Language of Rebellion

The revolt against Black Run America will begin where it was born


Looking back, the most memorable and penetrating articles that I wrote about last year was the series about the “mainstreamer” vs. “vanguardist” controversy.

Nothing much has changed since then.

The “mainstreamers” are still holding their annual conferences. The “vanguardists” are still plotting the total destruction of the system in their podcasts and blog entries.

My own views have evolved significantly since that time. It has been a natural progression from the theories that I was expounding last year.

Everyone has noticed that we rarely talk about the vanguardists here anymore. We gradually lost interest in those people. Fighting with them is now seen as a waste of time. It is a distraction from our current race project.

Mainstreaming White Identity

If we settled the theoretical issues about the need to “mainstream” White racial consciousness last year, this year we have broken off completely from “the movement,” scrapped its ideology, and set sail by ourselves into uncharted waters.

There is a very simple explanation for this: we have multiple lines of evidence that confirm we are not alone.

This site has always been unusual in that we keep very close tabs on the pulse of White America. As “mainstreamers,” we rejected the idea that ordinary people (aka “lemmings”) are really as stupid and naive about race as the vanguard has made them out to be.

Following the polls and analyzing elections has always been one of our favorite things to do around here. It is explains much of the content that is found on this website.

Here’s what we have recently learned:

(1) We learned from the Pew Study that not even SWPLs believe the lie that “racism” is holding back African-Americans in our society and that more “civil rights” legislation is needed to uplift them to equality.

The only White people who believe that “racism” is holding back African-Americans are the “Solid Liberals” who are ubiquitous in the MSM. No one else really believes that anymore.

(2) We learned from the Rasmussen Polls that the only people who believe in Black Run America are African-Americans and the DWL political class.

The vast majority of White people – something in the neighborhood of 64 to 77 percent – believe that America’s best days are in the past and that America is headed in the wrong direction under Barack Hussein Obama.

(3) We know that White America is mad … I mean really, really mad, unusually mad, in that for the first time in our memory nearly all sections of the White electorate – young and old, rich and poor, male and female, college and high school educated, are united against Barack Hussein Obama and are swiftly consolidating into a racial bloc.

Some people like to pick on White women … just 34 percent of White women without a college degree support Barack Obama. And that is at the national level.

We know that only 35 percent of White working class men support Barack Obama and that something like an anemic 21 percent of them voted for Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.

Obama has the support of 38 percent of White seniors, 35 percent of White Baby Boomers, 40 percent of White Gen Xers, and 41 percent of White Millennials.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama won 54 percent of White Millennials, but his support among White Millennials fell to 45 percent in 2010 and had fallen to 41 percent by April 2011.

Now that White Millennials are becoming “Boomerangs,” they have turned more sharply against Obama than other types of White people. Graduating from college and moving back home to live with their parents seems to be having a chastening “hate effect” upon former dewy eyed Obamaniacs.

(4) Just the other day, we learned from another study that White America now believes that anti-White bias has become a more serious problem than anti-black prejudice. In hindsight, the 2000s were a watershed decade in which the pendulum in White America swung from racial altruism to racial defense.

(5) In the 2010 midterm elections, we saw what was called “unprecedented White flight” from the Democrats, which was undoubtedly a reflection of the changes in White racial attitudes that we are seeing in all these other polls, not any real enthusiasm for Republicans.

I’ve read a lot of other racial polls over the past eight months. These are just some of the most recent ones that come to mind and they all point to the same inescapable conclusion.

There is massive disaffection with the status quo in White America. It is not just a few oddballs and lunatics on the internet who are pissed off about Black Run America. The feeling of alienation extends to a much wider audience.

Only 31 percent of White Americans now believe the future will be better than the past. When 69 percent of White America believes that the past was better than the future, it means that there has been a critical loss of legitimacy somewhere in the White electorate.

The vanguard could not be more wrong about the lemming question. The people who might have been “Joe Six Packs” and “Sally Soccermoms” in the 1990s – oblivious to the future, secure in their private suburban cocoons – are certainly not feeling that way anymore.

There has been a change.

Alarm Bells: The White Working Class

We know from the polling data and election returns who is losing faith in Black Run America and where they live in the United States.

For months now, a political scientist named Ronald Brownstein who writes for National Journal has been sounding alarm bells about the White working class. David Paul Kuhn of RealClearPolitics is another who has drawn attention to this subject. We have written about Brownstein and Kuhn here in the past.

Brownstein’s latest article is his direst warning yet:

Still, amid all of this change, whites without a four-year college degree remain the largest demographic bloc in the workforce. College-educated whites make up about one-fifth of the adult population, while minorities account for a little under one-third. The picture is changing, but whites who have not completed college remain the backbone of many, if not most, communities and workplaces across the country.

They are also, polls consistently tell us, the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society.

This is another way of saying that the “taxforce” is pessimistic and alienated. We recently learned that 51.5 percent of African-Americans are employed in the United States. Those who are employed and who make the most money work in the diversity-government complex.

Amazingly, while black employment has fallen to its lowest level in America in forty years, NPR is reporting “The End of Anger” among the African-American middle class which “anti-racists” always claim are suffering from “white privilege” and “institutional racism” and “structural racism,” but which the polls show to be the consistently most optimistic sector of the population.

Meanwhile, the “taxforce” is paying for all the social services and is getting squeezed harder every year by the growth of the minority population which marginalizes them politically while simultaneously consuming most of the public services. These African-Americans and Hispanics have a “civil right” to the paychecks of the White working class.

Listen to this:

The latest measure of this discontent came in a thoughtful national survey on economic opportunity released last week by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Economic Mobility Project. If numbers could scream, they would probably sound like the poll’s results among working-class whites.

One question asked respondents whether they expected to be better off economically in 10 years than they are today. Two-thirds of blacks and Hispanics said yes, as did 55 percent of college-educated whites; just 44 percent of noncollege whites agreed. Asked if they were better off than their parents were at the same age, about three-fifths of college-educated whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics said they were. But blue-collar whites divided narrowly, with 52 percent saying yes and a head-turning 43 percent saying no. (The survey, conducted from March 24 through 29, surveyed 2,000 adults and has a margin of error of ±3.4 percent.)

What makes these results especially striking is that minorities were as likely as blue-collar whites to report that they have been hurt by the recession. The actual unemployment rate is considerably higher among blacks and Hispanics than among blue-collar whites, much less college-educated whites.

Why is the White working class so unusually pissed off while African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely to be unemployed?

It is because African-Americans and Hispanics are buying groceries with EBT cards, getting TANF welfare checks, Energy Assistance, Section 8 housing vouchers, Medicaid, etc.

The White working class pays for most of the things that African-Americans and Hispanics get for free like public education for their children. It also pays for the government services they receive like EBT cards and Medicaid.

After supporting African-Americans and Hispanics via the federal government as “the invisible parent,” White taxpayers have to pay for the private school for their own children, the mortgage in the suburb to escape crime and diversity, their own groceries at Super Wal-Mart, the rent, the utilities, college tuition, etc.

If the average single black woman has a net worth of $5 dollars, why are single black women with children becoming much more common? How do they support themselves? It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

This really says it all:

In the most telling result, 63 percent of African-Americans and 54 percent of Hispanics said they expected their children to exceed their standard of living. Even college-educated whites are less optimistic (only about two-fifths agree). But the noncollege whites are the gloomiest: Just one-third of them think their kids will live better than they do; an equal number think their children won’t even match their living standard. No other group is nearly that negative.

The “taxforce” doesn’t even believe their own children will enjoy the same declining standard of living that they do now. Yet somehow 63 percent of African-Americans say their children will be better off in the future when black unemployment is at record highs.

Does that sound strange?

It only sounds strange if you believe that Jim Crow America still exists and that DWLs are “white supremacists” who control every institution in our society and that “racism” is what prevents African-Americans from getting ahead in our society.

By contrast, although it is difficult to precisely quantify, the sense of being eclipsed demographically is almost certainly compounding the white working class’s fear of losing ground economically. That huge bloc of Americans increasingly feels itself left behind—and lacks faith that either government or business cares much about its plight. . . .Alarm bells should be ringing now about the social and economic trends in the battered white working class and the piercing cry of distress rising from this latest survey.

Big Government and Big Business don’t care about the White working class. They don’t hire Beached White Males or Boomerangs anymore.

In the Mars Challenge, we saw that Barack Hussein Obama is spending $2 billion dollars a year for the specific purpose of “strengthening” African-American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Native American institutions. He isn’t spending $1 dollar to strengthen White educational institutions.

The Race Project

We know from the polling data and anecdotal evidence that our suspicion that the gap between the White racialists and White people is not nearly as large as the vanguard has made it out to be.

The gap has been closing in recent years as Black Run America has become more explicitly anti-White.

What’s more, this polling data about changing White racial attitudes comes from national samples, which means that White people who live in certain parts of the United States must be feeling dramatically more alienated than those who live in other areas.

If the answer to “the who question” is working class White men, the answer to “the where question” is the Old Confederacy, not the Pacific Northwest.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama underperformed John Kerry among Whites in three states: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Obama won 10 percent of the White vote in Alabama, 11 percent in Mississippi, and 14 percent in Louisiana.

That was at the height of his popularity and before he arrived in the White House.

Obama won 60 percent of the White vote in Oregon, 59 percent in Washington, and 36 percent in Idaho. The only states in America where more Whites voted for Barack Obama than Oregon and Washington were Hawaii and Vermont.

There are parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana where Whites vote Republican and African-Americans vote Democrat. Elections are racial headcounts. They reflect Census numbers.

In the nineteenth century, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana were known as the “Old Southwest.” The Lower Mississippi Valley is the Achilles Heel of Black Run America. There are more disillusioned Whites living here than anywhere else in America.

The racial unanimity in hostility to Barack Hussein Obama means that opposition to Black Run America in the Old Southwest must be drawn from all sectors of the White population and at much higher rates than we are seeing nationwide.

Language of Rebellion

This is why it was so easy to shed the skin of White Nationalism.

White people in the Old Southwest are already racially conscious to a large degree. They are deeply alienated from Black Run America. There are plenty of White people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana who never believed in Black Run America.

There are people on the internet who claim to be pro-White, but who say that White Christians, White conservatives, and White women must be ridiculed and excluded from our ranks.

We consider these groups our base.

This website had gradually evolved from arguing the position that White racial consciousness must be “mainstreamed” to the position that there are already millions of White people in the American South who are alienated, embittered, and who understand race and who only need to be nudged in the right direction to rebel against the present system.

While some pro-White intellectuals busy themselves with reading Guillaume Faye books and writing Nietzsche and Céline essays, we are crafting a “language of rebellion” (this is the great race project) for a specific people who live a specific geographic area and who we know are disaffected and receptive to an outlaw conservative message.

We are constantly searching for the right frequency and the means to broadcast our message to this mass audience. Eventually, we will find the right message and the pathway to deliver our racial molotov cocktail to the intended target.

We can look at the election returns in cities like Selma and Montgomery and see what White people in Alabama are already thinking about Black Run America. This is where the real opposition movement is going to be created.

My own personal dream has always been to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma with thousands of White people on the way to Montgomery to overthrow Black Run America. It is a comforting thought that I might actually live to see it happen.

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  1. RobRoy -please tell me about Rahm Israel, and Chicago. And the Nigras coming back…any good links to read?

  2. Mark – yo uare right about th fault lines. If somehow, by the sliverist of chances, Whites manage to survive – the SWPL’S and DWL’s must be driven off. I know there are differences among White sub-groups. Still – if our Race survives, we must find a way to prevent Brother Wars, or Cousin Wars.

    After the American Revolution, Royalist loyalists were either executed, driven back to England, or shunned and persecuted into loyalty. We are going to have to do the same, with Race Traitors. The Our Group Altruism thing has to be bred out.

  3. John D,

    I fnd it easier if i soften them up first by attacking the multicult’s double standards
    – pro-diversity politicians living as far away from it as possible
    – tv censoring anti-white crimes while making a circus out of anti-white hoax crimes
    – schools teaching the white side of slavery but not the jewish, black, arab side
    – genocide is the ultimate crime according to holocaustianity but diversity leading to white genocide

    The multicult is built out of anti-white double standards so pretty much everything they say can be turned round and used against them in that way. Once you’ve beat down their resistance using PC double standards making some pro-white argument is a lot easier.

  4. You do good work, sir. Keep it up. The problem isn’t minorities, they are only the symptom. The problem is whites who have been brainwashed by Hollywood, media, and that peculiar demographic into hating their ancestors, heritage, and culture and are ready to give it away. This seems to be especially true for white women.

  5. Denise the mayoral campaign ran by the tribe for their rising star was IMO brilliant for what that is worth, but it seems when one of the jewboys went thru the guest commentary page of one of the papers and called the smart mayoral candidate James Meeks one of the “race men”, and it will have consequenses. Doing that in part drove him out while the tribe and the Daley mafia supported two retarded black women as the “black candidates.”

    Anyway fast forward to today, the gangs that are the political muscle in some wards just happen to be sending their kind up into SWPL central, and my guess this is a shot across Rahm’s bow to send lots of money to the black wards and quick.

    The censorship is a huge effort, the Soviets were no better than the media in this country is, but cracks are starting to show especially since a Northwestern student got diversified at the downtown campus (54k a year for a mugging) and one of the hot chickie beaches got shut down again this weekend.

    As one cop wrote this new spate of violence is nothing compared to when the high rise ghettos were still up in the 80s and 90s but after a solid decade of gentrifying Chicago and driving out the black gangbangers this little upsurge of street level violence is unsettling to the baby stroller and hot chickie contingent.

  6. Rob Roy! Excellent. Not all Blacks arelow IQ thugs – some are quite intelligent thugs. Jews have used Blacks, since the founding of the N double ACP, to destroy Whites – some of the Negroes must be deciding to turn the tables, and slip the leash. Ha! They tend to do that. Not that it benefits them in the end…..thy live off White creativity. Once they kill the milk cow – what’s left? Jews and Mestizos?

    As far as the baby Stroller folks – good. Get a taste of real-world Diversity. Yes – those Darling Darkies aren’t as Earthy and Wise and TalmudVision sez….

  7. How do you get the racially concious whites in places like MS and LA to stop voting for Bush and McCain and giving money to John Hagee? The kind of politically naive racial consciousness that many working class whites still have(not only in the South) is near useless on its own.

  8. Whites in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama were voting against Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Al Gore. They weren’t necessarily voting for George W. Bush and John McCain.

    Nearly half of Republicans in Mississippi openly say that interracial marriage should be illegal.

    If you want them to stop voting Republican, which 90 percent of Whites in Alabama and 89 percent of Whites in Mississippi already do (because 95 percent of blacks vote Democrat), you have got to embrace Republican voters while showing them how Republican politicians betray their interests and exploit their resentments to pass an agenda that is contrary to their long term political interests.

    You have to speak to their language and create a vehicle through which their resentments can be channeled.

    The White Nationalist movement doesn’t have the slightest interest in doing this and would much rather talk about Friedrich Nietzsche and the demise of the Third Reich on the internet all day.

    The White Nationalist idea of reaching out – seen on websites like VNN Forum – is attacking Christianity and conservatism and ridiculing White people as stupid lemmings even as White people move toward our positions on the most important issues.

  9. Nearly half of Republicans in Mississippi openly say that interracial marriage should be illegal.

    There’s also a significant minority of blacks that favor banning interracial marriage. It’s just that the media is biased and typically shows blacks that are in favor of it.

    The militant pro-black separatist Negro is far better than the smiling, genteel mulatto that has or wants a White wife.

  10. The White Nationalist idea of reaching out – seen on websites like VNN Forum – is attacking Christianity and conservatism and ridiculing White people as stupid lemmings even as White people move toward our positions on the most important issues.

    VNN doesn’t represent White nationalism, if it did it would be dead in the water. VNN represents the defectives, the sociopaths, everything that the media stereotypes White racists as. Tim Wise said it himself, “we don’t have to worry about Linder.” Maybe there’s more to it, maybe Linder’s paid to be the biggest scumbag on the internet all day. Why not right, he’s going to be the narcissistic, sociopathic defective he is whether he’s paid or not, might as well pay his rent and grocery bill while he’s at it.

    The people who support him are either terminally stupid or are mentally ill sociopaths just like him. The fact that he already turned over people’s information to law enforcement doesn’t seem to phase their addled minds, or the fact that despite being psychotically anti-Semitic he looks just like a Jew. He probably has more Asiatic ancestry than most Jews do themselves.

    It’s actually a good thing that they all group there like a primitive cult, keeps them out of the comment areas of other websites hopefully.

  11. I like VNN . They are funny. Look – when some-one calls ’em a Nazi, they say “Hell yeah!”.

    Cuts ’em off at the pass.

  12. Just remember fellas – Vlad Tspes kept Europe Christian and White for 400 years, before the idiot “Elites” let the Hebes run loose.

  13. Mark – I’ll bet the Blacks that are against Race Mixing are females.

    Probably more of them, but there are males too. For instance one hilarious debate was on Fox News when Malik Shabazz advocated for black separation and blacks should marry blacks and that hopeless moron Hannity actually argued that blacks should marry Whites.

  14. I’m really, honestly, and truly just an ordinary White Southerner who is pissed off about racial injustice and the future direction of my country. I am not a Neo-Nazi like Alex Linder.

  15. Hunter – I know you are not like Alex. That’s why I comment here. Despite any fueds that occur on the threads here – and I’ve participated – this is still the best analysis and commentary anywhere. I’ve alreadt sent your site to UnAwakened Whites. I “warn” them of slant – but NO ONE – WN or Controlled media – beats the analytics,

    I’ve only posted one time on VNN. But it’s fun to pop into the melee on VNN, once in awhile, for laughs. They are so cheerfully vulgar, and un-reconstructed. No apologies. When Jews pop in – they out-Jew the Jews, for sheer venom. It’s…..refreshing…

    Plus – when that Giffords shooting occurred – they were TOPS in getting data fast. Better than any other source I found.

  16. SIGH. If White Nationalists were as fond of subversion as they are of rebellion, we’d have already won. Rebellion is the last stage of the operation, so why cut to the chase when you are bound to lose?

    The Southerners are the classic case study in how secession backfires on Whites — twice. Had Southern leaders been more subversive and found common cause against the Northern elite with the people whose interests they shared — the Northern White working class, half a million Whites would not have died during The War Between The States, their region would not have been wasted and their people marginalized to this day. Had the Dixiecrats stayed put and concentrated on purging the LBJ Libtard from the Democrat Party, Whites would have both sides of the duopoly competing for their votes instead of being marginalized to the Repugnant Party which is, to all intents and purposes, the baby-faced wrestler in the political arena.

    White diaspora or secession is not the way to go, but I agree with Mr. Rosenberg’s idea that Whites can stop feeding The Beast and allow the system to devour itself and allow the monsters to turn on the DWLs that created them. Many Whites have already come to that conclusion, with the most productive sitting on their hands and doing the bare minimal to survive and the wealthiest hiding their income, knowing that a greedy, Non-White government will swoop in to steal all available wealth.

    We CAN starve The Beast, forcing the money manipulators to move up their exit date of 2035 where they hope to load up their ill-gotten gains and scoot off to China and set up business and they are already panicking, because it looks like it could happen by 2013. When that happens, all the Non-White parasitic invasion will self-deport back to their homelands, because there is nothing to be gained (but a ration of shit) by staying here, so the Rainbow Rats of every stripe will flee the Sinking Ship USA. Until that happy day, White Nationalists need to focus on positioning White America to be in a position to slam the door and bolt it shut after them.

    In the meantime there is 1001 legal and fun ways for creative Whites to fuck with DWLs by subverting the system. Starve The Beast; don’t buy anything on credit, make as little as possible, buy as little as possible, barter as much as possible, breed as much as possible, litigate as much as possible by fighting traffic tickets, drag your heels, throw a shoe into the works whenever and wherever possible.

    We really should take a chapter or two from the Jewish playbook.

    Speaking of our Jewish friends, the next time some loud-mouthed little yenta wants to play The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by yammering about caroling and nativity sets, etc., White Nationalists should get on television and announce they are organizing a Christmas Shopping Boycott unless or until the shit stops. Whites have very little power, but if we exercised the power of the purse, I can guarantee you that Jewish shopowners and merchandizers will tell the yenta to STFU while singing “Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus” at the top of their lungs.

    White Nationalists can be on the side of any and every issue that comes up and nudge it to our cause. We can have shitloads of fun out of this. We can set up our own debating teams. The vanguards can loudly proclaim a racial truth and then the other sides can show up and link to their sites and then loudly wrist-slap them over it, providing racial truth a deafening echo chamber.

    Case in point, SALON’s posts scolding Matt Drudge for publicizing the antics of Negro Youth Flash Mobs during Memorial Day weekend and other events since Mein Obama took office. They put up the link and they are having a field day self-righteously scolding that bad boy over it, but what is more important they ARE putting the word out there.

    We can find common cause with Non-White National activist groups. WNists lost a golden opportunity to stage their own mini “Bacon Rebellion” over the DREAM Act. Where were they on the idea that the country should offer preferential treatment to people who broke our laws by giving their children in-state tuition while penalizing the children of people who live out of state and those who respected our laws enough to apply for student visas? Why weren’t they showing up, linked arm-in-arm with African and Asian and Mexican American activists screaming about this? After all if the system could afford to do this for lawbreakers, why not everyone else? We dropped the ball on that one.

    Ye olde “butter or guns” argument. Do you really think any and all Americans would give up their Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security benefits for Israel in an either-or situation? Me neither. Do you think any English-speaking Americans would like to see their foodstamps cut to fund bilingual programs? Me neither.

    Hmmmm. So many issues to exploit, so little time, but lots of fun to be had. And yes, I AM a Passive Aggressive Bitch, LOL.

  17. The traditional leftist appeal has been “we’ll carve up this pie so that it’s equal.”

    In doing so, they destroy the ability to concentrate wealth and use it to take economic action.

    This in turn paralyzes the economy, much as it did in the Soviet Union.

    The race war is just the latest implementation of the leftist class war which hopes to achieve this suicidal goal.

    Even the economy is a tool, used to crush the cultural and biological differences between human beings.

    The only people who truly believe in leftism are self-hating wealth underemployed types, especially trustafarians, graduate students, and stay at home moms who hate being moms.

    Most leftists also seem to come from backgrounds of child abuse, broken homes, addiction and mental illness.

  18. Brett Stevens: Among Jews, leftism is healthy and normal. No abuse, broken home, addiction, or mental illness needed.

  19. Discard:”Among Jews, leftism is healthy and normal. No abuse, broken home, addiction, or mental illness needed.”

    Jews have much higher rates of mental illness than non-Jews:

    “Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large. From statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that they are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews. … A similar phenomenon has been observed in other countries. In the various provinces of Germany and also in Denmark the percentage of Jewish insane is very large, as is seen from the figures in the appended table: … In this table the proportion of Jewish, insane is in nearly all places very large, in some cases more than double that of the non-Jewish population. … Maximoff and Sikorsky have shown that similar conditions prevail in Russia …

    As is the case with all the physical, mental, and intellectual traits of the Jews, consanguineous marriages have been considered a cause of a great part of the insanity among them. The Jews, it is well known, are very neurotic, as is manifested by the frequency of various nervous affections among them (see Nervous Diseases); and the marriage of relatives who are affected by a neurotic taint has been positively proved to be detrimental to the succeeding generation. In one generation the neuropathy may manifest itself as hysteria; in another, as some organic or functional nervous affection, then as insanity, etc. The chances of thus perpetuating the nervous strain in families by consanguineous marriages are therefore greater among Jews than among peoples in whom nervous diseases are less frequent.” –

    “Frequency of Hysteria Among Jews: The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical. Tobler claims that all the Jewish women in Palestine are hysterical; and Raymond says that in Warsaw, Poland, hysteria is very frequently met with among both Jewish men and Jewish women. The Jewish population of that city alone is almost exclusively the inexhaustible source for the supply of hysterical males for the clinics of the whole Continent… –

  20. Thank you, Statistician. But do the Jews themselves really regard neurosis and hysteria as abnormal? Blacks regard bastardy and pointless violence as normal, so mightn’t Jews also look upon their own special vices as virtues?

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