Feds Sue South Carolina

Eric Holder sues South Carolina
South Carolina

Eric “My People” Holder has filed a lawsuit against South Carolina to block its new immigration law.

“Pushing undocumented individuals out of one state and into another is simply not a solution to our immigration challenges,” Assistant Attorney General Tony West told reporters.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann have issued statements in support of the South Carolina immigration law. Perry’s own defense of the Texas DREAM Act is more about defending his sorry record than anything else. He opposes the federal DREAM Act.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. We knew the Justice Department would sue South Carolina which has the same law that was passed in Alabama and Arizona. The National Immigration Law Center is prodding the Justice Department to move forward and sue Utah, Georgia, and Indiana which passed weaker versions.

As long as South Carolina is part of the United States, it will continue to have this problem. If you are familiar with the Rival Nations thesis, you know we are not going to “take our country back.”

The Democratic Party controls the White House and the Senate. The base of the Democratic Party is The Left Coast, the Upper Midwest, and the Northeast. That’s the MSNBC audience.

The Democrats who come from these areas support open borders and amnesty because they want to flood the conservative regions of America with enough Asian and Hispanic voters to enable them to use the gentry liberal strategy to control the federal government.

They want to demographically overwhelm the White conservatives of the Southeast and Southwest with impoverished non-Whites dependent upon government patronage and federal military protection. This is the same strategy the Yankees used when they enfranchised blacks to lord over South Carolina during Reconstruction.

We are never going to “secure the border” as long as we remain a part of the United States. The political class in Washington doesn’t want to secure the border. The Democratic media is ferociously opposed to securing the border.

The states can pass tough immigration laws, but the federal courts will block them. We can pass laws that criminalize illegal immigration, but the federal government won’t enforce those laws. We can build the border fence, but that won’t stop amnesty or the neverending waves of legal immigration.

There is only one solution to our immigration crisis: capturing control of our state governments, secession from the United States, and creating our own federal government in the South.

We are a people without a government. As long as we remain without a government, we will continue to disappear as a people. It is that simple.

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  1. I would love to be a part of those last two paragraphs. I would have no clue what to do though. I’ve come up in a bad time and am learning things very late.

  2. Sadly for HW and his beloved Lost Cause, U southern boys can’t do it alone. The other areas of the country(side) are full of tens of millions of Whites (and some others) who are repelled by the ZOG and its wicked globalist, open-borders rackets. These issues will be resolved first through a victorious Civil War against the Urban Jewish Regime and its ethnic allies. That done, we’ll see about regional de-centralization. Stop trying to turn potential allies into actual enemies, and stop putting the cart before the horse.

  3. It’s amazing that a known purger and gun running (fast and furious) politician that should be locked up is making comments about any laws in the first place

  4. Comp Fascist- What is your problem? I am willing to admit guilt in the North-South wars, and my family didn’t even ARRIVE here until after the war was going on! But I CAN find ‘resonance’ with my Southern Cracker kin, and would rather build them up, than tear them down. It is BOTH the philosophy and the racial awareness of Whites that need to be trained- one, via the cleansing of the mind of Judaizing propaganda, and the second, by seeing one’s kin as just that – KIN!

    I have lived in the South, and while they eye ME with caution, I see them as my ‘kinfolks’ more and more- while my Scandic/Germanic neighbors in the frigid state of Bolshevik “Minnestroika” daily seem to be receding from me purview of ‘like-minded kin.’ And they are doing it themselves, as I merely stay in one spot!

    So, please, elucidate if you can, why you seem hell-bent on just being the ‘dousing of cold water’ on this site, when we can find kikes and niggers galore who think they have a legitimacy to do same…when they don’t.

    For ‘not all who say they are Israel, are OF Israel.’

  5. Might know that filthy Jew/Kike Poverty law center was behind it. Hitler was right, Jews are a noxious bacillus that will poison and kill a decent nation.

  6. @Friar Tuck: I’ve got nothing against Southern Boys and plenty for ’em. They just won’t be able to secede away from the ZOG w/o FIRST destroying the entire Beltway gang. And that’s going to require help from rurals and HardRights throughout the country. Otherwise, same old Lost Cause. Actually, if HW’s latest essay on conflicts between coastal cosmics and interior HardRights in Cal, Ore., and Wash. is any evidence, he’s getting it.

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