Epic PC Iraq War Vet: The Education of Jim Hardie

Iraq War veteran brawls with the Black Undertow


Jim Hardie is a Northern White man and unemployed Iraq War veteran who is using public transportation in Lacey, Washington to search for a job to feed his family.

He takes his seat at the back at the bus after a full day of unsuccessful  job searching in the Obama economy. Unfortunately, three representatives of the Black Undertow are on the bus this fateful afternoon, and Jim Hardie is about to receive a lesson in race realism that will crush his naive illusions.

The African-Americans are harassing other passengers, casually using the term “nigger,” and calling White women on the bus “White bitches.” Something in Jim Hardie snapped and he decided to teach them a lesson:

“LACEY, Wash. – Jim Hardie doesn’t really see himself as much of a hero.

“I really don’t feel like I have any more value than anybody else,” he said.

He’s a family man with an eight-year run in the Marine Corps. But for the last two years he’s been riding the bus in search of a job.

Last week after a full day of searching, Jim sat across from three guys he felt were being disrespectful to everyone on the bus.

But instead of turning the other way, he looked at them and said “Given the nature of what we’ve gone through with the word nigger it’s not appropriate to loosely throw that word around or refer to white women as white bitches and I’d appreciate if they stopped that.”

That’s when Jim says the guys focused in on him, arguing – then hitting – before jumping off the bus.
“I put myself at risk to protect everybody,” he said.

“At the end of the day everybody on that bus was safer, at the end of the day good prevailed,” said Jim’s brother Jefferey.

People on the bus applauded afterwards and Jim says he’d do it again. He says he was just speaking up for what he felt was right.

“I hope people in that situation will not be afraid to stand up to other people and tell them to be respectful. They have a right to do so,” he said.”

Let’s have some sympathy for Jim Hardie and his fellow bus passengers.

African-Americans are only 5.7 percent of the population of Lacey, Washington. White people in the Pacific Northwest probably grow up believing the bullshit about race and segregation they are taught in public schools by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson. They are taught from the earliest age to believe that using the word “nigger” is the problem in America, not the way niggers are acting in “free society.”

The only thing most of these Northerners like Jim Hardie know about Jim Crow segregation in public transportation is that Civil Rights Martyr Rosa Parks was forced to sit at the back of the bus in 1955. They are unaware of the fact that African-Americans are 83.6 percent of the passengers on Montgomery public transportation in the year 2012.

In Montgomery, White people don’t ride the bus anymore, whether it be at the front, back, or middle because the Black Undertow has made public transportation unsafe. In 2011, packs of African-American youths terrorized White passengers on Chicago buses and the MARTA train system in Atlanta.

Even in the meekest Northern White man, Jim Hardie shows there is a tiger that can be aroused when he is pushed to his limit. He struck a blow for freedom for everyone on that bus.

Note: In the Hollywood movie, Will Smith will be cast as the Iraq War veteran who beats down three Neo-Nazis for calling African-American women “sheboons.”

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  1. At the end do I see a white girl going off the bus and pushing away a bro?
    Think so. I guess she is use to being called whit bitch at home.

  2. You left out the best part of the quote! After ““I put myself at risk to protect everybody,” the marine went on to say, “that’s just what we do as [white] people.”

  3. White people in the Pacific Northwest probably grow up believing the bullshit about race and segregation they are taught in public schools

    This is very true. I spent ten years in Montana. It had almost no blacks except on Malmstrom AFB. The population generally speaking loved them. My wife had little knowledge of their herd behavior. Now living in the south along with some of her other family members, it is enlightening to witness their attitudes evolve.

    Overall, Montana is a good place to get away from the black undertow as long as you can stand the loooong winters and subzero temps.

  4. $50 says that a half-dozen bros shoot that man on the bus and it doesn’t get so much as 1″ on the back page of the local fish-wrap.

  5. Well grousing about the negroes is all well and good but if you want to learn to be effective then come to BUGs and learn the Mantra techiniques. First we sharpen the mind and then the body will follow and then incidents like this will happen so often that the anti-White elite will have a mental breakdown.

  6. This story talks up Hardie like he’s some kind of hero. Uhm, hate to break this to you, but he didn’t do shit. The niggers landed all the punches, and he had to be “rescued” by some local Marxist c*nt as the three were getting off the bus, and still punching him, mind you. I don’t give one shit about his “vet” status. He got his ass kicked by niggers who still would have had at him, if not for the Obama 2012 mudshark . Hardie’s no Epic Beard Man. He seemed offended by the word ‘nigger’ (why?!) and he can take that phoney modesty act and shove it up his brothers ass. Be on the lookout for possible future stories where this loser gets arrested for domestic violence.

  7. Chris – at least Hardie said something. Considering the clue-lessness, pandering, and slobeering over Nigras, and Others, that the vast majority of the White Race does, every single day – Hardie dared to tell Niggers to behave. MAJOR advancement, these days.

  8. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 6, 2012 at 8:52 pm
    “The mantra is for people who know almost nothing about race.”

    Thank you. I LOVe Bob Whittaker. I thnk he’s briliant and more important – charming and loads fun.

    The mantra is not the be all and end all, though. I’ve seen people go on the Mantra Chant, when the situation realy doesn’t apply. It’s GREAT whne it does apply – but it doesn’t always apply.

    There must be other tactics, to other challenges.

  9. There was an ever so brief moment of white man-ness when he broke his silence and told the Black Undertow not to use the word White bitches. He defended their honor which is almost unheard of today.

  10. “The mantra is for people who know almost nothing about race.”

    Could you please explain what you mean by that Mr. Wallace?

  11. Am I missing something? Is this guy angry about negros calling each other “nigger”? Is his anger about the negros calling White women “White bitches” secondary? Or does he make an issue out of them calling each other “nigger” as cover for his anger about negros disrespecting White women? Probably won’t ever know for certain

    He’s no hero if he’s pissed over negros calling each other “nigger”. However, he’s a hero if that statement is cover for him being angry about negros disrespecting White folk….. and smart enough to know how to cover his actions

    He’s out numbered and a small man. He doesn’t do a bad job fighting, given the times and rules we live in. The White man would be in jail for damn near life if he puled a gun/ knife or gouged an eye. Real life violence is not like the movies. Men lose fights, there’s no shame in losing. The shame is in not fighting. And lets face it, marines lose. It’s what they do

    That last statement isn’t true but I couldn’t resist poking at my brother-in-law.

  12. This story raises an important point.

    Blacks gave this guy a few punches. Learn to box, own a gun, problem solved.

    Jews (with a very, very few honorable exceptions), on the other hand, have kept him unemployed for two years with a defacto open borders immigration policy. How do you defend yourself against that?

    We live in JRA, not BRA, and you all know it.

  13. I am multi-cultured because I have lived many places including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Oregon and Washington not to mentiondifferent places around the world such Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, and too many places in the middle-east.
    I mention this to address many comments eluding to me having any type of disillusionment or niavity toward others of different race than me. I know what racism, prejudice and bigotry is. There are some who should remember to “Love” first. Love your neighbor and your enemy. Doesn’t mean you have to be friends or like ’em. In fact, these youths may need lots of love in the form of a “Rod” or “?” to learn a lesson about being repectful for others.

  14. Furthermore, I am fully aware that the white race is an endagered species; a minority in the US population and World population. My experiences with blacks in particlar are extensive and personal. When I was younger, I went to an all black school with only 11 other whites in the whole school. In my overall unbiased opion based upon multicultural experiences with other races and cultures, blacks by far are the most racist, prejudice, and aggressive when it comes to voicing displesure or carring out acts of violence agianst whites.

  15. We track these incidents daily on a nationwide basis here. If you search through the archives here, you will find countless similar examples of black-on-white bus/train attacks.

    For some reason, Oregon and Washington have shown an unusual spike in these attacks lately. The blacks who ride public transportation out there are noticeably bolder than elsewhere.

  16. Chris your an idiot degenerat, totaly lost in the sauce. I am a hero, and many times over. I have no problem with anyword. I felt froggy that day and wanted to make a big deal about it so that I could smack that big son of B#*%h and his loser gangster buddies. I wasn’t scaved, they couldn’t fight. The short little video segment may have looked bad for me because their was much you couldn’t see and did not see. While being hit repeatedly with poor shots to my skull which definetly hurt his hand more; a lady was knocked on top of my leg and waist area preventing movement from that spot. Also there were 2 small children in front that I was also trying not to disturb while waiting for the lady who was shoved me to move and give me the opprotunity to get up and fight. Upon me getting up, they all lost there muster to continue a brawl. You couldn’t see me kicking and devestating the largest guys knee agianst a passenger seat at the same time as being hit on the grape and waiting for innocents to get out of my way.

  17. Chris you really have me disturbed right now. I really would appreciate a white or red dragon to order a beating on you for attempting to slander me.

  18. Thank you for your support and comments.

    Jim Hardie

    P.S. Chris everyone in my family is white and has blue or green eyes. With the exception of a small amount of genetic polution caused from my great white grandfather procreating with a full native tribal girl my geneolgy is 90% pure. I know yours is not because of how ignorant you have demonstrated your self to be through your deportment and poor judgment. You have an “F” for the Anthropology trait. A. Hitler would of had you exterminated. Unfortunatly for us there was a war and lucky for you that war needed labor allowing your ancestors to survice and procreate more geneticly tainted garbage like you.

  19. 313Chris is from Detroit.

    He is on the front lines so to speak. His life experiences has left him with little sympathy for the Black Undertow.

    Note: The Black Undertow is the generic term we use to refer to this class of thugs.

  20. (StoneLifter), “Or does he make an issue out of them calling each other “nigger” as cover for his anger about negros disrespecting White women? Probably won’t ever know for certain”

    You can know for certain because I will tell you. I did make an issue because of the “White Bitch” comments. They got on the bus and sat next to the wronge whiteboy that day. Luck was on there side. Some say luck was on my side, but only me and my wife know what I would have done given more time, space and opprotunity. I have very basic martial art skills learned while a grunt in the Marine Corps. Its enough to get buy. Those 3 never had a chance and were very lucky that day. If there were Less witnesses and no cops, everything would have been handled differently. I have fun hurting guys like that. I always have. No I have a record for assualt, there really not much I can do besides wait to be hit first in front of plenty of witnesses before responding. I know the world would have loved to see a good beating, so would I have, but I had to accept the margins I am constrained by. Sorry I couldn’t have done more, but I was affraid of going back to jail and not being able to support my family.

  21. Good job.

    I remember hearing about your story that night in the gym: thought to myself it was a stand up thing to respond to those blacks who were calling women “white bitches” on the bus.

    This is how they act in Portland:


    They had this little kid screaming “mommie, I don’t want you to die.”

    This woman was stabbed by a crazy black woman with an ice pick on a bus in Seattle back in January:


    There have been no less than 700 assaults (virtually all of them involving the Black Undertow) on three bus routes in Seattle alone in the last year:


  22. Since this happened, I will also note that the term “Zimmerman’d” has entered the English language. He was granted $150K bail this afternoon for defending himself while “white-Hispanic.”

  23. Hunter, it’s ironic you have web addressed a site refering to artical about another black on white crime in Portland. For it was the NE Portland, 9th and Alberta where I lived and first had experienced the hatred blacks truly have for whites. I’ve seen whites killed, beaten and carried away in ambulances no longer breathing for simply being white in the wronge neighborhood at the wronge hour.
    No, I will not be able to tell my side of the story anymore than I have. If I shared by opinions, it would surly end any chance for career advancement. Every bit of these typed words are forever digitly recorded and able to be recalled to be used against us for charactor assisination and blackmale. I not mayer or governor yet.

  24. Oh, we know.

    I’m using a pseudonym here for a reason. It is culturally illegal to write honestly about black people in this society. As George Zimmerman found out in Florida, it is now even illegal to defend yourself from one of Obama’s sons while “white-Hispanic.”

    Welcome to Black Run Amerika – a society in which every public and private institution in America has been run for the exclusive benefit of black people since 1965. We have written extensively about Black Run Amerika (the period of history we are now living through) here and elsewhere.

    BRA is a kind of anti-white Jim Crow in reverse.

  25. Here are some of the other greatest hits from January:





    This is from the same day that I heard about your story:


  26. @Jim Hardie

    Sheesh, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? The security video from the bus is as exactly as I described it — you hesitantly said something to them, they beat up on you, and some woman held them back after they got off the bus. End of story.

    The fact that you are a veteran does not make you a hero, and you are not entitled to expect those accolades from anyone. No one forced you to go to Iraq, I sure as hell didn’t ask you to go, and what you did there doesn’t make a shit’s worth of difference to happens in places like Detroit or anywhere else.

    Also, since you seem to want to unzip and get out the tape measure and try and prove something, I would say you’re ancestry is no white than mine. Perhaps it is less. You see, whatever miscegenation, if any, occured in my bloodline, would have taken place 1.) during the Roman Empire — so far back in time as to be genetically entombed forever, or 2.) during the 14th century, when Lipka Tatar’s were granted a settlement in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth — again, a span of genetic light-years. Meanwhile, your great-grandfather fucked Pocahontas’s ugly cousin back in the early 1900’s.

    Looks like Hitler might have exterminated YOU, Mr.”Dances with Niggers (and loses)”.

  27. (Pocahontas’s ugly cousin back in the early 1900?s.) That was really humerous Chris. Your wit is ousting. Maybe comedy would be a better suited carreer for you clown antics. Your disingeneous comments meant to anger me only shows your cowardice. Maybe you since you around Seattle, we can meet up Saturday to personally discuss this matter further. I would appreciate a very personal up close encounter with you. You should bring a video camera to the meeting so you can always remember the meeting accuratly.
    Why are you assaulting my past carrer as a Marine infantryman. Dumbass, no one voluteered to go to Iraq or any other place you fail to mention. A war didn’t make me a hero, I’m a hero several times over because I have rescued, saved numerous others lives from being injured, maimed or killed. I put my own life in extreme dangerous situation for the saftey of others that they might have more opprotunity to live.
    Meet me Saturday in SeaTac. Coward out and make an excuse on why you wont be there and the world and your peers will know your heart is week. Say, you’ll come and we’ll know your liar. I’m in the phone book. I dont hide. I especially dont hide and talk shit to other like you. Your a liar on knowing your ancestry. Your a liar because of your comments. Your a liar!

  28. Ticket: Jimhardie613 the warrior vs Chris the propogandice sissy boy.
    Date: Saturday, 4/21/2012
    Time: When Chris accepts challenge

  29. Jim, Jim, Jim. Your years living with niggers have made you too jumpy. You aren’t among enemies here. No need for threats.

  30. I’m wondering if it’s even really him. I checked around the web for stories about that incident, and in more than couple comments sections, there are these recent additions from a ‘Jim Hardie’. Who knows…

    So ‘Jim Hardie’ want’s a fight with me, huh? Well, he’s always free to come to Detroit and look me up, considering that he doesn’t work, and I’ll happily oblige. But given how he fared against what looked like slightly-overweight teenage niggers, I don’t think fighting is his bag 🙂

  31. Don’t worry Jim. Chris313 is an aging “confirmed bachelor” ie. closet queer, of dubious Asiatic ancestry with a serious self esteem (lack thereof) problem which will surely be fixed permanently if he keeps living in that shit hole Detroit.

    Semper Fi

  32. Chris and Jim Hardie!!! KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!

    Jim – we rarely expect the subject of our Commentary to show up – so Welcome!

    Please stick around. Yes – it’s all “on record”. “Denise” is one of my Internet names – but barely. I’d be VERY easy to find. It’s also a family name. Mr. Hardie – you’re career advancement is already done for – you are a White man. You are screwed, in BRA. Da White Wimminz are stil rewarded, for MudSharking, but in places like South Africa, Rhodesia et al – White men are driven from power first. No matter how faithfully and sincerely ZOG has been served. White women – next.

    So don’t worry about it. We ether fight, or perish. you;ve already taken a stand. You’re screwed, inthe BRA.

    I don’t know what Chris wrote, that pissed you off so much – I didnt’ go al the way back through the thread – but stop. Forgive. Chris is my official White Nationalist Little Brother. He’s wonderful. He’s a White Man good and true. So stop YELLING at him.

    If he’s cheesed you off -stop . Forgive. He’s your bruder too. Hitler would not have exterminated him, or you. You are welcome here, and we all need to stop the fighting with each other. He is NOT your enemy. And DEAR GOD don’t listen to the troll Jewdel.

    Chris – your assessment of the video of the bus fight has apparently cheesed off good Mr Hardie. He’s right – you weren’t there. Have you ever done any cinematography, or taken any film-making classes? Whatever you see, on camera, is like..5-10% of what is actually happening. Camera angles Uber Alles. Please apologize, and take Mr. Hardie’s word for what happened. PLEASE note, my heart’s darling, that Mr Hardie actually said something, stood up – and FOUGHT. And he actually commented here.

    He’s not your enemy.

    Have either of you ever read about the day to day events of the Wild West? Manners were very important. You;d never know who would shoot you at any given second, if you snubbed some-one, and you’d never knew when the low-life looking scoundrel you’ve disdained one moment may be saving your life – literally – the next.

    We all need each other.

    So Chris – please welcome Mr Hardie here-in. I’m glad he came, and I hope he stays. And if we were all in the same room – I’d make you both shake hands. Really – I would. Cause I’m worse than BOTH of you put together. Ask Annie!

    Hugs to you Chris!

  33. Thank you Jim for answering my question!

    Wow that’s just fucking cool that you are here.

    Tip o the hat to you sir

    so confirmed bachelorhood makes you queer? or does it mean you know a lot about women and divorce laws/

  34. The last time direct “actors” showed up was on the Carter Strange thread, and that was a screech! The female sheboons showed up – which amused me immensely!….and so did the scolding School Marm Auntie of Carter. At least Hardie knows the score, on racial reality.

    Join the CoCC, Jim!

  35. Denise, Jim Hardie called out girlie man Chris from niggerville who won’t have the balls to show up. I got Jim’s back if he needs it but as a combat vet he won’t. I told Chrissie already what would happen to him if he runs into me a couple of months ago.

  36. @Jewdel

    Thanks, I will keep living in Detroit, until I die a happy old tomcat at the age of 100. You just concern yourself with appeasing all the feral niggers, who are allowed attack white people with impunity, in your Northwest Republic.

    Non Serviam

  37. Chris – I did research on Tatars. Tatars ROCK! Tatars are one of the many variations of Caucasian. But you knew that already…

    Good lord. I must get to bed. FYI – I got booted from Joobook today.

  38. Chris, what is your deal. Your fixed on trying to demonize me; a good man. That tells me too much about the type of person you are. Chris, I am 5′ 11”, 172lbs. I’m not so small and most people find my body type intimidating. I’m a nice guy though, its just my outward appearance. Anyways, me being of 6 foot demonstrates the sheer mass of that 6’5-7” fat body. They weren’t teenagers as some articals had said. Maybe the larger one was 19 who knows?
    I appreciate that there are intelligent people here who are able to articulate and illustrate more eloquent styles of communication with you. They seemed to humble you a little. Probually only because your peers were so respectful and merciful with you.
    Respect to me is a very big deal, and I have little tolerance for any boligerance or disrespect to me, my family or my very short list of friends. (Given your already demonstated persona) My list of friends is short because I have a hard time finding people with simular belief systems as me these days.

    And Chris, because of you enciting a riot with in me, CoCC pretty much just recieved a full interview from me through all of my comments responding to your debautery for me.

    Semper Fi.
    Respecfully Admitted,
    Jim Hardie

  39. Jim Hardie,

    We love Chris 313. Let it go. Just let is drop. You two will be fine. I’m certain you would both get along great, if you were in a real-world 3D OD bar. (Great idea, Hunter!). You’d probably like each other very much. You are both ALIKE. You are both Alpha maels – but direct your aggression towards your real enemies. Not each other.

    Noe – we have all had family and friends drop us, when we “came out” as White Advocates. So join the club. It’s a GREAT club! It’s simplly the chaff falling off the wheat.

    Stick around Jim Hardie. Settle in, and comment on other stories.

    Seriously – get to know the folks in the CoCC. Did Kyle interview you? He’s GREAT. really funny, “after hours”. Kyle’s the BEST.

    And – if you haven’t already, check out the SBDL site. It’s terrific! Also -the Irish Savant is genius. Get to know your global Volk!

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