The Green Lantern: In 2011, Why Isn’t He Black?

In 2011, DWLs demand to know why The Green Lantern isn't black


This is a story straight out of Hollywood in Blackface.

Something like this could only happen in Black Run America where the USDA wages war against “heterosexism” and sustains 39 percent of African-Americans in Michigan with EBT cards.

The Green Lantern, which is a new Hollywood movie based on the 1940s comic book, is receiving some withering criticism by DWLs at The Christian Science Monitor who are objecting to the film because the superhero is a White male.

The movie is being denounced as “a white male power fantasy.” It is said to be “a troubling sign” that Hollywood is now making movies from drawn from an earlier era that featured less “diversity.”

Just listen to this:

“Hollywood often continues to use a white American male as its default lead character and assumes that viewers of all demographics will be able to identify with him,” says Amy Corbin, assistant professor of art and film studies at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Penn.

The white male becomes the “universal” character who is supposedly compelling for everyone – while when women and people of color play the leads, those films are often assumed to be “niche” films that will only attract a viewing demographic that matches the lead character,” she adds via email.

“You’re telling me that in 2011, on a planet of some 7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are minority faces, that the best of the best is going to be a white guy from southern California,” says comic book expert Julian Chambliss, who teaches history at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

This sends a troubling message, he says adding “there are many other figures they could have chosen to make a movie about, but this one is appealing much more strongly to the privileging of white, male American power than many others.”

“Before the sixties, comic books were largely aimed at young, white middle-American boys who had the disposable income to spend,” he says, adding, “but that began to change in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and they began adding black and Hispanic and female characters.”

In Black Run America, “anti-racism” is synonymous with being “anti-White.” As an actor, Ryan Reynolds is objectionable solely because he is White, and for no other reason. The relentless promotion of black people takes precedence over every other consideration.

No one here is claiming that Ryan Reynolds is a racist or a member of a “hate group.” On the contrary, DWLs argue that the advancement of “civil rights” in America now requires racial discrimination against Whites as Whites (i.e., racism), and the race conscious portrayal of African-Americans and Hispanics as superheroes.

One might be tempted to reply here: what about Will Smith who played Hancock? What about Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Ironman? What about Idris Elba being cast as the Nordic god Heimdall in Thor?

Not good enough.

If we are to “make progress” as a society, every Hollywood movie should be about manufacturing “black fictional images” and sending a politically correct racial message that White is, you know, just not happening in 2011.

In other words, every single movie you watch should be a non-White racial power fantasy about slighting and displacing White America. That is where we are today as a society. And if you call attention to this fact, you are labelled a “racist.”

Something is stirring out there.

White people are giving up on Black Run America. The economy is tanking. The media and federal government have no legitimacy. DWLs and African-Americans interpret “progress” as still more diversity promotion and wealth redistribution.

Like two tectonic plates slipping past each other, this is bound to produce a historical earthquake at some point down the road, as DWLs and African-Americans become more aggressive, and Whites grow more defensive.

Note: The long awaited review of Hollywood in Blackface is coming soon. As often happens, I got distracted by another book. I’m writing a book of my own which will be announced here soon.

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  1. Read the Comments. The racial whining swill is no longer “going down” so smoothly. Here’s a pic Chambliss, race-hustler AA “professor” deluxe:

    He’s the big fat Negro, on the far left. How appropo.

    Yes, Chambliss – White men are the Best of the Best.

    P.S. – Muhlehnberg? I can almost guarantee Corbin’s a Jewess. Muhlenberg has become notorious as a 4 year baby sitter to lazy, snotty, untalented Jewsish kids, who are not rich enough, good enough, or connected enough to get into Yale or Harvard.

  2. I just went to the CSM and saw the comments. They are getting SLAUGHTERED. There is only one ‘rstide’ trying to inject the multi-kult venom and change people’s minds. It’s hilarious to watch.

  3. “7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are minority faces”

    Oh wow, I laughed. They can’t bring themselves to say non-whites because that might be perceived to imply an us-vs-them relationship. The leftists language-bending continues.

    While we’re on the topic of diversity in films, why not only have about 10% of actors white? This will be more representative of the world population and will perhaps cause some whites to wake up to the racial realities of today.

  4. “You’re telling me that in 2011, on a planet of some 7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are minority faces, that the best of the best is going to be a white guy from southern California,” says comic book expert Julian Chambliss, who teaches history at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

    Argumentum ad numerum

  5. Anecdote from Alexandria, Virginia yesterday–I waited in line behind a black woman with a Bluetooth and two girls–the woman used an EBT card to pay for $80 in brand name groceries, and when they got out to the parking lot, loaded up their late-model Land Rover. How the hell is that allowed?!?!

  6. I’m not sure, but in the comic book isn’t he black? As for ‘white America giving up on black run America’ give me a break. It’s just a matter of the comic book character being black but in the movie he is white. Somebody was bound to notice. Stop the spin

  7. “7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are minority faces”

    —If they are the “vast majority”, how then can they be “minorities”?—

    Exactly. Just a monumentally stupid statement.

    Speaking of whites as heroic characters, I really love the portrayal of the Starks, and the men of the North in general in Game of Thrones. They are portrayed as noble and heroic. There’s nary a black in the program.

    Let’s face it, blacks and SWLs (Suicidal White Liberals… Disingenuous really understates their evil) would cast blacks as heroes in European period pieces, so absurd is their lust to rid the screen of white males.

  8. “Dorothy Harris says:
    June 20, 2011 at 11:06 pm
    I’m not sure, but in the comic book isn’t he black? As for ‘white America giving up on black run America’ give me a break. It’s just a matter of the comic book character being black but in the movie he is white. Somebody was bound to notice. Stop the spin”

    Just got off the phone with my cousin b/c he’s a comic book nut for some reason and he says the ‘Green Lantern’ character in this one is Hal Jordan, the second character in the comic line and the most popular, and he as well as the first and third were white. Yes, the current one is apparently black for some reason. Please note that the majority of the most popular comic artists/writers/whatever are Jewish so…

  9. Hal Jordan was always white. The reason people believe that Green Lantern should be Black is because the cartoon “Justice League” (debuting in 2001) was forced to include a Black character so that it wasn’t only white people saving the world.

    I’m not making this up. Bruce Timm, one of the creating forces behind the popular “Batman: The Animated Series” was interviewed for the Atlanta Journal Constitution back in 2001 and admitted the whole “make Green Lantern Black” was a pc move.

    The article isn’t available online, but I was able to acquire it and post in on my site.

    It’s in this article here:

    and in this one..

    So the whole reason Black people complain is because white people were forced to create a Black superhero to appease them in the process.

    And yes, everyone should know that most of the original comic book writers and creators of Superman, Captain America, Spider-man, X-Men etc were Jewish. Who cares?

    Liberals and BLacks right now don’t care about this: they are upset that white actors get to play these parts in big budget films.

    That liberals and Black people now attack superhero movies for their whiteness is hilarious. It’s pissing off a lot of normal people, because the attempt to removed white males from action roles is almost secured, but comic book characters are beloved by primarily white fans which means these comic book “nerds” will flip out when a character is darkened for PC effects.

  10. Whether Jews wrote the traditional comic books long ago might not be relevent today; however, this topic in general is one where the Jewish Question is very relevant. Many of the liberals complaining about White males in the leading roles are actually Jews — who else? In addition, the Jews in Hollywood are responsible for the trend away from using White men in the leading roles in the first place, for casting non-Whites for as White characters and for invariably casting Whites as evil, stupid and baffoonish. The cultural assault against Whites is being led and directed by Jews. It is important to make people aware of this. In fact, I’d go so far as to say no discussion of Hollywood is complete without a tie in to the JQ.

  11. Lew – Considering it’s Hollywood, to not mention Jews is to basically miss much of the story.

  12. Quick question here…
    “7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are minority faces”
    “7 billion people, the vast majority of whom are Asian faces”, there now its fixed.

  13. Of the 10’s of thousands of green lanterns, only 5 of them are white :
    1. Alan Scott
    2. Hal Jordan
    3. Guy Gardner
    4. Kyle Rayner
    and 5. Jade (Alan Scott’s daughter)
    John Stewart IS black, but unfortunately for the people who think this is a racist thing, he wasnt the 1st. In order to correctly introduce the movie CORRECTLY, you have to start with the first one introduced to people, Hal Jordan. Thats like having a new James Bond movie staring Wesley Snipes. Unfortunately this isnt said enough but some people need to get there facts straight.
    P.S. As far as slavery goes, the blacks sold the blacks before the whites did

  14. Ok if traditionally White characters can be race-bended and played by mystery meats then what about the corollary?

    The misapplication here is that the characters themselves are usually still based on White Western archetypes, they are not truly black, Asian, etc, it’s a fraud.

    Hancock is closer to an accurate portrayal of a black with superhuman powers.

    P.S. As far as slavery goes, the blacks sold the blacks before the whites did

    Blacks being sold to Whites was the best thing to ever happen to blacks in the history of their backwards people. Whites should be the ones complaining not blacks, blacks benefited greatly and continue to. Obama is the perfect example, he’s in the White House and his African relatives are living in abject poverty.

    Whites as a whole suffer because of blacks living among them, I consider it a form of child abuse to send White children to school with blacks. They debase our culture, are much more criminal and lower standards, they’re biological pollution.

  15. I was just trying to find out the answer to a question “Why can’t I find a black superhero? What happened to the Green Lantern?” Never did I think I would find such hate regarding human beings that weren’t “white”. You do realized that 99% of our DNA is the same, right? You do realize that if you peel away the skin, we look the same right?
    You do realize that to differentiate the way your are is flat despicable, right? This is what I try to teach teenagers, that there are people in the world who believe in and cheer for racism. The teens in small town New Jersey think racism is over. Thank you for giving me such real teaching tool. Your words are my proof. I think you should all read Peggy MacIntosh’s article “The Invisible Knapsack”. The thing is you have to be smart and savvy to really get it. You have to be open minded and be willing to face some truths. And if you think I’m black, you’re wrong. And if you think I’m someone who wants to replace OO7 with a black guy,you’re wrong, it’s not on my list of things to do. But, if someone decided to do so, I’d say Kudos, big deal and not a bad move.

    Racism isn’t about cartoon characters or fictional people. It’s about families, and kids who get hurt on the playground. It’s about not finding empathy within yourselves.
    And as far as the disgusting and short sighted comment about black being GRATEFUL to whites for slavery… are you on crack? (s0rry, I know it’s not an educated reply, but I don’t think it matters much considering my audience). Do you know that black women who were raped by white slave owners tried to murder their own children so they wouldn’t have to live such a horrid, violent and decrepit life? What would you do?
    Oh, that’s right, it would never happen to you. Think of all children as your own, think of all people as your family, just for a one whole minute next time you are quick to judge. Yikes. I feel violated coming across this website. I’m sad.

  16. “You do realize that if you peel away the skin, we look the same right?”

    Actually not. Negroes have significantly different skull and bone structures. A medical doctor could tell the difference immediately.

  17. If you think blacks are just like whites try teaching them how to do partial differential equations sometime and see how well that works out for ya’.

  18. A black superhero is an oxymoron: in black countries like Nigeria and Haiti, the strong prey upon the weak. White people can always be found trying to save the world. Black people are not really interested in world saving.

  19. Hot subject, good points and here is my view. I am European and sick of Artificial Multicultural Political Correctness wherever it is forced. To me, Hollywood political casting becomes more and more aggravating. In the past I have never been racist per se, now these fillings are objectively changing due to kind of trend within white civilization.

    Why? because ruling government systems with dubious support from quasi-humanistic individuals tend to enforce Artificial Multiracial and Multicultural societies. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. In reality, it is a disaster, traceable at every corner. Islam and Black Africa are not friendly to white race and that is a forensic fact. In this relatively early instance, only violent Blacks and Islamic extremists are expressing hostility visible. Wait and see what will happen when their numbers grow up, with their birth rate it will not take long. I presume, it will happen even in Multiracial U.S.

    Principle that led to fall of ancient Rome will annihilate white civilization. Decadence and artificial trendy Multiculturalism are Weapons of Mass Self-destruction. As sample, Colonial Powers applied force to conquer other nations. Paradoxically these nations are now freely purring in reversed direction “with unrestraint love” to white hosts.

    It appears that Hollywood with its Politically Correct Cast is one of instruments to persuade all of us in acceptance of such destiny. On my level, I am resisting against dumb enforcement by not watching Politically Correct Assembled movies, for now.

  20. I could stop to your ignorant levels, but I will simply say that I will am more than happy to pray for your souls, and money does not bring happiness, nor does it solve all of your problems, by the way I am “black” and my husband and I both have college degrees. It’s funny white people run around lime you guys like African Americans, and talk about how you guys are not racist anymore, all of you are cowards, you all hide behind your jobs and Christianity, in other words all of you are hypocrites, on the other hands you all wonder why most African Americans are angry, we have every right to be, especially after reading this trash. We always try to give white people the benefit of the doubt but you guys continue to be pigs. Sad, but one day you all will have to answer to JESUS, how dare you guys think that your better than us.

  21. Stoop and like. Let me correct myself because you dogs would love to jump on my errors although I’m typing from a phone.

  22. @Love being a black nigger

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  23. Wow, ignorance really does rule on the internet. I don’t believe I’ve seen so much ignorance displayed in one place since the time I attended a convention of the flat earth society.

    Also it boggles my mind that people who most loudly proclaim the superiority of whites in all things good, are such poor examples of said superiority themselves.

  24. Yea, I’ll pray for all you people and James Smith,Glyniss, and love being black are the only smart people here this entire website is just messed up.Imean seriously this is just crazy.

  25. Wow I just happened to come across this site and all I have to say is I’ve never seen so many ignorant people in one place. The fact that you guys find yourself so superior is hilarious.

  26. There are many different types of Green Lantern. The original was Hal Jordan, a white guy. He was replaced by John Stewart, a black guy. Though I did become a bit disappointed when in the trailer, it wasn’t going to by my favorite Green Lantern. Not that I’m being racist, I’ve just known him longer than I did the original.

  27. You’re all insane, every last commenter in here.

    It’s why I get high so I can tune you crazies out….

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