Darky Story #4: BRA In DC Skies

365Black in the DC skies
District of Corruption

I think we should kick off June with a Darky Story about Black Run America. I’m in an irreverent, lighthearted mood this evening and feel like cracking a racial joke.

On Sunday, a United Airlines Boeing 767 took off from Dulles International Airport bound for Ghana with 144 passengers. At about 10:44 PM, a passenger on the flight reclined his seat, creating an uncomfortable 365Black situation for the guy sitting immediately behind him.

Predictably, this being a Black Flight from DC to the African nation of Ghana, a fight had to break out. The offended party smacked the offender in the head and the two got into a fist fight on the plane until another passenger and a flight attendant intervened.

A pair of Air Force F-16 fighter jets were scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base into the night sky and forced the United pilot to fly around DC for 25 minutes to burn off excess fuel. The flight was cancelled and the plane returned and landed at Dulles.

The race of the suspects isn’t provided in any mainstream source. No terrorism was involved here.

Just black people acting like they usually do in every other integrated public place whether it be water parks, beaches, fast food restaurants, cultural events, or concerts during the summer.

Buckle your seat belts. This month we are flying the Soul Plane across the Obamanation and perhaps beyond:

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  1. What’s even funnier is that tale could have come straight out of Alex Kurtagic’s “Mister.”

  2. In the next post, I will briefly revisit my thoughts about “mainstreamers” vs. “vanguardists,” but in the context of a discussion about the decline of black anger and the rise of White pessimism.

  3. Now be fair. It’s not just Africans who get into fisticuffs in the least appropriate venues. When I lived in Los Angeles, two members of the Community College District Board got down and dirty on the floor during a meeting. According to the paper (the L.A. Daily News?), they disagreed over who was a stronger supporter of…Israel!

    I am not making this up.

  4. I learned some interesting things about low class black people cleaning out rental cars:

    They pack everyone they know into the car for a party and bring the things back filthy with junk food crumbs all over the place.

    They bring the car back stinking of weed. They actually drive around smoking dope in the car oblivious to the risk they take of getting pulled over red handed.

    Black chicks wear glitter, like a stripper, they douse themselves with the stuff and get it all over the seats.

    As soon as a negress puts on some weight and hits middle age they make sure to file and get one of those handicapped stickers on their windshield so they can park right up front and saunter the minimum number of steps into whatever establishment they are heading.

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