Freedom Failed: Beverly Hope Melton’s Nightmare

The murder of Beverly Hope Melton is the worst nightmare of White women everywhere

South Carolina

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I hate to start off 2012 by sounding like a broken record, but the Black Undertow has struck again and has outdone itself this time in South Carolina.

This is exactly the kind of horrific story that would have provoked a public lynching or a race riot in the Jim Crow South.

The purpose of lynching (a Scots-Irish custom that was never exclusively racial) was to deter African-American rapists from even thinking about laying their hands on White women in Scots-Irish communities. The South was a much poorer place in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century and didn’t have the technology or the wealth at its disposal to deter and contain the Black Undertow through more refined methods like suburbanization, the home security industry, the drug war, and the modern prison system.

Let us revisit the prophetic words of Sen. Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, the author of Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization, who filibustered the Costigan-Walker anti-lynching bill in 1938:

“If you succeed in the passage of this bill, you will open the floodgates of hell in the South. Raping, mobbing, lynching, race riots, and crime will be increased a thousandfold; and upon your garments and the garments of those who are responsible for the passage of the measure will be the blood of the raped and outraged daughters of Dixie, as well as the blood of the perpetrators of these crimes that the red-blooded Anglo-Saxon White Southern men will not tolerate.”
– Sen. Theodore Bilbo

Those “floodgates of hell” have been thrown open by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson and “the blood of the raped and outraged daughters of Dixie” (and those of Illinois too for good measure) are on their delicate little hands:

“The video shows the final minutes of Hope Melton’s life, when she made that fateful stop at a Chesterfield County gas station.

In the video, Melton walks within inches of the man investigators say kidnapped, raped and beat her to death.

The video captures the last images anyone will ever see of Hope Melton alive.

It came Monday as Melton stopped at Jack’s convenience store in Jefferson.

The footage shows accused killer Nickolas Miller walk in and head to the beer cooler.

The clerk rings him up, at the same time Hope Melton pulls up to the gas pumps outside.

As Melton walks in the store to pay, Miller walks out the door, standing only inches away from her. Then he watches her walk in.

Melton pays the clerk, then walks back to her car as Miller parks his red Chevy off to the side.

As Melton’s white Chevy pulls away, Miller pulls out behind her.

“She had no idea that she was in danger at that point,” said Hope Melton’s brother-in law Frankie Melton.

Frankie says Hope tried to call her grandmother several miles away from the store, after she realized someone was following her.

“He got right up on her back bumper and she, at that point, called her grandmother and said that someone was following her and it was a black man from the store, that she had seen at the store,” said Frankie.”Her grandmother told her not to stop for anything and come straight on to her house and don’t stop for anything and that’s the last they heard from her.”

Kershaw County investigators say Nickolas Miller ran Melton off the road and kidnapped her.

Miller tried to rape her several times, according to deputies and drove her around in his car for more than an hour.

“The details are absolutely incomprehensible; this was not a crime of passion in a moment,” said Frankie. “This guy had a long time to think about this. He followed her for miles. He drove her around in his car for several miles”

One of the attempts happened only yards away from Miller’s home, where deputies set up a crime scene Monday.

OD readers are strongly encouraged to watch the video below and reflect upon the meaning of this heinous crime. In Martin Luther King, Jr’s America, no one is really safe from the Black Undertow.

In hindsight, “Let Freedom Ring” was a terrible idea: as John C. Calhoun famously said, it is worse than a crime to extend “liberty” to an inferior race which lacks the capacity to maintain civilization. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about Haiti, the Belgian Congo, the West Indies, Detroit, New OrleansChicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Macon County, AL, Clayton County, GA or Chesterfield County, SC.

Freedom failed … the Black Undertow has been unleashed into our communities, and White people everywhere, North and South, are still paying the bloody price for Lincoln’s mistake.

Note: In 2005, the Black Undertow was responsible for 59 percent of rape in South Carolina where African-Americans are 29.7 percent of the population. South Carolina mysteriously stopped publicizing these statistics in an annual crime reports in 2006.

Nationwide, 37,460 White women were sexually assaulted by African-Americans in 2005. According to Tuskegee University, there were 3,446 lynchings of African Americans and 1,297 lynchings of Whites between 1882 and 1968.

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  1. Does anyone remember that movie swordfish? These niggers need to be repaid indiscriminately 2x fold. Maybe people will start waking up if for every incident like this 2 random niggers turned up with “B.H. Milton” carved into their chests.

  2. Hunter, do you know if any statistics are available on the incidence of black on White crime during the Jim Crow days in the South?

    I’ll bet it would show it to be extremely rare or non existent, no?

    It seems to me the only way to keep blacks in a relatively docile state is to put the fear of the White man into them. That, of course, is no longer the case.

  3. I am astounded why no white men in the South, and white wives, daughters, etc. don’t march on the place where this animal is held, (or the Governor’s residence)and demand that he be lynched, without trial, without hope, without reprieve?

    This is not illegal, and it is merely the voice of the people demanding justice. Lord knows, it’s no worse than those utterly BORING ‘No justice, no peace’ BS sessions by the chimpout faction so often seen on TV.

    How can this be immoral OR illegal, esp. when you have done such a stellar job outlining the facts of the case? How could ANYONE give this man anything LESS than immediate death for his crime?

    (I thank God I live in a northern state, and that today, the wife and I went shopping for guns…..)

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    That’s wonderful!!! May all her dream come true!

  6. Lew – thanks for that story. The Comments are the BEST. Not one is lamenting the loss of those Niggers. The Limeys are even talking about self defense.

    The Age of Miracles! RaHoWa’s ON.

  7. The Melton story is just horrid. Just horrid. She looks so happy, in the video. I know that the regulars on this site don’t need ot hear this – but ot any lurkers – fight for your life. You or you attacker. Life or death. It’ shameful and wicked to allow the wicked to do things like this.

  8. Like I said, .357 magnum hollow-points. They’re a lot cheaper and more effective than empty suits with tin ears.

  9. I really hope that Melton’s husband is not “forgiving” and “understanding” the Nigger beast, and “seeking closure”.

  10. Now they’ve enacted all those hate crime laws. Take this nigger out and lynch him and
    even the maker of the rope would be up on charges.

  11. Cut my message off short….take a look at the above website.

    It’s disgusting, but y’all can’t sit here and use the ‘n’ word and perpetuate the cycle of hatred further and further. I try my hardest to live my life as Christ intended, and that was by erasing hate and spreading love.

    That other site has horrific statements of hatred using some twisted veil of Islam. True Muslims wouldn’t approve of that site as much as Christ wouldn’t like you all using the ‘n’ word and pushing hatred.

    Her death was a tragedy in itself. It shouldn’t become further tragedy for everyone involved with all this hatred being thrown around. There have been plenty of white people to kill other white people, black people to kill other black people, and white on black and black on white killing. Sick people are going to kill, regardless of race.

    I hope you all find peace and love. Forgiveness may be out of reach for some, but at least don’t continue the cycle of hate and violence.


  12. M,

    I don’t recall Jesus Christ having anything to say on the subject of “racism.” I’m quite sure the term was unknown before the twentieth century and that it was born among European anti-fascist groups.

  13. There’s a lot of words Jesus wouldn’t have known. Jesus may not have known the word ‘genocide’ or ‘Holocaust’ but he sure wouldn’t have agreed with those either.

    Besides, Jesus spoke ancient Hebrew.

    You know the point I’m making and you’re skirting the issue. The issue is that Jesus did not go around promoting hatred. In fact, He said, “Ye without sin throw the first stone.” I hate what this man did to Hope. I hope our justice system punishes him in the capacity that we are able to perform earthly punishments. That man has a whole ‘nother punishment coming on Judgement Day, of that I’m certain.

  14. M…what a pathetic Eloi you are. Wake up,,,duhhhhh..the hate is being carried out against whites unrelentingly, try to spread all the love you want and these savages will still end up killing you. Besides…it’s high time we returned to our white European roots and quit worrying about what some long dead deluded Palestinian traveling “holy man” might think.

  15. can try to make moral equivalence but crime stats don’t lie….black on white crime far outnumbers the reverse.

  16. Nowhere in the Bible is there a discussion of “racism” or any suggestion that “racial prejudice” is a “sin.” “Racism” didn’t come to be seen as a moral failing until the twentieth century.

    It is part of a whole slew of manufactured fake sins like “homophobia” and “sexism” and “xenophobia” that were created by modern liberals and communists for political purposes.

  17. Chuck the Old Testament and the New,it’s the filthy KIKE jews who have brought this on us..Herr Hitler hat recht!

  18. All of you racist, ignorant idiots are going to burn in hell just like the killer!! You are so fucking stupid!!! You should be ashamed of your own stupidity! No wonder Southerners are considered to be dumb and ignorant; you have probably not even been nowhere other than your fucked up state. Go travel a little bit… see and learn… this may save you from the grill!!!

  19. Lol No, A stands for ANTI, meaning ANTI people like you who base their opinions and judgements on ignorance. “Ignorance is the mother of all evils”… And evil is what I have been reading and seeing in Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians…anybody who reduces race and ethinicity to stereotypes and racism. In the end, you redneck, racist asses are the biggest cowards with your KLAN putting on some sheets over your head hiding your identity… why would you not tell black people to their face?! And fight for what you believe in if it’s SOO the right thing?? Because you know they would beat your ass!! I guess you should’ve never brought them over here, then you wouldn’t have this problem Lol

  20. A,

    I disagree with your hypothesis that we are suffering from ignorance. On the contrary, we keep track of the black community on a daily basis here. We read their websites and study the great events of black history and post frequent commentary on their progress under “free society.”

    Right now I am studying the Congo Wars which have claimed five million lives since 1996. I hope you will stick around for my review of Dancing in the Glory of Monsters.

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  22. m – the commnets are gone (and you may be as well,) but Jesus spoke Aramiac. YUou’ve ben woefully mis-educated.

    All bipeds do not possess souls.

    And Jesus? Jesus decried evil ,and FOUGHT against evil. He denounced and reviled the Money Lenders (Kikenvermin) and He tossed them out of the Temple.

    And then there’s Revelations.

    The Meek God of Lamb was a once and done thing, His sacrifice was the seal of the New Testament. The New Covenant. That was “OK folks – here’s your debt, paid in my blood. Get it right, from now on”.

    That’s the terms of the contract.

    I love Goodness. I hate the Wicked, My hatred is righteous – because I despair at what evil wreaks on Good. Since I’m a Celt – I get loud and active. I do not whine, and lament. God gave me intelligence, moral instruction, and experience to test my ability to recognize the difference between Good and Evil. I am here to protect, to the best of my ability, that which I love.

    I am NOT here to make feeble excuses for that which is wicked. I do NOT love evil. You mind is very cofused, M. The hatred I have is a God given gift; righteous hatred of the wicked is a cleansing purifying energy, There are many times when I stumble, and fear, and seek to shrink back, and run for cover. I see many people literally try to shrink, and hide, and escape the notice of Evil Doers.

    That NEVER works.

    When I’m tempted to do that sort of thing – I am shown an outrage like Melton’s murder. Well – if more people has stood up to evil, Beverly Melton would still be alive, because a soul-less Nigger BEAST like her killer would never have dared to do what IT did, in the first place. She had a lovely, generous smile. She smiled lke the Sun emerging suddenly, after a shower. She should be smiling at her husband this morning. But that soul-less Black Devil took that smile away. This makes me FURIOUS. My fury rises again – and I remember that evil must be confronted, denounced, and beaten back every single day.

    SHAME on you, M. SHAME on you. You are a COWARD. We will all answer to God one day. I am not afraid. I have nothing to fear. I will account for any wrongs I’ve committed – but I will stand for my beliefs. For my beliefs, and actions are RIGHTEOUS.

    I feel sorry for you M. You tell yourself you are “being a good Christian” now – as a mask for your weakness, and cowardice. You KNOW better, M. Anything that can happen in this earth is nothing before God’s wrath. Shame on you. Tremble at the peril you’ve created for your Immortal Soul.

    You still have time, M, to mend your ways.


  23. travel a bit? I’ve worked in South America, Central America, a couple of different places in africa, couple of places in the middle east Iraq mostly but some other places too, the A-Stan, Korea and the Balkans. Those places didn’t make me think better of non-Whites.

  24. That’s because you are an ethnocentric American! (You can look “ethnocentric” up). That’s what this country is known for unfortunately… don’t know, don’t accept, and don’t like shit about anything else but their own fucking country.
    “Those places didn’t make me think better of non-Whites”… WOW…LOL That’s sad… I hope you don’t have any kids, that would be a shame…. and bye to all of you sad individuals… I will not be wasting my time writing on here, don’t know why I did in the first place. ADIOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  25. why would you not tell black people to their face?! …

    Hope Melton probably did— as she was being beaten to death. Why do you justify murder and genocide? Why are you pro-genocide?

  26. A says,

    “…That’s because you are an ethnocentric American! (You can look “ethnocentric” up). That’s what this country is known for unfortunately… don’t know, don’t accept…”

    A, it is not “known for that,” except by a certain group of propagandists. You’re the one showing yourself to be “ignorant,” since you believe in well-documented propaganda programs as “theeee” truth.

    You seem to know nothing outside propaganda programs.

    Who MADE UP your worldview, lol. It has names, dates, times, people attached to it, who wanted to formulate a person like you. It was decided to make someone with your beliefs, lol.

    Why do you allow yourself to be manipulated?

  27. And fight for what you believe in if it’s SOO the right thing?? Because you know they would beat your ass!! …..

    well, the girl in question was killed. you clearly enjoy such things. that is a psychopath.

  28. ethnocentric American? Not really. I’m an ethnocentric White man; culturally I’m a Southron. But I did notice the troll never had anything to back up the claim non-Whites are great. Like all their achievements….. and of course the assault on my intelligence, again without any type of evidence, for example my frequent misspelled words and bad grammar

  29. Wow! How can people be so dominated by their own subjective prejudices and desires? That comment relates to the rapist murder… and the commentors here saying he should be lynched. The problem with human society is that its members are indoctrinated into antisocial patterns of thought and behavior from birth ie wealth, classes, poverty, religion, races, political factions.. etc

    All these factors carry with them negative behaviors which must be learned. There must be a better way to structure and educate a society.

  30. I think the man that done this to Hope should be killed, but the fact that you are here disrespectin her memory with ignorance is sad.

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