Black Run America: White Girl Suffers Seizure After Black Girl Assault In McDonald’s

Fifty years later, the Greensboro legacy endures


A video has surfaced of four African American ladies assaulting a young White girl in McDonald’s. It was reportedly shot in Baltimore.

Black employees mill about the integrated restaurant while the vicious attack goes on. Meanwhile, a group of African American gentlemen stand around laughing and filming it on their cell phones, acting as lookouts for the police.

The 2011 McDonald’s Beating comes 51 years after the “iconic” Greensboro sit-ins of the “venerable” Civil Rights Movement spearheaded the racial integration of privately owned restaurants and other public places in the Jim Crow South.

In Black Run America, a portion of the infamous Woolsworth lunch counter was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution for it could be displayed as a sacred relic in the National Museum of American History in Washington.

Just as Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus so that one day “Soulja Girl” could ride up front, the Greensboro Four refused to give up their seats at that lunch counter so that future generations of Americans could experience the wonders of “diversity” and “social equality” at McDonald’s.

Update: The Drudge Report is now leading with the story.

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  1. Why are you racists complaing? Those black girls were just trying to help alleviate that Whitey of some of her burdensome Unearned White Privilege.

    We all deserve the same unles we find better ways to atone for the sins of segregation.

  2. B-mo … no surprise.

    This is what the vast majority of blacks would do to all whites if given the chance.

    Get ready …

  3. SBPDL plugged on FR:

    t is discussing this event, and events like it all across America.

    It is not a politicaly correct site, so if if you are easily offended, I advise you do not visit it.

    However, if you seek the straight dope and want to hear it and tell it like it really is without getting banned, I suggest you give a visit to

    It truly opened my eyes.

  4. The whole “persona” of black girls today feeds this kind of behavior – They need to go to jail, be disciplined harshly in school & parents need to be held responsible if they are underage. Enough is enough – And as for attacking someone based on racism, we need to prosecute the to the fullest extent of the law BLACK WHITE OR OTHER.. because acting like this is inexcusable – they are merely animals at this point.

  5. Even in sarcasm referring to them as “African American ladies” is absurd, especially in combination with “White girl.”

    It went beyond assault and into aggravated battery or attempted murder when they started stomping her head into the hard floor.

    That’s McDonald’s 365Black in action.

  6. It truly opened my eyes.

    Did you not know about any this before? Did you grow up in a sheltered, all-White community?

  7. The niggers are claiming it was a cross-dresser (who apparently are ok to beat nearly to death – strange, nothing from the huge LGBT lobby yet):

    But MSM (which is covering it more as a viral video than a crime) says according to police the victim is a 22 year old woman:,0,4613709.story

  8. “The current rumor is that the white female was a cross dressing dude?”

    All the better. Double hate crime. I’m sure the media will report it exactly the same way they would if the attackers were White and all the White MacDonald’s staff stood around filming it.

  9. This is Jewish Run America. Jews use blacks to attack European Americans. Jews use blacks to destroy European American neighborhoods. Jews use blacks to destroy European American schools. Blacks are the new Jew’s Golem.

  10. I found your website by shear accident and am amazed at what I am finding out here. Though I am not totally surprised.

    The destruction of USA has been going on for a long time. Now it is happening at lightning speed and is going to get worst. Very Sad but karma works even on national level.

    That McDonald’s “manager” should be fired and McDonald’s taken to court for millions.

    Start reading Yockey, though it will be tough going if you only had High School history.

  11. Another case of niggers being niggers. Keep acting like monkeys and that’s how you will be treated. 14/88

  12. This report proves that the girl was no guy, that the employees and the other blacks were in fact accomplices to the crime. And what do the posters here do? Act like IDIOTIC JERKS! The people who attacked that little girl were BIGOTS, and so are the people posting here today! Ignoring the facts, doing personal attacks, and then refusing to give the white girl fighting for her LIFE any OUNCE of SYMPATHY, even today because of that UNPROVOKED attack ……….TYPICAL of what I EXPECT from HATEFUL PIGS!

  13. We have been seeing the beginnings of some serious meltdown amongst the ranks of the “Progressive” anti whites. The post above by “angryB” is typical. Do you remember the episode of the old, original Star Trek series with all the robots who had necklaces with a number on it and whenever something confusing happened the necklace would flash on and off rapidly while they were trying to compute what was going on?

    If our Libtards and SWPL’s had such necklaces they would be rapidly flashing on and off every few days now. It would happen when they finally run across and have to face questions and points raised by so many like ourselves. We see more and more of it.

    The necklaces would be flashing over this tranny beat down. Notice the pattern of the SWPL’s on commenting on this story? First they were calling us racists and all the usual “ignorant” and “uneducated” labels for drawing attention to the race angle. Then when it was discovered the victim was a bizarre weirdo himself, they were not quite sure what to do. They had to keep their hate directed at whites but they also had to say something about the victim and how awful it was. So they are now trying to say that we are against the tranny, something I have not seen a single instance of.

    In short, their responses now are all much like “angryb’s” above. Notice it is in fact incoherent? He is all over the map trying to get in the Liberal talking points about “hate” and ” bigotry” and “sympathy.” He is frustrated that he can’t pin everything on white people and he is melting down.

  14. This kind of stupid f**king shit sets us back hundreds of years! You’d think after all that’s been offered to both black and white (yeah,…that’s right, I said black! Your ass is included) in learning from the mistakes of our history that this stupid shit wouldn’t happen. I’m angry at the hate I feel towards this and disappointed in African American lives it could potentially cost if I’m EVER in such situation. I’d be in bars, but your ass be in the ground,..and I’d do it for her! Stupid,..stupid,..stupid!!

  15. They took the vid down. Youtube claims to have a ban on shocking and disgusting content. Really they serve The Agenda by banning reality. And since yer post used the vid to make such a point instead of shock value they took it’d down. Hmph.

  16. Well, as an American, I find this intolerable. Not because of the color of the girl’s skin, but because this is not how we should treat one another as human beings! It was wrong when my black ancestors were beaten and hurt and it is wrong for any one today to be beaten and hurt! I think we can all agree on that and not make this something that separates us by race. I want to let all of my wonderful white brothers and sisters (even the racist ones who hate and fear me because I have more melanin than them) that I love and respect you, and so does Christ. I wish you only the best! God bless and keep you!!

  17. y’see its outrages like this and how theyre just accepted these days thats drivin me to hate the black man, darky dont have no justice in his mind, in his soul, i gotta understand that while a avg non-new yorker white or mexican might be the good samaritan if i was in need, the black man would almost NEVER do that, how many times you seen it? i helped a headcase off the train 2 days in a row a few weeks back, why? cause he asked out for it, guy musta had maybe 50 IQ, was scared of goin on the footbridge above the station by hisself, he wont recognize the good i done him and i had to take another train, hold his hand and all, its a thankless task, but when someone calls out for help to me how can i as a christian man let that cry go unanswered?
    what nigger thinks like that? how many would have my back, unasked, and do the right thing? 98% wouldnt
    5%’d take it as an opportunity to rob or kick me while i was down
    once i had a concussion after a fight, i’d been knocked out, woke up, i had no idea what had happened, and how i’d got there
    but did i get any help or anything from the arab types that abounded them parts?
    heck no, i recovered but i think back now and think it strange that i could topple over and bleed out in public and nobody’d care a lick, just cause thats the kinda people they are
    snakes in the grass

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