The Black Undertow: The Movie


H/T Stormfront.

Welcome to Spanish Lake, America’s fastest dying town … from a 99 percent Whitopia to a 77 percent African-American “Section 8” ghetto. Summer 2012.

Note: Thanks to Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson who demonized the South (we continue to stress these issues are connected), the American Dream has become MLK’s Dream. Spanish Lake is the result of choosing equality over civilization.

In The Color of Crime: St. Louis, we learned that African-Americans are 49.2 percent of the population, but are responsible for a staggering 92 percent of homicide, 78 percent of rape, 93 percent of robbery, 87 percent of aggravated assault, and 82 percent of burglary in St. Louis.

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  1. Same old story. The government forces integration by helping niggers move into neighborhoods. You would think that they would have realized by now that integration is the period between the time the first Black family moves into a neighborhood and the day the last White family moves out.

    I abandoned Detroit in the 1970’s and relocated to amazingly White Minneapolis. By the late 1980’s the niggers had invaded The City Of Lakes to get all of that free cheese. The North and South sides were rapidly becoming unlivable.

    The schools had gone to shit, the streets weren’t safe and the property values tanked.

    I decided to stand my ground. I already had a bunch of serious weapons, but none that could be carried inconspicuously. A brand new Model 66 S&W .357 with a 2 1/2″ barrel and a Pachmayr Smoothie grip remedied that problem. I bought a Bianchi upside down tear-out holster to pack it in and it was completely invisible under a light jacket or heavy shirt. Semi-jacketed 125-grain hollow points rounded out the package.

    Within a week I was also packing a .25 Beretta semi-auto in and ankle rig. Before long I also added a couple of speed loaders for the wheel gun and a couple of clips for the auto. I even found room for a couple of punch daggers. I was one dangerous, fully prepared Cracker.

    Fuck those niggers. I wasn’t running again.

    It’s a funny thing, though, that when you really wish some nigger cocksuckers would fuck with you, they never will. Dumb as they are, they managed to develop some kind of sixth sense that keeps them from showing their asses to the wrong Peckerwoods. It must have come from evolving around dangerous carnivores on the Darkie Continent.

    I had zero nigger problems.

    Then one day the nigger girls at school started pressuring my middle school daughter to pay attention to their brothers and cousins. She didn’t have any pistols or speed loaders or extra clips. She didn’t even have a punch dagger.

    She came home with a swelled up face more than once. I just told her to stay tough.

    One evening I was working late and my wife went out to shovel snow off the sidewalk in front of our house. She didn’t even see the three nigger teenagers coming.

    My boss took the call and told me my wife had been hurt.

    I didn’t even recognize my wife when the let me into the room at the hospital. A broken jaw, crushed cheek bone and missing teeth tend to have a disguising effect.

    The cops were there, but they were too busy trying to get me to confess to beating my wife’s ass to go hunt down the niggers that did it.

    I went home and strapped down like Rambo and hastily assembled a posse and the hunt was on.

    My wife said it was three nigger boys, so that’s what we were looking for. I tracked their footprints in the snow until we got to a bus stop on a busy street where we lost the tracks.

    After that we just pounded on anything with a shit-colored skin.

    I bought a house out in Ramsey in Anoka County a week later.

  2. @Roots

    For whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry about what happened to your family. Some of my relatives, and myself for that matter, have survived violence from niggers. I’ll refrain from turning this into a support-group meeting, but let just say I hear ya, really.

    I’m going to look into those Pachmayr’s.

  3. Roots- where did you live? Camden? West Broadway?

    Holy &*$#, I mean, Minne-snow-ta? (Hope you like Lake Woebegon- lol.)

    Sad to say, I hear darkies (and their miscegenated spawn) are now part and parcel of even the Anoka Community College District, where a friend interviewed for a job a few years back. His ‘interviewers’ were all late twenty-thirty somethings (he was old enough to have been their father, and thought it comedic that they were interviewing HIM, rather than the other way around, which ‘faculty’ (as I’ve noted on this blog elsewhere) were all nothing more than ’13th grade’ babysitters (and that is what the Admin WANTS such places to be!).

    Then, when he didn’t get the job (too white, too old, too intelligent, too serious about actually TEACHING something of merit to these ‘young skulls full of mush’) he confessed to me that he was ultimately glad, for he had never thought he would expect to live to see such abominations of the mixing of Germanic/Scandics with the worst of the ‘chay of the field’ in MN., and how UGLY those bastard spawn actually were (besides having that vacuous, vacant look so typical of the mentally retarded)!

    Fast forward a decade, and now the (literally) God-damned Somalis are in Eden Prairie, MN – one of the most (cough, hack) ‘prestigious’ suburbs in the Metro, and you have to drive 50 miles (out past Buffalo, or Mayer, or Jordan) to find majority white, ‘typical’ Midwestern small town, racial homogeneity- but even there, the idiotic farm girl that got raped by a savage while at ‘school,’ stupidly/brazenly comes ‘home’ to Mom and Dad, to ‘raise’ her niglet via the welfare system, and the ELCA, and LSS, among those who should have kicked her out of their houses, to parents who will NEVER live down the shame that this raucous kinky-headed heathen is their only Genetic inheritance. Such untoward slapping in the face of a family that raised you ‘to be better than that’ should have told such a strumpet to move back to Mpls, and ‘work’ on the streets of the theater district. d-town, to ‘ply the only trade’ she seems to know.

    When the Israelitish nation came back to their homeland, to rebuild the Temple and their Capital, the most important things Ezra and Nehemiah ordered, were the ‘putting away’ of BOTH ‘strange wives’ AND their ‘bastard offspring,’ from among the people of Israel- who are called (in contrast) ‘holy seed.’ And, as St. Paul notes, ‘All these things were examples for us, on whom the end of days is come.’

    Get a clue, Whites. You don’t ALLOW the ‘Xenos’ to live in your midst, and you NEVER give them equality.

  4. I love this man’s posts. They renew my dedication to my People, every week.

    “…it is to our own people we should look for a revival of Christendom, not to the dark races that never have supported, and never will, the cause of Christian Europe. The devil knows this, which is why he has placed race-mixing at the very top of his agenda. No matter how stupefied the grazers seem they are still white, and the devil fears the white man. Why risk a revival of that hated Christ-bearing race when they can so easily be eradicated? It is our task, the remnant band of Europeans, to foil the devil’s plan by continuing to hold the banner of Christian Europe aloft, even in the midst of and in spite of Liberaldom.” –

  5. I love this man’s posts. They renew my dedication to my People, every week.

    Me too. I savour each new article and am always counting the days until his next one appears 🙂
    I wish every Christian (goes without saying I mean WHITE people) would read his stuff instead of listening to the endless beat of the multi-cult drums from the modern day Churches. It would turn things around for us in such an incredible way were all attuned to the Truth he espouses…..

  6. As recently as 1970, Spanish Lake was 99 percent white and 1 percent black.But the 1970s also marked the beginning of a mass migration of African-Americans from the city of St. Louis. Many left failed housing complexes such as Pruitt-Igoe to settle in government-subsidized Section 8 housing in North County.

    In the 70s there were neighborhoods that went from 100% white to 99% black in TWO YEARS OR LESS. The Roseland neighborhood of Chicago comes to mind.

    There’s still an active forum for the former white residents of that neighborhood:

  7. The same thing happened to the Arlington area of Jacksonville. Section 8 complexes were forced into the area by the feds and the whole area went to crap

    Here are two videos of what happens to your neighborhood when the black undertow moves in:

    Warning: lots of profanity and offensive images.

  8. Fr. John:

    The last place I lived in Minneapolis was on the North Side at 26th and Girard. When I first bought that house the niggers hadn’t gotten as far north as Broadway. I knew that the Dark Tide was coming in, but I didn’t expect the tsunami we got.

    My reason for telling that story about my daughter and wife was to point out that no matter how tough and ready a guy thinks he is, his family will still be vulnerable in a neighborhood that is infested by niggers.

    The government is still shoving niggers down our throats and the damaged housing market is making it impossible to dump a house in an area that is starting to get overran by boogs.

    If you find yourself trapped in Monkeytown you are going to have to come up with a survival plan for the entire family. Get your kids into a private or Catholic school if you can and train everybody to use firearms.

  9. Chris: Yeah, check out those Pachmayr grips. The Gripper provides the best control, but they are kind of big and hard to conceal. The Smoothie provides far more control than the tiny, slippery grips that come stock on the J-frames, but they are still small enough to easily conceal.

    The best rig I ever owned for packing the J-frame S&W’s is the Bianchi 9R1. It hauls the pistol upside down below your armpit with the barrel aiming straight up and the hammer forward. The holster is split up the hammer side and holds the pistol in place with internal leaf springs. You just grab the grip and yank out the gun. Lightening fast.
    They equip the holster with a snap-over safety strap, but I always kept it snapped back out of the way. I used to ride an ass-jarring hardtail custom Harley all over the place with that rig and I never had any trouble with the pistol trying to fall out.

    Bianchi quit selling the 9R1 upside down shoulder rigs, but you can often still find them on ebay and at gun shows.

  10. Investment groups build apartment complexes but …..

    One thing that people are forgetting, if it was a house, it was a neighbor that Section 8’ed it out.

    I live in a small (7 units) nice building in downtown Chicago, it is not Section 8-able and it just dawned on me a year ago why? A lawyer/Chicago political figure owns it, if he doesn’t make it in compliance with Section 8, he never has to rent to a Sec 8’er. It is not below code but all the windows would need redone, building heat instead of individual heat would need installed, little things, not regular code violations, but not in compliance with Section 8 housing.

    I’d like to see this movie, I may have to take a trip to the burbs for it, if it shows around here at all …… —- if it gets shown at all anywhere.

    I kind of like the no comments policy at CWNY, but I do wish I could contact him.

    Next trip home I am going to purchase a handgun to throw in my backpack.
    Anybody familiar with Kel-Tec, thinking PF-9 or P-11.

  11. Black/Hispanic crime, violence, and degeneracy are well-documented. Part of it’s genetic, part cultural, but much of it is purposefully, politically manufactured: by the Jews’ value-destroying, family-destroying, community-destroying welfare-illfare state. Congoids and Spics are merely the Jews’ anti-White stormtroopers. So when the time comes to go over to the offensive in the coming Race (and other) Wars, let’s keep the Main Enemy firmly in mind.

  12. Compassionate fascist…so true! Bob Mathews and the order had the Kike bastards did Hitler..he described them in Mein Kampf as a noxious bacillus

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