USDA Fighting “Heterosexism”

USDA declares war on "heterosexism"

District of Corruption

Heterosexism … I had never heard of that one before.

Under Barack Hussein Obama, the President of Black Run America, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is launching a “Cultural Transformation” program designed to increase “gay-awareness” and “sexual orientation and gender awareness diversity training.

Apparently, American society suffers not only from the insidious plague of “institutional racism,” but from “institutional heterosexism” as well, and the USDA (which employed Shirley Sherrod from the Breitbart video) is spearheading a federal government wide campaign to root out this pernicious form of previously unknown hate.

In case you were wondering, “heterosexism” is “an ideological system that denies, denigrates, and stigmatizes any nonheterosexual form of behavior, identity, relationship, or community.”

In one of the first major works of something called “queer theory,” it was discovered that America is characterized by “heteronormativity,” which gives rise to the prejudice known as “heterosexism.”

“Heteronormativity” is “any of a set of lifestyle norms that hold that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) with natural roles in life. It also holds that heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation, and states that sexual and marital relations are most (or only) fitting between a man and a woman.

Consequently, a “heteronormative” view is one that involves alignment of biological sex, sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles.”

Adam and Eve stuff, you know: that is “heterosexism.” It is what the people who grow the food believe.

Conservatives shouldn’t worry: the fight against “heterosexism” isn’t even remotely the primary focus of the USDA under Barack Hussein Obama.

In 2011, SNAP EBT card spending now accounts for 67 percent of the USDA budget. Last year, the federal government spent more than $68 billion dollars to sustain (mostly) African-Americans and Hispanics in this country on foodstamps.

In the last three years, 38 percent of African-Americans have lost their job since Barack Hussein Obama entered the White House. The percentage of African-Americans on EBT cards is skyrocketing in large part because of the cutbacks in public sector government jobs.

Fighting “heterosexism” and EBT card spending to “Win The Future” … this cannot go on indefinitely. “Win The Future,” more like WTF happened to the jobs you promised, man?

If this continues, even someone like Mitt Romney could defeat Barack Hussein Obama in 2012, and that is a scenario I would rather not contemplate.

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  1. Why are you dissing Romney? He is who I have wanted from day 1. An intelligent white guy with no real beliefs besides getting himself elected. He doesn’t have the baggage of excessive religion and/or stupidity like most other Republicans and he can win middle of the road suburban white voters who will be looking for an excuse to vote against Obama.

    If you really want to bring down BRA, you need a huge victory over Obama. 1 or 2 points won’t do it. You need atleast 7 or 8 and 40+ states, including atleast some in the Northeast. Only Romney can bring that.

  2. Romney doesnt have the balls to stand up against the establishment. He is as liberal as Barry.

    On topic, the United States government is infected with liberal laws. Civil rights and voting act legislation have only weakened the fabric of our society. As long as those laws are on the books, you can not fight this kind of stuff. And it will get worse.

  3. Romney will be the establishment candidate.

    If you want to know the position of the Republican establishment on immigration, then take a look back at John McCain in 2008, George W. Bush in 2004 and 2000, Bob Dole in 1996, and George H.W. Bush in 1992 and 1988.

    Not very inspiring.

  4. The white house doesn’t set immigration policy, congress does. Congress is not going to pass immigration reform. Not with Obama, not with Romney, not with anyone. The last chance for immigration reform was with Jorge Busheron (and piece of shit Jeb Bush is one of the few Republicans I would prefer Obama over).

    Romney will drop the DOJ lawsuit against AZ, pick up anti immigration enforcement (not as much as we would like, but he’ll do better than Obama), and won’t appoint any pro illegal justices like the Wise Latina. He won’t waste time talking about abortion or gays or get us into stupid wars like most Republicans would.

    Most importantly, Romney will sign any anti illegal legislation that congress passes whereas Obama is an automatic veto.

    It is true that Romney sucks. He is a globalist, neo liberal, empty suit. But he is the best we can do at this time.

  5. I have to admit that this article left me reeling. It’s bad enough that they’re letting the fags here in Iraq out of the closet. What a great PR-angle for the local Muslims – your nation is already occupied by White Christian crusaders who let women sexually torment you and who desecrate your brothers-in-faith with sea burials, but now they’re letting their flaming pooplusters join the fun! We’ve already got nigs selling drugs and alcohol – now we get to read dozens of faggotry solicitations every time we take a shit! But even better we’re going to get some more mandatory ‘diversity’ training shoved down our throat. I can’t wait to learn about how sex between the sexes is abnormal! We really are becoming Brazil.

  6. Sweaty Otis, while you are technically correct that Congressional action is paramount in setting immigration controls by law, the Executive has the power to administer those laws and can manipulate the laws’ impact a great deal.

    The Obama Administration has pioneered several such controls. One is the claim to have the power to “prioritize” the goals of the immigration service…this claim was largely relied on by the judge in defeating major portions of the AZ law. Another is to classify certain types of immigrants (including illegal immigrants) for either delay in prosecuting deportation or giving them protected status as a kind of quasi-refugee status. Combined, all the exemptions, priorities, and protected status kinds of administration practices serve to carve the heart out of the law established by Congress.

  7. 1.) Electing Romney may get the ghetto Blacks to riot. This would work to further marginalize Blacks in the minds of the White Masses. Black riots over losing the elections would contribute mightily to the current hardening process of White racial attitudes that this blog has been documenting.

    It will be very difficult to maintain the illusion that Blacks are responsible citizens and contribute to civilization after they have rioted just because the Black candidate did not win. This would prove once and for all that Blacks do not belong in any type of democracy. Heck the only place they belong is in Africa, and even that is a kind allowance for such an inferior race.

    2.) Romey is Mormon. It is very possible that he will be against immigration due to the fact that he does not want Mormon Utah to be swamped with squat, brown taco-muching ‘Catholics’.

  8. People please understand that Obama must be defeated. Here’s why:
    1. if re-elected he has a 50/50 chance of a democrat congress in 2014
    2. he will pack the court
    3. he will find an incident (Columbine/Loughner, etc.) to introduce legislation
    4. he will disarm America.
    Simple as that, all else is irrelevant.

  9. Institutional heterosexism is a prerequisite for civilization and the so called human species. Institutional homosexism can only produce extinction.

  10. “Institutional heterosexism is a prerequisite for civilization and the so called human species. Institutional homosexism can only produce extinction.”

    Kinda looks like that’s what they’re going for really, I’m sure the overwhelming majority of morons who buy into freedom for ‘gender challenged’ or whatever are white, couple that with the massive ‘diversity’ program…

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