The Tuskegee Walmart

Mayor Johnny Ford, captain of the black vote


After the fall of Black Run America, should the Tuskegee Wal-Mart be turned into a National Historic Landmark like the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery?

130 years after Booker T. Washington founded Tuskegee University, African-Americans are still trying to create “a self sustaining economy” in Macon County.

Since writing the previous article, I have learned that “Washington Plaza,” which contained the Tuskegee Wal-Mart in the 1980s, used to be known as “Ford’s Crossing.”

I guess Johnny Ford (no relation to Henry Ford, captain of industry) didn’t want the deserted shopping plaza in Tuskegee to still be named after him?

Johnny Ford is more like a “captain of the black vote.” In Black Run America (BRA), White people work for a living. In Macon County, African-Americans vote themselves a living – Johnny Ford boasted about his success in bringing $50 million dollars in  federal pork barrel spending to Macon County.

Johnny Ford was Mayor of Tuskegee for 24 years, the “Pride of the Swift Growing South,” where even Wal-Mart lost money and went out of business, before he was reelected again in 2004.

In the video below, Ford mentions Mayor Jay Cooper of Prichard, Alabama, which is another black hole in the Mobile area:

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    The jobless rate in America is more than nine percent, but in African-American communities it’s back at Great Depression levels: Sixteen percent, and even worse for black males.

  2. It’s well known in and around Macon County that the Wal-Mart closed because employee and customer theft was so bad, the store couldn’t sell enough inventory to turn a profit. Wal-Mart’s departure speaks more to Tuskegee’s ethical standards and culture than it does their wealth (or lack thereof).

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