Kill-adelphia: Happy New Year!


H/T CofCC.

OD predicted that the Black Undertow in Kill-adelphia would start 2012 off with a bang. It saddens me to report that we were not disappointed. These violent extremists are reminiscent of the lynch mob that got Carter Strange.

Note: Here’s a toast to Brooks D. Simpson and his fellow morally superior Yankees in the blogosphere who keep showing us morally tainted “white supremacists” in Dixie how civilization works up there in the “Free States.”

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  1. It’s a contradiction.

    In the title at the top of the browser (not on the actual page) it says “North Philadelphia,” but then the article itself says “8th and market” and “center city” which isn’t “north Philadelphia.”

    In North Philadelphia it wouldn’t be a surprise. But where it happened is a business area.

  2. That is NOT North Philadelphia!!!! 8th and Market is a Center City as you can be. That’s one of THE main transit stops. The Marketplace, The freaking Convention Center (I was there for the Millenium Party) 2 blocks west of the Liberty Bell, the best stop for Chinatown – lots of high end clubs, and restaurants – the HEART of the tourist district. I’ve been there many times. TYears ago, that is. It hurts my heart to go to Philthydelphia now.

  3. Ever here of Lone Wolfs. Remember Charles Bronson movies? There is answer for this problem. Mouse Baretta 22 cal. 10 shot mags are good. The Law of Survival is above all man made laws. The Govt. will do nothing. The Judges, Politicians, Lawyers, loyal govt police are a bigger problem. This problem is in all the large Metro Cities. It will get worse. So get prepared…..

  4. “Ever here of Lone Wolfs. Remember Charles Bronson movies? There is answer for this problem….”
    Surely you jest, John? You ARE kidding, right? Charles Bronson, for Christ’s sake? Lone Wolf? That was Jewish entertainment John (as much as I liked Charles Bronson, his movies were about as far from reality as you can get, except maybe for World of Warcraft)- and a lot of kikes made a lot of money milking the imagery of the White male fantasies. Organized, capable groups of young men are the only effective response to gangs killing White people. This is why the militia movement got so much goverment attention back in the 90’s- but a lot of those guys were fools playing at being soldiers, so I guess I should have said; “organized, capable and intelligent groups of young men”.
    “Mouse Baretta 22 cal. 10 shot mags are good.” – shooting mice is about the only thing a little 22 pistol is good for.

  5. lone wolf? Seriously where has that shit gotten us? What has it done for us?

    better to recruit 4 friends, get 4 riffles, get some professional training, train on your own create a plan etc. Have your 4 friends recruit 4 friends

  6. Castle Doctrine is one thing. And it needs to be in all fifty states.

    Lone wolf ideologies, however, are a surefire (oh, the pun) way to have ZOG put Whites away for Life, use such tactics for enacting NDAA against ALL patriots, legitimizing further their already illegitimate existence, and making it even MORE difficult to ‘rage against the Machine’ before the Restoration.

    WHEN the facade falls in any given area- and ONLY when- then mass defense of one’s race, home, family, and town will THEN become both feasible, necessary, and mandatory; it’s then that ‘target practice’ will start. Chittum called it Civil War II.

    We have not had, or heard YET ‘the shot heard round the world’ for American Revolution II. Nor have we had our Fort Sumter for 2012… yet. But if Christmas gun buying is any indication, the posse comitatus, and the militia are doing their part to defend even the [literally] God-damned fools who think ‘the negro is our brother.’

    So, making comments about personal vigilante justice as either warranted or valid in a court of law, is just plain sinful, if not wilfuly stupid. It is not covered under the Commandments, unless one were to see something like a Phineas priesthood as biblical, and even then…. we are not the owners of our government, we are its (current) vassals. That, of course, WILL change. But not now…..

  7. Wait a second…how is “Lone Wolf” activism MORE likely to bring ZOG down on White men than groups of four or five? It seems to me that the lesson Whites should learn from the experience of The Order is that the longer the chain, the more likely one is to have a weak link somewhere…In this modern age of mechanical force multipliers, ONE good man with will and intelligence is safer and more effective than a small posse. It seems to me that if Whites like us are serious about self protection, we’ll have to start with the people we can trust, individually–ourselves.

  8. The disingenuous media insists on calling these two legged predators “youths”.

    Apparently MSM doesn’t realise or care that we know “youths” is code for black or otherwise non White. No one is buying their colorblind crap anymore, assuming that anyone ever did.

  9. Why is it bad to do the Lone Wolf scenario? Public Relations. Period. ZOG, and their pet Niggers, can make an Eletric Jew (media) case that crazed racist Klan Nazi Whites are stalking poor innocent Urban Youfs. The pic of the cpatured Lone Wolf wil be puled out, infinitum, to “prove” how bad the Debbil Crackas are.

    I don’t think any-one appreciates what I posted last night – since apparently none of you live near Philadelphia. It’s all aobut location; location location location. This IS getting attention in the local media. Like all other BRA centers – Niggerdelphi depends on Whitey dollahs to make everythng exist. Whites in the region ARE hip to Racial reality, even if the DWL’s refuse to admit it, and continue to aid and abett their own extermination. Philadelpha is where I LEARNED the truth about Niggers. The White kid is from Haddonfield. A “nice” White NJ town. He was obviously returning from a night of clubbing. 8th and Market is THE transit stop, to use in the entire region. It’s central to the Center City nightlife. It’s actually the WORST place, for the BRA, that this attack could have happened. This is a stop for the “EL” – Elevated subway route, as well as the hub for NJ Transit out of Philadelphia, The other Center City stops are not used, as much, after dark, after the city businesses close. The 15th and Market stop , and the 2nd and Market stop – that’s all for daytme businesses, for the most part. A Nigra attack, on a foolish White, at those stops – well -the natural reaction, for any-one acclimated to the BRA would be “What the Hell was that kid doing THERE, at that time of night, anyways? Was he STOOPID? He was asking for it…”. This is a disastrous sort of acclimation; the Whies of the region shouls not tolerate Nigger evil anywhere – but this mindset is reality, on the ground. The region is VERY racially segregated, with a few exceptions – and necessary intersections. Every-one travels in their own spheres. The White kid was IN his “his” sphere. He did not violate any “rules” by being at that stop, at 2:30AM. The Nigras violated the rules of thge spheres. If they aren’t caught, and punished – well – this is a tipping point.

    The 8th and Market stop is THE Center City Nightlife stop. The PR is gonna be VERY bad, for every-one. Business owners wil jump all over this ESPECIALLY if the kid is gay. This is BAD FOR BUSINESS. Queers won’t tolerate this. They won’t. They’ll raise Holy Hell. If affluent White homos are worried about surviving the trip home, when the clubs close – look out Nigras!

    Now – media pr, showing GROUPS of well-dressed, well spoken Whites, banded to together in order to travel about safely – it won’t be so easy to delegitimize this scenario. It’ll make the Nigger Authorities look really BAD. A camo-clad Lone Wolf White looks bad. A group of “nice” White Yuppies make Nigs look bad. All the locals, in the entire region, will APPRECIATE Nice White Young Men, and any women in their company, making life safe at 8th and Market.

    Got it?

  10. San Francisco Vigilante Committee paid by Merchants…. If Flash Mobs keep occuring, remember there is reactions to every action. Might really be bad. The GOVT does not care about ending or stopping this fad. So look for Coon Hunting, Koon Sniping and koon ambushes. Some body will play like nig on social networks and lead the Flash Mob to a set up for a big or many pops! The Mafia in Italy used the Mouse Baretta 22 for their dirty work. They work good at close range with high velocity rounds. Tom Metzger is right about Lone Wolf! Look what one man did like Ray or Franklin………It works……and the GOVT fears it……. Do you really think the GOVT will control the 50 big Metro Cities! Hell no, the monkies will only get worse! So you better be ready and prepared!

  11. More of the same – I an absolutely guarantee that EVERY White in the area, even the DWL’s, saw the the Race, in the attack. I’m telling you – 8th and Market was THE WORST place for this to happen, for those invested in Keeping the Lies of the BRA Alive.

  12. The only Blacks that have self control are the Black Muslims. They dont do drugs, curse or want to hang with whites or get White Women. Farakhan should go to Philly and try to keep the black youth from genocide. The Flash Mobs will only cause a reaction that will be bad. The Merchants will get tired of the Flash Mobs because it destoys their businesses—-so they will more than likely hire their own Vigilante Committees. You know what would happen if WHITES DID FLASH MOBS, THEY WOULD KILL US. YOU KNOW WHAT THE GOVT: would do to a White Million Man March, They, The ELITE BASTARDS would sic the military on us to kill us all with no mercy. The Revoluition already started with ARYAN NATIONS==Declaration of Independence and the Order and remember Gordon Kahl, John Singer and many more. The Day of Reckoning is fast approaching….. The Law of Survival is above all Man Made Laws…..

  13. Watch out! Ron Paul might call you a racist for noticing:

    “Paul also claimed Martin Luther King was one of his personal heroes, and insisted that he was “the only one up here … that understands true racism in this country is in the judicial system. And it has to do with enforcing the drug laws.”

    “Look at the percentages,” he continued. “The percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately. They’re prosecuted and imprisoned way disproportionately … How many times have you seen a white rich person get the electric chair or get, you know, execution?”

    Read more:

  14. The attitude of Lamont Pole-‘dese jes be yoofs actin stoopit’ is so typical of what is wrong with niggers. Up here in Yankee-land (really Mordor), a 19 year-old parolee tried to pull a gun on two Irish cops and died in a hail of gunfire. Now the nigs are up in arms and spreading lies about the cops ‘executing’ the hardened teen predator. Various ‘community activists’ (nigger agitators) are trying to stir the pot and force the city and police dept. to conduct a pointless investigation into the successful police operation. We hear all the usual cliches; ” he wuz a good kid”, “he neva hurt nobody”, “‘he was an aspiring rapper”, etc, etc, etc.

    The black mentality in regards to black criminality appears to consist of something like: ” if’n my fambly member commits a crime-including murder-he jes needs understandin n shit.” “If another nigga kills one of our niggas he needs to die!” “We is agin the death penal;ty-for our homies, but if someone kills one of our niggas-we will have vengeance.” The primitive negro mind is devoid of logic and lacks empathy for anyone beyond immediate siblings/offspring, and there is zero compassion for the suffering of others. Niggers will never have a civilized society due to this fundamental lack of humanity. They can’t even understand why turning in a murdering, raping, robbing relative would be good for society as a whole. Society as a whole has no meaning. Blacks are truly the opposite of Whites-dark, ugly, stupid, violent, irrational.
    The best solution would be transportation to Liberia.

    On a related note, the dead youth has a hilarious name: Nah-Cream Moore! And his simian mother is known as Shacreama……

  15. FYI the author was bounced for awhile from Freakistan because the mods thought he was being “racist” in the immigration threads. But due to very popular demand he was reinstated after a cooling off period of some months. If noticing an invasion and genocide is “racist” then it is true our world is over and we must begin anew.

  16. Bernie Dahlink – we are not worried about what the lovely and scintillating Dr Paul sez to the TV Shabbos Goy “panel’. We laugh at his cute jokes! We wink at each other, and laugh….

  17. .

    You can always tell the undercover FBI agent at a militia meeting : they’re the ones urging others to burn down a black church or go ‘lone wolf’ with a pistol.


  18. So the niggers can run wild and do whatever they want with GOVT backing? Sorry but Tom Metzger is right about Lone Wolf. Read the WHITE RESISTANCE MANUEL and UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE by Louis Beam. It is true that the Feds and Evil Ones would go berserk if a LOne Wolf Strikes. But guess what, it sends a message, just like when Ray nailed King. The Riots stopped and all the crap, so it works!

  19. If you’ve ever spoken about culture on the internet, or taken a stand on an issue locally or nationally, or gone to a group meeting, or spoken out about unpopular issues, you are, by definition, no longer a Lone Wolf. You are known. You have a trail. Nobody here is a Lone Wolf.

  20. Futura: You are right about Lone Wolf. You attend meetings and its full of Feds of some type or ADL of JDL or Masonic, whatever. You go out by yourself AND YOU DO MORE FOR THE CAUSE. Like passing out Butlers—Who What and Why Aryan Nation leaflet and so on. One man alone can do alot without govt bullcrap like the meetings. Most organizations are set up by Feds, Justice Department to Monitor, Control and Neutalize. Intelligent Lone Wolfs are feared by Feds……

  21. @John Thomas

    “So the niggers can run wild and do whatever they want with GOVT backing?”

    It’s been that way since Reconstruction. Longer if you hail from a northern state like Illinois, Michigan, or New York.

    “But guess what? It sends a message, just like when Ray nailed King. The riots stopped and all the crap, so it works!”

    The nigger riots of the late 1960’s didn’t suddenly stop after the MLK shooting. The riots were forceably put down by the Johnson administration’s deploying and authorizing of full-out military force.

    Some of the folks who commented to the effect that calls for illegal violence, might actually be Fed or cop trolls looking for “the big bust”, aren’t far off the mark. Never understimate the arrogance and downright dopeyness of the law enforcement industry. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they really were sniffing around here every now and again.

    The best thing to do, as I said earlier, is for white people to get their CCW/CPL, purchase a weapon legally, and practice until a reasonable level of defensive ability becomes second-nature. Do your part by worrying about yourself and immediate loved ones. All that “big picture” horseshit is for disfunctional people who have nothing else to exist on but malice.

    Also, doing something illegal at this point, when it looks very much like the Nigger-in-Chief is going to be a one-termer, would be disastrous for white people. Let things play out the way they will. Let BRA get refuted legitimately. If and when the SHTF ro “ballon goes up” or whatever goofy shit theWN’s prophsize about finally does happen, I’m confident white people will be ready. They were ready during Katrina.

    Until then, put your anger into something constructive and beneficial to yourself.

  22. “The Revoluition [sp.] already started with ARYAN NATIONS==Declaration of Independence and the Order and remember Gordon Kahl, John Singer and many more”

    John Thomas- you mention not one, but at least two CULTS, and then you mention Metzger to boot! The ONLY sane and decent man to ever consider these wack jobs as worth the time defending, was Edgar J. Steele, and look where HE is now!

    You have in me a cleric who understands the vision of Isaiah 51-54, and the necessity of the godly defending their own- but I am stating the simple fact that, as the law is now weighted, your comments are incendiary, and as others have noted, are the EXACT Sort of thing that FEDGOV operatives use to INSTIGATE CRIME, and manufacture a bogeyman, Jews can blame for their own evil.

    When the lid blows off, there WILL be mass dissatisfaction with the PTB, and THEN, there will come an action (like the OKC Bombing served to set us up for 9/11, and the [sic] “Patriot Act” for the Other Side) that will cause Whites to reclaim their homeland, shoot to kill, bear no more the ‘chay of the field’ as our ‘equals,’ and there will be an attitude of ‘take no prisoners.’ And it will be a war- and people will die, and things will get broken. But the time is NOT now.

    However, at that time, actions such as I outline have NOTHING to do with the hate-filled rhetoric of men like Aryan Nations goons, for they neither had the spiritual grace, nor the vision of a Godly Nation defending herself, (nor the pnevma) but possessed nothing else than pure racism fueling their motivations- in that, they are just as damned and predestined to fail, as the Deicides. In short, they were our enemies as much as the Negro and the Jew, because they were using the same satanic goals and ends, while claiming to be on ‘our side.’

    ‘There is a way that seemeth right to a man, whose end is death.’ The Bible notes this, the just war doctrine notes this, the praxis of how the European treated in history the “Xenos” in our land – our own history notes this, and one cannot just brush aside twenty centuries of Anglo-Saxon law, as if it were nothing, simply because it doesn’t mesh with your revenge fantasies. Vengeance is God’s concern, and, while we are his hands and arms, we may NOT be the means to achieve His retribution on the damned… or did you never think of that?The ONLY thing we can count on is defending our OWN lives, and that is burden enough!

    Others have noted that you come on this blog, and merely seek to stir up the readership. This is a tactic of the Yids, for their motto is ‘by way of DECEIT, shalt thou do battle.’

    At least John de Nugent, for all his faults, clearly is waiting for the right time. You, OTOH, want to go off half-cocked…. which is a surer sign of psychopathocracy, than most behaviours I know of…..

  23. Louis Beam, Tom Metzger, Buddy Tucker, David Lane, David Tate, and Richard Butler, Richard Kelly Hoskins, Robert E. Miles to me are heros! Read Truth From God .com OTHER ARTICLES article on Violence by Buddy Tucker. Gordon Kahl was a great man also. I will say it again, most organizations are set up by Feds, Justice Department for Monitoring, Controlling and Neutralizing. Fr. John, you have alot of good comments, but I disagree with you on Aryan Nations and The Order. Robert Matthews Declaration of War and Aryan Nations Declaration of Independence are great documents of our race. But We do not know the full extent of Fed involment in The Order, Glenn Miller of N.C. THE CSA Compound Assualt, Okie Bombing and we dont know which were created to Stop a White Resurgence. This is also true of the Ft. Smith Seditioin Trail in Ark. If you guys are upset about Lone Wolf go debate Tom Metzger on White Aryan Resistance Website, his email is there. Some believe that we must be in safety refuge areas. Some say no matter were we are, we will be with the Tares and Weeds. If you guys want to really get upset, go read Buddy Tuckers Truth From Other Articles Website.

  24. Re: Lone Wolfies, vs. ….whatever – I won’t do anythinmg that will ruin my clothing. Or my hair. I spend a lot of time and effort and thought and love and consideration on my hair. I love my hair. My hair means so very much to me. Some people regard hair as something that is merely atop their head, for cover, etc – and some people regard hair as a God Given blessing, bestowed as a marvelous and blissful means of artistic expression. I’ve just recently found the MOST wonderful young, gifted genius of a hair artist – and if the Feds ever come for me – she’s coming WITH me. We will take over the FEMA camp and [it] will become FEMALE camp. Fedstock! better have loads of high end hair products – or there will be HELL to pay.

    Now – as far as the Federales, trying to incite problems – are you’se guys stupid? Don’t you know how to deal with them?

    Finally – I am banned on Simpson’s site – so why hasn’t that video been posted yet, in his little thread about our own dear Hunter?

  25. Did you’se guys watch last night’s GOP “debate”? Things are moving along beautifully. The strange and weird panel asked al kinds of strange and weird questions – but every question was really all about set-ups, and “gotcha’s”. The most fascinating thing is that:

    1) The GOP guys are being set up to be knocked down
    2) They are lookng for the WEAKEST candidate, to run against the Kenyan Usurper.
    3) Israeli votng machines not with standing, I could run my left sock against O Negro – and my sock would win. I could pin a piece of paper on my sock, that sez “Vite for me. I am not a Negro” – and my sock would win. The BRA high water mark has PASSED. The tide is turning….no matter how violent, screeching, and Chimpy Out-y they get – it’s OVER. YT doesn’t care anymore. You are a bore, Negroes. You are a waste of time, a waste of resources, and more than anything – a BORE.
    4) Romney is…not that smart. He actually came across as rather thick. Gingrich ha more lucid points, on a handful of issues – and even Gingrigh would win against Onegro. Although my left sock would have a better chance than either of ’em.

    Annnddddd – TA DA!!!!!!

    Ron Paul was the Go To Guy. It was not consistent – is was irregular – but Paul was the guy that was the Final Word, on various issues.

    So don’t start any violence, anyone. Let the Enemies of our beautiful Race destroy themselves. Sit pretty, folks. Oh – sit, wait, watch, and prepare. The Evil of Die Jude, and their Pet Darkies, is collapsing under it’s own weight, and stupidity, all around us. As Kersey sez – 2012 is gonna be a wild ride…..but let’s be ready to ride on top.

  26. “Here’s a better idea than becoming a “lone wolf”: share this on Facebook and dissolve some White guilt with the disinfectant of reality.”


    And apart from that if anyone does have lone wolf fantasies it would be a lot more useful to teach yourself how the local transit system or power grid works. If things get really bad but they can’t move out of their own areas then they’ll eat each other.

  27. Lone wolf equals all the problems folks mentioned.

    A cell of dedicated White men you created yourself….

    The way I see it, sooner or later the wheels are going to fall off of BRA. When it does, folks in your neighborhood will be looking for someone with a plan, and the tools/ organization to put things back together. I aim to be that man. Those plans, tools and organizing are legal, which allows you to keep on earning money, organizing, planning and etc.

    Those wheels are coming off regardless of who becomes POTUS or the direction our nation is going. If welfare, affirmative action and the rest of BRA ends tomorrow the chimp-out will occur. Everyone fights to keep what they have. If BRA counties to run as or expands the economy collapses and the wheels come off. Either way your family, friends and neighbors will need a man with a plan/ tools organization.
    Oh yea, don’t forget to bring your kids and grandkids up right; Godly, trained, organized and aware. Things might go down in their day and not ours

  28. Denise: Thanks for the good comments. You are right about the system will kill itself. Whiggers are white traitors who support the criminal regime. WEVILS are White Triators who play like they are racist and who will attack true White Men. They dont attack the head of the snake. When King was removed, the drive of Civil Rights momemtum died out. The Riots and Protest also did go down. So James Earl Ray killed a Head of the Snake. The worst heads of the snake have white skin. When you see someone attack The Declaration of Independence of Aryan Nations or Matthews Declaration of War—–you know that persons alliagance and loyalty is with the enemy. We need a million James Earl Rays and Franklins! and by the way– the niggers are running wild and it will only get worse. Like Denise says—-2012 will be one hell of a year!

  29. Stonelifter – The BRA is collapsing NOW. Events are accelerating, and converging. I know that “out there” in 3D world, it may not look like it is – but it is. It takes awhile for effect to emerge, due to cause. Everything else you write is dead on – be the Man with the Plan.

    People are looking for real leadership – but they are floundering around. White Americans are not yet AT the point where they are forced to act. They are still in love with their Feel Good feel goods. The things we talk about are Real Feel BAD things. They don’t want to face the facts, just yet, even now. We have to be there, be upfront, and be ready. No matter what happens next. And move the ‘dialogue” along.

    My hubby sez I’m always pushing pushing pushing to see where the limit is. Some have wider limits than others. This is WHAT I DO. I fight with words. I mentally prepare myself for the NKVD (the revocation of the Posse Comitatus laws means an America NKVD)to come, and round me up. Financial run. Etc. I try to think about all scenarios. What will I do under this circumstance, etc….

    I try to warn people. FR John wrote, in recent post, that Yankeeland is Mordor. He’s right. I live in Mordor, and until I get to Dixie – I’m in peril. But that won’t stop me from pressing forward.

    Lone Wolf guys – sincere ones – this is WHY we are telling you NOT to enact violence. Since the Posse Comitatus revocation – De Gubmint has given itself the “right” to round you up, no charges, no answers, no rights – they are the NKVD. Do you want to get iced? Wait. Just wait. It won’t be long. the “normal” people I know – the handful round here, who “see” – they know things are collapsing. Not the WN/Race Realists/Whatever – just “normal’ folks. There are a few. We dont’ need YOU, sincere/not Fed agitators Lone Wolves to be locked up, or dead. We need you to be ready. So in the meantime – PRACTICE.

  30. John Thomas – the Enemy within is the very worst enemy. Dante reserved the worst Circle of Hell for traitors. Rightfully so. Meanwhile – practice. Practice practice practice.

  31. BRA is collapsing, but that doesn’t mean it’s demise is right around the corner. How long has Argentina being collapsing? And yet its govt is still up and running.

  32. I did google search for Aryan Nations Declaration of Independence. I did not find it posted. It should be potsed were all can see it. Tom Metzger on his White Aryan Resistance has Robert Matthews—Declaration of war….. Buddy Tuckerts NEWS PLATFORM (which Butler modified to AN Platform) is on Truth From OTHER ARTICLES…………

  33. There is NO NEED for violence. The United States will collapse under economic pressure created by the designs of the glorious Union. Just kick back and watch the Yankees become cannibal food.

  34. “Those wheels are coming off regardless of who becomes POTUS or the direction our nation is going. If welfare, affirmative action and the rest of BRA ends tomorrow the chimp-out will occur. Everyone fights to keep what they have. If BRA counties to run as or expands the economy collapses and the wheels come off. Either way your family, friends and neighbors will need a man with a plan/ tools organization.
    Oh yea, don’t forget to bring your kids and grandkids up right; Godly, trained, organized and aware. Things might go down in their day and not ours”

    Very well said. It’s A) Past the point of no return. because B) BRA was only doable while the U.S. was the center of the financial universe. Throughout the centuries, the nation that controlled finance was the one with the fairest laws until it become corrupted and forced capital to find a new financial center. Portugal->Spain->Amsterdam->London->New York->???

    This process can be decades long and we’re only 11 years into it. Our children will still be living in the era of America’s financial decline. The good news is that life goes on and great music usually comes out of those declines.

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