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  1. The problem of living in the South is that there are so many of them there. What’s the number I came up with in a previous post, 22 million I think in Dixie?

    So they naturally form up into gangs and cliques and start acting out like this. Of course there are enough of them to cause trouble in almost every major city in America, but you get into the “Far West” and you will pretty much never run into this sort of thing.

    Oregon has only 300,000 blacks total, and they are congregated in Portland metro area. Still enough to have incidents like this and a constant stream of shootings. Nearly 100% of the street shootings in Portland are blacks.

  2. The problem is not the Black Undertow.

    The incident above is only a symptom of the real problem: we do not have control over our government. Once upon a time, there were segregation laws in the South that kept the Black Undertow out of restaurants like Waffle House.

    What happened to the Jim Crow system? The Civil Rights Rights Act of 1964 destroyed segregation. In Katzenbach vs. McClung, the Warren Court upheld the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forced Ollie’s Barbecue in Birmingham to cater to the Black Undertow.

    Because of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Katzenbach vs. McClung, every restaurant in Dixie is required by federal law to cater to the Black Undertow. This is the logical and inevitable result of not having control over our government.

    The illegal alien problem is another symptom of not having control over our government. The same is true of miscegenation and the integration of Southern universities. That was also imposed upon us against our will.

    What is the root cause of the problem? The Union is the problem, not the Black Undertow.

  3. Plan: Obtain many cases of Raven .25 caliber pistols. Obtain many cases of .25 caliber ammo. Obtain many cases of Watermelon Mad Dog 20/20. Pepper carefully chosen sites with Care Packages of pistols, bullets and wine.

    Desired outcome: An end to unarmed fights at Awful House.

  4. Damn you, Hunter. That fight at Waffle House proves that you Alabama boys have been keeping the bruthas down. Those poor down-trodden niggers can’t even afford guns to kill each other with. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. Years ago in a southern city Waffle House, A Waitress overheard some Blacks plotting a crime to rob a 7-11. They robbed it and and killed the Man and Woman who were working there who were married and had a large family. The Waitress heard about the robbery and killings so she told police about the persons who talked about robbing a 7-11. The Police were able to apprehend the robbers. The BRA is what the ITC wants. The ITC is International Trade Cartel that Richard Kelly Hoskins talks about in his works. Dr. Malachi Z York-El (Dwight York) is called The Messiah by Farrakan. The ITC neutralized him and put him jail for child molestation. York does not fit into BRA.

  6. Waffle House? OMG. From a Yankee, used to ‘segregated’ (all restaurants in MN are non-smoking) system, stepping into a WH was like going back in time (and not a ‘good going back, if you follow me) 50 years. Even though there was a ‘non-smoking’ section, the entire restaurant ‘reeked’ of cig smoke, as well as grease.

    But I never saw anything like this, the two (count’em) times I tried a WH. After that, going to an IHOP was a step UP the ladder in cuisine. (and that’s meant to be an insult, btw.) Though I do mis Chik-Fil-A…..

    But Hunter’s right, it’s not the WH, it’s BRA that is at fault.

  7. There’s nothing funny about that video except the strange white wigger boy talking to the camera. He’s funny “peculiar”, not funny “ha-ha”.

    I would not cry a tear if every one of those fine black youth were lined up against a wall and shot.

  8. ” … but you get into the “Far West” and you will pretty much never run into this sort of thing”

    Oh yes you certainly will. I’ve lived out here my entire life and it gets worse every year.

    I’ve moved several times to get away from non-whites. Every place I move to, is eventually ruined by WHITES who import the non-white problems.

    The problem is the white mind. You can’t convince it to support anything other than suicide.

  9. “Oregon has only 300,000 blacks total”

    Oregon has only around 60,000 blacks. And they pretty much stick to themselves in the North and far East sides of Portland.

  10. “Zombies are a metaphor for the Black Undertow.” Funny, that totally fits.

    After my initial reaction to this video (shock), I have to wonder, what do these boys do for a living? They’re adults. My first guess would be a mix of crime and welfare. When I see comments on here and a few other blogs about “The Day the EBT Cards Stop Working,” it really frightens me.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with the story a few months ago in Georgia where the EBT cards did stop working. But in case you aren’t:


    It’s interesting to note that the news story mentioned people waiting at the county offices all day to get this corrected. Why then, could they not direct their efforts towards getting themselves off the government dole? The answer is obvious.

  11. is there a niggerbabble translation app for the iphone yet? Because I could not understand more than 2 or 3 words in that whole video. That, to me, is causes the most amount of dissonance with respect to the DWL mind. The violence and chimp like behavior is easy enough to excuse with the poverty lie. But what about the fact that these black “people” literally bark at each other like wild animals? How can anyone say with a straight face that they’re just like us?

    I wish some white person good with software would write that damn Phat Flava Ebonics Translata already so I could follow along with these videos.

  12. Maybe I just hit on the way around segregation laws: voice activated automatic doors.

    To get into a chicken joint, liquor store, bank or white neighborhood the patron must utter a sentence into a mic where voice recognition software can unlock the door. Something like “The eclectic asks for the evolved truth”. Or even just instructions to say “ask” and these animals would be denied entry.

  13. Sorry, YT. “Maybe I just hit on the way around segregation laws: voice activated automatic doors.”

    That be racisssss.

    (‘T’ -Where’s the ‘t’?)

  14. The black mind has some loose screws and springs ready to pop into uncontrollable chaos. Imagine being a white anti-racist and your whole pathetic life is dedicated to the proposition that everyone is really white underneath and we would all be better off if the real white people could be eliminated so as to free the inner whiteness of the colored masses.

    The Left is either a crime or a joke and or both.

  15. Hunter writes:

    “Oregon has the same system we do.”

    Not really. Blacks there and elsewhere outside the South are concentrated in urban ghettos. You can travel all over Yankeeland and not see a single nigger. In the South they are smeared all over the place with literally dozens of black majority counties:

  16. 46 percent of “African-Americans” live in the Northern states. You have the same laws there that we do. In fact, the only reason we have integration here is because the North voted 9 to 1 to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    The difference between the North and the South is that Yankeeland, which created the very idea of black citizenship and civil rights, thought it was such a great idea that the U.S. military ought to be deployed to extend their own system nationwide.

  17. stonelifter says:
    November 21, 2011 at 1:32 pm
    not a well thrown punch in the whole damn video. That’s a blessing for us White folk

    JR replies – agreed. But in these mob type violence situations, it’s not some fair boxing match and the key to victory survival is to either be able to form large enough White mobs who will enter these types of fights or to flee, avoid such situations. White used to be able to do mob racial violence about 75 years ago, but for many reasons our side hasn’t been able to do well in these things. This is another reason I am against Whites spending so much time and money on guns. Surviving public school or jail or a trip to the waffle house doesn’t involve having or using lots of guns.

  18. Hunter, that’s a rather salient point about The Walking Dead. Merle Dixon puts the nigger and BRA enforcement cop in their place. The scalawags and niggers partnered to chain Merle to a rooftop. The emancipated kaffirs in South Africa miss apartheid (the smart ones anyway). T Dog attempts to give Merle the tools to free himself. Perhaps because he recognizes that Merle da’ raciss’ can save his sorry ass.

    Observe the relationship between Rick and Shane. Whilst pretending to be a friend, Judaic Shane (played by Bernthal) betrays him and fucks his wife. Shane later kills a good Southern man (Otis) to save his own ass and Karl. Shane has cuckolded Rick and wants to be Karl’s hero and regain the trust of Laurie.

    Hunter, you should do a write up on The Walking Dead. Lot’s of commentary on race realism, BRA, and even the Judaic question on that program.

  19. “This is another reason I am against Whites spending so much time and money on guns.”

    Uh oh. Looks like “Jack” is another “concern troll” falsely trying to pass as a friend to whites. The main reason niggers don’t run wild in white areas is that we whites are armed and dangerous and will not hesitate to shoot the jungle bunnies when they get out of hand. Your jew anti-gun propaganda is seditious tripe.

  20. Merle returned in the episode before last. Daryl was on shrooms. In his dreams, Merle told Daryl that the group is nothing but a bunch of Democrats who thought he was a white trash redneck, and that he had become their errand boy.

    Mere is/was the best character in The Walking Dead – the demonic caricature of the Southern racist. In the episode before last, Daryl was riding a motorcycle with “SS” on the side.

  21. Daryl is payed by Norman Reedus. He was one of the brothers in “The Boodock Saints” ( a persona fave) – and Norman is HAWT.


  22. My last post was intended to encourage Whites to be prepared for all kinds of physical altercations where reliance on guns isn’t practical – like these Black teens doing a chimp out at a Waffle House. Much as some people fantasize about slaughtering any and all Black teens who behave in an unruley manner – it just isn’t practical to rely on guns in most of these circumstances.

    Going back over some Southern history, I note that former very pro White Georgia Governor Lester Maddox first rose to fame when he and his employees, White patrons charged in to hand to hand combat against and invading Black mob wielding some type of hand irons. The Black mob was trying to forceably invade/integrate his Whites only restaurant in Atlanta. Here’s the link:


    “Restaurant owner
    In 1944, Maddox, along with his wife, the former Virginia Cox, used $400 they had saved to open up a combination grocery store/restaurant, called Lester’s Grill.[2] Building on that success, the couple then bought property on Hemphill Avenue off the Georgia Tech campus to open up the Pickrick Restaurant.[3]
    Maddox made the Pickrick a family affair, with his wife and children working side-by-side with him. The restaurant became known for its simple, inexpensive Southern cuisine, including its specialty, skillet-fried chicken. It soon became a thriving business. The restaurant also provided Maddox with his first political forum: the restaurant became well known in Atlanta for large newspaper advertisements that featured cartoon chickens. Following the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954, these restaurant ads began more and more to feature the cartoon chickens commenting on the political questions of the day.

    However, Maddox’s refusal to adjust to changes following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 manifested itself when he filed a lawsuit to continue his segregationist policies. Maddox said that he would close his restaurant rather than serve black people. An initial group of black demonstrators came to the restaurant but did not enter when Maddox informed them that he had a large number of black employees. In April 1964, more African-Americans attempted to enter the restaurant. Maddox confronted the group, brandishing a handgun.[1] Maddox provides the following account of the events:

    Mostly customers, with only a few employees, voluntarily removed the twelve Pickrick Drumsticks (pick handles) from the nail kegs on each side of the large dining room fireplace. They had been forewarned by the arrival of Atlanta’s news media of an impending attempted invasion of our restaurant by the racial demonstrators and once the demonstrators and agitators arrived, the customers and employees pulled the drumsticks from the kegs and went outside to defend against the threatened invasion.[4]

  23. Maurice Bessinger of Columbia, S.C. who owned Piggy Park Resturants with Beefalow Hamburgers of Bison was like Lester to. he rode a White Horse to Capital, but he mellowed out in the end……

  24. Thanks Rudel – yes, you are right – it was an “ax handle” that Lester Mob took to do hand to hand combat with the invading Black mob. And my point is that we need to somehow rekindle that ability for Whites to wade in to crowds of hostile Blacks/NWs and not fall back on gun fantasies. White children need to be able to go to public schools and not back down with NW bullies jump them, bully them. And we can’t have White mayors, political officials backing down over some protest by the likes of Al Sharpton – sure we would love to have some White authorities like Frank Rizzo who would run over Black criminal protestors with tanks or something, but we somehow need to find Whites who can jump in there when mobs of Black punks are causing trouble at some waffle house or anywhere.

  25. Sorry for the typo – the great White Georgian restaurant owner, later the governor of the state was of course Lester Maddox.

  26. Wow! Lester sounds like a swell gent! And that skillet chicken sounds fabulous….I know it’s “unhealthy” – but fried chicken is…better’n any drug could ever be..sigh….

    You can dominate them with your eyes. I have. many times. You don’t want them on a full-out Grand Mal Chimp Out – then you’ll need axe handles, shotguns, machetes, etc…you just don’t let them get started, in the first place. The FIRST second they begin the huffing and heavy breathing, the nostrils begin flaring, and the fingers start twitching – you end it right THERE.

  27. Hey – I’ve been reading up on this Merle character, in “The Walking Dead”. I ever got started on the show. I don’t watch regular TV series…..

    Anyway – Merle apparently has a HUGE fan base. He is beloved, and his fan base is rabid. This is why the producers brough him back. I guess they are trying to figure how to incorporate his return – since he’s dead. He’s described as a “despicable racist”, et al……but he generates a lot of “buzz”. A LOT of ‘buzz”…

    Hhhhmmmm…..sounds like the Evil White Redneck Racist KNAAAZZEEE is not an Imago so easily dispelled. Or an Archetype not WANTED dispelled. Hhhhmmm…….how successful is this show?

    Is Merle a Sign and Portent?

  28. Jack,

    I see your point with teenagers but I don’t see WNs in any situation where they are in or near a waffle house full of jigs. Jigs always have guns anyway and everyone that can get a CC should have one. So other than keeping oneself out of jail for brandishing a weapon illegally whats the advantage?

    Oh, and even if a mob of blacks were run over with a tank, I have a feeling that they would fuck up greasing the treads anyway. Probably even corrosive…I mean, what else have they ever NOT destroyed?

  29. Hunter: Check out DEFENDING MY HERITAGE by Maurice Bessinger. I met him in 70s and all he wanted to do was talk about Hal Lindsey and the rapture. In 2010 he took down the Rebel Flags over his resturants—due to slow business of bad economy? As far as this topic is concerned, if you see one or a bunch of out of control blacks and you do something, some of whites there might go to court and say you were in wrong and say it was your fault. Tom Metzger is right about LONE WOLF and what you must do. If I see them, I avoid them, get the heck away from them. If you cant then stand your ground. Stay away from places that could be a problem. THE BRA PRINCE HALL CROWD is put there by the ITC. International Trade Cartel which Richard Kelly Hoskins explains perfectly in his IN THE BEGINING.

  30. I saw this sort of thing many times during my NYC bike messengering years. Often I’d have to deliver in or near a marginal or black neighborhood, and run afoul of & escape a gang of blacks just wandering around in a pack, looking for trouble or someone to victimize; you can take the bunny out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the bunny. It’s in their genes, like civilization is in ours. But my favorite episode is actually quite mild. It’s early AM, a Saturday, and I’m riding thru an apparently deserted black neighborhood near Ft. Green. Then a truck comes down the street, driving very slowly. Carrying a load of watermelons. W/in seconds hundreds of howling, panting Congoids of all ages and both sexes appeared, running right by me, swarmed that truck, and carried off every single watermelon in a matter of seconds. A minute later, like nothing had happened. A quiet, peaceful, apparently deserted neighborhood.

  31. YT: what else have they ever NOT destroyed?

    That is the essence of the African. Back before the fall of civilization in South Africa, we had a nuclear research institute that was reported to have found a cheaper way to split the atom: give it to a kaffir and tell him not to break it. At last report (this was several years ago – I no longer follow the news here; how many times can you watch Planet of the Apes?) the Defence Farce had only two (2) functional tanks left. Almost certainly those two are scrap by now.

  32. Hunter: Check this resturant out: Maurice Bessingers –Porky Park…and look at Maurice Bessingers Words of Wisdom on google……Waffle House, Ha Ha! what about Porky Park Ha Ha Ha!

  33. Check out: You Tube —Politics and BBQ. Lester Maddox, Orvil Faustus, George Wallace and Strom Thurmond, all had their day. But, the most militant real thing, powerful and not phoney was Dixie White Man , Pastor Buddy Tucker. He takes no credit and only is interested in the Message! He is back on Truth From God.com´´ÓTHER ARTICLES…… Under him I put Theodore Bilbo……..Huey Long and Gerald L.K.Smith………

  34. YT says:

    I see your point with teenagers but I don’t see WNs in any situation where they are in or near a waffle house full of jigs. Jigs always have guns anyway and everyone that can get a CC should have one. So other than keeping oneself out of jail for brandishing a weapon illegally whats the advantage?”

    Jack Replies:
    I fully support racially conscioius Whites to get C.C. and learn to use guns in an effective, responsible manner – the 2nd Amendment is one good thing about America that Whites in other countries don’t have.

    My point is that we can’t fall back on guns for all conflicts – whether it is a racially charged local political campaign, public school issues like Memphis Blacks looking to take over White flight county schools outside of Memphis – or just standing up to some Black punk/thug sexually harassing a White female on public transportation. Whites need to learn courage and confidence that they can stand up for the legitimate rights of our people without having to rely on guns.

    Urban Blacks can smell fear in Whites – it is true that they are like packs of wild dogs – animals. We Whites need to be more like animals, more physical, natural and less intellectual. Most Blacks do respect a White guy who stands up for himself and for his people – Blacks respect tough White boxers and Whites have now dominated the heavier boxing divisions for about 10 years. Blacks, NWs respect White biker clubs/gangs – check out the security job the Hells Angels did for the Rolling Stones concert in Altamont CA where some Black thug with a White whore GF was causing trouble, actually took out a gun to try to shoot at the stage/HA – and the HA killed the guy with a knife. The HA’s response was appropriate, effective – they were found innocent in a court of law. Here’s the link:

  35. “. . .Orvil Faustus. . .”

    Orval Faubus

    Orval Eugene Faubus (January 7, 1910 — December 14, 1994)[1] was the 36th Governor of Arkansas, serving from 1955 to 1967. He is best known for his 1957 stand against the desegregation of Little Rock public schools during the Little Rock Crisis, in which he defied a unanimous decision of the United States Supreme Court by ordering the Arkansas National Guard to stop African American students from attending Little Rock Central High School. Despite his initial staunch segregationist stances, Faubus moderated his positions later in life.


  36. this is better than someone really getting hurt better than the coward people jumping one person.it was actually kida fair fight.i actually commend my ppl for no one gettung hurt etc.

  37. still dumb ass violence the waffle house is not safe anyway for anyone really look at all the violent fights etc no security i will never go there to cheap means poverty stricken people,gangs,no hope,dumb and stupid people from all walks of life rejects,rapist and murderers white,black,mexican etc etc etc the house of bad business the famous no real security having waffl house and all similar businesses to the waffle.Mcdonalds in the hood nasty employees that spit and piss in peoples food chicago and all types of other places be careful out there people protect your families exspecially the little .peace maybe if good people including black fight back legally things or places can get better.it is possible on one give people with backgrounds or from the hood jobs even all of them are not really bad.we need to help more.give them night jobs makes the streets etc safer just a suggestion

  38. Single Mom, down on my luck, I worked at a Waffle House in FL 1999-2001. I didn’t think I’d survive it. It made me even tougher. That scene depicted in the video was just typical of BCR week, the Florida Classic, the Zora Festival weekends. Plus, when the “club” let out, we’d get tons of them screaming at us, threatening us, throwing food, ripping out booths. Paddy wagons were how we responded. We had the local cops on speed dial. The only thing those thugs didn’t do was tip. They called us crackers, and spit at us instead.

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