Lynch Mob

A black lynch mob beats a White motorist nearly to death in North Carolina

North Carolina

Two weeks ago, a White man named Eric Loznicka was on his way to pick up a late-night snack for his son at Burger King, and accidentally hit a 19 year old negro named Reuben Wright with his car near the small town of Kittrell, North Carolina.

Vance County Sheriff’s Office deputies said that Loznicka had “no chance” to “see Wright or stop before hitting him.” Reuben Wright was running out of a trailer park on a Saturday night where several large fights were going on.

Sgt. Jeff Gordon of the North Carolina Highway Patrol said, “the pedestrian ran out in front of him.” It “was not his fault.”

After the accident, Eric Loznicka stopped his 2003 Ford Contour, undoubtedly with the intention of assisting Mr. Wright whose head had crashed through his windshield after he carelessly ran out into the middle of the road.

At that point, six African-Americans emerged from the darkness, dragged Eric Loznicka from his vehicle, and then proceeded to beat him nearly to death.

Five of these niggers repeatedly kicked Loznicka in the head, chest, and body while another good samaritin held him down and rubbed his face into the asphalt.

Sixteen witnesses called 9/11:

“They’re running up the street saying they’re going to kill everybody,” one caller said.

“Something really bad is going on here,” another caller told dispatchers. “Somebody’s getting hurt really bad.”

“I haven’t been able to sleep very well,” witness Cindy Harris said. “It’s the worst thing I think I’ve ever seen, just a brutal beating.”

“They pulled him out of the car and pushed him down and continued to kick him and beat him and just smash his head down in the cement,” Harris said. “I couldn’t do anything to help him. I couldn’t get out of my car for fear, but I just couldn’t leave him there alone. I couldn’t leave him. I was constantly blowing my horn thinking that maybe it would scatter them and they would leave him alone. I called 911 immediately.”

“The next thing I saw was this gentleman that had been beaten running in front of his truck and this guy was telling him to get in my truck,” Harris said. “He jumped over the bed into the truck, and they were pulling at his leg trying to get him out of the truck and the gentleman just took off.”

Eric Loznicka managed to escape the lynch mob by running for his life toward a passing truck whose driver, Franklin Reavis, picked him up and took him to the hospital.

After driving a bit up the road, Loznicka called 9/11 to report the accident. He did not want to flee the scene of an accident.

The black lynch mob then followed Loznicka to the hospital where authorities claim they assaulted his daughter. No further details are provided.

Silence Follows

The local media refused to report the race of the suspects and victim. The national media had nothing to say about the actions of this lynch mob.

They slapped the story with their usual label for politically incorrect hate crimes, “there is no indication that the assault was racially motivated,” and sent it down the memory hole like the Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Murders.

Yeah right.

When was the last time a lynch mob of Whites beat someone nearly to death following a tragic automobile accident when the victim was clearly at fault? When was the last time a group of White people then followed the victim to the hospital where they assaulted his daughter?

If the roles had been reversed here, and a White lynch mob had beaten Reuben Wright within an inch of his life, the New York Times and every other liberal newspaper in the country would still be talking about it.

We would have been treated to an endless number of stories about the enduring racism of North Carolina and its unsavory history of lynch mobs and Klan related violence.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have marched by now. The governor would have apologized to the black community. A monument would be in the planning stages.

President Obama would have weighed in with a sanctimonious lecture and called the Wright beating another “teachable moment” in the history of American race relations. Mark Potok would have appeared on Hardball With Chris Matthews to discuss the growth of hate groups in America.

Undoubtedly, the Congressional Black Caucus would have used such a crime to make a renewed push for stronger federal hate crimes legislation. The Justice Department would have dispatched federal investigators to the scene within hours.

Final Thought

Yet none of this happened.

It didn’t happen because Eric Loznicka was White and his attackers were black. The crime didn’t fit the Avatar narrative of evil racist people victimizing poor oppressed people of color.

The victim of the beating here doesn’t belong to one “protected classes” under federal hate crime laws. He doesn’t belong to the same race as Attorney General Eric Holder.

Thus, no one cares.

Chances are this is the first and last time you will ever hear about this story. Such is the reality of “social justice” in the New South.

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  1. These crime stories the MSM doesn’t want the public to know about are very effective propaganda for our side.

    We should have a project to identify local/state blogs forums that will be interested in these true stories. The Knoxville Horror story did break out in to a huge underground/internet audience – I think it was the old C&W Southern Rock singer Charlie Daniels who broke the media black out on the Knoxville Horror.

    Hunter, I just have one small suggestion – I don’t think it adds to these stories to include using “The N Word”. I know it feels good to let out some frustrations about breaking the taboo of using “The N Word” and calling “a spade a spade” so to speak. But this use of the N word will restrict publication of your article throughout the internet.

  2. Hunter, thanks for running this down and making your readers aware.

    I reviewed all the national news feeds and found no mention of this story other than the perfunctory local coverage with no mention of race.

    Reading these accounts of Black-on-White brutality and then having to helplessly watch the media cover up is infuriating. This could have been any one of us or a member of our family.

    These media blackouts are an important element of what KMD has termed the “post-WW2 consensus” — the consensus constructed to prevent White self-determination. The media is complicit in enforcing the consensus from the NY Times editorial board down to the local beat reporter.

    I’m not one to entertain counterproductive “revenge fantasies,” but I do hope for justice one day for everyone who is complicit. We know what their ultimate goal is, and they enjoy making progress toward that goal everyday, so I don’t see any reason the punishment shouldn’t fit the crime.
    reason the punishment for those responsible shouldn’t fit the crime.

  3. I agree with Jack, Dan and Lew above. If you don’t mind, Hunter, I’d like to republish your post on my blog – but without the “colorful” language. I’d give you credit, of course.

    Anyway, this story should serve as a warning to the rest of us: never, ever stop your car if you hit a black. Just keep on going and don’t look back. You’re better off facing “hit and run” charges later than becoming one with the asphalt.

  4. We have an evolved consciousness that tell us as white to stop.. that would have been our son, wife, husband , daughter.. etc..
    Blacks if they had hit a young white woman they would have drug her in the car and found a way to rob rape and murder what is left of her..
    That is the sad but ugly truth. This man did what any white man would have done.. But news like this will set a change in the white m,an and we need to share it, yes the idea is take your chances on a hit and run.. than call for help if you have too

  5. Every time I read a story like this, a slow burn starts in my belly and spreads all over until I feel I could start a fire with my own hands. All I feel is RAGE.

  6. Instead of small news bits I’d like to see OD focus on racial fundamentals, the big picture and true solutions to America’s racial problems. In my opinion, the only real solution to the Negro Question in the USA is to help Blacks settle on and below the 31st degree north line – – Make Jacksonville, FL the capital of this new Negro Territory in the USA. This could be organized without much trouble, but it would mean that Blacks would have to leave numerous cities around the USA to settle below the 31st parallel. Why are Blacks living in far north places like Michigan and why are Black Somali immigrants living in Minnesota? It’s absurd.

    Ideally they could be shipped back to Africa/Liberia in an orderly manner, with Whites helping them re-establish themselves on the African continent over a period of a decade or two. Another option is to take over Venezuela and have America’s Black population settle there since Venezuela is full of Blacks already. American Blacks should realize that if they went back to Africa/Liberia, Venezuela, etc they would become a ruling class because they are far more advanced than the natives in those places. However, by remaining in America they will always remain 2nd class citizens to a certain extent. So repatriation would actually raise the social position of many American Blacks.

    White Nationalists need to start working with Black Nationalists to realize these plans. Blacks are severely ‘out of place’ in the modern world; it’s not their fault, it is the way history worked out in that so many industries have become automated that their manual labor is no longer needed as was in the past. Many employers now prefer to hire Hispanics instead of Blacks on their farms, in their factories, and so on. Blacks are rapidly dwindling in population while Hispanics overtake them in births, industry, and territory. This is the nature of the 21st Century and Blacks must realize this and act accordingly. With a repatriation to Africa they could have a new start with many modern amenities sent to them by American Whites, as well as serve as a buffer to the Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and others who are looting the resources and wantonly wrecking the environment of Sub-Saharan Africa.

    I say this all as a White Southerner who would like to see Blacks in a better state than they are currently in.

  7. reminds me of the whatever place “19” and the sexual assault of the 11 year old girl that’s been strangely absent from national news coverage

  8. if u racist dumfucks didnt alwaus call them niggers evertime u run one over then maybe they wouldnt need to use there natral athletic talent to beat your asses all the time.

  9. “These media blackouts are an important element of what KMD has termed the “post-WW2 consensus” — the consensus constructed to prevent White self-determination.”

    It’s absolutely critical imo. They could never have got this far without it but it goes deeper than just lack of information imo.

    “We have an evolved consciousness that tell us as white to stop”

    The thing that made him stop is what they’re using to destroy us. By rigidly censoring the media so the balance of sympathy is heavily weighted towards non-whites they keep the White people with the kin+ morality trait (and limited personal experience) locked down. It’s the combination of minimum coverage of White victims and maximum coverage of Black victims (invented if neccessary) that keeps the sympathy dial pushed to the anti-white limit.

    “reminds me of the whatever place “19? and the sexual assault of the 11 year old girl that’s been strangely absent from national news coverage”

    Same thing. Even though the girl wasn’t White they still need to suppress it because the truth would reduce the balance of sympathy for Blacks.

  10. Alas, Mr. Eric Loznicka has just leanred a very hard, bitter lesson about the dangers of regarding Nigras as akin to a Human, and acting on this grieviously dangerous belief.

    I hope he recovers fully, and teaches others…

  11. if yall dumb ass people stop calling us out of our names then we wouldnt have to beat yall ass all the damn time. this black and white bullshit need to stop if a bitch hate another bitch so damn much then bitch just dnt be around them or kill yourself but all this name calling and shit is so damn ignorant. this issue on race will never end smh

  12. You people are disgusting and pathetic. I didn’t think anyone could ever make me empathize with the men who attacked this poor guy, but you managed to. What a bunch of chicken shit cowards all of you are, hiding behind your lil computer monitors. Go drink another 6-pack Bubba… I mean Hunter… and get back to the trailer park where your inbred wife is waiting, and where your pathetic, lowlife, monkey self belongs 🙂

  13. I’m a friend of Erics wife, Angie. Vance County, where this beating took place, is one of the most economically repressed counties in NC, & racial tension runs extremely high. I don’t agree with the “racist” overtones on this post ~ I don’t care if a person is green with blue spots, this is just plain wrong. The group that beat Eric are being charged with misdemeanors only ~ the D.A. say’s weapons weren’t used & it doesn’t classify as a hate crime, which is ridiculous. The Loznicka family has been told to be careful in protesting the misdemeanor only charges, because these men are violent, with known gang affiliations, & will likely retaliate against the family if charges are upgraded to felonies. Wouldn’t logic suggest that we as a society would WANT violent people like these off the streets?

  14. To “Tina”…
    Let me guess, you’re one of those sluts who creams her panties over “bad boys” in general, and “gangstas” in particular. Admit it, violent men make your yeasty, scabby AIDS purse foam and froth like a shook-up can of warm Falstaff beer . No wonder you dig negro bucks, and take their side.
    Now go away; get back to walking the street and earning some money for your daddy, Blue Fly the Pimp.

  15. “I’m a friend of Erics wife, Angie. Vance County, where this beating took place, is one of the most economically repressed counties in NC, & racial tension runs extremely high. I don’t agree with the “racist” overtones on this post ~ I don’t care if a person is green with blue spots, this is just plain wrong.”

    Why don’t you ask Eric, Angie, and their daughter how they feel about ‘green people with blue spots’ now?

  16. Quote from
    “Deputies arrested four Henderson men: Lonnie Jack Hargrove, 19, and Less Ragland, 26, both of 745 Southerland St., and Damien Elijah Trowbridge, 34, of 199 Bunn St., and Avone Fouch, 30, of 536 Abbott Road, Lot 10. Vance County Sheriff Peter White said two other men – brothers Carlton Ragland, 21, and James Henry Ragland, 22, both of 324 Charles St. – surrendered to authorities.” Lessons learned: (1) Note the tribalism: three Ragland sons — 26, 22, and 21 — were all involved in this beatdown. Mrs. Ragland should be ashamed of her sons. (2) Why didn’t the mob attend to the car-struck victim? The first thing they thought to do was attack him? Not call the cops/fire dept. to help their car-struck “friend”? (Wonder why not.) (3) Allow me to suggest North Carolinians get their concealed carry permits to protect themselves against mobs like this. (4) The mob assailants don’t understand (and maybe don’t care): Their actions will result in more people whites LEAVING an accidental hit-and-run just to protect the drivers’ lives. Unintended consequences are a b****.

    P.S. The prosecutor can upgrade the charges in a “superceding” indictment to “mob action” (used against KKK!), attempted murder, or conspiracy to deprive of civil rights — a federal crime often charged against whites…

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  22. Eric is my cousin. I just found this on the internet. I knew he was beaten up, but
    didn’t know all the details. This makes you to just want to hit and run and not stop
    to help anyone. We do have to forgive and go on, but this type of violence, “just because”, or anything else for that matter, needs to stop. Everyone involved should
    have been put in jail. Eric, I haven’t seen you since you were a teenager, but I do think
    of you often. I have seen pictures of your beautiful daughter when she was a toddler.
    Hope all is well and remember, Jesus is the one who loves you most!!!!! Love, Candy

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