. I.e., an Affirmative Action and quotas fanatic.


  15. Abercrombie, the birthers’ best friend in spite of himself
    A reader and M.D. who has been highly skeptical of birtherism now says, “The latest from Abercrombie has convinced me that something important is being concealed.”

    Posted by Lawrence Auster at 09:23 PM

    The meaning of Abercrombie’s tacit admission that he hasn’t found the birth certificate
    Bruce B. writes:

    A question on this entry: what contents of a birth certificate could be damaging to a person in an advanced liberal society? What could a birth certificate reveal other than the fact that his father isn’t who we think?

    LA replies:

    We know for a self-evident fact that Obama has been concealing his birth certificate. Therefore we know that there is something about the circumstances of his birth which, advanced liberal society or not, he himself regards as so damaging that he feels he must conceal it. He may have been born out of wedlock, which is highly likely, given that Barack Sr. was married to a Kenyan woman when he met Stanley Ann. Even if advanced liberal society claimed not to care about that, Obama may care very much about it. Or he may be the son of a man other than Barack Obama Sr. Given that he has constructed his entire identity around his “dreams from his father,” if it turned out that Obama Sr. was not his father, Obama Jr.’s entire life would be revealed as a fraud.
    Or it may be that Obama was legitimate and the son of Obama Sr., but was not born in Hawaii, which would also reveal his life story as a lie. Or perhaps his parents were married but he was not born in the U.S., which would mean that he was not a natural born citizen and thus not qualified to be U.S. President, as has been discussed in detail here.

    Whatever the truth is, this much is now at least provisionally demonstrated as true: that the birth certificate is not there. Either it has been destroyed, meaning that Obama had it destroyed in order to cover up the truth about himself, or it never existed, at least in Hawaii. Either way, it is now established, not as a fantasy in the bigoted brains of birthers, but as something close to a certainty, that the circumstances of Obama’s birth are unknown. We do not know the truth about Obama’s birth. But we do know something. We know that we do not know the truth about his birth. And such knowledge of not knowing is itself a form of truth. It is indeed the primary truth that the birthers have been insisting on all along; and now, given Gov. Abercrombie’s apparent inability to find the birth certificate of Barack Obama in the official records of the state of which he, Abercrombie, is the governor, it is a truth that can no longer be denied.

    Abercrombie’s failure to find the birth certificate is even more spectacular and damaging to Obama and his defenders, given that in October 2008, Chiyome Fukino, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, formally stated that she had “seen and verified that the Hawai’i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.” See, at the above linked entry, my discussion of this patently misleading statement.

    Posted by Lawrence Auster at 07:12 PM

    There is no Obama birth certificate in Hawaii
    Many individuals with inquiring minds have requested a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate from the government of the state of Hawaii, and they’ve all been turned down, because, they were told, they had no need to know. This has left the truth of matter in doubt: is there a birth certificate which Obama doesn’t want released, because it contains damaging information about him, or is there no birth certificate at all?

    However, when the governor of Hawaii himself initiates a search for the birth certificate, and can’t find it (see my discussion today), I think we can reasonably conclude that the birth certificate doesn’t exist.

    Unless, unless … Abercrombie now knows or has been told about the damaging contents of the birth certificate, and has become part of the cover-up, which he has done by indirectly hinting that he can’t find the birth certificate, and talking instead about some vague written “recording” of the birth which he has found.

    Posted by Lawrence Auster at 01:00 PM

  16. I just unfriended Covington from Facebook. They may think they are Pro White, but they have the potential to do enormous harm to the movement.

    As far as I’m concerned there are two streams of White Nationalists. One that is intelligent and pragmatic and are trying to achieve something in the government and the other, that will die in a hail of government bullets.

    Never the twain shall meet.

  17. Weaver,

    How is this thread irresponsible?

    The irresponsible party here is HAC who is glorifying terrorism and attempting to draw negative attention to himself (and the movement) from the mainstream media. If the SPLC manages to “link” the Northwest Front to the Spokane bomb, which the FBI is almost certainly trying to do right now, it is their own fault for being so irresponsible and careless with their rhetoric.

    I’m quite amazed by some of the comments here.

    HAC and Colonel House have put up that provocative YouTube video of IRA terrorists with machine guns and rocket launchers multiple times now. This is someone who has deliberately set out on a course to make himself look like a domestic terrorist.

    Covington has done everything humanly possible to project that image from writing blog posts and novels to making videos and recording podcasts. He wants to associate White Nationalism with that violent image.

    Well, that’s fine.

    His associates here will reap the whirlwind one of these days. The entire White Nationalist movement will also be tarred with his brush if the FBI somehow manages to connect him to the Spokane bomb.

    The headline on television will be: White Nationalists attempt to blow up and disfigure children with a shrapnel producing pipe bomb.

    Some of the biggest fools on the internet seriously believe that an act of “Sorelian violence” of that sort will spark a White Nationalist rebellion in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, what will likely happen is that progressives will try to use such an incident to reinforce our negative public image, impede our legislative progress, and strip us of our few remaining constitutional rights.

    Sometimes I wonder why I have to explain things which should be obvious in the wake Hal Turner and Bill White going to prison. The only people in America who would get a thrill out of blowing up children in an MLK parade are unsympathetic alienated vanguardist sociopaths.

    Their irresponsible actions are a sword that constantly hovers over all our heads.

  18. Dave Logsdon,

    I am not “slandering” HAC when I point out that his entire oeuvre is about glorifying violence as a solution our political problems. That is a statement of fact.

    These people pose a serious threat to what we are doing. If that bomb had gone off in Spokane and a White Nationalist was found responsible for placing it there, it would have been a public relations disaster for everyone with pro-White views, as the media would have used the occasion to smear all of us and the government would have used it to get as much legislative mileage as possible out of the incident.

    This is a good example of why I have come around to the view that there needs to be a final separation in our little world.

    You have one group of people who are trying to do positive things about our problems. You have another that is bent on acting out its alienation and fantasies in negative ways that invite a public backlash and polarize Whites against us.

    I’m still unsure as to the best way to respond to this.

  19. Hunter, your first response (“I’m wasting my time here”) was the correct one.

    The problem is that until the person who planted the bomb in caught, you’re just inviting the inevitable conspiracy theory bullshit about how “it’s gotta be a false flag op” ad infinitum.

    And the sad fact is that even if someone is caught, and the case against them proves to be damn near airtight, there will still be those who won’t believe it, and you will never convince them otherwise.

    As Richard noted, there are two types of WNs. Those who want to work toward practical solutions in the real world, and those who want to go down in a blaze of futile violence. I would add that there’s a third type that’s far, far more common than the other two: the type that doesn’t want to do practical politics, nor do they want to die in a standoff with the govt – this third branch of WN wants to sit on their ever widening asses and bullshit endlessly about stupid conspiracy theory crap.

  20. It is a waste of time.

    I sat around for hours wondering whether I should respond or close the thread.

    How can people become so disconnected from reality that they can convince themselves that White Americans would respond positively to an act of “Sorelian violence” like blowing up children in a MLK parade? I really shouldn’t have to spell out just how damaging something like that could be to the pro-White cause.

    It’s not about the cause for people who think this way. Anyone who thinks seriously about the cause knows that winning over White America is necessary to win and that Whites react negatively to violence.

    Even the most dimwitted retard can grasp from the available evidence that such an act (i.e., 16th Street Church Bombing, James von Brunn, The Order, Oklahoma City, etc.) would generate a polarizing backlash against White Nationalism. The people who endorse that kind of activity can see it too. They just don’t care.

    They are exhibitionists acting out a fantasy world.

    The point of blowing up an MLK parade is not to generate sympathy for White Nationalism in the Pacific Northwest. It is the psychological effect of empowerment that it has on the alienated role playing fantasist himself.

    Like Jared Loughner, these people exist in their own little Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world, where reality is their stage and other people are their props, and they are the Knights of the Roundtable on a crusade against Z.O.G.

  21. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 20, 2011 at 10:47 am
    Rachel Maddow had a featured segment about the Northwest Front on her show last night. She claimed the FBI is following up on many interesting leads.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    This slander by Rachel Maddow is virtually identical to the slander Fox News did on American Renaissance – announcing some direct “link” between the Arizona murders and American Renaissance Magazine. The only “link” was that some low level law enforcement bureaucrat didn’t like Amren and Fox News had low journalistic standards to put out some slander, rumor.

    Jared Taylor responded very well to the slander and the MSM simply dropped the slander/story.

    Unfortunately with Mr. Covington – he’s not responding in the same positive way as Jared Taylor and is actually going with the idea that any publicity from the lying MSM is good publicity and wild, false accusations of bomb plots supposedly masterminded or encouraged by Mr. Covington’s books can’t stick.

    I am sticking with my original statement that Mr. Covington is a very good writer and now, often a good radio commentator – but he isn’t good at organizing, activism and can’t in any way deal with the mainstream media MSM.

    Mr. Covington’s books are very good historical fantasy books, something similar to JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. The Northwest migration and other efforts to get Whites to move to Whiter communities, Whiter states is a good idea.

    I think people here on O.D. and other places that are more mainstream shouldn’t promote the MSM’s slander of White Nationalists, even if they are considered “vanguard”.

    Mr. Covington and the Northwest Front are not promoting stupid, counter productive acts of violence, terrorism in the real world. People here shouldn’t promote this slander.

  22. Right now, today, a act of force against the government will result in the annihilation of the attacker. Because we have peaceable options open to us, it’s hard to argue with this too much as “silence means consent”.

    Is this to say we should not prepare for the inevitable? Of course not. Prepare yourself. Learn to fight, to retreat, to evade and escape. Learn to avoid the government in the first place.

    I see no problem prophesying cataclysm at the hands of a rogue federal government. We’ve seen their unprovoked violence already, under every administration.

    But if you do not understand the gulph between prophesy and threat, well, they will learn you a lesson or two.

    If you want to turn around this country and live in a land that is free among your own kind,


    Not as glamorous as serving as Grand Field Marshal von Armchair of the Fourth Reich. Not so smugly satisfying as making excathedra pronouncements on the theoretical nature of the White Ethnostate and how one will rule as the reincarnation of mighty Caesar!


    My ancestors sacrificed all, sometimes their lives, so that I could be here today. My duty is to continue the line and to my grandchildren if at all possible.

    Hmmm. Darwin meets Jesus and they both agree. It’s going to snow, I know it.

  23. Mainly alot of blather which hides the paradigm change, they are not from now on “anti-racists” they are anti-Whites. Such as, “Now what are the anti-Whites slandering and demonizing Whites with?”

  24. “Weaver,

    How is this thread irresponsible?”

    Only in timing. I would love to see you make these points when the media is not seeking out info.

    Unless of course you think what you posted about them is very easily found online. You research this stuff much more than I do, so you would better know. I’m not a fan of this group. Apologies if I was mistaken.

    The media appears to often be lazy, even when searching out something like this.

    Imagine the disaster were the media to only find this thread as a source or to use it as a lead it otherwise wouldn’t have known to follow. My intent wasn’t to publicly scold you but to just awaken you to the obvious in case you didn’t see it, so as to guard against disaster.

    Anyway, overall from what I can tell you’re doing fine work in general.

  25. This thread looks sane compared to the comments over at Kevin MacDonalds board. How does he think he can manage a political party when he can’t even deal with trolls making his website look like an insane asylum? What kind of leadership is that?

  26. Hollywood generously exploits the utility of gratuitous violence. Why should a WN novelist not enjoy similar advantages?

    The concept of a NW migration is getting a lot of publicity because of it. Even if HAC gets framed over these allegations, he will have done a commendable job of promoting it through his use of creative fiction.

  27. Nightowl says:
    January 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm
    This thread looks sane compared to the comments over at Kevin MacDonalds board. How does he think he can manage a political party when he can’t even deal with trolls making his website look like an insane asylum? What kind of leadership is that?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yes, the comment section at Kevin Macdonald’s blog looks very bad. But, it isn’t an extreme crisis.

    It’s just a matter of White folks having to learn the hard way how to do certain tasks, like:

    1) Run a meeting – don’t let disrupters take over the floor – same with comments section of a blog

    2) Dress and act appropriately for different audiences – it’s mostly not what you say – it’s how you look, how you speak.

    3) How to deal with the MSM media, responding to very predictable slanders, smears.

    Kevin Macdonald is a very good writer as is HAC, that’s not the same as running a public meetings, running a successful web blog, a newspaper, a radio program etc.

    We all need to practice and do better in most areas.

  28. Is it full of “Berserker 88s” wanting to “meet up” to do some “planning?” At least HW innoculated this site from the Hoover building nazis.

  29. I’m sorry, but I’ll repeat my belief that moderating comments as a policy is completely pathetic. Let people talk. That’s what the internet is all about. Let people get it out. Respond to them if you don’t like it. Only a fucking idiot would impute the insanity of commenters to a blog owner taking a principled stance in favor of free speech. Take it out over there if you don’t like it, asshole. Don’t malign Kmac’s integrity just because he doesn’t do things your way.

  30. “Undoubtedly, there are alienated vanguardists out there right now like James von Brunn contemplating what it would be like to self detonate and go out in a blaze of glory like Jared Loughner or Timothy McVeigh. They have probably read The Turner Diaries, Hunter, and The Northwest Quartet.”

    I think condemning people for their reading habits is facilitative of totalitarianism, and in this particular case, it reminds me of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

  31. What is really and truly facilitative of “totalitarianism” in America is acts of violence which the Left will use to gain political mileage.

    Don’t believe me? Just last year, Obama signed the Matthew Shepard Civil Rights Act which expanded federal hate crimes legislation to cover gays and lesbians.

    I remember writing a blog post a few years ago about the James Byrd and Emmett Till Civil Rights Act which Ron Paul voted against in the House.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. has his own federal holiday now.

  32. The SPLC certainly knows about HAC who has been involved in this scene for over thirty years now. If they know about him, then the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force also knows about him.

    In any case, the Rachel Maddow Show found HAC’s website because he posted a link to their story, and they followed the trackback to the Northwest Front homepage. Then HAC proudly posted links for the benefit of his “new readers” to all his blogs, novels, and podcasts which glorify terrorism.

    Just last night, the Rachel Maddow Show had a segment about the Northwest Front (complete with a snapshot of Mike’s avatar over there) that all but accused HAC of being responsible for the Spokane bomb.

  33. HAC seems to desperately want to go to prison like Hal Turner and Bill White:





    You can also bet that the FBI will be following up on everyone involved in his “organization.” There is nothing the Obama administration likes to do more than stretch the truth to throw the book at the “rightwing extremists” who fit their ideological profile.

  34. If the mission of this “bomb” was to impress the people of Spokane, we can say for certain that it has backfired. The image of the federal government probably improved in the region.

  35. “No one in Hollywood demands their fans move to Los Angeles to live within driving distance.”

    True. They’re content if we miscegenate from all points on the map, but I get your point, and I agree. It’s a mistake to “demand” that anyone re-locate, but here in the NW we are already receiving massive immigration in the form of White-Flight, and I am a beneficiary of the camaraderie generated by the development of nascent WN communities. In the last year, it has become possible for me, largely due to my association with NF, to travel up I-5 from the California border to the Canadian border without ever being more that about 50 miles from the home of a WN comrade. Longitudinal networking is not as good, but it’s getting better every month.

    As a beneficiary, I feel that I must take some responsibility for nurturing this trend, and the best game going right now is NW Front. I could withhold support and wish that WNs were not attracted, like most human beings, to tales of fictional violence, but they are, and if that helps to attract them, I’m certainly not going to turn them away. I like them too much, and I’ve never met one that advocated anything illegal. They’re White, for Christ’s sake, and they know the difference between reality and fiction. If they don’t, it’s because they’re psychotic, not because Harold’s novels are evil.

  36. I am fairly confident Mr. Covington knows what he is doing and feels that any MSM publicity for his web site, books, NorthWest Front is good for him.

    For people here who enjoy HAC’s podcasts and enjoy his fiction, don’t panic. It just might be a good idea to remove yourself from his e-mail list and clean up the house a bit and always be prepared with the T.M. response:

    “I have nothing to say”.

    The Feds/local law enforcement and the MSM can spread lies, slander against individual White Americans, but they rarely if ever make the whole thing up in prosecutions. Take the Duke Lacrosse Team members persecuted for supposedly gang raping a supposedly innocent Black female. Sure they were 100% innocent of rape, but they were stupid enough to bring strippers to their frat house and that’s enough to get persecuted at virtually all PC universities.

    Again, HAC is a writer and internet radio performer – he wants publicity. This is very different from regular White folks who are working for small, real life political, cultural victories for our people.

    I decided to get off of HAC’s e-mail list and received a very insulting e-mail from HAC. That’s life. I don’t recommend anyone here try to get themselves linked in the MSM to bombs at MLK events.

  37. Jimmy,

    There is no reason why networking, which is wholly positive, has to be tied a political project which could potentially destroy that network at any moment. This is especially true if HAC is not serious about the violence.

    If his novels are pure fiction and violence and illegality aren’t his chosen means for creating a White ethnostate, then why does he go out of his way to attract the attention of the FBI and DHS? Why not focus instead on migration, networking, and local outreach?

    I don’t have any objection to White Nationalists moving to the Pacific Northwest. I have friends who live in the region myself.

    What worries me is that the possibility is always lurking out there that some nutcase could self detonate in a town like Spokane and polarize the Whites of the Pacific Northwest against White Nationalists. That would make our job harder in the region and across the nation at large.

    Thinking seriously, the Northwest isn’t all that different from any other region of the country. Success in the Northwest depends upon winning the support of the local White population and closing the gap between White Nationalists and White America.

    We know for a fact that violence and terrorism polarizes White America against White Nationalists and unites Whites in the Pacific Northwest with the Left. Every violent act is a gift horse for the Left which is why Rachel Maddow is trying to draw attention to this story and HAC is foolishly playing along.

    Once again, thinking seriously, what is needed in the Pacific Northwest is non-violence from White Nationalists and a sympathetic public image that can attract mass support from natives to our cause. If these little cells of White Nationalists don’t sprout roots into their communities, they will eventually wither and die.

    We have to polarize Whites in the Pacific Northwest against the Left and non-Whites, not against White Nationalists. We have to be seen as their champions. The federal government has to be seen as their oppressor, not as their protector from violent fanatics.

    How can you do this though when the vanguard is determined to wrap itself in layer upon layer of self imposed isolation? They want to put as much distance as possible between themselves and their target audience.

    Isn’t that counterproductive?

  38. Bill White also wanted publicity.

    His poor wife is now alone in Roanoke while he rots in prison. White also told his lawyers the names of people who were “involved” in his organization. It turned out Bill White wasn’t a fed. He was just a fool.

    Matt Hale is wasting away in prison for making one ill considered remark to a federal informant. That small mistake cost him his freedom.

    I shouldn’t have to cite these examples. They are well known.

    Violent rhetoric has never accomplished anything for White Nationalists. It repulses the public, substitutes a fake means for real means, and has sent several prominent White Nationalists to prison in recent years.

    The Left has also used everything from Emmett Till to the Sixteenth Street Church Bombing to Medgar Evers to the MLK assassination to James Byrd to Matthew Shepard and Oklahoma City to advance their agenda.

    Now with Eric Holder in charge of the Justice Department, the risk to White Nationalists posed by exhibitionists, fantasists, and agent provocateurs is greater than ever before.

  39. “There is no reason why networking, which is wholly positive, has to be tied a political project which could potentially destroy that network at any moment. This is especially true if HAC is not serious about the violence.”

    I wouldn’t say that HAC isn’t serious. I can only point out that his fictional scenarios are precisely that.


    And this is in stark contrast to the policy of White genocide which is being carried out on us in REALITY.

    Who knows, if it continues unabated, HACs futuristic fantasies could come to pass, but in my opinion, this imputes blame on the practitioners of genocide, not on the artist who depicted it.

    Quite aside from that, I don’t really have any choice about what motivates racially aware Whites to be attracted to the NF, and the NW migration phenomenon. I just happen to live here, and feel blessed by the camaraderie.

    If Big Sister is going to shake me down because I don’t shun potential friends on account of their recreational reading habits, it only goes to show that I’m virtually in prison already.

  40. HAC seems to desperately want to go to prison like Hal Turner and Bill White:

    I believe “the old man” character in several of the NWQ novels was a self-portrait by the author, Harold Covington. “The old man” character was in prison for most of the time accounted for in the books. So it seems to be at least part of his fantasy life.

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