Shining City on a Hill

BRA no longer a shining city on a hill
New York

BRA has crashed through a new record this weekend.

Charles Blow is reporting that for the first time ever a majority of Americans do not believe that “our culture is superior to others.” In 2011, 49 percent of Americans believed “our culture is superior to others.” In 2002, 60 percent of Americans believed “our culture is superior to others.”

If you are surprised that the number is still that high under Barack Hussein Obama, it is because old people who grew up in another time still believe America is a great country. Fewer Millennials believe American culture is superior than their counterparts in Spain, Britain, and Italy.

Fortunately, BRA’s columnist has an ingenuous solution to this national collapse of confidence: we got to innovate our way out (like Black in America 4: Silicon Valley), do the hard work we have done in the past, choose greatness, and stop snuggling up to nostaliga. Vague, I know.

Specifically, in order for BRA to be “a city that shines upon a hill,” we got to invest in our future, invest in education, invest in our crumbling infrastructure, invest in the industries of the future, and invest in a generation of foundering and forgotten children.

In other words, White taxpayers have got to spend more money on the Black Undertow. We got to roll up our sleeves and build those new housing projects, work longer hours to pay more in taxes, invest in new infrastructure like public transportation in Detroit and Atlanta, pass this jobs bill to bring highspeed internet to Black Undertow high schools, and invest in the industries of the future like, umm … some kind of industry that is not manufacturing, maybe the financial industry or the civil rights industry.

Then we can be that “shining city on a hill” again.

Note: The Chinese are moving back to China to pursue the Chinese “City on Hill.” BRA is becoming a “Nation of Emigrants.” Lots of White Americans are looking for jobs and moving abroad to places like Australia.

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  1. Build new housing projects? That hardly makes sense when we have a housing glut. Too few people chasing too many residences.

    We need to let the market finish the job of writing off the debt. That means personal bankruptcies, financial bankruptcies, and razing derelict housing to the ground. (The (largely mestizo) hyenas have already stripped the empty hulks of their salvage copper and steel.)

  2. We live in a society where disguising Medicaid spending, TANF welfare spending, and EBT card spending as a “stimulus” is seriously considered a way to revive the American economy.

    Weatherizing homes. Building a new Tuskegee Airmen museum. Bringing high speed internet to the middle of nowhere. Spending a million dollars to create one job. Rebuilding the Black Undertow schools.

    Such is BRA.

  3. I prefer to follow Jesus’ words in this regard: “Let the dead bury the dead.”

    On another note (c#?) I realized you are the person behind a blog I used to frequent called ‘antisemitica.’

    Nice to know I’ve known you for a bit longer than just here on OD!

    Happy Thanksgiving- a VERY ‘White’ Holiday.

  4. What passes for culture in America is nothing but pop culture and it isn’t organic anymore. It’s manufactured in some corporate boardroom for mass consumption. Look at rap music. It’s been around for twenty something years, you can’t dance to it, it’s stale, it all sounds the same and by all accounts it should be as dead as disco now but like the the Energizer Bunner it just keeps going and going and going and going. Your typical Hollywood movie is full of subtle and not so subtle messages. A storyline will go something like this. An illegal alien comes to America and gets a sex change. He/she/it lands a job with a company and on the first day is embroiled in a heart warming civil rights struggle because they refuse to provide transgender bathroom facilities. He/she/it takes them to court and wins a settlement blowing it all on cocaine and a new wardrobe. He/she/it takes a job as a surrogate mother but changes he/she/its mind and decides to get an abortion. He/she/it takes to the mean streets of New York and gets a job working in the oldest profession where she meets a militant revolutionary for the Communist Party, they fall in love and together they work to take down the system that oppresses them. They can churn this kind of garbage out and if it bombs at the box office they can still rake in the profits from the satellite and cable providers whether anyone watches it or not. That’s why I cancelled my satellite dish. Nothing but pure trash to watch anymore.

  5. ” we got to invest in our future, invest in education, invest in our crumbling infrastructure, invest in the industries of the future, and invest in a generation of foundering and forgotten children.”

    -Yeah, our “gubernmint” “invests” (read panders to) these foundering and forgotten children in ways that the average White person doesn’t even know about and cannnot imagine exists- but they do. Take my “job” for example: Every day I drive a bunch of 3 to 5 year old ghetto rug rats , er…excuse me “at risk” children, to a “special intervention program” (read: “a convenient government subsidized daycare for people on welfare) where the “children” are taught to be more White, er.. sorry, I meant to say “civilized”, supposedly. I pick them up in the company van from the worst parts of two local towns and transport them to a nearby larger ghetto that used to be a prosperous industrial city at one time. On the way the children entertain me and my assistant with such phrases as : “my mommy is gonna come over to your house and kill you”. Reply from other child: “Oh yeah? Well I’ll cut your mommy”. This is interspersed with “Mother F……….” and F….you”. Of course, all but one of these “children” is black, and most of the “teachers” at the intervention program/free daycare are White (and good looking young White women at that- the usual starry-eyed liberal altruist brainwashed White fools).
    Why do I do this job? Because it is the only employment that I could find (for now) in this former industrial wasteland of a town.

  6. Oh yeah, and by the way you read that correctly- these are 3 to 5 year olds who are cursing and the threats that I mentioned- no kidding! No doubt they will grow up to be the perps who will victimize a future generation of Whites.

  7. .

    George, my friend, please get audio/video of this and ‘Let candid facts be known to the World’


  8. White Russians have held most the Heavyweight titles in Boxing for many years. Because they are not black or mud, the media does not even mention them. Shinning City on a Hill—-Bull—-America is a big septic tank……

  9. I’m wondering if we haven’t reached the point of no return. I was in a car dealership a few months ago waiting for my car to be fixed. There was a latino woman sitting in the lounge with a blonde, blue eyed White child sitting in her lap. I knew this wasn’t her kid and my hunch was confirmed when she told another woman she and her husband adopted the kid along with another blonde girl and that the mother chose them over several other couples. The husband walks in and he’s a flaming homosexual man who couldn’t by any stretch of the imagination be having relations with this woman. It made me sick to my stomach to think they married out of convenience so they could adopt and she could get a green card.

  10. @ George,

    Wouldn’t be so sure those girls are as starry eyed and liberal as they look. Like you, they couldn’t find other jobs. Then they repeat what they are supposed to say, to make it all feel ok, to try to get through it all, rather than look at the cultural and social betrayal that has put them in such a dangerous situation for a job, a job they never really wanted, perhaps, b/c they would have loved to be home trying wonderful new recipes for their own families in a safe environment. Rest assured, if kids are saying these scary things in front of you, they say them in front of those ‘libtards’ also.

    @ Rudel,

    Houses will be torn down —this is a new job!– in order to build new ones. We are taught, ‘destruction and de-construction, always comes before the wonderful new stuff!

    One of the more disturbing endless themes of propaganda-movies that no one speaks of is the preponderance of story-lines in which a sad white family split apart by their usual insert-white-deficit (supposed materialism, adultry, etc.) is brought together by a home invasion.

    They cannot be “robberies” anymore— for the language for the average American has been Militarized. They are “home invasions.” And they are a surefire way to bring your family together. Whether it’s Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman as the diamond dealing family brought together by home invasion, or the remake of Cape Fear, or all the DieHard franchise, or whatever—- there is nothing like a good home invasion-that-used-to-be-called-a-robbery to make your broken family close again.

    Also, the militarization of home assaults –this assault on the family– normalizes a situation of defense for average citizens. Predictive programming, perhaps, for other forms of invasion, making one wonder if those are to be anticipated.

    At the end of Foucault’s Birth of a Prison, he discusses the panopticon (if I recall correctly). The movement of ‘power’ from visual forms of public punishment, s/a drawing and quartering, and the abuses of catholic inquisitions, raw torture— to the internalized forms of self-censure and censorship.

    None of the ‘street cameras’ even need to be turned on—- as long as the population does not know if they are on or off. The threat will cause them to self-police.

    At any rate, it is all very strange to small-town people just trying to go to church. Who really don’t have a huge desire to do all the various sins that have been made available and who try to insulate themselves from such an atmosphere.

    They do wind up not having a clue as to how much of the population makes money. Blindly, they struggle to not live in the new transient enclaves bought up by people living on largesse from lawsuits, or redistribution incomes, etc.

  11. Degeneracy is a common thing in world history. There is never really an end to decadence. It just invites the inevitable correction. I think we are at the beginning of the correction.

    As for miscegenation, it is horrible and disgusting. In Central and Eastern Europe, there were all kinds of mixed families, particularly in Yugoslavia. While not exactly the same thing, intermarriage didn’t stop Yugoslavia from blowing apart after the Cold War.

  12. This is The Shinning City on a Hill: Check on You Tube: 1.) Illumanati New West Orders Fuck Masons 2012 2.) Fuck Jay-Z Mason Illumanati ass Nigga The Games vs. Jay-Z and on google search: 3.) Bitchie Mail: Beyonces Boots and Ring——SO HOW DOES THE BLACK NOBILITY AND PRINCE HALL FIT INTO BRA? The Black Muslims want seperation and their own country, dont want white sluts, dont cuss and know the score about the Slave Trade and who was behind it. Richard Kelly Hoskins calls the controllers—The International Trade Cartel (ITC) and we all know what that is…..

  13. While not exactly the same thing, intermarriage didn’t stop Yugoslavia from blowing apart after the Cold War….”

    that seems to have been the fantasy. Like “elites” marrying another kingdom, their solution. My daughter will marry your son, and then our kingdoms won’t fight. Maybe it worked better, on the individual level, for real kings and queens, lol.

    The application of the idea to whole populations, and forcing the most disparate populations together? In the end, it seems to be experienced silently by all as societal and cultural betrayal.

    But even that has been made useful. The gnawing sense of alienation is codified to the public as something other than it really is—- and then the solutions are offered. Over and over— narratives are offered to the public about why they feel alienated in the way they do (“capitalism,” or if that argument fails, it is psychiatrically explained —the whole point of psychiatry is this narrative— that a past trauma has occurred from which one is never cured, or your mommies and daddies were bad people, etc., and if that fails, maybe religion, in that the end fo the world must be here now….)

    Whatever the case, the “solution narratives” for what ails a person— will never really name it.

  14. @ Michael Dean Miller:

    “George, my friend, please get audio/video of this and ‘Let candid facts be known to the World’”

    – If I were independantly wealthy and did not need to find another job, I might do so. But consider this: both film footage and audio would change nothing as it would not be broadcast on any MSM medium (it would be made to disappear forever). Also, if it were to appear on YouTube or the like, the same would happen. If such “evidence” were to appear anywhere at all, it would be on some obscure website that only WN’s would visit. Additionally, I would become instantly unemployable (and finding a job is hard enough as it is). I would also be subject to instant lawsuits from the parents of all these little darlings, since their faces and voices would be exposed to the public and they could (theoretically) become the targets of stalking pedophiles. Such action on my part would also be construed to be “child abuse” by the courts (even though it is not, the company that I work for would be pushing that agenda out of pure vengence). Maybe if I were old and alone- but I have my wife and family to consider. We Whites do not have the multitude of political advocacy organizations in our corner that the Jews (and even the blacks and others) do to help us. Our own politicians condemn anyone who would expose such rackets as this one I speak of. No thank you, that would be one very expensive and unwise choice on my part. I will simply move on and find other employment. You have to understand that this is a big money maker , just as is all the rest of the make-work “rehabilitation” industry along with the prison industry, the street-drug industry (that helps bring more fodder to the two former industries) and nothing short of outright rebellion along with all the blood, tears and hurt that goes with it will change this corrupt society and government now.

  15. @ Dixiegirl:

    “Wouldn’t be so sure those girls are as starry eyed and liberal as they look. Like you, they couldn’t find other jobs. Then they repeat what they are supposed to say, to make it all feel ok, to try to get through it all, rather ….”

    Yes Dixiegirl, you are probably right about that and it is a possibility that I should have considered before making my comment. I only have these kids for a couple of hours during the trip, but those young ladies have them for most of the day. I sincerely hope that they too, can find other, more pleasant employment.

  16. Yeah, throwing money at problems has always worked. *Cough* I had to drive past several abandoned high-rise housing projects in Newark en route to work every morning. I felt I had no choice but accept a job in that hellhole years after my family escaped there when I was a child. And every day I saw the reality of what throwing money at problems wrought. I only wish I had been allowed to push the button when they were finally demolished.

    Funny that this Blow character doesn’t offer any real solutions, only vague platitudes like investing in education, infrastructure, industry, blah, blah, blah. There is no amount of investment that can make up for the moral decline of our country. None.

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