“Suburban Teen” Gang Raped In Chicago By “Eight Men”

Young White female gang raped by 8 men in Chicago on New Year's Eve

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The “suburban teen” who was gang raped in Chicago near Logan’s Square on New Year’s Eve by real violent extremists turns out to be an 18 year old White female.

In this colorblind paradise, where the pursuit of “equality” takes precedence over the defense of civilization, the young girl was left naked and bleeding in the cold on a patch of grass after getting beaten and gang raped while sitting on a corner outside a Mexican restaurant. She had failed to get into a DJ Rusko concert.

Three of the “juveniles” she apparently met there and left the scene with (whose “character” positively correlates with the “color” of rape) were caught and questioned by police. They have been released without charges.

Nearby residents describe the Logan Square neighborhood which is named after Union General and Radical Republican John A. Logan who was the author of the 1886 book The Great Conspiracy: Its Origins and History about Southern secession:

“A show like this usually attracts young suburban white kids that come into the city’s Logan Square neighborhood,” said one man, who asked not to be identified, to Chicago’s WGN-TV. “It’s still kind of a rough neighborhood in some places.”

It is a “rough neighborhood” because of the race of the people who live there who were famously and foolishly “liberated” by its namesake.

Is the Black Undertow or the Brown Tide responsible for this heinous crime? As we saw last year, the system journalists in the Chicago media refuse as a matter of policy to do their jobs and report those details.

The public is asked to come forward with any information that might prove valuable to the investigation, but are left completely in the dark by the media and police about the race and physical description of the suspects.

In BRA, the deification of African-Americans and other “people of color” like Hispanic-Americans by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson is a far more sought after public good than truth, justice, or public safety in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The aging Radical John A. Logan writes in his book:

“But, while the chieftains of the great Conspiracy—and of the armed Rebellion itself—remained at their homes unpunished, through the clemency of the American People; the active and malignant minds of some of them were plotting a future triumph for the “Lost Cause,” in the overthrow, in consecutive detail, of the Loyal governments of the Southern States, by any and all means which might be by them considered most desirable, judicious, expedient, and effectual; the solidifying of these Southern States into a new Confederation, or league, in fact—with an unwritten but well understood Constitution of its own—to be known under the apparently harmless title of the “Solid South,” whose mission it would be to build up, and strengthen, and populate, and enrich itself within the Union, for a time, greater or less, according to circumstances, and in the meanwhile to work up, with untiring devotion and energy, not only to this practical autonomy and Sectional Independence within the Union, but also to a practical re-enslavement of the Blacks, and to the vigorous reassertion and triumph, by the aid of British gold, of those pernicious doctrines of Free-Trade which, while beneficial to the Cotton-lords of the South, would again check and drag down the robust expansion of manufactures and commerce in all other parts of the Land, and destroy the glorious prosperity of farmers, mechanics, and laborers, while at the same time crippling Capital, in the North and West.”

Somewhere on John C. Calhoun’s Great Plantation in Heaven, Stephen Douglas and Jeff Davis are watching the gang rape in Logan Square in the Land of Lincoln, patiently waiting for their vindication by posterity. The Great Conspiracy has spread to Illinois in the 21st century!

Update: The Chicago media claims to be shocked and outraged by “this atrocity” (it is not shocking at all, an unidentified Black Undertow or Brown Tide sexual predator caught another woman there last summer, and ABC 7 reported on it) and is saying that “young suburban women” (aka White teenagers) don’t tend to have “a lot of street smarts” (read: awareness of the threat posed by the Black Undertow).

How could the “young suburban women” be aware of this problem? The Chicago media refuses to report the hateful truth that the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide is responsible for 93.3 percent of rape in Chicago. They go absolutely out of their way instill “colorblindness” in young White female teenagers and gang rapes like this one are the inevitable result.

Note: The Black Undertow is responsible for 68 percent of rape in Chicago. Hispanics are responsible for 25.3 percent of rape. People of color are responsible for 93.3 percent of the rape in the Windy City.

The suspects came out of the Mexican restaurant and from the video below there appear to be lots of Hispanics in the neighborhood. Second City Cop notes that Chicago lost 200,000 residents, but clocked only four fewer murders than 2010.

Suburban Teens Underestimate Dangers of Coming to Chicago: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

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  1. That’s true.

    However, it’s the type of misprlling that is critically important. My spelling is atrocious.

  2. ““The sins of the father are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation.” Exodus 20:5”

    This sort of unethical and unjust teaching is prevalent throughout the Bible which is why I don’t follow any of it be it in the form of straight Judaism or its fractured and fractious misbegotten bastard children: the various Judeo-Christian sects.

    You sound like a white liberal. In any real all out violent race war between Whites and blacks you succeed in fomenting I can assure you that the niggers will be the losers. As to the fate of race-traitor whites who support the enemy, I already see them hanging from lamp posts in my mind’s eye. (Their children unto the third and fourth generation we can re-train.)

  3. ‘Judaism or its fractured and fractious misbegotten bastard children: the various Judeo-Christian sects’:

    ‘Judeo-Christian’ is a nonsense expression, Rudel — like ‘cold hot’ or ‘down-upward’. Christianity as such is neither derived from nor dependent on Judaism — and true Christians are not ‘fractious’ among themselves — and they are NOT united under one global human organisation and ruler.

  4. Good point about the immoral passages in the bible.

    One quibble: isn’t this an admonishment? As a dad your failures and fuck ups will impact your children?

    That’s the way I see it.

  5. “Christianity as such is neither derived from nor dependent on Judaism.”

    Horseshit. Christians everywhere constantly preach from the Old Testament, or don’t you adhere to Exodus 20? It was quite common until just recently for members of Reformed churches throughout Western Europe to name their children after characters in the Old Testament.

    As for “true” Christians not being fractious. I simply give you the major doctrinal disputes among every major denomination and snake handling sect including lunatic Welsh Baptists such as yourself as proof positive that y’all can’t even agree on what Christianity even is other than that your local congregation (whatever that may be) is the only one that adheres to it. Even Christian groups that claim to be in communion with one another have doctrinal differences.

  6. “One quibble: isn’t this an admonishment? As a dad your failures and fuck ups will impact your children?

    That’s the way I see it.”

    Degenerate and deracinated Anglican liberalism. With an Archbishop openly questioning the very existence of God, with openly buttfucking bishops and lesbian priestesses, it’s no wonder that your sect is undergoing a wave of schismatic collapse.

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