Social Graces vs. Social Revolution

The decline of Southern culture in the United States


Kim Severson, a Wisconsin-born lesbian and Atlanta bureau chief for the New York Times, has written article about the decline of civility in the South.

Southerners are becoming less civilized. We are losing our traditional culture. Foreigners are moving to Dixie. They are changing our way of life.

There is nothing much to dispute here. Everyone who lives in the South knows that our decline goes far beyond things we used to take for granted like good manners, ballroom dancing, and the ability of women to prepare tasteful home cooked meals.

The last three generations of Southerners have witnessed a social revolution that has been imposed upon Dixie by the federal government:

(1) The Gaines decision (1938) and Sweatt vs. Painter and McLaurin vs. Oklahoma State Regents (1950) struck down segregation in law and graduate schools.

(2) The Smith vs. Allwright decision (1944) struck down the White primary.

(3) Morgan vs. Virginia (1946) banned segregation in interstate transportation.

(4) Shelly vs. Kramer (1948) banned judicial enforcement of racially restrictive covenants in housing.

(5) Henderson vs. United States (1950) banned segregation in railroad cars.

(6) Hernandez vs. Texas (1954) ruled that Mexican-Americans in Texas are entitled to the “equal protection of the laws” under the 14th Amendment.

(7) The Brown decision (1954) and Brown II decision (1955) forced us to integrate our public schools on the basis of the latest cutting edge work in sociology. Eisenhower and JFK ultimately had to use the military to enforce the decision in Arkansas (1957), Mississippi (1962), and Alabama (1963).

(8) Browder vs. Gayle (1956) struck down segregation on public buses in the South.

(9) President Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 into law over Strom Thurmond’s filibuster in the Senate, the longest one person filibuster in history, which created the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Division within the Justice Department.

(10) Cooper vs. Aaron (1958) ruled that the Supreme Court had sole authority to interpret the Constitution and the states could not ignore its rulings.

(11) The Civil Rights Act of 1960 extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission and gave it power to oversee local election practices. It was filibuster for 43 hours by Southern senators. That set a new record as the longest filibuster in history.

(12) Boynton vs. Virginia (1960) banned racial segregation at terminals involved in interstate transportation. The “Freedom Riders” came to the South to test out the decision at Southern bus terminals in Birmingham and Montgomery.

(13) JFK issues Executive Order 10925 (1960) which creates the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

(14) The Interstate Commerce Commission (1960) bans segregation in interstate transportation.

(15) JFK issues (1961) Executive Order 10925 which creates affirmative action. He bans housing segregation (1962) in federal funded housing with Executive Order 11063 .

(16) The 24th Amendment (1964) abolishes the poll tax for federal elections. It was rejected in 10 Southern states.

(17) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 overthrows the entire Jim Crow system. Northern senators and congressmen vote 9 to 1 to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was filibustered by Southern senators for 57 days.

(18) The Supreme Court in Heart of Atlanta Motel vs. United States (1964) upholds the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

(19) Congress passes the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It is voted down in the South.

(20) Congress passes the Immigration Act of 1965 which is voted down by Southerners in Congress.

(21) LBJ issues Executive Order 11246 which requires federal contractors to practice “equal opportunity.”

(22) Loving vs. Virginia strikes down every anti-miscegenation law in the South.

(23) The Civil Rights Act of 1968 bans housing discrimination. It is voted down in the South.

(24) Nixon’s Philadelphia Plan (1969) requires government contractors to hire black workers.

(25) Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education (1971) upholds busing to achieve “desegregation.”

(26) The Equal Rights Amendment (1972) passes both houses of Congress, but is killed by Southern opposition in the states.

(27) Roe vs. Wade (1973) guarantees a woman’s right to have an abortion. It strikes down state laws that ban abortion.

(28) Milliken v. Bradley (1974) affirms the constitutionality of busing students to achieve desegregation in education.

(29) The Bakke decision (1978) affirms the constitutionality of affirmative action in higher education.

(30) United Steelworkers of America v. Weber (1979) rules that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not bar employers from favoring women and minorities in hiring.

(31) The Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday (1983) is created to honor MLK. It is voted down by Southerners in Congress.

(32) The IRCA amnesty of 1986 is voted down by Southerners.

(33) The Civil Rights Act of 1988 requires that recipients of federal funds (i.e., taxes paid by White Southerners) must comply with federal civil rights laws in all areas.

(34) The Immigration Act of 1990 creates the visa lottery and raises the number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States every year. It is voted down by Southerners in Congress.

(35) The Civil Rights Act of 1991 puts the burden of proof on employers to prove that they are not discriminating against minorities. Showing that policies have a “disparate impact” upon minorities is enough to prove discrimination now.

(36) The Immigration Act of 1996 is passed by Southerners in the first Republican Congress since the 1950s. It is a major crackdown on illegal immigration. It is not enforced by Clinton, Bush, or Obama.

(37) Grutter vs. Bollinger (2003) upholds affirmative action in higher education.

(38) Lawrence vs. Texas (2003) strikes down a sodomy law in Texas giving the “gay rights” movement a major victory.

(39) Southerners in Congress kill the McCain-Kennedy amnesty of 2005.

(40) Southerners in Congress pass the Secure Fence Act in 2006. Bush and Obama fail to build the border fence.

(41) Southerners in Congress kill the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

(42) Parents vs. Seattle (2007), the culmination of a fifty year effort by Southerners to change the Supreme Court, finally starts to turn the tide on integration and prohibits assigning children to school districts for the some purpose of achieving integration.

(43) Southerners in Congress have killed the DREAM Act which has been introduced in the 107th, the 108th, the 109th, the 110th, and the 111th Congress.

The DREAM Act was last killed by Southern opposition in the Senate in December 2010. It passed the Democratic controlled House. The fate of the DREAM Act was left in the hands of Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Olympia Snowe of Maine who voted to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that very same day.

(44) Southerners voted against repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the House and State that allowed homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military.

There is an obvious problem with the theory that we are going to “take our country back” – the vast majority of us live south of the Mason-Dixon line.

White Southerners are a minority within the United States. Blacks have been enfranchised. Women have been enfranchised. Hispanics and Asians have been invited to invade Dixie and overwhelm states like Florida and Texas.

In the consolidated Lincoln system that emerged in the aftermath of the War Between the States, the federal government and the federal courts make every important decision, and the states and cities have been reduced to mere administrative units which carry out the whimsical orders of federal judges and federal lawmakers.

White Southerners exist to pay taxes to our overlords in Washington. They redistribute our wealth to coalitions of special interest groups with vast armies of lobbyists that vote them into power.

In the United States, Southerners will always be the minority. Every year, the number of non-Whites increases, and the idea that we are going to “take our country back” by working through the Lincoln system which was designed to hold us down becomes more unplausible.

Blacks have been allowed to destroy Birmingham, Richmond, Memphis, and New Orleans. Hispanics have invaded large parts of Texas and Florida. Yankee transplants and their African-American allies are taking over Virginia and North Carolina.

Washington controls our elections and public schools. It controls our universities. It controls every single private business in Dixie. It controls the healthcare system. It controls the environment. It controls the airwaves. It controls the definition of citizenship. It has usurped every single power reserved to the states.

The government that exists in Washington today doesn’t even have the slightest resemblance to the one envisioned by the Founding Fathers. This is not by any stretch of the imagination the country that our ancestors consented to join.

The American culture is pumped in here through the radio, the television, Hollywood movies, and corporate owned newspapers and magazines. It comes through the hierarchy of the federalized public school system and through the state universities which are increasingly staffed by tenured aliens.

The homogenizing commercial sprawl landscape has grown up around the federal interstates. There are thousands of cookie cutter suburbs now in Dixie which have been created for the sole purpose of escaping the Black Undertow in our ruined major cities.

The cost of the Black Undertow to White Southerners is astronomical. It has completely destroyed our ability to enjoy civic amenities like public swimming pools. It has destroyed entire regions of states like Alabama and Georgia by making life impossible there for White couples who can’t send their children to the integrated public schools.

Just to escape from the Black Undertow, Whites have to move into expensive suburbs or pay tuition for private schools, which required Southern women to join the workforce en masse and Southern men to work longer hours, thereby inflicting enormous collateral damage upon households.

The Democratic Party is controlled by the radical groups that want to push the social revolution forward to a next level. The Republican Party is controlled by the Northeastern business establishment that offers nothing more than half hearted resistance to the progressive social agenda.

To the extent we have any control over the government, it is at the state and local level where we can pass laws that are gutted or blocked by federal judges on the grounds that is “unconstitutional” to exercise any control over our fate.

America isn’t the White Man’s Country:

“As punitive and prejudicial as Jim Crow laws were in the North, they never reached the intensity of oppression and degree of violence and sadism that they did in the South. A black person could not swim in the same pool, sit in the same public park, bowl, play pool or, in some states, checkers, drink from the same water fountain or use the same bathroom, marry, be treated in the same hospital, use the same schoolbooks, play baseball with, ride in the same taxicab, sit in the same section of a bus or train, be admitted to any private or public institution, teach in the same school, read in the same library, attend the same theater, or sit in the same area with a white person.

Blacks had to address white people as Mr., Mrs., or “Mizz,” “Boss,” or “Captain” while they, in turn, were called by their first name, or by terms used to indicate social inferiority — “boy,” “aunty,” or uncle.” Black people, if allowed in a store patronized by whites, had to wait until all white customers were served first. If they attended a movie, they had to sit in the balcony; if they went to a circus, they had to buy tickets at a separate window and sit in a separate section. They had to give way to whites on a sidewalk, remove their hats as a sign of respect when encountering whites, and enter a white person’s house by the back door.”

Richard Wormser, The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2003), pp.xi-xii

This is supposed to sound horrifying and shockingly racist to our egalitarian ears. White supremacy is supposed to be what we are “progressing” away from. It sounds more like a paradise to me.

White supremacy in the American South was the political embodiment of our foundational belief that Dixie is a “White Man’s Country.” It meant that White men controlled the government and every aspect of society. They ran it for the benefit of White men and White families and no one else.

African-Americans who believed they should have the right to marry White women, attend White public schools, and consort with White people on the basis of social equality were invited to move to the more liberal Northern states where they would be accommodated.

In 2011, 54 percent of African-Americans live in Dixie. In 1911, 90 percent of African-Americans lived in Dixie. The Jim Crow laws pushed half of all the blacks in America outside the South. White supremacy was a practical way forward to realizing the ideal of the White Man’s Country.

A mere glance at Severson’s photo gallery is sufficient to show the culture that has been lost here. The only way to preserve the social graces of traditional Southern culture is through separation from the United States … and its endless waves of “transformative” social revolutions.

Let someone else volunteer to climb MLK’s Chinese mountaintop. We’re about done.

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  1. LOL look at those morons in that video. How sad, their entire BEING is tied up in the election of black jesus. Reminds me of one of a few enjoyable tunes ever put out by black people:

    Look in my eyes, what do you see?
    the Cult of Personality
    I know your anger, I know your dreams
    I’ve been everything you wanna be
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    Like Mussolini and Kennedy
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality

    Neon lights, Nobel Prize
    When a leader speaks, the reflection lies
    You won’t have to follow me
    Only you can set me free

    I sell the things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face of your T.V.
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    I exploit you; still you love me
    I tell you one and one makes three
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
    I’m the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality
    the Cult of Personality

    Neon lights, Nobel Prize
    When a leader speaks, that leader dies
    You won’t have to follow me
    Only you can set you free

    You gave me fortune, you gave me fame
    You gave me power in your God’s name
    I’m every person you need to be

    I am the Cult of Personality

  2. Southerners still seem pretty well-mannered to me. In fact, encountering well-mannered southerners was one of the first things that made me realize that my view of Southerners was probably wrong.

    I’m a Northerner by birth, born and raised in Chicago. Like every other Northerner, I viewed Southerners as bigoted, provincial, uneducated, etc., etc. I’m a live-and-let live kind of guy, so I never hated Southerners or felt particularly strongly about them. But I absorbed, through osmosis, the same stereotype that we all have. This was tempered by the fact that I am a conservative, and when you are a conservative Northerner, it’s hard not to feel some affinity for Southerners because the stereotype northern liberals have of conservatives is uncomfortably similar to the stereotype they have of conservatives. But otherwise I accepted the stereotype of the South as a benighted and backward place. Like most Northerners, I never had any contact with the South, or Southerners. Everything I thought I knew about them came from pop culture and the history books.

    As an adult, I had chance encounters with Southerners that began to change my mind about them. For example, one time while riding the NYC subway I sat across from a Southern woman. To say that she looked different would be a colossal understatement. This was the mid 90’s, and this woman was wearing a bright blue dress (an actual dress, not a skirt and jacket) that had enormous white polka-dots. It was obvious that she was not a New Yorker.

    But she looked great. Not in a sexual way, as I recall she was a fairly average-looking woman. But she looked feminine. It was wonderful to see her. She really did bring a sense of beauty and refinement to the NYC subway, a place not known for its beauty or refinement. I’d never seen a Northern woman who looked like that. Not ever. And I knew instinctively that this was a Southern thing.

    A couple of years later I was in Patuxent River, Maryland (it’s the part of Maryland that has lots of Confederate flags and gun stores, unlike the DC suburbs) and encountered a white trash dude with good manners. Actually, they weren’t just good manners — he was one of the most well-mannered people I’d ever met. He had long greasy hair, a ratty T-Shirt, and smoked cigarettes, but he had better manners than anyone at a fancy restaurant in Chicago. I was really struck by that.

    At my first job after law school, one of the other new associates was a Southern woman, a graduate of UVA and William and Mary. She was the first Southerner I have ever really gotten to know on a personal level. She, too, was feminine. She was married, so we never developed that kind of relationship, but we became friends. One of the interesting things about her was that she was easily the most sophisticated and refined person I have ever met. But at the same time, she was pathologically insecure about being a Southerner. How ironic. This woman was way more…cultured…than any northerner, but she was always worried that she’d be seen as a hick. Part of that was just a manifestation of the insecurity of a young professional, but part of it was genuine.

    A couple of years ago I traveled to Atlanta and Nashville on business. While there, I encountered the same civility and manners described above. The other impressive thing was that Southerners really seemed to have a reference for history. I’m a big Andrew Jackson fan, so while in Nashville I asked the court reporter for directions to the Hermitage, although I did not have time to visit it. He went on about it for a while and then mentioned that Andrew Jackson’s family still lives in Nashville. This floored me because Andrew Jackson lived almost 200 years ago! You never, ever hear Northerners say things like that. I’m sure I’ve encountered descendents of famous Northerners, but no one ever speaks about their ancestors that way. My own family has ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, and we are proud of them, but only amongst ourselves and amongst friends, it is not something I would mention to a stranger. But Southerners talk about stuff like that in public, and it’s great.

    You can tell that families, and history, really mean something to Southerners. I have a sense that the reverence for history is somehow associated with the reverence for manners, although I could not say why. But this is one of the things that most impresses me about the South. It made me realize that my stereotype of Southerners was wrong. Now I admire Southerners for preserving family values and preserving our culture and heritage. The South is one of the few healthy places left in the US, and I am grateful that they refused to give up on their values. (Most average Joe Northerners never really “gave up” by abandoning conservatism and embracing the liberal agenda, we sort of went along with the militant liberals and did not say anything when they pushed things too far. That is understandable, but the consequences have been horrific. Southern conservatives were a voice in the wilderness for about 30 years, and they saved us from our mistake, for which we are in their debt.)

  3. yeah, but in RELATION to the cultural decline up here, you guys are doing great. i see it almost as if we are the western roman empire and you guys down there are the eastern roman empire, were in the fifth century right now, you all may have some problems with barbarians, but at least YOUR STILL SOMEWHAT IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN NATIVE CULTURES DIRECTION, you still have cracker culture. people still idealize the “hill billy”, but in the north there is no white culture to be had, it is barbarian culture, it is “ostrogothic”.

  4. Mr. Wallace- Every White racially-aware individual should print out this list, so we know where to begin the Restoration, by the inevitable repeal of all of these blasphemous laws.

    By the way, here’s a place to being working on, in your own backyard.
    My Yankee music friend/parishioner was going to apply for this position, until he read a bit closer, and realized he would be going into a hornet’s den.


  5. Just imagine … you are walking down the sidewalk, a negro thug is approaching from the other direction, he steps into the street, removes his backwards hat, pulls up his pants, bows his head, and calls you “boss.”

    Negroes are banned from every social institution. We have our own restaurants and hotels. We have our own public parks and public swimming pools. The public schools are 100 percent White. Negroes are banned from college.

    If even think about looking at your daughter, they could end up like Emmett Till. Women are raised to be ladies. Men are raised to be gentlemen. The woman maintains the household and children are always raised in two parent families.

    There is no rap music. The streets are clean. Every fag is still in the closet. There is EBT card or TANF welfare for blacks. Southern cities like Birmingham and Atlanta are thriving. There is no abortion. There is no affirmative action. Hispanics are nowhere to be seen.

    Women learn in school how to be ladies: things like French, how to play the piano, how to draw, how to be dignified and respectable, etc. Elections are for White people only to decide matters among themselves.

    The government is controlled by White men. The most important decisions are made at the state and local level. There is a consensus shared by everyone that this is a “White Man’s Country.” Radical liberals are subjected to social ostracism.

    Blacks and radical liberals are forced out. Half the blacks are gone. Such a place actually existed. It was the Jim Crow South.

  6. Hunter- I love the picture of the lovely young White kids. This is a flawless reminder of what we are all about. Thank you.

  7. “In 2011, 54 percent of African-Americans live in Dixie. In 1911, 90 percent of African-Americans lived in Dixie. The Jim Crow laws pushed half of all the blacks in America outside the South. ”

    By today’s count that’s about 20 million negros compared to around 7.5 million in 1911. How many White folks live in Dixie now?

  8. Just looking at that hideous woman, I am reminded of Yancey’s speeches:

    “Should Alabama wait? ” Shall we remain and all be slaves? Shall we wait to be our shame of the common dishonor? God forbid!” he cried, and received thunderous applause. Yancey called upon Alabamians to act for themselves. …

    Even if disunion resulted in war, Yancey declared, rather than live under a government that violated the Constitution “and places me in a position inferior to the Northern free negro,” he would gather a corps of brave men who, “however few in number, would find a grave which the world would recognize, my countrymen, as a modern Thermopylae against invading Persians.” …

    For Yancey, one of the greatest differences between North and South concerned how each had come to view women. … “That same spirit, which would turn everything into gold … has invaded the sphere of woman.” Yancey contended that Northern men had desexed women, had “brushed the down from her cheek, and raised the stiff beard in lieu.” Materialism in the North condemned women as worthless in their vocations as mothers and thrust them into the workplace. Horribly, northern society had led women to believe “that the rights of man are also woman’s rights, and that the editorial chair – the medical – the legal and clerical professions should be filled by her, as well as by men.” Northern women had mounted the speaker’s platform and joined in “public harangues,” and some wore “Bloomers,” ready “for bestriding a fence or a saddle as utility shall demand.”

    Prophetic … the stiff beard in lieu.

  9. @… “…This floored me because Andrew Jackson lived almost 200 years ago! You never, ever hear Northerners say things like that.,,My own family has ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, and we are proud of them…But Southerners talk about stuff like that in public, and it’s great.

    You can tell that families, and history, really mean something to Southerners. I have a sense that the reverence for history is somehow associated with the reverence for manners, although I could not say why.

    …Now I admire Southerners for preserving family values and preserving our culture and heritage. The South is one of the few healthy places left in the US, and I am grateful that they refused to give up on their values….”

    That is so Northern, imo.

    Northern people are really all about money, which is why history just doesn’t matter. It’s not about being “proud” of ancestors but living a fully contextualized life. Northerners live in a de-contextualized internal reality. It took me years to understand this.

    Manners are all about acknowledging that others exist, really. Anticipating them. Not yes ma’am, no ma’am, but really considering that one isn’t the only person around. Not being nice to get ahead. Real manners are connected to ancestry b/c they are about the fully contextualized life, the past is always present, the present always past. The internal reality seethes with history.

    I met some yankees and for a full year have been trying to figure out where they’re really FROM. Lol. When somebody says, “where are you from,” it means the whole shebang. And underneath that, what are you loyalties? B/c your loyalties will be about where you are FROM.

    They don’t notice anything about the South at all. They think they do. Like, a friend tried to hire someone. He had seen too many Hollywood movies about the south. He was a racist! He said he had some “boys” who did the work. (Turned out they were mexicans, probably illegal). The person informed him that child labor was against the law and so were mexican illegals, lol.

    Knowing others exist can make you wickedly funny, too. And all the people who make fun of rednecks and so on, would be amazed that a great number of people can imitate them, too. So, idk how well-mannered that is.

    We’re trying to be more like jews now— and have a religion for us, like honor among thieves, but then be well-mannered selectively. —am practicing m-f-ing, finger giving, and honking car horns really loud. Fact is, there are some people on whom this is effective.

    When I went to school in the Northeast, it was like learning how to be evil, how to be ugly, and it seemed amazing that so many truly horrifying people, so petty, so climby, and all that, would have ever defamed people who were so much better. Most days, I’d take the worst seeming “trailer trash” jerry springer candidate over a northerner, b/c it’s so clear what’s been done to them, the many horrors. But what is a northerner’s excuse?— nothing. Usually they say it’s religion: “Man is just fallen, just a beast, we can’t help it, the world is just that way…”

    Northerners scare me in their corporatist (fascist really) emptiness, when that’s the way they are. If you have no history, no history that is living all the time, you are nothing. What are you… if you are NOT your people…?

    Scary stuff, really. And never make that lady’s biscuits linked in the article. She is not a southerner. She probably does not even use the right kinds of flour.

  10. All this, ps—

    “family values” is of no interest to me. That’s some republican talking point. It’s like “pro life.”

    They NEVER even wonder what morality WAS before 30 years ago. Like, they are grand moral people b/c they don’t kill babies, LMAO! Not once…do they say, wow, 30 years ago, many could not even THINK of that as a possibility. So, wonder what they thought morality was???

    It’s like, if you don’t think about history… you can’t think at all, not really.

    Anyway, family values is silly to me. Being who you really are, in all your history from the dawn of time. Ancestry is deeper, The Northern neighbors have “family values.” They “do the right things.” That’s totally different from living history of your ancestry— idk, it’s not a rule-book, a do-this, don’t-do that. It’s seeing oneself in reality and context.

    idk— this is a point where the north and south just do not translate, imo.

    The northern friend will want to go to someplace impressive. The southern friend will want to drive out to someplace they remember as a kid, or a grave site, or tell some stories.

    That’s the other thing— t0 tell a story, you have to have a place to tell it from, a point of view, a position, a morality. the Bible base has that. It’s not about following rules, but religion is about the ongoing morality play and your story (and you have to tell one) reflects that.

    btw, breaks my heart to see Guy Fawkes masks at ows. once more, southern wasps having no idea the guy would have killed them.

  11. one more thing, here’s that cook referenced (and I didn’t bother to look at her biscuit recipe to see what I think)— Like, doesn’t she want her own life? I mean, surely they had recipes in New Jersey where she’s from.

    There’s a couple more of these cooks (one is from philly, forget her name)— also cashing in and making money as a “Southern Cook.”

    The recipe (forget which one I was looking for when stumbled on her) was ITALIAN. Clear from the spices, then slowly realized she was referecning Italian cooks. Well, that’s not what I wanted—but people think this is “southern” cooking.

    Like, when you go to the north and everything you grew up eating is “SOUL FOOD.” LOL Blacks invented everything southern, unless you are a professional cook like this southern one from new jersey.

    But… doesn’t she WANT to express her new jersey-ness? Tell us about the new jersey recipes?

    Idk— maybe it’s from coming after the war. So they never had any sense of states at all or something

  12. “Family values” is a meaningless term … what are the “family values” that ought to be preserved? It is just a way of giving lip service to popular resentments in the South.

    What’s ripping apart the families? Well, for starters, women have joined the workforce for no other reason than to maintain the same standard of living, and to pay for the enormous costs of raising children these days.

    Why does it cost so much more to raise a family? Because you can’t send your child to a decent school unless you live in an overpriced house in a cookie cutter suburb or can pony up the money to pay private school tuition.

    And why do you have to move to the suburbs? Why do you have to pay for the private schools. Because the Black Undertow gets the public schools that we are taxed to support. Because the only way to escape the Black Undertow is through indirect residential segregation on the Northern pattern.

    So kids find themselves being raised in a fake community in a hideous suburb surrounded by refugees from the cities, and their parents are working themselves to death just to preserve the status quo, and they find themselves being raised by the television.

  13. Anna – NJ recipes generally begin with a foundation of industrial waste. The industrial waste melded with the inhabitants DNA, generations ago. NJ is a horrid pace. I don’t even know what NJ is – but it ain’t human. I lived there, if you can call it that, for 4 horrible years. When I come off as rude, and loutish – it’s from that time period. It was sink or swim. Like a shark. NJ proves the existence of God, because NJ proves the existence of Satan. NJ is Satan’s Suburb.

  14. Hunter – re: Whites shredding normal family life, to pay for a ridiculous house, in a ridicuous suburb, to elude the Black undertow- it’s us. Whites. We have met the enemy, and it’s us.

    Blacks are attacking Asians, in Philadelphia schools. The Whites fled ages ago. The Asians have the healthy normal instinct to fight back. Why don’t Whites stand thier ground, and fight? I know we do – but millions do not.

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