Pitchfork Ben Tillman

Ben Tillman on the reconstruction of the White Republic

South Carolina

This is some great stuff: Pitchfork Ben Tillman of South Carolina reminiscing on BRA, how it was created by the Yankees who infected African-Americans with the virus of equality, and how it was overthrown in the White Revolution of 1876.

South Carolina in the 1870s sounds like Stuff Black People Don’t Like on any given afternoon. This same absurd utopian experiment has been tried out before and produced similar results.

“Ben Tillman came to be known as “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman, and with his fierce one-eyed glower and plebian misshapen hats and profane speeches styled himself a populist. He said the Citadel in Charleston where the “aristocrats” sent their sons was nothing but a “military dude factory,” that the South Carolina College where most of the rest went turned out “helpless” good-for-nothings, “too proud to beg, too honest to steal, too lazy to work.” He cursed and ranted against the “Bourbons” and said he was for the little man.

He was elected governor and then United States senator, and for forty years he fought off attacks by the Bourbons and the real populists alike by reviving the horrors of “negro misrule” that he said the state had endured during Reconstruction. That was his ticket to power, and for forty years of political life he offered what he called “a solid front to all comers on the bond of white supremacy.” He stood on the floor of the United States Senate and jabbed his finger and said “we had to shoot negroes” and recounted again and again how the black man had “tasted blood,” had been infected by unscrupulous Northern carpetbaggers with “the virus of equality” back in those dark days, and that the only way to make sure it never happened again was for whites to remain united politically behind men like him who weren’t afraid to tell the truth about how they had to shoot niggers back then.

“The poor African became a fiend, a wild beast, seeking whom he may devour, filling our penitentiaries and our jails, lurking around to see if some helpless white woman can be murdered or brutalized,” Pitchfork Ben said on the floor of the United States Senate, and he always reprinted his best such efforts in pamphlets that he sent to everyone. “We realize what it means to allow ever so little a trickle of racial equality to break through the dam.”

In 1895 South Carolina called a convention to rewrite the state constitution to disenfranchise the last remaining colored voters who hadn’t already been cheated or beaten out of their ballots, and Pitchfork Ben came and again retold the story of the “infamy” of those dark days, and how at any moment that sleeping viper might be “warmed into life again and sting us whenever some more white rascals, native or foreign, come here and mobilize the ignorant blacks.”

The “hell hounds” who had masterminded it the last time, he explained, had hated the South and were seeking revenge. They had concocted the most perfect scheme for “degrading us to the lowest level possible” – giving the ballot to our own ex-slaves. “The most fertile imagination, if it had been given a thousand years to concoct a scheme of revenge, could not have surpassed it.”

And he continued: “How did we recover our liberty? By fraud and violence. We tried to overcome the thirty thousand majority by honest methods, which was a mathematical impossibility. After we had borne these indignities for eight years life became worthless under such conditions. Under the leadership and inspiration of Mart Gray – because he planned and brought about the Straight-out movement of ’76 – we won the fight. In 1878 we had to resort to more fraud and violence, and so again in 1880. Then the Registration Law and eight-box system was evolved from the superior intelligence of the white man to check and control this surging, muddy stream of ignorance.

“And this must be our justification, our vindication, and our excuse to the world that we are met int Convention openly, boldly, without any pretense of secrecy, to announce that it is our purpose, as far as we may, without coming into conflict with the United States Constitution, to put such safeguards around this ballot in future, to so restrict the suffrage and circumscribe it, that this infamy can never come about again.”

As Pitchfork Ben told it the moral inversion was now complete. That decent men were forced to fraud and violence only showed to what extremes they had been pushed. The more brutally they treated their victims the more it proved that they had been the true victims themselves. The more the Northerners had stood up for the rights of the Negroes the more it showed how full of hate and hypocrisy they were. The more the federal government tried to interfere the more the nation and the Negro would suffer. Until the South was left alone by the federal government to handle the Negro as it saw fit, Tillman threatened, white Southerners would have “no conception of the word ‘nation’ except that it is connected with the word ‘nigger.'”

Just as Ben Tillman had predicted, the “sleeping viper” was warmed back to life again in the 1960s, and the same people who hated the South and who created BRA the first time around brought it back in the Second Reconstruction to degrade us to the lowest level possible, and now South Carolina is under the thumb of Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder.

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  1. I have thought a lot about how things go in a circle.Pre 1861,reconstruction,Jim Crow and then 1960’s.It’s about time for another Pichfork Ben to come along.Fuses are getting real short here.A heck of alot of folks here don’t look to the police or government to do their bidding.No sir,I don’t believe it will start in Philly,I’m sitting on the powder keg right here and I ain’t going anywhere.

  2. So who were the yankee puritans that masterminded the sequel to the above in the 1960s? Yankeedom was not truely run by WASPs then was it? Or was it a different “tribe”?

  3. “Pichfork Ben to come along”

    Hunter Walace or Paul Kersey?

    I’m wishing for a william wallace type to lead the first charge into the black hoardes a few days after the EBT stops.

  4. So who were the yankee puritans that masterminded the sequel to the above in the 1960s? Yankeedom was not truely run by WASPs then was it? Or was it a different “tribe”?

    That’s a subject for a rather long essay.

    In December, we will shift our attention to the North and West to figure out what happened in those parts of the country. In the South, it was simply a case of the federal government using political, judicial, and military force to impose BRA on Dixie, where it was wildly unpopular and bitterly resisted.

    In the West, BRA arrived between 1945 and 1968 (with the exceptions of Washington and New Mexico), with Arizona being the last state to capitulate to the “Civil Rights Movement. The story of the West is very different from the story of the Midwest and the Northeast.

    In the Midwest, the origins of BRA go back to 1865 to 1888 (with the exception of Indiana), when the region was integrated to comply with the Reconstruction Amendments that were being imposed by force upon Dixie. Tellingly, Minnesota and Wisconsin never had anything resembling a racial caste system.

    In the Northeast, BRA came to Maryland and Delaware when the Civil Rights Movement triumphed in the 1960s. New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont never had anti-miscegenation laws or segregation.

    Maine repealed its anti-miscegenation law in the 1880s. Pennsylvania repealed its anti-miscegenation law in 1780. There were parts of Pennsylvania that had segregation through the 19th century.

    I want to say that Rhode Island and Connecticut had some Jim Crow laws. I think it was Connecticut that oddly had an anti-miscegenation law, but don’t quote me on that.

    Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont is the area where this nonsense was spawned. It was there in the 1830s and 1840s.

  5. We can go back and look at the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the state legislatures and the governor’s mansions.

    The evidence for a Jewish conspiracy is pretty weak: there was one Jew on the Supreme Court, Felix Frankfurter, and eight Gentiles. Who were the Congressional leaders that sponsored these civil rights bills? Who was passing the state civil rights laws in the North? Who were the governors?

  6. Here’s a map of segregation in education prior to the Brown decision. It was required in every Southern state including Oklahoma, Maryland, and Delaware. These states had segregated schools until 1954 and most of the public schools were still segregated for many years thereafter.


    Segregation in education was forbidden in 1954 in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

    Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming and some forms of segregation in education. It was optional in those states.

    California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and no legislation on the subject.

  7. California hadn’t enough Blacks to worry about, but there was widespread discrimination against Mexicans, Chinese, and Japanese. Most of it was done on the local level, the democratic way. Of course, Blacks were also subject to de facto discrimination if not de jure. In the San Fernando Valley (part of Los Angeles), Blacks were restricted to the housing development of Pacoima. Couldn’t have them lowering the property values in Reseda or Northridge.
    I don’t doubt that most Northern towns had similar arrangements, regardless of what laws the state governments passed. Nobody really likes Blacks.

  8. The Yankee animus against the South has never wavered over the years. Newly arrived immigrants to the North are fully indoctrinated the anti-South creed. Be they Russian Jews, Southern Italians, Lace-curtain Irish, or what have you, Yankee children are taught from day one to revile the benighted South.

    The Civil Rights movement of the 60’s was more about establishing Federal (i.e. Yankee) control over the entire education system and abolishing local control. It has worked very well to degrade education in the United States to the point where our education system is a joke. Go ahead and defend the present education system if you must, Yankee apologists, but the evidence is before your very eyes.

    The greatest problems with the education system remain the Cultural Marxist (Puritans who have lost their religion) stranglehold over the establishment, corruption resulting from Federal “bribe” money, and, of course, demographics. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    One last big Yankee moral crusade would be a fitting denouement for the story of the Yankee beast, aka the “shining city on a hill.”

    Let’s see, witch burning (done that), abolition (done that), suffrage (done that), sweat shops (done that), unionization (done that), prohibition (done that), integration (done that), de-Christianization (done that), socialism (done that), feminism (done that), gay rights (done that), atheism (done that), consumerization (done that), affirmative action (done that), gun control (done that), diversity (done that), gay marriage (done that), population replacement (working), Hispanization (working), Islamification (working), polygamy (working), police state (working), tobacco cessation (working), child sexualization (working), bestiality (in planning)…Don’t tell me you Yankees are out of ideas now, are you? Make it a good one, now. One last hurrah for old times sake.

    We need another Wade Hampton now more than ever…and right soon.

  9. You forgot saving the planet from global climate change, “anti-imperialism,” and the eugenics movement to sterilize the white trash.

    Something else I have been meaning to share: when Adelbert Ames (the Reconstruction governor of Mississippi, commander of the 20th Maine at Gettysburg, who wanted to strap on his armor to fight for negro equality) got married to the daughter of Beast Butler, she refused to marry him unless the word “obey” was removed from their marriage vows. Their daughter “Little Blanche” became a tireless activist and campaigner for “women’s suffrage.”

    After the Thirteenth Amendment implemented abolition on the defeated Confederacy, the Radicals moved on to the next item on their agenda, the “civil rights movement.” The same people were constantly moving from one front in the social revolution to the next.


    He was born in Wiesbaden, while his parents were living in Germany; he was the son of Henry Villard, an American newspaper correspondent who was an immigrant from Germany, and Fanny Garrison Villard, daughter of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison; she was a suffragist and one of the founders of the Women’s Peace Movement. His father later invested in railroads, and bought The Nation and the New York Evening Post.

    Villard graduated from Harvard University in 1893. In 1894, he began to write regularly for the New York Evening Post and The Nation, and said that he and his fellow staff members were

    Villard was a pioneer, and today largely unsung, civil rights leader. In 1910, he donated space in the New York Evening Post for the “call” to the meeting which formally organized the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. For many years, Villard served as the NAACP’s disbursing treasurer while Moorfield Storey, another Cleveland Democrat, was its president. In 1916 he was elected president of the Symphony Society of New York. In 1910 he published John Brown 1800-1859: A Biography Fifty Years After, a biography of John Brown. He wrote Germany Embattled (1915) and monographs on the early history of Wall Street and on the German Imperial court. As a pacifist, Villard opposed the US entry into World War I. [1]

    While Villard continued to champion civil liberties, civil rights, and anti-imperialism after World War I, he had largely abandoned his previous belief in laissez-faire economics. During the 1930s, he welcomed the advent of New Deal and called for nationalization of major industries.

  10. What happened to William Lloyd Garrison?


    fter the abolition of slavery in the United States, Garrison continued working on other reform movements, especially temperance and women’s suffrage. He ended the run of The Liberator at the end of 1865, and in May 1865, announced that he would resign the Presidency of the American Anti-Slavery Society and proposed a resolution to declare victory in the struggle against slavery and dissolve the Society. The resolution prompted sharp debate, however, by critics — led by his long-time ally Wendell Phillips — who argued that the mission of the AAS was not fully completed until black Southerners gained full political and civil equality. Garrison maintained that while complete civil equality was vitally important, the special task of the AAS was at an end, and that the new task would best be handled by new organizations and new leadership. With his long-time allies deeply divided, however, he was unable to muster the support he needed to carry the resolution, and the motion was defeated 118–48. . . .

    After his withdrawal from AAS and the end of The Liberator, Garrison continued to participate in public debate and to support reform causes, devoting special attention to the causes of women’s rights and of civil rights for blacks. During the 1870s, he made several speaking tours, contributed columns on Reconstruction and civil rights for The Independent and the Boston Journal, took a position as associate editor and frequent contributor with the Woman’s Journal, and participated in the American Woman Suffrage Association with his old allies Abby Kelley and Lucy Stone. While working with the AWSA in 1873, he finally healed his long estrangements from Frederick Douglass and Wendell Phillips, affectionately reuniting with them on the platform at an AWSA rally organized by Kelly and Stone on the one hundredth anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.[5] When Charles Sumner died in 1874, some Republicans suggested Garrison as a possible successor to his Senate seat; Garrison declined on grounds of his moral opposition to taking government office.[6] . . .

    Garrison’s son, also named William Lloyd Garrison (1838–1909), was a prominent advocate of the single tax, free trade, woman’s suffrage, and of the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act. A second son, Wendell Phillips Garrison (1840–1907), was literary editor of the The Nation from 1865 to 1906. Two other sons (George Thompson Garrison and Francis Jackson Garrison, his biographer) and a daughter, Helen Frances Garrison (who marrie

  11. Hunter, I enjoy very much reading these historical accounts. Thank you. I had no idea that “Reconstruction” was THIS bad for White Southerners.

    IMO this whole abomination has transformed itself from a Crusade for “Racial Equality” into a Crusade for White genocide. The anti-Whites don’t care on which side of the Mason Dixon Line you reside; which European country your ancestors are from; whether or not you are a Democrat or Republican, “liberal” or “conservative”; what church you go or don’t go to. To them, if you are White you are the enemy.

    Everything you describe in your posts show the progression to where we are now. I can sympathise with your desire for secession but if you think they will let you go in peace you are engaged in wishful thinking.

    Surely it is the time for ALL White People to hang together or most surely will ALL “hang” separately.

    They say they are anti-racist but they are really anti-White.

    Anti-racist is code for anti-White.

  12. Look on Google: Deist Masons are jewish by V.S. Herrell. Everyone go to Google and look up TRUTH FROM GOD.com and click Other Articles! NEWS was before ARYAN NATIONS. Richard Butler and Britton Neuman were members of NEWS! The Battle Ax Articles of NEWS are temendously insprational! THE NEWS FLAG IS A SUPER SYMBOL OF OUR RACE! Richard Kelly Hoskins says the GREY WOLFS who stole property by force were scared that the Blacks would take it, so they let KKK and Segregation have a free hand till the 1950s! My Great Great Grandfather who was of Scottish Ancestry had his farm taken in Columbia, S.C. by Yanks after the war. Also he could not VOTE, OWN LAND, or RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE FOR 20 YEARS! All the property deeds and titles were burned by Sherman. The Dark Forces divide us and then we kill each other, and they swarm in and take over. They did this in 30 years war, War of Roses and all these other stupid wars. The Bristish would kill any Scot who dare spoke Gailic. They also took all the property from the Scots! Again I tell everyone to read Truth From God.com and click Other Articles for a treat of inspiration and future for our race…..

  13. HW: during the mid-twentieth to late century, the Jews controlled the System mostly from behind the scenes, via $$$$$$$$$$$$, media buy-outs, and shabbatz goy “Yankees”. Now the Yankee WASPS are gone, dispensed with (NOT ONE on the SC…3 or 4 Jews tho), and the Tribe is out in the open, drunk with power (cf. Wall St.), swaggering and arrogant. Like carpetbaggers in the South. They think they have won. During Civil War II, the JP will have to be dealt with.

  14. I don’t believe that at all.

    There are certainly far more Yankees in America than Jews. If the Jews have risen to power in the North, it is because they are so much alike and because they share the same progressive agenda.

    Jewish liberals want to “improve the world.” The Yankees see themselves as the “City on a Hill.” They are both irreligious peoples who are driven by religious idealism which attract them to same radical utopian causes.

    Vermont is one of the whitest states in America. It sends the Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders to the Senate. Howard Dean was the governor of Vermont.

    What happened to the WASP elite in the Northeast? How did the Jews overthrow the WASP elite? Is that what really happened? Didn’t the Yankee Congregationlists became Yankee Unitarian Universalists?

    It would be more accurate to say that the Jews beat them at their own game. They rose to power in the North (at least in New York City) because they became even better than the Yankees at navigating the Liberal Democratic Capitalist system.

    Why were they allowed to buy up the newspapers? Why were they allowed to rise to power in the financial world? Why were they allowed to create the film industry? Why were they allowed to take over the Ivy League universities? Why were they allowed to come here in the first place?

    They were just exercising their rights like good liberals. They were just being good capitalists in a capitalist society. They were just being good at gaming the democratic system in a democratic society. They were just being good at advancing the utopian social crusades that the North agreed with.

    There was a revolution the North that took place without a shot being fired. There wasn’t a shot fired because the Yankees perceived it as a legitimate hostile takeover!

    They built their society around abstractions and radical egalitarianism and materialism and mindless comformity. They themselves invited the Jews to come to America and work in their industries. They themselves proudly liberated the negro and made him an American citizen and fought a war to take America off its racial foundation.

    When Tocqueville came to America, he noticed that the North was a land of newspapers, where everyone thought the same way, where everyone conformed to the standards set by the newspapers and what the public schools were saying at the time. It was a hive mind collectivist culture.

    The South didn’t have that culture. We didn’t get our opinions from newspapers or public schools. There were no public schools here until Reconstruction. Southerners were far more individualistic than Yankees. Newspapers were owned by local segregationist editors.

    Maybe this is why White Nationalists are convinced that Jews are controlling their minds through their ownership of the mass media. No one around here takes the New York Times seriously. No one here reads The Washington Post and nods their heads and agrees.

    Southern culture has never been like that. We prefer to make up our own minds about the issues. Like the Herman Cain campaign. White Southerners have made up their mind that they hate Mitt Romney because the media is pushing him so hard.

    Cain’s appeal is that he is a joke. Like in that cigarette ad of his. He is a black guy, but he is a genuine black guy, not a robot who will say anything, or a politician like Perry and Gingrich. So people are supporting him just to stick it to the fools in the media who think they know best.

    Herman Cain is reminiscent of Jesse “The Body” Ventura or Kinky Friedman. The political system is a joke anyway. It doesn’t matter who wins. Why not have a few laughs? Who would be the funniest opponent to take on Barack Obama?

  15. Vermont may be one of the Whitest states but it is not majority WASP. According to these figures from 2004,
    people of English ancestry made up only 18.4 percent of the population, with Irish, French, German, and French Canadian together making up the majority. That explains the liberal voting patterns, as most of those ethnic groups are liberal, generally speaking.
    I suspect the rest of New England would show similar patterns.

  16. Apulieus at 5:56 AM, Nov 4: I don’t think anybody here is defending the current educational system, so don’t try to hang it on anybody here. It is, in fact, a consequence of Jewish lawsuits. I once had the chance to hear Ira Glasser, long time head of the ACLU, and he bragged about it.

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