Not Our Country: The Origins of BRA

Black legislators rule South Carolina in Reconstruction


Here’s a flashback to the very beginning of BRA in the Reconstruction era when the loyal negro was tragically elevated to the status of American citizen by Yankees like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner as part of their grand design to dominate the South.

This is the reaction of our ancestors in their own words:

Mississippi Democratic Platform

“Resolved, that the government of the United States, under the Constitution, is a government of white men, for the benefit of white men, that the negro has, rightfully, no lot or part therein, except the right of protection of person and property.” Resolution adopted at Greensboro, Choctaw County.

“Resolved, that the nefarious design of the Republican party in Congress to place the white men of the Southern States under the governmental control of their late slaves, and degrade the Caucasian race as the inferiors of the African negro; is a crime against the civilization of the age, which needs only to be mentioned to be scorned by all intelligent minds, and we therefore call upon the people of Mississippi to vindicate alike the superiority of their race over the negro, and their political power to maintain constitutional liberty.” Platform of the Democratic White man’s party of Mississippi

It Is Over

With a sigh of relief, thank God, we can announce that it is over, the election, the most disgusting, disgraceful and degrading thing ever devised by the malice of man. Thank God it is over! And pray His holy name to remove the sin-created and sin-creating thing, negro suffrage, the most abominable of abominations, the “sum of all villainies,” to which the sin of slavery is as snowy white is to coal black; to remove it from the land, and sink the hell-deserving authors of its to everlasting perdition! Confound them; blast them, scorch them with His righteous anger, and sink them to the lower depths, deeper down that the sympathy of the Infernal Spirits that inhabit the blazing regions of Hell can ever reach.

To say the Great Ruler will not listen to the prayer, if we pray fervently, and walk uprightly, and keep ourselves unspotted and free for all contamination with the accursed thing, and hate carpetbaggers and scalawagers and proudly scorn to debase ourselves, as they do, to say that He will not listen to such a prayer, is to impugn God’s justice.

Then with the skull and bones of the “Lost Cause” before us, we will swear that, “This is a White Man’s Government; and, trusting in our firm purpose, our good right arms and the God of Right, we will maintain it so!”

If we falter now, we shall be damned; and let us see to it, that he be damned who does falter. Out upon a recreant white man who turns his back upon his race to marshal and direct negroes who are howling like savages at the ballot box in the work of degradation! Condemn him! Spit upon him!

Now that it is over, let there be a searching of hearts. It can scarcely be possible that those who have participated in the late struggle have been contaminated with negro suffrage, or can look upon it with the least degree of allowance. Those even who have been most active and successful in the canvass with the negroes, and who in their enthusiasm may have been led to invoke God’s blessing on the “glorious colored Democracy,” should have the sternest face set against the abomination of negro suffrage. They have seen the monster, seen it good, and should have learned to hate it with intensity. But, let there be an inward searching of hearts, and if there be any weakness, any faltering in the cause of white supremacy, a manly struggle will overcome it.

Could Salmon P. Chase have been in Meridian during the three days of our election, and seen what was to be seen, in his heart he must have been cured of his abominable notions of universal suffrage. Look back at the things we have passed through and be a white man.

In whatever we do to maintain the supremacy of our race, remember it will and should recoil upon us, and defeat our ends and aims, if we forget to be forbearing

Another Poland

South Carolina is Polandized – aye, worse than that, Africanized!

That gallant, heroic little State, with its State pride, pride of race, and pride of lineage, is no more!

The South Carolina which the white race that settled and has inhabited her, giving her an existence and history extending over more than two centuries, has passed from control of that race, and has been made an Africanized province of the New Nation, which the Puritans of New England have been laboring for more than half a century to establish in place of the beautiful and beneficent structure of Constitutional government, founded by a common ancestry, and adapted, above all other systems ever devised by men, to make a people great, free, prosperous and happy.

But all this has passed away, and the political power in South Carolina has been placed in the hands of the negroes, who outnumber, by many thousands, the white population. And not only South Carolina, whose fate is sealed for the present, but all her sister States of the South, are doomed to similar Africanization.

But, thank God, wherever, and whatever extent, they may succeed in doing their devil’s work, it will not stand, it cannot last. The people are rising against them, and the signs and evidence are unmistakable, that this is to be a white man’s Government and a white man’s country!

We say to the suffering, downtrodden, maligned and maltreated men and women of the South, be patient, be hopeful, and be brave!

The hour of redemption is at hand for both you and me, and only for a little time shall this execrable Jacobin rule, thus abhorrent reign of negro barbarism, live to course our common country!

Democratic Party State Central Executive Committee: The Respectful Remonstrance on Behalf of the White People of South Carolina Against the Constitution of the late Convention of that State, Now Submitted to Congress for Ratification

… That Constitution was the work of Northern adventurers, Southern renegades and ignorant negroes. Not on per centum of the white population of the State approves it, and not two per centrum of the negroes who voted for its adoption know anything more than a dog, horse, or cat, what his act of voting implied. That Constitution enfranchises every male negro over the age of twenty-one. The negro being in a large numerical majority, as compared with the whites, the effect of that the new Constitution establishes in this State negro supremacy, with all its train of countless evils. A superior race – a portion, Senators and Representatives, of the same proud race to which it is your pride to belong – is put under the rule of an inferior race – the abject slaves of yesterday, the flushed freedmen of to-day. And think you there can be any just, lasting reconstruction on this basis? We do not mean to threaten resistance by arms. But the white people of our State will never quietly submit to negro rule. We may have to pass under the yoke you have authorized, but we will keep up this contest until we have regained the heritage of political control handed down to us by an honored ancestry. This is a duty we owe to the land that is ours, to the graves that it contains, and to the race of which you and we are alike members – the proud Caucasian race, whose sovereignty on earth God has ordained …

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  1. For those of us with less knowledge of the details of life during Reconstruction it would be great to have knowledge of how white people’s lives were effective. I can imagine, but I do not know. Today when I talk to white people about issues race, immigration and culture I can weave into the discussion detail of our changing life. However, what you quote here is not usable in the same way. Reference to the actual deeds of the time would be of great value for those of us that try to explain the reality of American history.

  2. Politically Correct Corporate Republicanism hasn’t changed much since the Civil War—look at the leading Republican canidate Herman Cain. Or the Corporate Republicans supporting Obama policy on immigration, trade deals and even NAFTA enforcement like the opening of American highways to Mexican trucks.

    I agree with you, the South is becoming more Republican with every election—hopefully it will not be of the politically correct Corporate Rebuplican variety. But, chance are it will—and with Roman Catholic leaders like Ohio tanning champion John Boehner, and the Holy Catholic Newt or the even more flakey PC Corporate Republican cultists like the Mormons’ Romney & Huntsman.

  3. Reconstruction info (about the thought Reform and re-education programs, as well as information on the lengthy military occupation and land redistributions and non-representative government there) is hard to find. What little exists is Northern, and justifies the activities. Myrta Lockette Avary’s Dixie After the War is free online, i think. A list of more reality-based southern sources would be helpful. think Mary Chestnut’s diary is often mentioned?

  4. Don’t know if these claims are true about Thaddeus Stevens—- he was caught doing animal mutilation while at school (a cow) and also while not formally accused thought to be involved in a murder? This mason site discusses it, since he got his start as an anti-mason.

  5. Stevens seems sort of like the Morganthau for the south.

    One piece of hackneyed material that someone should truly examine seems to be this whole “yankee-puritan” cannard. Actually, barely a third of the Mayflower folk were Puritan. But it’s that whole Northeast Era narrative: you know… prudes, witches and showtrials, cotton mather, jonathan edwards, calvinist daddies paternalistically beating all their little girls, and that’s about it, oh, repressed de-sexed women, lol.

    But out of centuries of sermons, isn’t it weird that only about four puritan ones are mentioned, the main being Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, that everyone has to read (or at least until no one was literate at all in school). WHO WERE the other 60% of the people on that freaking boat?

    In Yankee Babylon, for which I had high hopes as the author is a descendent of confederates, the blame for america is firmly placed on the puritans again. Yet, the claims he makes for them —like their desire for theocracy— might just as well be a desire of Zionist wanting a Judea-ocracy, or Catholic Nationalists (there really are people who just want the U.S. to have become a 100% catholic country and really believe that all its troubles will disappear then, or not…since they believe that man is fallen, we all live in sin, and that’s just the ‘natural state’ of things, so it really can’t be helped and we just sort of do good things as best we can. (Which is not really all that different from Calvin’s sense of the badness of man, now is it? I mean, it’s not only the calvinists who had these beliefs.)

    But more interesting is —by repeating this narrative– how many questions don’t ever get asked— about WHO AND WHAT the yankee really is! Never even read a story about the Dutch India company in New Amsterdam, and they employed a MILLION people; were they all calvinists? (lol)

    Seems likely that the zionists (theocrats) and catholic nationalists (also theocrats)—FIT WELL with the Calvinists in some ways, and that would be interesting to know about.

    My sense of the south, is that we do not think people are bad, bad, bad. Nor in need of constant control, control, control. Nor is money and money-grubbing the end all, be all. Nor is killing for spoils the smartest endeavor when you can easily just make things. We seem to believe you have some hand in the reality you live in— and if it’s EVIL, you, yourself, might well have something to do with it— unless you’re under massive attack, in which case you don’t.

    The Yankee mind may well be underwritten by something as simply as Thaddeus’s clubfoot that made him feel mean enough to axe a cow into the next world. That sad, unblessed feeling.

    Idk— we still say yankee, but just as often one hears “Northeast People.”

  6. As a Catholic nationalist, I assure you I have no desire to see the United States become a 100% Catholic country. Our country, may God preserve her, is entirely a creature of the so-called Enlightenment and of esoteric Freemasonry, and as such could never “become” Catholic. The two entities are fundamentally opposed and irreconcilable. One might as well envision an Israeli Nazi Party.

    I desire to see North America (and, indeed, the world) someday become a federal empire composed of dozens or hundreds of sovereign ethno-cultural nations, most of which are constitutionally Catholic but all of which acknowledge a single Catholic sovereign and constitution.

    I want a world of Dios, Patria, Fueros, Rey. Subsidiarity — it’s not just a good idea, it’s the natural law.

    And people are all bad. Fortunately, our Lord (through His Church) offers us a means of becoming good. Whatever goodness exists in people is all Him, not Us. Let us govern with this truth in mind.

  7. And, as an Orthodox, the LAST thing we could want would be a “Catholic Country.” That’s what MEXICO is, if you get my drift! No, I agree with Fraser’s “The WASP Question.” And I agree with Gary North and his ex-dad-in-law, RJ Rushdoony. It’s NEVER a question of ‘morality or no morality,’ but ‘WHOSE Morality?’

    Theocratic visions of ‘a city on a hill’ are the warp and woof of EVERY American up to around 1830 or so, when Jos. Smith’s ‘visions’ started the cultic departures from even Calvinist orthodoxy. My wife and I labelled all the cults last night as we were discussing your column, Mr. Wallace, and realized that EVERY ONE came from Yankees: Mormons, Trancendentalists, Millerites/Adventists, Sabbatarians, Eddyites, Theosophists, Mesmerists, etc. I know of NO cult that arose in/via the South, that has achieved lasting fame/notoriety.

    I would go down fighting if a Romanist attempt to rule this land would EVER be promulgated, standing with the most rabid Baptists and Covenanters you could find. America needs to find her OWN Ecclesia Anglicanae again, as Fraser noted. And such is the ONLY thing that will win against the Deicides, and their false religion.

  8. The best part of this story of Whites regaining power after the horror of BRA Reconstruction was that there seemed to be no references to know it all Libertarian/Constitutionalists claiming that the only problem of BRA Receonstruction was too much government regulation of the economy and all racial problems would be solved by giving Blacks “vouchers” to attend White private schools and thus escape the public school teacher’s monopoly.

    Am I correct in thinking that Libertarianism wasn’t even in existence in America during the 19th century and this Libertarian plague only came to America during the first mass immigration of Central and Eastern European Jews to New York City in the late 1890s?

  9. HW, how about more specifics on the financial powerhouses in the north behind the WMD, er – the slavery agitation and behind the war itself? Most interested folks know about the individual politicians and pressmen, but those sorts are always merely salesmen. Has anybody ever followed the money? All the way?

  10. Everyone on this site as well as Hunter needs to read the books by Richard Kelly Hoskins. The reason why the South had Segregation is because the Northern Greys who stole and took land from White Southerners were scared that the Emancipated and Freed Blacks would take it and even make there own State! So the Northern Greys let the KKK and White Rule last till the 50s. Read Hoskins books, he explains it perfectly. I am Southern Blood also – but realize how Charleston for many decades had the largest Jewish population, even more so than New York City! Thru time they mixed and that is reason that their is so many problems! Jack Greenberg of Charlotte, North Carolina financed the Civil Rights Movement! Not all Yanks are evil. same with White South Afr¡caners and White Russians! How can you create a new civilization with Whiggers! Yon cant! They are set in their ways – and as Pastor Martin Lindstedt says – they will be swept away in the Third and Final Tribulation! Joseph Smith was a Yank but he got tarred andf feathered and killed by Powers That Be! Southern Baptist are garbage hell bent on destruction of White Race! At least The Fundalmentalist Mormons have large numbers of kids and teach the original doctrines of Joseph Smith! George Lincoln Rockwell was a Yank, but a good Yank! He promoted Back To Africa Program! At least the Russian Government promotes Anastasia and Ringing Cedars and gives all Russians one hectare of land to make KINS SETTLEMENTS! I love the South, but the part I like is Huey Long, Theodore Bilbo and Dewey H. Tucker of National Emancipation of White Seed.

  11. I haven’t read the article yet but wanted to congratulate hunter on his choice of cartoon. The dude holding his nose……I lost it. People at work are giving me a “WTF” look.

  12. We’re going to be exploring the subject in greater detail. I’m doing some research and thought this material would be worthwhile to share. Especially to counteract ludicrous myths of that the Confederacy and the South was somehow “non-racial” and was only about “freedom.”

  13. @ Anna
    Although it takes a good deal of times going thought the New York Times archives can yield some interesting information. Ever one should bare in mind that the NYT’s of 1900 is not the NYT’s we know today. There were also many books published that dealt with the problems of the times that spoke with an honesty unknown today. Unless you get a lead on a title it is hard to know about them.
    I have just com across William Hannibal Thomas. He is described by other blacks of his time ( 1901) as a Judas


  14. @YT – that’s a “cartoon”? I enlarged it and, after some study, decided it was a photo of our current Congress in action: Charlie Wrangel (the fat coon), Jessie Jackson Jr. (the skinny coon), and all the rest of the CBC in heavy action. Our whole country is now being subjected – by the Jews – to “Reconstruction”.

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