Macon County: The Rise of Black Run America

In Tuskegee, Black Run America was born, and there it will die


The date is March 25, 1965.

The place is Montgomery, AL. The scene is Martin Luther King, Jr. giving his “How Long, Not Long” speech at the Alabama state capitol after the successful completion of the Selma-to-Montgomery March.

That speech was a turning point in American history: it marks the definitive end of Jim Crow America, which was symbolized by segregation and white supremacy in the American South, and the beginning of a new era, Black Run America, where the promotion of black people over other races has evolved into the highest moral principle of our society.

From May 1965 to July 1965, the U.S. Congress debated and passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on August 6, 1965.

Macon County was a hostage to these sweeping events in Washington and Montgomery. Lyndon Johnson and Judge Frank Johnson were firmly in the driver’s seat. There was no great outcry for integration among the local White population who lived in Macon County.

As the blackest county in America, the decisions made on the basis of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s preaching and Gunnar Myrdal’s sociology would soon have the greatest consequences here.

Macon County was the first sacrificial lamb of Black Run America. It would not be the last. Now the entire nation is getting its first taste of African-American leadership.

In order to see the future of Black Run America, we have to revisit the past. What is happening nationwide in America today came to pass in Macon County many years ago.

School Integration Fails

It is January 1963.

We are back in Macon County. Fred Gray, the TCA attorney (the local group of civil rights agitators in Macon County), has filed a lawsuit called Lee v. Macon in Judge Frank Johnson’s court.

Because of pressure from the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and Judge Frank Johnson, the federal district judge who presided over the Central District of Alabama, the number of registered black voters in Macon County is already approaching the number of White voters, forever altering its political demography.

In August 1963, Judge Frank Johnson ordered the Macon County Board of Education to desegregate Tuskegee High School. After a symbolic show of resistance by Gov. George Wallace, in both Tuskegee and Tuscaloosa, where Wallace made his more famous “Stand In The Schoolhouse Door,” Tuskegee High School was integrated.

A federal judge might have integrated Tuskegee High School, but what this effectively meant in reality was that Judge Frank Johnson had destroyed Tuskegee High School, as Whites responded to this development by abandoning the school.

Tuskegee Whites created a private school for their children called Macon Academy. This was the beginning of a new education system which would eventually become commonplace in Black Run America, starting in the Black Belt counties in the Deep South, but eventually spreading out into the suburbs from there.

Whites would pay taxes to support the public school for African-Americans, which because it is predominantly African-American, will always be a “failing school,” and Whites would have to pony up again (usually, by sending women into the workforce) to pay tuition to send their own children to a private school.

White women didn’t join the workforce because of feminism. In the 1970s, they had to start working and paying taxes to support BRA, at least in many parts of the South.

Judge Frank Johnson succeeded in dramatically raising the cost of living for White families in Macon County, which unlike suburban Washington, was already desperately poor and burdened with a large black population.

Tuskegee DWLs continued to support Tuskegee High School. Eventually, they gave up and withdrew their own children, who didn’t enjoy being subjected to a cruel experiment in social engineering.

In later years, sociologists would discover that the education of children is where Whites draw the line on their commitment to “civil rights,” regardless of whether they live in Blue States or Red States, or whether they are liberal or conservative, or whether they are racist or anti-racist.

White parents will do anything to prevent Little Johnny from being enrolled in a school that is majority African-American. Even the Whites who preach “tolerance” and “diversity” won’t voluntarily place their child in such a dangerous environment.

Tellingly, Barack Hussein Obama refused to enroll his own children in the black public schools of Washington.

Political Integration Fails

The TCA and Tuskegee DWLs were convinced that Tuskegee would become a “model community” where blacks and Whites shared power, where the wolves would lay down with the lambs, where the overthrow of “racism” and “white supremacy” would remove the final obstacles to their long sought goal of racial equality.

They swallowed the same utopian vision of society that suckered millions of Whites into voting for Barack Hussein Obama. It is a fantasy world where everyone is equal, where no one is poor, where there are no racial differences, where no one attaches any importance to tribal distinctions.

MLK preached about this fantasy world to great effect in his speeches. Like Barack Hussein Obama, MLK was nothing but a windbag, there was never any real substance to his rhetoric, but he was assassinated before he could rise to take his place as the Nelson Mandela of Black Run America.

If conservatism has always been based on reality, liberalism has always been driven by fantasy based thinking, and nowhere is this more true than in the prevailing liberal illusions about race.

In Tuskegee and Macon County, the DWLs and TCA shared power for a brief period during the 1960s, but that was only a reflection of the underlying racial demographics in voter registration.

After the Voting Rights Act of 1965, SNCC activists succeeded in registering thousands of new black voters in Macon County. That was the end of “interracialism” and “moderation” in Macon County.

In 1972, Macon County finally went “black power,” and it never went back. Blacks took complete control of the city and county government.

What happened to Charles Gomillion and the Tuskegee DWLs, who had fought so long and hard for Martin Luther King, Jr’s interracial utopia, now that Macon County had exchanged white supremacy for black supremacy, and their “dream” was at hand?

See, they were “disillusioned” by how it all turned out, packed their bags, and abandoned the town. As you probably suspected, most of the Tuskegee DWLs pulled up their stakes and fled to Auburn, following “the arc of the moral universe” right up AL-29, rather than live in the Promised Land they had done everything in their power to create.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama won 86.9 percent of the vote in Macon County. In 2004, John Kerry received his third highest vote total in Macon County.

Macon County doesn’t have elections anymore. It has racial headcounts. Like Detroit, Tuskegee is also one of the most “progressive” cities in America.

Social Integration Fails

As early as 1965, it was clear that social integration was going to fail in Macon County.

In 1963, Whites had lost control of their public school. They responded by abandoning the school. After a few years, Whites permanently abandoned the integrated school system.

From 1966 to 1972, Whites and African-Americans shared power in Macon County, or more accurately, DWLs and African-Americans shared power, as the DWLs were the only Whites who could win some fraction of the black vote.

DWLs savored their temporary authority to speak on behalf of the White community.

In the 1960s, SNCC came to Macon County and turned the black students at Tuskegee University into militants, as they had succeeded in doing elsewhere in America.

Black students marched on the White churches. They held sit ins at the White churches, which forced Whites to blockade the doors, which forced the DWL preachers to publicly take their side. After that happened, the White congregations in Tuskegee began to abandon the Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian churches in town.

As they did all across the South, Tuskegee students “integrated” the public swimming pool. The Whites responded by throwing garbage in the public swimming pool and putting a baby alligator in there. Eventually, the public swimming pool was filled with cement.

By the 1970s, Whites had seen their public schools destroyed, their businesses assaulted, their public accomodations ruined, their churches invaded, and finally they found themselves completely excluded from the local government, not to mention abandoned by the federal government.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Whites in Tuskegee held a public celebration, as the locals rejoiced that the hated dictator had been shot dead by one of his fellow communists. The Justice Department had sued Tuskegee restaurants to force them to integrate.

In Notasulga, White students burned down their own high school after Judge Frank Johnson ordered its integration. They spraypainted the wall of the school with graffiti that said “Frank Johnson’s School” and enrolled in Macon Academy.

The most vivid scene of the failure of social integration in Macon County occurred when a drunk Tuskegee student and “civil rights activist” named Sammy Younge attempted to attack Marvin Segrest with a golf club at his gas station for directing him to the restroom in the back of the store.

Unbeknownst to Younge, the restroom in the back of the gas station was really the only restroom available, not a Jim Crow restroom for coloreds. Heavily intoxicated, Younge flew into a fit of rage.

Segrest shot him dead and this led to a racially polarizing trial in nearby Opelika. The jury determined that Marvin Segrest had acted in self defense and found him not guilty of murder.

In response to the verdict, approximately 1,500 Tuskegee students marched to the Tuskegee town square. One student climbed up the Confederate statute, painted his face black, and painted a yellow stripe down his back.

As a final touch, Tuskegee students wrote “black power” on the base of the Confederate statue, broke into the Tuskegee liquor store across the street (now closed), set fires in the town square, and threw rocks and bottles into the downtown stores.

Rainbow Tuskegee Fails

Tuskegee Whites had long been nervous about living in what some prescient residents had predicted would become “a nigger town” – a town which was literally being consumed by insolent student radicals involved with the Black Panther Party and other such “empowerment” nonsense.

By the 1970s, the DWLs had been completely discredited in Macon County. As the “white supremacists” had said all along, the “Civil Rights Movement” had brought nothing to Macon County but violence and anarchy, and then black majority rule, violent crime, corruption, and finally total social and economic collapse.

In 1972, Johnny Ford was elected Mayor of Tuskegee who, as fate would have it, was married to a White woman. Thanks to Charles Gomillion and Judge Frank Johnson, it must have seemed like the world had been turned upside down.

Coinciding with Johnny Ford’s election as Mayor of Tuskegee, which was entirely the product of Gomillion vs. Lightfoot and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a black serial rapist began terrorizing elderly White women in Macon County.

The rapist started by breaking into the home of Dr. Murray Smith, an eighty-six year old White man, who was unable to stop the three black intruders as they beat, choked, and gang raped his elderly White wife.

That same night the “youths” broke into the home of another elderly White woman who wasn’t home and yet another one still whose daughter was home and was able to scare off the intruder.

The pivotal racial moment came when the black rapist broke into the home of the Carr sisters in Tuskegee. Evelyn Carr Page, seventy-two, was stabbed twenty-seven times and died during the attack. Josie Carr Green, seventy-eight, was stabbed twenty two times and died two weeks later. Carribec Carr, seventy-six, managed to survive the attack.

Although he was later recaptured, Tuskegee’s negligent black sheriff allowed the rapist to walk right out of the Tuskegee jail. Needless to say, the Carr murders, which proved that Black Run Tuskegee wasn’t even a safe place to live for White people, was the final straw that provoked the mass exodus of Whites from Tuskegee.

By 1990, Tuskegee was 97 percent African-American. The only people in Macon County who still believed in Martin Luther King’s “Dream” were black, and a significant number of them were on welfare.

To be sure, there were a handful of DWLs who still believed in MLK’s legendary interracial utopia, the racial version of El Dorado, where the streets were paved with gold, instead of full of potholes, but most of them were forced out by the subsequent economic collapse.

Economic Collapse

It never could have worked.

When Judge Frank Johnson ordered the integration of Macon County public schools, that was effectively the kiss of death to Whites in Macon County.

White families with children couldn’t afford to pay for their own private school and the African-American public school. They never had any future in a black majority town that was already poor and underdeveloped before Judge Frank Johnson compounded its problems.

In such a situation, young White couples did what anyone would expect them to do, they moved to Auburn twenty miles up the road, a thriving majority White college town, whose prosperity haunts Tuskegee.

The black militants themselves started the economic collapse by killing off the White downtown businesses with their boycotts, their vandalism, and their lawsuits, and finally by electing a black city government, which succeeded in making electricity more expensive in Macon County than anywhere else in Alabama.

The black city council raised sales taxes which put even more pressure on businesses to move elsewhere.

Alabama is already known as “tort hell.” Would you want to face a Macon County jury when hit by frivolous lawsuits over racial discrimination? Burn your tongue at McDonald’s? Slip and fall in front the grocery store?

Today, one of the first things you see when you drive into Tuskegee is advertisements for the Johnny Cochran law firm. As we shall see, the same is true of Union Springs in neighboring Bullock County, which also has a black majority, which was pushed off the same racial precipice by the Voting Rights Act.

As the Whites moved to Auburn and Montgomery to enroll their children in White public schools, Tuskegee businesses collapsed: the dominoes started falling, one after another, and the chain reaction dynamited the local economy.

In 1984, Wal-Mart made the foolish decision to open a store in Tuskegee, which closed in 1988, on account of shoplifting, bad checks, and the high cost of utilities. “They are using the utilities monies to fund [city] positions.”

In Tuskegee, the idea was briefly entertained of relying upon black scientists to figure out a way to grow tomatoes in water, but nothing seems to have ever come of that ingenious plan.

The hospital closed its doors. The movie theater closed its doors. The automobile dealerships closed their doors. Business after business closed its doors, family after family left town, abandoning their own homes to vagrants and kudzu – glory, hallelujah!

Detroit and Tuskegee are two American cities where White expats describe themselves as “refugees.” White Tuskegeans are the Rhodesians or Afrikaners of Alabama.

Over the years, one black elected official after another in Tuskegee and Macon County has been arrested and convicted of bribery, embezzlement, and corruption.

In 1972, Tuskegee sent Fred Gray and Thomas Reed to the Alabama House of Representatives. Reed went on to become the head of the Alabama NAACP and led the agitation to pull down the Confederate flag in Montgomery.

Thomas Reed, the first African-American to serve in the Alabama state legislature since Reconstruction, previously the owner of a fried chicken restaurant in Tuskegee, was found guilty of bribery and extortion. He was later reelected after going to prison.

The only thing that has sustained Macon County this long is state and federal spending: as Mayor of Tuskegee, Johnny Ford boasted that he had brought over $50 million dollars in federal spending to Tuskegee. In all likelihood, over $100 million dollars in federal spending has been spent there, but you would never know it.

The State of Alabama props up Tuskegee University. The federal government subsidizes the existence of Tuskegee with EBT Card and TANF welfare. In 2009, 34 percent of Macon County was on EBT Cards.

The only private business in Macon County to boast about was Victoryland, an electronic bingo casino in Shorter, where Whites from out of town would to go bet on dog races, but Victoryland was recently shutdown in a massive criminal probe into illegal gambling and bribery that has made headlines across Alabama for months now.

Don’t get me wrong.

Macon County hasn’t completely collapsed. It can’t descend to the level of Haiti because the state and federal government have jurisdiction over that area.

Thus, the state and federal highways in Macon County are patrolled by Alabama State Troopers, the roads throughout the county are still paved, and many of the most important decisions about public policy are still made in Montgomery and Washington.

If Haiti were an American state, it would be Macon County, Alabama.

Final Thoughts

As this article goes to press, Tuskegee and Macon County are finally collapsing in the wake of the closing of Victoryland, which propped up the school system on life support for 25 years.

Tuskegee is bankrupt and owes the IRS millions of dollars in payroll taxes. The Rib Shack and KutAbov are on the verge of going out of business. Unknown to OD and SBPDL, when we drove through Tuskegee, the few remaining businesses we saw there are teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy.

With a straight face, The Tuskegee News prattles on about building “a self sustaining economy” – a line HNIC Barack Hussein Obama ought to consider trying, instead of “Win The Future,” or the implausible “New Foundation.”

In the 1960s, ownership of The Tuskegee News was handed over to Neil Davis, owner of the Lee County Bulletin, as the previous editor, Harold Fischer was seen as a reactionary who was, “hindering the white community’s acceptance of change.”

In 1964, the DWL Neil Davis took over and began preaching “racial liberalism” at The Tuskegee News, which today is surrounded by abandoned stores. Apparently, he is still doing that in 2011, although I doubt anyone is still listening.

The black hole in Macon County is devouring its surroundings. MLK was right, but not in the way he intended. It really won’t be long now. No amount of DWL spin can hide what is now in plain view.

As MLK said in Montgomery, no lie can live forever, as truth will rise again. Indeed, the moral arc of the universe has come full circle. Now black people really will reap what they have sowed.

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  1. **“They are using the utilities monies to fund [city] positions.”**

    Thanks for the explanation.

    Excellent blog post.

  2. Thanks.

    The Tuskegee students were at the state capitol when MLK gave that speech. They urinated on the streets or the steps or in that general area. I have verified this. It is discussed in the book.

  3. It is clear that in the long run certain parts of the Southern United States are going to have to be abandoned to the Blacks and Hispanics – and that line will likely be drawn along the 33rd parallel north: . Tuskegee lies below that line at the 32nd parallel, so it must already be considered a lost area to Whites. Whites cannot stand to live below the 33rd parallel as the solar radiation is too intense for light skinned/light eyed/light haired Europeans and the climate is downright tropicalish below the line; and the effects of tropical climates on Whites is very bad; read THE EFFECT OF TROPICAL LIGHT ON WHITE MEN:

    There is a Freemason connection to that line, with many major cities being built by early American Freemasons: Charleston (SC), Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles/San Diego midpoint, etc. All kinds of happenings have occurred along this parallel pointing to Masonic connections. But still the point remains that people of White/European descent cannot stand the climate below that line due to the heat and high solar radiation. As such, in the future this will likely become the dividing line between Whites and non-Whites in the USA, with all land below the line mostly off-limits for Whites and perhaps a mass-population transfer of Blacks and Hispanics below that. Perhaps all land below the 33rd parallel will become a holding pen of sorts for Blacks and Hispanics in the future.

    “Shortly before the end of World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs, Georgia, which is less than 10 miles south of 33 degrees latitude. (This town, incidentally, is located about 35 miles northeast of Phenix City, Alabama.) It is noteworthy (no pun intended) that in the mid-30s FDR, a 32nd degree Mason and 32nd President of the U.S., initiated the printing of the reverse side of the Great Seal (the pyramidal eye mentioned at the beginning of this essay) on the legal tender. Roosevelt was succeeded in April of 1945 by 33rd degree Mason Harry S. Truman. (The “S.” supposedly stood for Solomon.) On July 16th of the same year, the first atomic device –the Gadget, as it was called– was detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico: 33 degrees 41 minutes North latitude. Spanish explorers originally called this area La Jornada del Muerto, or “The Journey of the Dead,” but now the site is marked by a small stone obelisk erected twenty years or so after the explosion. [52] (Was this monument Masonically inspired?) [53] A few weeks after the explosion at Trinity Site the 33rd president of the United States ordered the annihilation of two Japanese cities by nuclear bombs dropped from B-29 bombers. The 33rd parallel runs exactly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two years after the war ended, the modern “flying saucer” age began in earnest when something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico– 33 degrees 26 minutes North latitude.” –

    Also see: “Masons and Mystery at the 33rd Parallel,” includes a timeline of major events which occurred at the 33rd parallel –

  4. Reading these entries is like reading, “Lord of the Rings”, but in the obverse. Evil wins, and good loses, or maybe, “Star Wars”, where Darth Vader rules supreme, and the court being, The High Counsel. Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are reduced to refugees moving furtively from one hideout to another.

    Well maybe integration was worth a shot. It hardly matters now that it wasn’t.
    How do we extract ourselves from the tar baby? Bre’r Fox couldn’t do it. I doubt seriously if whites can.
    I moved out of a city that went black to a county that was 7 percent black. That county is now 18.5 percent black and they are still coming to my state that is now 27 percent black.
    I am not too sure about who is reaping the whirlwind.

  5. “Unknown to OD and SBPDL, when we drove through Tuskegee, the few remaining businesses we saw there are teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy.”

    Hunter, are you working/traveling with the guy who writes the blog SBPDL? I noticed a couple days ago that you both had articles about Tuskegee up at the same time.

  6. Some unusual circumstances permitted us to perform a joint reconnaissance mission into Macon County. It was a spiritual pilgrimage to the Tuskegee Wal-Mart. We also wanted to see if there were any black scientists around.

  7. I’m in the preliminary stages of writing a book. This is only the second shot across the bow.

    Right now I am doing the research. The book is going to be about Black Run America in Alabama, 1965 until 2012.

    What happened after the Civil Rights Movement? That is what people need to know.

  8. I’ll buy your book.

    I have little hope for the future, however.

    Were you able to determine what happened to the cute baby alligator? I wouldn’t be surprised if the local youths leaped into the pool en masse, fighting in the garbage to devour it alive.

  9. I remember when the Alabama state car tag had a large red heart in the center of the tag with “Heart of Dixie” written on it. It was very easy to see and read. That red heart has been reduced to a very small dollop of red paint (blood) that is hardly noticeable. I believe that was because blacks were offended at the word “Dixie”.

  10. ‘I have little hope for the future, however.’

    In the past Whites have come back from even worse situations!

    Can you imagine what it would have been like to live in the South, during Reconstruction?!?! Well Whites fought it and brought in Jim Crow!

    Can you imagine what it would have been like to live in the Weimar Republic??!?! Well Whites fought it and brought in National Socialism! (Which many have noted prevented an all out communist take-over of Western Europe)

    Right now the polls show Obama facing a huge backlash from White working class voters! One can see the glimmer of a powerful White Backlash against BRA in these polls!

  11. You could do as Kersey did and release a ‘best of’ Occidental Dissent’ in book form (and for the Kindle) – take many of your best posts over the years and compile them into a book for posterity.

  12. Reconstruction is a great example of where the battle must be won. It must be won in the North, not the South.

    When the North lost interest in maintaining Reconstruction, it was overthrown by in the South. That is why these “flash mob” attacks in the Northern cities are so important.

    In order to win here, we have to bring the reality of race home to Northerners. Someone really ought to take up this concept – Black Run America – and write about nothing but Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Philly, Boston, etc.

  13. Hunter, good luck on the writing project; when a man knows a thing, really knows it, breathes it, lives it, you owe it to the folk (and they to you – buy buying it) to put down your assessments.

    Keep your eyes level and straight…

  14. @2012:The Big Comedown

    Uhm, I hate to break it to you, but white people have survived and indeed flourished in tropical climates for a long time. The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, Australia, South Africa, the Belgian Congo… it goes on and on. White people can adapt to, and conquer ANYTHING. I have no intention of seeing one damn grain of dirt of this country, unconditionally surrendered to niggers, just because their shit-colored skin happens to make them less sensitive to the sun. History screams loud and clear that we cannot share the same landmass with them. If a “mass population transfer” of niggers is to take place in the future, then there’s already an existing continent available for it.

  15. V. Good write-up regarding the results of the DWL/MLK useful idiot cabal to destroy the USA. I contemporary South Africa as an example of the end result here if there are no major changes in this country. SA expat Ilana Mercer’s “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” appears to describe an example of a country that is 100% run by Blacks….what do you think?

  16. “Sorry, but would someone mind explaining exactly what the acronym “DWL” stands for?”

    [something] white liberal

  17. “The black militants themselves started the economic collapse by killing off the White downtown businesses with their boycotts, their vandalism, and their lawsuits”

    If a white working class neighborhood gets taken over by blacks it turns into a ghetto even though it’s the exact same houses and the exact same streets. It’s not white racism it’s the gangstas driving the all the small businesses away. The only economy the gangstas will allow is crime and welfare.

  18. Wandrin: Many of us can go to the neighborhoods we grew up in and see exactly what Darks have done. The same streets and houses, but ravaged by a cancer. I’d bet I could still find my way through my parents old house blindfolded, as long as I didn’t trip over a case of malt liquor or something.

  19. Hunter – as an “anonymous individual,” I would very much like your take on the safety, job security, and style of living for someone contemplating working at Auburn U. “Someone I know” who has their PhD, is applying for a faculty vacancy there – or is, at least, seriously considering it…. enough so that they have asked me to ask you, as it were….

    This person- coming from a racially homogenous (mostly) Yankee- by birth (definitely) and football-phobic background (most assuredly), with blond spouse and kid(s) under 13, (who are all budding race realists) want to know: Could they ( or, even, Should they?) even CONTEMPLATE applying for a position at AU? How depressed is the housing market? Should one rent, in the event the SHTF? How are the students? Are they as dumb about matters religious/racial as the mind-numbed zombies in this person’s Northern White Enclave?

    Or, above and before all else, is it (AU) just too deep within ‘enemy territory’? Are there any conservative profs on campus? Or, are they all Jews and Americophobic nutcases, who wear Birkenstocks and sip Starbleccch’s lattes 24/7? What about the ‘faggot faction’?

    Also, what are the laws about concealed carry in AL- even on campus? This prof has no compunction killing- or, at least, severely incapacitating- someone who would threaten their person or the family bodily, by those who are of a certain ‘melanin content;’ especially after reading the horror stories you have so honestly posted on this column. Is there a ‘castle defense’ in this state, for example?

    Are there ‘whiter areas’ NE or NW of Auburn to live in? How far away is a lakefront area with acreage? Clearly, going SE is NOT the way to go… Etc., etc. This person has looked on, but the picture painted there, and the picture painted here, don’t even remotely ‘jive.’ (Wonder why?)

    I’d love to hear your ‘take’ on the subject- either via email or on this forum.

  20. Hieronymous,

    A few comments about Auburn …

    (1) In my experience, the professors weren’t so bad and I was a political science major who transferred from the business department. I don’t think Auburn is nearly as biased as other universities.

    (2) The Ludwig von Mises Institute is located in Auburn. There is a big Austrian and libertarian presence in Auburn. Do you read

    (3) As far as college towns go, I am not familiar with the statistics, but it seemed like there were more Asians than blacks on campus, and I would say the student body was something like 90 percent White.

    (4) I’m sure the student body is far, far, far more racially conscious than the typical Northeastern campus. Most of these students come from racial conservative households in Alabama and Georgia. They will be explicitly White to implicitly White.

    Like all the other SEC schools, most of the students who go there are in a bubble world, although the brightest kids in Alabama, the ones who should be going to school there, are also at Auburn or Alabama.

    (5) I don’t remember Auburn as being a really ideological campus. I’m sure there were gay groups, but they weren’t nearly as active there as they are elsewhere. Football is huge in Auburn.

    (6) I’m not sure about guns. We love guns here in Alabama. There are so many people with guns in Alabama that we don’t pay much attention to the laws about the matter.

    (7) The Black Belt counties are immediately south of Auburn. The area north of Auburn is relatively White. Lake Martin, where everyone goes, is northwest of Auburn on 280 in between Auburn and Birmingham. It is not that far away.

    (8) I’m not sure about housing. I lived in apartments while I was there!

  21. Unreal there remain so many dense thick red necks !! Please do a little more reading in spite of your apparent hate for substance.

  22. I was there and lived through the entirety of this sick mess.Dr. Gomellion'[s efforts were brushed aside by bothe white and black radicals and never really had a chance of sucess.It was a crying shame for both races.

  23. Hunter, thanks so much for reminded us all of what a deeply depraved and morally bankrupt person sounds like. Your deep disdain for that segment of God’s creation known as African people, is an affront to the decency of love and brotherhood that Jesus taught. I’d bet you attend the First Baptist Church in your hometown and proably teach Sunday school. You, just like your forebearers make a mockery of the Cross of Chirst with you insistance on maintaining racist views. What or who, so badly damaged you in your childhood, that you can harbor so much hatred? You appear to be an insecure, under-achieving, sexually repressed (likely closeted) white male, whose feelings of low-self actualization are masked by a need to appropriate feelings of anger and superiority. In some years to come, mercifully not many more, your thinking will find its resting place alongside the thinking of your ancestors; who in loosing the civil war but maintaining the grasp of perfect hate, now rest in the bowls of hell. You see, no just and loving God can tolerate that degree of evil in His heaven, and Satan certainly has enough in his hell. Find a life that promotes the human spirit above the deceptive device of racism. Search, earnestly so, for a love that liberates the human condition. Try, (though you may be too far along your stage of growth and development), to vindicate the cause of Christ by proving that the brotherhood of humanity is an objective worth pursuing.

  24. No, I don’t attend the First Baptist Church.

    I don’t believe in creationism. I don’t believe that “all men were created equal.” I believe in science. I believe in evolution. I believe in reality. I believe that human beings evolved like every other species on this planet which necessarily entails that natural selection has been acting upon hereditary inequality within our own species for millions of years.

    I’m sorry that you are outraged by my acknowledgement of natural history, biological laws, and observable facts – things which are totally indifferent to your opinion. The evidence from over a hundred years of public education and intelligence testing in the United States and other Western countries shows that your belief in equality is simply unfounded.

    If you could demonstrate the existence of equality, there would be nothing here to argue about here. I don’t believe in equality … or Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness monster, or Santa Claus, or ghosts or haunted houses, or unicorns or fairies, or any number of unobservable, untestable, and unverifiable things which are alleged to exist.

    As far as Christianity goes, there is nothing about “racism” in there. The idea that “racism” is immoral was invented by European communists in the 1920s. The term didn’t appear in America until the 1930s. There is nothing in the Bible that suggests that Africans are exactly like Europeans in every way.

    I suppose you could argue that all human beings – including Africans – are capable of accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and achieving salvation (in a supernatural sense) in Heaven. That’s not the same thing as saying that all races (in this world) are just as intelligent, just as conscientious, or just as innovative and that we should expect equal outcomes when they are given equal opportunities.

  25. This coon probably will turn around and say he reckons that we all rot in the grave, for all their talk of Christ, these antifa and anti racist cretins are actually atheists.

    If we do all rot in the grave then the only mission we have as men is to exterminate other men and ensure our own sons survive and exterminate their enemies.

    Do these fools realize that Christianity is the only ethical code that holds back the leviathan of white war machines?

  26. “I suppose you could argue that all human beings – including Africans – are capable of accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and achieving salvation (in a supernatural sense) in Heaven.”

    Yes I suppose you could believe in the supernatural and in “Heaven” if you could find one piece of demonstrable evidence that these things exist, but you can’t.

  27. “If we do all rot in the grave then the only mission we have as men is to exterminate other men and ensure our own sons survive and exterminate their enemies.”

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