Black Run America: The Myth of Racial Disparities in Public School Funding

Jason Richwine finds that per pupil spending is higher for blacks than Whites in the South


Jason Richwine, the Heritage Foundation scholar that Lawrence Auster was so impressed with last year, dropped a truth bomb on Black Run America this afternoon from his perch inside the Beltway.

Richwine released a big report which aims to prove that racial differences in educational achievement cannot be explained through differences in per pupil spending.

The Report

Among the findings:

– Per pupil spending on non-White students eclipsed spending on White students in the early 1980s and has remained slightly higher ever since.

– School funding is similar across all racial and ethnic groups.

– Racial differences in educational achievement have endured for decades in spite of increased spending on black students.

– If White 15 year olds were counted as a separate group, they would rank 3rd in the world on the PISA among the 34 OECD countries, whereas American Hispanics would score 31st and American blacks would rank 33rd.

– The South is the region with the smallest racial differences in per pupil spending, but more money is actually spent on blacks, Hispanics, and Asians than White students here.

– In the Northeast, $2,000 more dollars is spent on the average black student than on the average White student.


The report would have been much better if Richwine would have included some vital information on the racial gap that exists between taxpayers and tax consumers. No one in Washington ever talks about closing that gap.

I managed to find this:

“When we combine the populations of non-payers and non-filers and look to see what overall percentage of each group is not paying taxes, we find that: 50.7 percent of African American households pay no income taxes, 35.5 percent of Asian American households do not, 37.6 percent of White American households do not, and roughly 52 percent of Hispanics pay no income taxes.”

Whites and Asians also pay far more in total taxes than blacks and Hispanics. Another study recently found that the majority of illegal aliens and immigrant households with children in America are on welfare.

62 percent of immigrant households in Arizona, 61 percent in Texas, California and New York, and 59 percent in Pennsylvania are on welfare.

New Rule

In Black Run America, “white privilege” is the privilege that White taxpayers enjoy in paying far more in taxes than blacks and Hispanics, and receiving in return lower rates of per pupil spending on their own children.

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  1. This column is totally ridiculous. We as African-American need additional educational funding because of the legacies of Slavery and school segregation. For America to work we need a lot more revenue to go toward Education, Medical Care, and Housing.
    I mean a lot more in revenue.

    • So all go get a job and pay taxes. Do you think this “revenue” appears out of thin air. Another one looking for a hand out. Go Obama! Glad there is a 2 term limit. Lets see how much the next Republican president gives you. Better grab what you can get now. in 2 years the “every day is a paid holiday” IS OVER!!!

  2. @Mr. Thomas Anthony Jones, SR. When did slavery end? Black kids today, even with the additional funding still suck at maths and science, etc. Are you pretty much saying that ‘stupid’ gets passed down through the generations? Seems like it. Lets not start looking at the rates of blacks in jails – and lack of tertiary education.

  3. Blacks never got the subsidizing that most whites received up until the 1950s. Lets see 1619 to 1865 Slavery, 1878 to 1973 Jim Crow Semi Slavery. And you had 100 million Native American Nations living on this nation before Europeans came here. African Americans generated 1 billion pounds of cotton and this does not even count the indigo, sugar and other resources that African Americans generated for this nation. We have created a disproportionate amount of wealth for this nation. White people pay more taxes, and White people also get the bulk of the Entitlements that comes from tax payer dollars. 90% of Americas wealth as mal distributed at the end of the Civil War. Blacks should pay less of the federal income tax. African Americans have an unemployment rate of 40% and the bulk of the government contract jobs go to White America. Those who own most of the wealth pay most of the taxes.

    Asians pay more taxes because you have white private investors in the Japanese and Korean market. Asians are 2nd behind whites in receiving the wealth creating government contracts African Americans who are a majority in several major cities yet receive as little as 12% the wealth creating contracts.

    I will gladly make a deal with white America. You can take the double digit unemployment, the economic legacies of slavery and jim crow. And we will take the wealth and jobs.

    Slavery ended in 1865 and Jim Crow was ended in 1970s, I want to know when did the government every redistribute the wealth that the slaves created? Oh, thats right, The United States has a policy of rewarding the slave owners and majority white society for slavery and jim crow by allowing to maintain the wealth and control over institutions by punishing African Americans by not redistibution of the wealth by saying since time as past that has naturally made it ok, because enslaving and jim crowing blacks had only a minor impact of African Americans economically and they should be able to compete vs. White dominate society who locked in 87% of the wealth and resources. Yeah that makes tons of sense.

    I wonder how much tax payers dollars go to those Naval Tankers that protects the white elite business class business investments in Africa, Korea and Japan? Black people dont own any meaningful size of the businesses overseas. So we should be enslaved, jim crowed and have the wealth of this nation unevenly distributed into white and asian hands and also pay the exact same amount of taxes? You are serious.

    • What a joke….. “African Americans have an unemployment rate of 40% and the bulk of the government contract jobs go to White America”
      That because you’d rather collect walfare and not get a job. Why should I go to work every day and barley afford to feed my family while 40% of blacks get to live off my tax $ and enjoy every day like it is a holiday.
      Get an education, get a job, have kids ONLY if you can pay for them, get off welfare, AND STOP COMPLAINING. Do something for yourselves and stop looking for hand outs.

    • lol acting like picking cotton made america what it is. many many other countries had black slaves and most african countries still do yet they dont seem to be superpowers.

      lets ignore blacks have a average iq of 70, have never invented ANYTHING! lived in mudhuts with a sharp stick when whites showed up, thousands of years and accomplished nothing. Most of the other civilizations were creating great empires while blacks sat in mudhuts and ate eachother all that time.

      africa has received 100’s of millions of dollars just to stop from imploding on themselves. i cant think of a black country that doesnt need constant help to stop from collapsing

      not to mention jobs and universities have to hire niggers! no matter how unqualified

      • Blacks were brought here captive by europeans. They were then forced to work and fight for free. Fast forward through the torture, division, and mutilation mentally and physically, you people integrated us into your society to boost the economy. Still subhuman to the devil we were barred from jobs and opportunities. Fast forward, you say ok no more segregation after you lynched killed burned and blacks picked up foward. The c.i.a infiltrates neighborhoods bring in cocaine hand out guns put some laws in play gave entire communities felonies and violence over what you people have blocked us from this entire time. MONEY. WE WORKED AND FOUGHT FOR FREE DO YOUR RESEARCH. We built, yall write. This is white supremist bullshit. During that whole time whites live the American dream and every loan was his, and every home belonged to him. No shit you pay more in taxes.

    • It takes drive and ambition. NOT excuses, We were this, You did that, on and on. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, NO more excuses. Are you saying that you can’t do what whites can? asians? I could make excuses too. Unfortunately, I decided to work, on average 65 hours a week for almost 30 years. Retired and comfortable. EACH job that I had, started at the bottom and worked my way up. Now, let’s hear the excuses of why I got the job and you didn’t. Remember, affirmative action has been on the boards for a LONG time.

      • Blacks were brought here captive by europeans. They were then forced to work and fight for free. Fast forward through the torture, division, and mutilation mentally and physically, you people integrated us into your society to boost the economy. Still subhuman to the devil we were barred from jobs and opportunities. Fast forward, you say ok no more segregation after you lynched killed burned and blacks picked up foward. The c.i.a infiltrates neighborhoods bring in cocaine hand out guns put some laws in play gave entire communities felonies and violence over what you people have blocked us from this entire time. MONEY. WE WORKED AND FOUGHT FOR FREE DO YOUR RESEARCH. We built, yall write. This is white supremist bullshit. During that whole time whites live the American dream and every loan was his, and every home belonged to him. No shit you pay more in taxes.

        • About 1% of the white population in the US kept slaves.
          So it is incredibly UNLIKELY that you are addressing any of the descendants of people who kept slaves here on this forum. And certainly NONE of those who actually kept slaves themselves. They are long fucking DEAD.

          White people were kidnapped in the 17th and 18th centuries (from impoverished conditions in England and Ireland) children, families ripped apart – and brought to the US to work – as slaves. ‘History’ books write them off as ‘indentured servants’ as if they were meaningless – but they were SLAVES. They were treated the same, or worse as black Africans – and valued less. Their children were born slaves, lived in shit conditions and they were worked to death. There were far more of THOSE white European slaves than there ever were white slave owners in this country. That is a fact. SO it is statistically more likely that you are addressing the descendants of those white SLAVES.

          The cultural standard for white (especially northern) Europeans, going back at least a hundred generations is Meritocracy. It is understood by people from harsh northern climates who had to toil in the field and hunt to feed themselves, they had to invest in family and community to survive. They had to be honest & trustworthy. There was no system of Gibz-me. They guarded their reputations – because THAT was their currency. They recognized rightly that the world didn’t – and still doesn’t – owe them SHIT. This interpersonal practice and humility is what is results in peaceful, advanced, charitable societies, as well as good culture and art. Gentleness, humility, creativity and charity.

          There are plenty of former black slaves who persevered through the perceived lack of merit (trustworthiness) in this country, during the Civil War and in the days of Jim Crow. It was a difficult time. They persevered because they understood the principles of meritocracy. They gained status in society because they were good, intelligent people and fought for their merit, as everyone must do. It was an opportunity much greater than their forbears had in Africa, where slavery was and is still rampant.

          And there were (and still are) those blacks (and others) who hate meritocracy. Hate being responsible for themselves. Hate taking accountability for their own lives. Blame whitey, blame the teachers, blame everything but themselves – and refuse to grow up & take care of their families. They want to live at the expense of others. Absolute narcissism.

          They, and the Critical Theory indoctrinated self-hating white do-gooders have sanctified the huge bureaucratic, Marxist, oligarchic, corrupt entitlement-subsidization / money-printing / economy-destroying / culture-destroying mind-control system that has arisen and become a totalitarian political monster – all in the name of subsidizing that madness – which will probably destroy itself taking everyone with it.

          Believe me, black people will be the most vulnerable when it goes down.

          It is madness not to recognize that no matter the circumstances – YOU MAKE YOURSELF. Shitty childhood? Tough. Be a good person and rise to the challenge. Is your family a bunch of assholes? Leave the plantation, remove the chip from your shoulder get therapy and get on with it. Poverty conditions? Too bad – figure out how to serve others, make an honest profit and get ahead. You’ll learn something from that: That meritocracy is NOT racism. It’s humility and that black people are their own worst enemies.

          You’d think people would wise up and say enough of this losing proposition of funding absolute madness.
          The reason they don’t – they realize that They-who-hate Meritocracy will destroy them in a sea of violence. Because that’s how they roll.

          • This is my world, and I’m bored by your clichés. You’re getting the boot NOW. So long, loser!


          • I’ve faced a form of ‘racial’ discrimination from non-whites regularly since I was an early teen (I’m classifying mediterraneans as non-whites). In my later life it’s come from blacks as well as mediterraneans, and it’s included physical violence and threats, not just systemic discrimination (watching blacks and hispanics steal jobs through AA, etc.) If black people had really wanted to integrate they wouldn’t have supported these programs and the violence blacks inflict on whites, here especially black men on white women. All AA and other black privilege programs did was punish middle class whites for crimes we never committed. You don’t want a country you want a colored oligarchy to rule over white slaves.

          • I want???!!! You dont fucking know me. Ive done nothing to you, dont take out your fucking delusional false sense of discrimination on me for adding information to a one sided narrative.i dont give a fuck what youve been through leave me the fuck alone. You people can do your worst, your like little girls. Your freedom is founded in blood and violence yet you act as if violence is something created by black people. No shit they fucking hate you , the media and education system keeps telling them your the fucking enemy. No shit their violent poverty does that check the stats on the most violent nations check the history of impoverished whites and shut the fuck up. Stop being a fucking pussy. Your freedom, safety and opportunities are founded on violence.

          • If you don’t want to integrate why aren’t you attempting dialogue that would help both our peoples do that?

            And before you come back with ‘there is no such category as ‘white’ people’ please take it to the colored hordes who endlessly wail whenever any ‘white’ person attempts to take down AA.

            You can’t have it both ways.

          • No, AA didn’t come from ‘white’ guilt but from JEWISH connivance. You talk to your people and explain who’s been oppressing them for hundreds of years. Jews controlled 80% of the transatlantic slave trade (which BTW enslaved thousands of irish people), and they were disproportionately represented in the slave owning class.

            So get real. The jews have set all this antagonisms up from the start. It’s up to blacks to right it as they went along with it. My people did nothing but free your ass from the tyrants and all we got was your hatred.

            It’s beyond time to call it quits in America. Blacks need to go their own way and let whites do our own thing.

          • Steal jobs through affirmative action?????!!! I cant believe you said that shit. What the fuck is the white race? The shit you people believe and say is insane.

        • JEWS ran the slave trade, and brought you God Damned Niggers HERE. Fuck off and DIE. I hate the sight of every last one of you.

          • Lulz – you stupid proto-Chimpanzee. You are worthless garbage. Perhaps one day I’ll “catch you”, you idiotic vermin. You’ve never met a REAL White in your excuse for a life. You’ll die, of Niggeritis, decades before me. Ha!

          • Lulz. You are repeating EVERY idiotic trope the Jews made up for you. Tragic and too funny! Try to remove yourself ASAP, ya hear? Run along, Sambo!

          • Look in the mirror fast, before it cracks. Think of ME when one of your own guns you down over chicken. Ha!

  4. My parents came to the US from India. In India they had a caste system, which I think is evil. My grandfather worked with Mahatma Gandhi and hated the caste system, too. My Mom, who is Brahmin, married my Dad, who is of a different caste, something many people in India would still be angry about. I married a white guy, which is also something many in India would have problems with, because in India traditionally you never marry outside your caste. The hard core people would never even share a cup of tea with someone outside their caste.

    So that is my perspective, and I hate racism, but I also think affirmative action and any other form of special privilege based on race is WRONG.

    I believe in free markets and creating a level playing field. Part of making sure everyone is treated fairly is making sure the law is blind – there should be no double standards based on race, gender, etc.

    Yes, it’s true that blacks in this country endured a heritage of slavery, Jim Crow, etc., and they are still discriminated against today. It’s true. However, it is unfair to penalize white people as a group for what historically some white people did, or for the racism of a few bigots today.

    I try to treat everyone as an individual. Ultimately, that is the smallest minority, and the one that most needs to be protected. Our Constitution enshrines the rights of the individual – not the rights of the state, or the rights of the majority, or the rights of protected groups, but the rights of each person.

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with providing extra assistance to the children of the poor, regardless of skin color. However, it is up to the child and his or her parents to take advantage of these resources. In this country every child is given access to a free education. Perhaps the quality is not always the best, but when someone gets a gift, they should not complain about the quality. In many places, parents have no such access for their children – either the parents cannot afford education or they need the children to work to help feed the family or there are other reasons they cannot send their children to school (in Afghanistan, acid is thrown into the faces of schoolgirls on their way to school.)

    The problem in this country is that many students spit at this wonderful gift. Instead of respectfully paying attention to the teacher, they are rowdy, cause trouble, bully other children, etc. They not only prevent their own learning but they also make it harder for the other children to learn and harder for schools to attract and keep good teachers. Why is this behavior tolerated?

    I think it would vastly improve the schools if children with recurring behavioral issues were either kicked out to work at jobs or sent to military-style schools. Perhaps the kids who insist on acting like thugs instead of students, and their parents, would realize that education is a privilege, not a right, if they realized access could be denied to them.

    At any rate, I don’t have any problem with giving poor kids (of ANY color – so this would hopefully help poor white kids in Appalachia as well as poor black ghetto kids) a helping hand, but I deeply resent throwing my money down a toilet. If kids want to be helped – let’s help them. If they don’t – let them and their parents accept responsibility for their own decisions.

      • What does that have to do with what the lady said. You didn’t take any of it in because you don’t want to hear it. Not only is what she said true, she said it in a most respectful way. If that is your response, you will never improve your lot in life.

        • What justifies this indian being here? How did her or his parents come into this country? Is it fair to whites when ‘of color’ immigrants receive preferential treatment for jobs? How do we know this family came in and worked their way up the ladder?

  5. A sensible post, though I sharply disagree with a few points. Most importantly, I applaud racism, and believe every ethnic group should work and play among themselves. I also believe that the U.S. was founded by European whites, and for the benefit of European whites. The problem surfaced when the rest of the world saw then genius of their creation, and they wanted in on it. Sadly, and tragically, European whites relented and are now completing the process of giving it all away. In all recorded history, there is nothing like it.

  6. Right, all those blacks clamoring to get on the slave ships. “Pick me, pick me!”. They really wanted in on this genius creation.

  7. Shefali, you sound intelligent, but I think your focus is misplaced.

    You say “I hate racism, but I also think affirmative action and any other form of special privilege based on race is WRONG”.

    How would you have felt if this were 1863, and Lincoln had just issued the Emancipation Proclamation? Would your opinion have been, “Okay, now remember everybody: affirmative action is WRONG!. All you freed blacks go compete in the marketplace, despite having no possessions or education! Everybody’s equal!”. I mean, I’m sure that’s what Ayn Rand would have said, but you seem like capable of a bit more subtlety in your thinking.

    Or how about in the mid-60’s, where finally laws and hearts started to change to ensure equality, with freedom riders and sit-ins and the Civil Rights act. At that point would you say: “Ok, remember, affirmative action is WRONG! Blacks have been barred from access to our institutions of higher learning and treated as second class citizens, but now that everyone’s equal.. POOF! We’re all magically on equal footing, with an equal start towards succeeding in society.” I certainly think you wouldn’t think you would’ve felt that way then.

    So then, if you would’ve accepted (maybe even be in favor of?) some racial preferences to improve outcomes for a historically abused group at those points in time, you clearly don’t believe that all affirmative action is wrong. It’s a much more complex question than it being always right or always wrong. It gets into questions such as how much needs to be done to right historic wrongs? How do you measure those attempts to correct? What are the best and most appropriate measures at the current phase in our journey? We may have come to the point where affirmative action has lost its value and does more harm than good. But do you really take issue — as the author does — with trying to correct via a greater investment in the education of the historically abused group? I don’t know, that seems like a pretty valid approach to me.

  8. Joke’s point is right on. It seems that people want to imagine that “historic inequality” means it is something that happened in the foggy past. However, the results of those inequalities still echo loudly today in the poor environment so many grow up in today. Parents with little education are the least able to provide an adequate environment for their children to become well educated and the cycle continues. It is not just minorities that suffer from this problem, but they have the added burden of being treated quite differently by the majority even to this day. Those that deny that simple fact are either hiding their head in the sand or simply have an agenda as some prior posts here clearly reflect.

  9. Blacks are inferior biological specimens unfit for civilization.

    The world would be better if they were exterminated.

  10. Here in Maryland, the average cost per student is $9,000. In Baltimore City, the average cost is $11,000. the schools, for the most part, are African American. There is fighting and constant disturbances before and after school. Maryland ranks 3rd in America in student achievement. If Baltimore City is not included, Maryland would rank 1st. These are facts.

  11. “Blacks are inferior biological specimens unfit for civilization.”

    An ignorant attitude and an untrue assertion. You have clearly not spent any time around Negroes nor have you ever commanded them in productive activity.

    They can run and jump, lift heavy loads, can be set to work, can sing and dance ‘cuz dey got dat rhythm, and they sho’ ’nuff can play the saxophone.

  12. @Capt John, Actually, much of Africa’s pretty cool, and much of it’s not at all tropical. More to the point, an educated student is an educated student, and the brain has no skin color.

    Let’s also keep in mind that at the time of the Golden Horde’s conquest, our favorite Europe was little more than illiterate farmers poking soil six days a week from dawn to dusk for rich people who pretty much owned them (via feudal serfdom); they didn’t think it was much worth conquering. Every individual starts somewhere, but being outright excluded from society for generations really doesn’t help. There are plenty of poor white people who would benefit from some breaking of the poverty cycle. Or should they be contained at the perimeters of tropical cities too?

  13. First of all, let me start off by saying there is no such thing as an “African-American”, or an “Asian-American”, or even a “Hispanic-American”. Any money American taxpayers spend on the behalf of these falsely acknowledged “citizens” is an act of treason. Of course white children will out pace other cultures. Of course eugenics is revelant. No matter what lies the main-stream media tells you, or the PC notions (jewish) thought might be, but A NATION IS BIULT ON BLOOD. A NATION IS AN EXTENSION OF FAMILY, TRIBE, COMMUNITY, STATE. America is built on european ideals and culture. There is no place for the African, Jew, Asian, or Hispanic in these borders. “The melting pot” is communist blasphemy to any developed nation. Go create your own future, develope your own ideas and wealth. Shouldn’t be that difficult seeing how “equal” we all are. Actually, trying to catch a fish for dinner is the heights of some cultures and liberals wonder why, no matter how much money we throw at them, they can’t be a doctor, or an engineer, or even a respondsible taxpayer for god’s-sakes. They fail to realize there’s a reason for all these under-developed “fish catchers”. They don’t want an education, architecture, electricity, agriculture, literacy … It is not our domain or respondsibility to domesticate the genetical infants of man kind. Anyone who plunders our resources instead of applying our potential to further white european generations should swing from the gallows as traitors guilty of treason to western civilization.

  14. “Right, all those blacks clamoring to get on the slave ships. “Pick me, pick me!”” – Joke you idiot 95% of all black slaves were kidnapped by other black Africans and sold to Europeans, Americans, South Americans, Arabs and Jews as a commodity. And though I know your blackness and racial hatred will not permit you to see this, I assure you black slavery in America was a massive net loss for this country. Any financial gain that was made through slavery was entirely lost by the end of the civil war. Not to mention the fact that only two and a half percent of all White American’s every had a slave. That means that 97.5% of every White person alive back then. Never had anything to do with slavery, other than dying to bring it to an end of course. However, black racist like you think that some how because I was born with White skin I owe you something because you were born with black skin. I know you don’t see your own racism, but I promise you, it’s there. In fact, black racism today is in overdrive, and that’s a good thing. Cause more and more Whites are waking up and seeing both your scams and your hatred for what they are, RACIST!

    Also I find it extremely telling that the evil White people you’ve been brought up to hate were willing to sacrifice their very lives to free your black slave ancestors. And to the tune of 610,000 White men did just that, died to end slavery and free your ancestors. However your other ancestors back in Africa, you know, the ones who kidnapped their own people to sell as slaves on a world wide market as just another commodity ( not just Whitey ). Are STILL practicing slavery right now today! What I want to know is when are people like you going to gather up like minded men, the way we Whites did. To go over there and bring your peoples flagrantly disgusting inhumane enslavement of others to an end. Don’t bother answering cause I know you could care less what people who look like you are doing to anyone else right now. Cause you know there’s no benefit in insisting, if need be through force ( like we Whites did 160 years ago ) that slavery on the continent of Africa come to an end. Hypocrisy is alive and well in the black racist of today, isn’t that right Joke?

  15. I agree with almost every one of above comments. Without an education or skill(that most blacks,negroes,minority,African American) whatever they want to be called now a days. When all you can do is scam American tax payers by making babies without paying support or responsibility. Being retired,paid taxes all my life and still do, it’s a shame there are people who won’t even pickup a shovel to dig a hole. Quit the bullshit because you’re black, pick up the paper and there are a lot of jobs out there, YOU’ RE TO DAMN LAZY!!! You suck the welfare until it will be dry. Then what? About the comment concerning the Republicans,it’s right,so learn to use a shovel because the party is over,or you might finally have to pay for it.

  16. It seems that the issue of race is sparking some indignant people of color to “rise up” and tell off the honkies. Quite frankly, Africa is no mecca of prosperity and safe urban living as the black folks father land. It is a hell hole of murder and self serving junta leaders. Let me guess…the white man has been holding them down too?

  17. What it boils down to is the innate inability for blacks to govern their own, except in a brutal and dictatorial manner, so how can they govern others that are used to the rule of law and constantly strive for equity and fairness. These terms have been hijacked by the left and the unproductive, backward ethnicity to forward a narrative that allows the unproductive groups to find reason to target the productive group. Keep in mind these facts:

    White people developed the technology to get us to the moon. Mainly German scientists that were lured by both the U.S and the Soviets to develop their space program the rest is history.

    All the undeveloped (non-white and developed oriental countries) want to immigrate to the US and Europe. They must be doing something right.

    I cannot name one black run country in africa that is developed and produces anything of value besides raw materials and diamonds.

    The average IQ of blacks in africa is 70, for american blacks it is 85, for whites it is 100 and for orientals it is 103-105. These are proven numbers that withstand challenges to environmental factors, such as good homes and schools.

    Blacks are more violent (50% of murders in the country are by them and hispanics are the next largest percentage) Blacks make up only 13% of the US population, do the math.

    I worked in a military infirmary years ago and everyone that came in with STDs was black. Proven out by current statistics.

    What to do? Nothing can be done until people realize the facts and are not going to avoid them or not make hard decisions based on them. It is inevitable that separation with no guilt is the solution. Not a reality with the current mind set.

  18. Idontlikeyall is here to attack white women. He or she or it refuses to maintain a civil idiom or posture. He/she/it won’t even try.

    So why is it allowed to attack white women for merely contributing and explicating white female experience? Where can white women go on this planet to avoid such violence? Where is the limit of ‘free speech?’ Let this troll form their own blog where white women’s suffering is some ‘delusion.’

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