More Buses From Hell

The Black Undertow rides the bus again in the Pacific Northwest


H/T CofCC.

The last week has brought to my attention us no less than four separate incidents of “Buses From Hell” involving African-Americans and integrated public transportation in the United States.

Here’s a brief tour of Brooks D. Simpson’s cherished “free society”:

(1) In Ocala, Florida, a group of African-American students beat a White girl unconscious on a public school bus and the Mainstream Media sandboxed the racial context of the story. Jackson and Lawrence Auster alerted me to this story.

(2) In Lacey, Washington, Jim Hardie got into a fight with the Black Undertow after they started harassing other passengers and using terms like “nigger” and “White bitches” which he found offensive.

(3) In Houston, Texas, BRA’s community organizer Quanell X (who became famous for defending the African-Americans who gang raped the Hispanic girl in a trailer park in 2010) is involved in a black-on-black incident on a public school bus in which in a 7-year-old special needs student was forced to perform lewd sexual acts on two 10-year-old boys.

(4) The latest incident comes from Clackamas, Oregon in the Portland metropolitan area and the video below of the Black Undertow assaulting a 14-year-old White teenager is a perfect illustration of why Civil Rights Martyr Rosa Parks was required under Alabama law to sit at the back of the bus.

Do you remember what we said in the earlier thread? Black people + Civilization + Freedom and Equality = Social Collapse.


Note: The CofCC continues to do an outstanding job in breaking these news stories. It is quickly becoming the pro-White version of the Drudge Report.

My article on The Color of Crime in the latest issue of the Citizens’ Informer includes racial crime statistics from Texas, Arkansas, Florida, and Oklahoma which haven’t previously been published here.

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  1. Do you think Simpson knows Quanell? Do you think one of us should arrange in introduction? I mean – wouldn’t is be wonderful, in terms of creating a Racial Utopianist domestic Paradise sorta place. I mean – wouldn’t it be a fabulous combo? Ebony and Ivory? Just like Paul McCartnry sang about?

    I’l be they’d be BFF – and Brook would be mollified about our Ebbil White Debbilness. I just want Brook – I feel like I can call him “Brook” – even though he’s banned me -to be happy. I want Quannel to be happy.

    I want every-one to be happy.

  2. I never put my children in harms way until they were of legal age to carry a gun. What the hell is wrong with White parents sending their kids to school with niggers?

  3. Most Black Attacks on Whites is not reported. NNN News on google has long list of such attacks. If Whites attack Blacks its put all over the news as a Hate Crime…. Back in 1973 The NSWPP had a newspaper called WHITE POWER. I remember on one issue it had on the front page KILL BLACK PIGS! This was when the Mau Mau attacks occured in Chicago and Zebra KIllings in San Francisco. No place in America is safe from the Undertow………on any public transportation system. If you ride, you better be ready and alert……. I agree that putting your kids on buses is crazy now. Home Schooling is better. I have a friend who has 9 kids and they are all home schooled….. Hey Denise, they need to put the U-2 band man in the right place to with Simpson and that MovieStar Shawn who stayed in Haiti after quake…..They need to ride around in Brownsville, or Liberty City or Overtown in Miami for a little love of their precious chimp Bros…..

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    Oh, John Thomas…that would be a dream come troo!

  5. Rosa Park – I don’t think blacks should even be on the same bus as none-blacks, let them start their own bus company. Us Asians have arrived not speaking English, but we still manage to pay rent, runou, our own business, and our children speaks English within years of landing. Blacks have been here for over a hundred years and they still refuse to speak English…

    If we ever separate ALL the races, not just blacks versus non-blacks, but have a black only community, an asian community, a white only community, AND have it be financially independent (no gov hand-out), I guarantee you, the white community would be fine, so would the asian one (so long as you don’t include muslim arabs as ‘asian’). The blacks would starve. They would freeze to death. It would be Detroit all over.

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